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Galaxy S3 gets the cleanest Touchstone mod yet 25

by Derek Kessler Tue, 30 Oct 2012 9:12 pm EDT

Galaxy S3 gets the cleanest Touchstone mod yet

Previous efforts to modify Android devices to take advantage of the ever popular Touchstone charger have required at the very least a degree of patience and some non-standard supplies to make wireless charging happen. When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S III back in May, it was supposed to come with wireless charging, though they managed to not show off the wireless charger at the typically odd introduction event. Yet, here we are six months later without the wireless charger publicly available (that's the kind of launch schedule we expect from Palm).

Feeling left out of the three-year-old wireless charging party, Hong Kong-based eBay seller hkrc has taken matters into their own hands, and is now selling modified Galaxy S III back covers with the Touchstone inductive charging coil and appropriate contacts for the Android-based smartphone. The wireless charging backs are going for $28 a pop on eBay, a fair price for something that had to be manually assembled. As of this writing there's just one of the faux-metal dark blue covers available, as well as twenty four-white covers and twenty-six white covers paired with a Palm-brand charger, cable, and Touchstone charging puck for $55.

It's not quite as elegant as the Nexus 4 and its awkwardly-named Wireless Charging Orb, but if you're like us an have Touchstone chargers all over the place and happen to be rocking a Galaxy S III (not so much like us) this could be a useful purchase for you. That said, the Galaxy S III is still largely running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (Sprint was the first US carrier to roll out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the S III, and they did that just last week), while the Nexus 4 will launch with Android 4.2 and its Exhibition-like Daydream mode for the charging dock. When Android 4.2 and its Daydream feature might make it to the Galaxy S III is a big unknown. Or you can just be all boss stick with your aging Pre3 like us. At least until the Galaxy Nexus is running Open webOS at full power.

Source: ebay; Via: webOS Nation Forums


or aging pre2

or really aged sprint pre -

Spicy hot

The wireless charging orb really is an awkward name...

Open webOS progress? No? Nothing? Lazy comunity can't even get webOS up to date... It's been a month already >:-|.

LOL jk!
I just like surprises.
But thanks webOS nation.

Maybe Google should offer to buy the name "Touchstone" from HP (or Gram or whoever).

well Touchstone was a great name for Zen-like, nature-inspired ("river pebble shaped) Pres accessory. Orb is a great name for Sci-Fi inspired, Nexus devices. But that "wireless charging" preffix, is just horrible, somebody in the marketing department of Google was asleep at the wheel. Power Orb, is SO much better, in all regards

Im still on my Pre3 and dont feel its againg at all.

Sure I cant get some apps but its still miles better than Android on handling the primary task of a phone, making calls.

Just compare what steps you have to go through to make a call from your contact list.

On webOS, slide out the keyboard, type first letters of last- and firstname and you are ready to make the call.

On Android, press power switch, slide to unlock, go to contacts, click search field to display virtual keyboard, type complete first or lastname. Now you are ready to make the call. On webOS you would be talking on the phone right now instead of dialing it.

Sure Android got nice hardware and nifty features but still lack the ease of use that had us fall in love with webOS.

On android "jelly bean" I can type first few letters of first and last name. I do miss my Sprint Pre though, and for a long time I continued to use it as a wi-fi only pod catcher/media device because Dr. Podder rocked.

I was contemplating doing the touchstone back mod myself, but may just buy one of these backs. isn't that big of a deal to make a phone call. You're making a mountain out of a molehill. Most of the people I call on my phone, I call all the time, so they are stored in favorites, in the phone app. I scroll to the person I want to call, tap their name, and hold my phone up to my ear and it calls them. Or if I happen to be reading a text message that I got from them, I do nothing but hold my phone up to my ear, and it calls them.
There's an app called Google Gesture Search. I can find anything on my phone by drawing letters and spelling it out: Contacts, Bookmarks, Apps, Music.
You can like what you like, and that's fine, but to say it's miles better is a little far-fetched. Opening your Pre is no harder than pressing the Home button to wake it up. The slide to unlock can be switched off, same as having to enter the PIN on a Pre. Going to contacts is unnecessary, simply go to the phone...they're all in there anyway. When you go to the phone, the numbers you call most are already in a tab called Favorites.
Back to the article, I ordered one of these yesterday.

hi, having 2 TP´s; and 2 Pre 3 here.

have a Samsung Galaxy 3 too, with self modified backcover ( spare Pre parts)

calling on my S3 is easy too, just type in google search field , like just type.

well but as long used ... with the keyboard on my Pre 3 it seems faster

just my 2 c

I'm still proudly rocking the Pre Plus. With modified backs for the extra thick batteries and "charging pucks" everywhere!

You're bashing Android simply because you dislike it or don't understand how to use all it has to offer. I use it daily and never have to open the contact app to make a call. All I do is power on my Nexus and start typing the persons name via the Google search box just like "Just Type" on webOS. So I can make a call just as fast as you the only difference is I slide to unlock and you open your keyboard. Honestly I can do it even faster if it's someone like my wife since I have her saved as a direct dial widget on my home screen.

That's funny, I forgot about search bar up top, and the direct dials for that matter.

I do miss the Touchstone. I had to go over to the dark side for my phone (Droid Charge) since the last/final update on the Pre+ borked up the web browser and they never did fix the GPS. Would love to find a way to bring my two touchstone pucks back to life on the Charge. I have a charging cradle for it..but not having to find the little plug sticking out and line it up just right..well that would be a good thing :).

I've had a blue one of these for about two weeks now, awesome deal. The strength of the magnets is great, and it works like a charm. This is actually one of the reasons I got the S3 in the first place...

Thanks. I'm one of those Palm Pilot/III/Vx/Treo/pre guys that reluctantly and only recently bought two Galaxy S3's. I have slowly adapted this Android phone to my likeing - Wave Launcher, Grafitti "Keyboard", Google Calendar & Contacts, Tasks, NoteSync, and soon Contact Lookup Fast.

The last yearning hole was the crappy Samsung charging docks verse the wonderful Touchstone. Even the newly announced LG Nexus 4 "Wireless Charging Orb" is lacking and looks tipsy. I just ordered two backs from Hong Kong - a white one for my wife and a blue one for me.

Thanks for the article and I'm glad I keep visiting WebOS Nation.


The fastest way to make calls was on my Palm Treo.....simply turn on and hold any of the letter buttons which were assignable to any contact or app.

I would simply hold down the letter "T" and it'd dial my wife Trish. Or hold down the letter "M" and my memo pad app would open.

2 actions and your on a call!

There are so many little awesome features my Treo had that I miss. I have no idea why Palm dropped certain things that made them so awesome.

(I love my Pre3 btw & don't notice it's age one bit....I show it off all the time).

I still rock my Pre+...and while I can't wait for the day that I may buy a Verizon Pre3 outright...the Pre+ does more than a well enough job for me and not to mention that it handles true multi-tasking better than my buddy's iPhone 5. webOS FTW.

So anyone knows if the Daydream functionality can be ripped from the new Android 4.2 source/rom, like they did with the camera (sphere) and gallery app? Would be nice to also have an "exhibition mode" on my SGS3.

Where do I get the inductive coils? I don't have, nor intend to buy, a GS3.

i'm still using my 9th sprint Pre- (because i can't get either of 2 Pre 3's i bought to maintain decent GSM connectivity, in Atlanta of all places)

but i haven't been using any of my 7 touchstones because they make the battery temp rise 9 degrees vs. plugging into the micro usb port. i don't know if it's associated with using an uberkernel or not. i did roll a pre3 back to palm default kernel (didn't redoctor, just installed the recovery @ preware) but sure enough govnah shows the temp goes from 32* plugged in, to 41* on the stone in about 30 mins.

this is particularly annoying to me since i sanded one of them down to cradle the pre3 better. i wrapped the phone in plastic wrap, then increased sandpaper grits using the phone itself as a sanding block to reshape the t-stone) it fits perfect. but i wont use it because of the excess heat.

any input on temps with this? the s3 is the only phone i'd consider leaving webOS for, but i'm not soon since i just bought a 2nd pre3 just to use as a spare battery charger.

This hack from from eBay seller hkrc doesn't work. I purchased three units from him. Two backs and one Flip cover. All three units do not work. The Flip back is too thick and will not stick to the Palm Touchstone.

The other two backs also do not work. There is a bump in the back that prevents the S3 from correctly attaching and charging with the Touchstone. It simply slides down and off the puck.

hkrc in an email said the back will not work at an angle, it must be horizontal in order for it to charge.

That still didn't work. Then after one use, one of the contact pins snapped off. Save you money don't buy this, it doesn't work.

Well, I did it. I finally gave up my original Sprint Pre- and moved into a Galaxy S3,

I have to say, while I miss my Pre, the S3 is an awesome device, and it's very strange having a full-to-bursting app catalog after living with the limited webOS choices for so long.

One of the things I was afraid I'd miss was Touchstone charging, and of course I have amassed a total of four of them by now, so I was pleased to see this mod available. I ordered one and received it today and I must say I am very impressed.

It was well packaged, very professionally done and it works great. My S3 sits on the touchstone just fine, it immediately goes into charging mode. It just works. Granted, it's only been a couple hours, but so far it's as good as OEM. The touchstone magnets don't hold it in place like the Pre, but that does not seem to be any issue for me.

So far, this mod gets my highest recommendation.