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Friday Funny: Voy-la! David Pogue compares the HP TouchPad to the iPad 81

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 08 Jul 2011 6:04 am EDT

David Pogue TouchPad Video

We've had our bit of fun comparing the HP TouchPad with the iPad 2, and now it looks like David Pogue, tech-writer at the New York Times, wants in on the fun as well. His team has released a new video through their YouTube video channel to address a question that tech-enthusiasts everywhere have been wondering since the release of the webOS-powered device: With such similar features found in both devices, does the HP TouchPad do anything uniquely on its own compared to the iPad?

Click through the break below to watch the fun video with the catchy music, and decide for yourself what the answer to that question is, but only if you can have a few laughs in the meantime.

Source: New York Times Videos (YouTube);


Well for starters I can't even watch the video posted on this page on the iPad!

There's an app for that!

You need an App for that?

guess so.
But HP does NOT need an app for that.

Exactly...iDevices need a special app for EVERYTHING, because Apple doesn't want to allow Flash! Why would you need a special app for things a free web page can provide, unless you want to waste storage on an extra app?

Do you need to waste storage space for a app when it's right on their web page as a Flash program? Nope, unless you run an iDevice.

But the vast majority of apps (on all the mobile platforms) do not have a pre-existing flash web page. There is a glaring error in the "iOS needs apps because it does not support flash" logic.

webOS supports Flash, yet if HP suddenly announced that they are no longer accepting apps there would be a riot on this website.

Again, webOS doesn't need apps to compete. iOS on the other hand...

I could not watch it on my Pre-, so what's you point?

Get a touchpad!

I probably will, but I'll wait for the $200.00 price drop "in the coming weeks".

you don't like WebOS, but you will buy it if it is $200 less?
If it drops so much "in the coming weeks" it is dead anyway. Why would you want a dead product? because it is cheap?

Actually, I did!

Yup and I just finished playing my Facebook games on my Touchpad. Hey IPad fans let's see you do that. Oh you can't? Well have Zynga build you some apps then.

I think its a + not to be able to play facebook games. -1 for the touchpad

Ugh! Me neither. Stupid iPad!

I hope for once the apple fanbois and the hp folks didn't get into an argument about everything they argue about and just enjoyed the simple humor of this review. It is hilarious, reminds me of the good old Sat night live days. played just fine in safari on my ipad2. Expanded it full screen and it played great. Couldn't be any simpler.

love it!


Show that the HP TouchPad has the same features as the iPad 2 and then kick it into gear showing all that it has to go beyond.

Very well done.

I was starting to get irritated at first, then they finally broke it down.
Some people must think the fruit company has the rights to a 9.7" screen, 1024x768(the web), and buttons? really? where the heck else are you gonna put volume buttons?

It's a funny video but doesn't show webOS differentiators until later. So hope viewers watch whole thing.

apple lovers will watch it, then they'll get that kacka-PLOW! right in their face.

And you can't watch it on youtube on a mobile device either.

Seems like they're making sure that if you don't wanna watch it on a PC, you'll have to buy an iPad and the New York Times app if you want to see it at all.

he said palm pre 3 by HP, dang! great video though.

I think the only thing they were missing was during the Angry Birds gameplay... they should have had a text message or email come in... Then they could show how seemless and easy it is to check it and get back to the game.

Funny (and truthful) stuff. Like.

Very clever.

They didn't even show one of the coolest TouchPad features - the forwarding of calls / texts from an HP phone to the TouchPad. That's the first thing I show my friends when they criticize my TouchPad; and I've made a believer out of a handful of people already.

How do I get one of those Palm Pre 3 phones "coming soon" from HP? That would be awesome. If only the unicorn were real. Very good video.

Not sure why you got downgraded on this comment, cause I was thinking the same thing. I think it is a legitimate comment based on the video. I mean, we've been seeing HP videos, demos, and reviews of the Pre 3 for many many moons now. If it was ready to present to the world that long ago, what is taking so long now? I understand a reasonable delay, but there is seriously something to be said for having products ready to launch when you announce them (right, Leo?). I would LOVE the Pre 3 and am a huge WebOS fan. I just think it is sad that by the time it actually comes out, it will feel old (not spec wise, although many argue that too), but from a marketing/advertising perspective. People will think, "Oh, I think I've already heard about that", and simply tune out.

Actually this might be the best positive ad for the Touchpad yet.

Are you kidding? All the touchpad has going over the ipad right now is webos and flash.
Ipad2 is killing the touchpad in hardware specs and dimensions.
If the touchpad was thinner, not a fingerprint magnet, has gps and a rear camera I would have no problem with it being sold for $500.
The Ipad2 has longer battery life even with gps and another camera... that's just sad for the touchpad!

"All the touchpad has going over the ipad right now is webos and flash."

WebOS is a big deal. Flash, well not so much, in my book.

But you forgot certain things like Exhibition mode and wireless charging through Touchstone. Those are pretty big differentiators to me. The rumor-mill points to wireless charging for Apple phones.

Requires an extra expense of $80. It bothers me that they also show off the touch to share and consider it an advantage over the ipad when we have no devices to take advantage of the touch to share and doesn't look like we will any time soon.
That's like apple saying "We do have Exhibition mode and wireless charging... it's coming out mid 2012, so buy our tablets today!"

LOL: "All the TouchPad has going over the iPad right now is WebOS".

OBVIOUSLY the OS of a device is a HUGE deal. That should be the major deciding factor.

There is no need for a rear camera on a device like this. That's what a phone is for! I don't even see a need for a gps (again, phone!).

I find it funny how much of a deal people make .3 of an inch!

Of course WebOS is a huge deal to you and I as we are webOS enthusiasts, but your average person shopping for a new tablet has not even heard of WebOS.
MAJORITY of shoppers FIRST look at deisgn, THEN look at hardware specs and FINALLY look at software.
You and I do this in reverse, but everyone takes price into consideration at some point.
My point is, your average shopper will not pick up the touchpad over the ipad2 when they are at the same price point and the touchpad clearly offers less hardware and less apps.
HP needs to realize they can't come into the game at this price point without the reputation, apps and hardware to back it up.

How does the Touchpad offer less hardware than the iPad 2? A camera on the back?

No I'm not kidding. This video truthfully discloses the shortcomings of TP but also throws in a good bit of positives in there. You get an honest picture. It's not done from a troll perspective just bashing TP and it's not done from a webOS fanb-o-i perspective doing nothing but playing the apologist. And it was humorous to boot.

I'd love to see you actually trying to use an iPad to take a picture...big and clunky...yea, that's important, right? There's a reason why small portable cameras are more popular than large cameras that require a tripod to keep it steady.

"Think Beyond" point and shoot and the usefulness of a rear cam becomes clearer.

Saw a lady shooting video with her ipad2 at a sporting event this past weekend. She looked ridiculous and was blocking the view of people sitting behind her.

Love it! Never thought I would say something like that about *anything* from the NY Times...

Very truthful in all the wonderful features of webos, I just hope HP will keep their promise unlike Palm. They need an update really soon, and they need to start filling the app catalog as soon as possible for me to hold on to mine. I bought mine, love the OS, but feel like Im back in the waiting seat that I was in with my original Pre.

Since most apps we have now will run on the Touchpad, there are far more apps that run on the Touchpad than they say.

How'd he get a Pre 3 already?!?!

At last a media outlet that shows real information instead of following the Apple line of bash everything except an apple product.

In reality this is very embarrassing for Apple and their iPad as Apple has a clear huge head start and Apple refuses to allow so many things on the iPad. The walled garden of Apple is poison while others like HP allow users freedom of choice.

Apple's 1984 commercial was really Steve Jobs letting the world know that is what Apple was to become, a big brother who tells you what you need instead of allowing you to choose what you want.

I like the fact that HP and WebOS do so much more then the Apple iPad and to answer the Apple come back yeah but we have tens of thousands of apps, please just how many f@$t apps does one company really need. They're crowing about 15 billion downloads when you dig through the numbers you find that 80% of them were free apps, not paid apps.

It has also been shown that all the nice apps that are really useful are in fact available on all the other platforms including WebOS.

And just how do you dig through hundreds of thousands of apps to even try and find a useful app? That must be a nightmare.

Keep up the forward progress HP and keep moving the TouchPad forward, make it a first class product. The people will tire of living in Apples walled garden when others HP and WebOS have freedom of choice.

They're crowing about 15 billion downloads when you dig through the numbers you find that 80% of them were free apps, not paid apps.
Even if your numbers were correct, it would result in a minimum of $2 billion in gross revenue paid to developers and $0.9 billion in revenue paid to Apple from app sales. This is if all of those 20% of paid apps were all priced at $0.99 each with the 70/30 split.

It's simple. Consumers want apps that fit their needs and developers want to make money. Keep knocking the app count if you want to.

Another thing you have to recognize is the fact that you couldn't be MORE incorrect in saying that all the useful apps that are available on iOS are available on WebOS. That is SOOOO not the case. Can I edit a word document? No. Can I view a small PDF file with no lag? No. Can I easily tell the video (of the limited formats it takes) that I want to play from all others? No. Can I even flip through a photo album without a lag between pictures (the time it takes to fully clear up each shot)? No. Can I output video or any other portion of the display to a TV? No. Can I play flash videos on the web like a Blackberry Playbook? Yes. Can I play Angry Birds? Yes. Can I multitask with a bunch of open windows? Yes. Of which, how many of these windows are not the Web, photos, email, or the Facebook app? 300? I doubt it. I couldn't find more than a very limited few like the app. Aside from that, none... Also, so we're clear, I'm not an Apple fanboy, and I like all three and a half platforms: iOS, Android, WebOS, and Blackberry's Playbook (with the berry being a half).

Well said, they have so many apps for their so many inadequacies.
No flash, so developer has to build an app.
Duplicate apps, do I need 1000 flashlights? lol
Depending on the day of the week, they count each book. We can play that game now, 900,000 Kindle books.

...people will tire of living in Apples walled garden...

I think this is possible. But the funny thing about walled gardens is that they are more of a problem if they remain a fixed small size. Then you get tired of them quickly. Apples walled garden seems to be growing in size. This means that despite it's obvious limitations, the people dwelling in there are not seeing the walls of that garden as often as many of the outsiders would like to believe. If the pace keeps up, they may not tire of it in any significant numbers any time soon.

It's more like a walled forest.

Which one was Pogue? The guy on the left? The video may not have been as sloppy/one-sided as his initial review, but it still seems negative, at least at the start. I bet most viewers don't make it past the part where they begin differentiating, and mentioning SOME of the features where the Touchpad surpasses the iPad.


But at least it was better balanced.

Pogue is on the right -- the one touting the TouchPad.

Poguey is the dude on the right reppin TouchPad!...well i guess hes not a hater after all!

He holds in his hand a Pre 3.... WANT WANT WANT

Coming soon in winter 2011 to a carrier you are not on.

A really nice video there! Keep up the good work NY times.

Pretty fun, and smart.

For me, a KEY differentiator for webOS is this: Apple's world is a walled garden. Palm/HP's webOS world is an open universe. One world is about control; the other is about freedom.

We need a Ridley Scott commercial that takes Apple's 1984 commercial to the next level, and highlights that freedom advantage.

Freedom, whether it's in societal organization or tech platforms, tends to speed evolution and intelligence. Plus it's WAY more fun and feels SO much better.

-0- stan

Good to see a news agency actually "get it" about webOS. So far all we've heard is doom and gloom about how there are no apps, the OS is jittery, etc. No one has really shared HP's excitement about what this will all look like a year from now.

Perhaps if the media showed HP more love like this (like they do for Apple) it would help move the revolution along a bit faster.

Sounds a little like Sarah Palin blaming the media for her own mistakes. Why not make a solid product and advertise the piss out of it instead? Many say that Verizon's marketing campaign gave Android the boost it needed. Couldn't HP do that?

The TouchPad *is* a solid product. I agree with the advertising part.

To be solid, it would have to be a bit more stable... As it is, I like it, but it's not fully baked yet.

Love it! nice job NY Times! down with Apple monopolistic tyranny and their super untouchable products!


Great fun video! APPLICATIONS! 300 vs 10,000s, that's a MAJOR issue that HP needs to fix ASAP. If they don't, WebOS as great as it is, won't survive!

They won't be able to fix it without showing developers high volume of sales.
They won't be able to get high volume of sales because they are pricing their new/unpopular products at the same price as a popular product. No non-webos Enthusiast will pay $500 for the touchpad when they can get the ipad2 for the same price. Their only target audience right now is webos enthusiasts.

I agree.

Funny video,.... kinda sells me on the ipad2 though. Lack of GPS, lack of camera on the back, lack of apps, lack of the pre3 mentioned just doesn't give the touchpad the right to be at the same price point as the ipad2.
The guy on the ipad2 should have launched Words with friends to get the guy on the touchpad to stop copying him hahaha

Why would I need a GPS on my tablet? It's rarely on when I'm in a place where I can get GPS reception... that's what my phone is for; it's always on. Besides, can't my phone just tell the tablet where it is? Oh, wait, iPhone/iPad won't do that, so they gotta build it into both.

HP's clearly working toward connected devices, which will ultimatly drive down costs by eliminating redundancy. I'd much rather take a picture with my phone and have it appear on my touchpad (and then print it on my printer sitting back at home,) instead of waving my tablet around trying to take a picture.

Why would I need a GPS on my tablet?
I can understand that YOU don't need it, but you honestly can't think of situations where people would find such a feature useful? How about something as simple as your sales staff being able to track where they are on that [insert name of enterprise sales app here] app that they are using? A few weeks ago, we just finished up an app for one of our clients that allows their vendors to check out of certain facilities with their mobile phone or tablet and GPS information was pretty important.

It's hard to understand the "I don't need it so no one does" logic sometimes.

I think you missed my point. Certainly knowing where you are is useful for many apps, both tablet and phone based. The question is, why would your tablet need GPS, if your phone, linked to the tablet, already has one?

The other issue is that a device that has ONLY GPS needs to be active when it's somewhere it can receive a signal... turning on a GPS device inside a building typically isn't useful, but getting geolocation data from a phone that's constantly on and knows where it is may make more sense.

Note also that GPS != geolocation. There are many techniques for figuring out where you are, some of which rely on cellular modems. Until the Touchpad gets a cell modem, that can only be done on a phone. Other techniques, such as tables of WiFi hotspots, don't need GPS.

I see the "missing" GPS as an indicator of long-term strategy. I still need geolocation, I just want it to be done intelligently.

It's a good argument but it is flawed. The fact is GPS is a very necessary thing on these devices less you leave out an entire category of apps (something webOS simply cannot afford to do). Yes you can geo locate without GPS, no it will usually not be as precise. Also, requiring a user to have multiple devices for something like this not the best solution.

Following your logic, a cellular radio should not be included on these types of devices. After all, one can simply tether to the phones, right? For many of us, this is true (myself included). However there is an entire category of consumers who want/need connectivity without the hassle of a second device for tethering. The same holds for GPS.

Do you know how many apps can make use of a GPS?
One of my favorite apps on the ipad is that universe app that you can point to the sky and it'll tell you which star you are looking at.

I totally agree with that. I can't stand how that nonsense about having flash stopped the guy on the left in his tracks. Lol. I would love to have had the Pre 3 with the Touchpad when I had it. Without the phone features to go with it, I couldn't really support keeping it...

Brilliant and hilarious! Loved it too!

Love that video. Problem is, it just isn't 'there' yet. I really want to like the Touchpad...Some of my observations and comparisons to the iPad 2:

Emails still load plain text versions when connected to exchange 2003. iPad loads HTML.

Built in apps take longer to load than expected. Touchpad Email, 9 seconds...really? iPad email?...1second or less.

Web OS' calendar is so slow, it is almost unusable. Try going through day by day to try and find the next best time for an appointment. It is unbearably slow. 2 seconds or so for each day switch. iPad?...half a second or so.

I am a real estate agent and these things are the my most used aspects of the device, and they are deal killers for me, maybe not others. I am a loyal WebOS user, still on an original/replaced Sprint Pre. I love the OS and the way it flows with multitasking, but it is the items above the keep tempting me to move to another mobile OS.

Things I really liked, multitasking, notifications, new maps app and the keyboard. The keyboard is a pain on the iPad. I like seeing the lower case letters when typing in lower case, and having the numbers row available along with symbols with a shift key rather than go back and forth between multiple keyboard views. I also really liked that you can still do a swipe up from the bezel for card view. iOS is a constant home button click or double click then reload apps, much less elegant than WebOS's multitasking flow.

I hope HP can speed the thing up, get HTML email to load from Exchange and fix the calendar app speed issues. With those fixes, I'd buy one.

...and having the numbers row available along with symbols with a shift key rather than go back and forth between multiple keyboard views.

I can't, for the life of me, understand why this hasn't been fixed in iOS. I can almost understand things like notifications taking longer to do because there are many ways to do it, but how many ways are there to simply put numbers and symbols on the main keyboard view. Isn't that the sort of that that falls squarely into the advantage column of a "software" vs "hardware" keyboard?

Are you comparing opening an app on the TP to bringing an app forward on the iPad? not saying you are, but many people make that mistake. iPad apps stay open in the background and it is difficult to tell if it's already open. It's easy to tell in WebOS, it gets in the way. iOS only allowed seeing/closing already open apps through double tapping the home screen [after 4.2] or jailbroken. An already open and waiting in the background app will 'open' quicker than an app that isn't truly open yet.

Again, not saying you don't know about this, but I do wonder. I can't test it since my TP hasn't arrived and I only have an original iPad.


What kind of idiot advertises clothing and jewelry on a tech website?????

Hehe, I DID watch this on my pre-!!!!