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Full Video of the Palm Pre in Action 7

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 13 Jan 2009 8:04 pm EST

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Above, see the excellent, twenty five minute hands-on of the Palm Pre. The hands-on was done by Peter Skillman, VP of Product Design at Palm and one of the long-time future-looking product guru's at the company. The video was taken by our friend Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry.com and CrackBerry Kevin himself is awfully impressed with the device.


The video was taken in Palm's VIP Lounge here at CES. As I mentioned in Part One of my Palm Pre Impressions, the Pre is all about being natural and organic. The Palm VIP Lounge reflects that vibe perfectly. There are no hard edges anywhere in the lounge, from the stone-shaped couches, to the dun-colored drapes covering up every cable, pole, and wall, right on down to the excellent food they're offering up to bloggers and press all day.

We write about the VIP lounge not to brag, but to point out that if there was any question that Palm is going all-out with the Pre, that question is now moot. We spoke with a Sprint rep in the Lounge and confirmed that both Palm and Sprint intend to throw an unprecedented amount of marketing muscle behind the product.

Skillman himself put it best at the end of the video above:

Palm is back.

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At the end of this video the host mentions full corporate email support but there is NO mention of GroupWise or even Domino Server support anywhere. The world doesn't ONLY work with Exchange.

Gotta love this video. It is one of the best that I've seen of the Pre in action so far. Keep the great work up Dieter...

great phones ever

i have been a Palm user since a long time and crafting for more and more inovation from Palm, now my waiting has ended and Palm ur ROcks.....just waited for Palm arrive in my country

to bad this Palm Pre doesnt have external storage

Someone should have turned that background music down. It was hard to listen to.

Cool phone. BUT, It needs a video camera. Come on PALM--it's 2009. We love to take video on our phones and upload to youtube and Facebook. Also, I wish he would have shown how it works with Facebook. How fast does the web connect? And lets see how it brings up the Facebook pages. Can I open any work email on it or aol like on my Instinct? Can we add a memory card to it? I know this guy is VP of Product Design, but--have someone else show it who gets to the point quicker and without all the "uhh--ummm---uhhh-uhhhh". That was a long 25 minutes and I don't feel as informed as I should be. I really WANT THIS PHONE. Show me why it's better than the IPhone and Instinct--please.

I miss my Palm Centro (dropped it and it went dead)...but, the Instinct I replaced it with has a lot more stuff on it including web features. The web browser is much better than the Palm. I am a big fan of PALM contacts and calendar features. I need a better video presentation. Sorry

I wonder if there is some insight on what it takes to localize webOS & webOS based apps?
Although I'm long time Palm user, I have not had chance 2 abandon PC fully just because I can't use any office apps on Palm to read/write docs/spreadsheets in my local language.... (Latvian, in my case).

Cool cell, and cool offers. I think it would have been better if it had a video camera in it. But what