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by dd7293 Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:40 pm EST
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Just a simple theme based on the Fox TV series... Basically just a few background changes, & glowing Palm print boot logo. Didn't do much as far as icons & such other than the quick launch bar which is clear & the yellow launcher icon. Mainly did it for myself as my first theme but I am open to changes or switching things around if people are interested.

-Added the 9 Glyphs as icons for various apps.
-Changed the Lock Screen a bit (the lock & semi-circle around it.)
-Carrier Stamp color

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I love you for thinking of this. I LOVE Fringe

a suggestion for the icons would be to use some of the images that appear before the show goes on commercial..the salmander, frog, leaf, seahorse(u have already), flower(u have), palm(u have)etc...

I actually have quite a bit of content from the show (both seasons actually)... It's just a matter of reworking the files into usable content (icons & such) and then arranging them to suit the theme. I'm always open to new ideas, suggestions, specific needs, etc... Glad you like the theme!

how do i get this on my pre

You can download and install using webOS Quick Install or just install the theme via Preware (assuming you have that installed on your pre). Hope that helps...

I love FRINGE and this theme. Keep up the good work, thanks a lot :)

Sweet theme. Thanks for making it. One question though. Is the lock on the lock screen supposed to be an upside-down lock icon, or something else? I'm not sure if this is just my Pre Plus. Thanks again.

thanks for helpful