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GCF approves Pre Plus and Pixi Plus for European consumption 30

by Derek Kessler Tue, 30 Mar 2010 8:59 am EDT

Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus The Global Certification Forum, a mash-up of networks, manufacturers, and testing agencies has given its stamp to the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus. As noticed by the:unwired, the two devices passed through the GCF’s all-knowing hands with model numbers we’ve seen and deciphered before: P101UEU and P121UEU. If you require a refresher, P101 is the Pre Plus, P121 is the Pixi Plus, and UEU means UMTS Europe (their American GSM equivalents were appended with UNA).

The certification was sparse on details, though we do have confirmation that the phones will be quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE and dualband UMTS/HSDPA at 900/2100 MHz, otherwise known as not compatible with AT&T.

[via: Engadget]


Cannot wait to get these over in England! Have had the Pre since launch and love it!! Lets hope I can get an early upgrade to the Plus!?!?

DAMN IT! Where's quad band?! This is just sad.

Sorry to dampen the joy but seriously.

please early upgrade to pre plus O2 please show us some love

Totally agree to that. I think o2 should give us early adopters a chance to have more memory and a better quality device. Who knows they might even make the original Palm Pre a pay as you go. Now that might help sell devices!!

Speak to your local O2 store manager. They won't know anything about these handsets (I've already asked!).

Is the Pre Plus of better build quality? I do feel sorry for palm having o2 as the exclusive seller of this phone when they did such a big hash of selling the Pre or is it just going to be out in France?

They should have pre plus and pixi plus on all the carriers in Europe in next 3 months.

You cannot make a statement like that without proof?? Too many people on this site initiate rumours like this without any intel. So, I invite your proof....

He's saying that they should do that. He's not starting a rumor or saying that it's going to happen. English comprehension my friend.

My O2 pre is on 2 year contract til Sept 2011, no chance O2 will help out with this as they are a nightmare to deal with. Took me half an hour on the phone telling them I didn't want an iphone last time.

+1 ...Unfortunately this sounds like the O2 well all love to hate.

If it's an O2 Business plan, you are able to get an upgrade after 12 months.

Palm just keeps throwing this plastic device at everyone, its almost sad. Even AT&T will get some plastic love this year. YAY!

yes... plastic and with an outdated screen resolution...

This plastic device happens to fit in my pocket very well. I do however want to have a larger metal/glass webOS device on my hip soon.

Any O2 staff here able to provide us with FIRM information/confirmation regarding the availability of the PrePlus / PixiPlus ?

I'll be hanging on to see if Palm dish out a new handset.

Hey Europe good luck with that Lemon, we tried to love it, but it just kept falling apart on us.

Build Quality (TM)

Hey Europe good luck with the greatest invention of all times, we love it here in america. The pre is the best smartphone that happen to the mobile world. and more to come.

Hey Europe sorry about some of our fellow overzealous American citizens who are so blinded by consuming that they forgot all about Build Quality (TM) and will literally continue to patronize a company that we loved for years but stupidly pushed itself into an epic dilemma that will go down in history as the largest example of squandering a boat loads of venture capital cash, talent, mountains of patents, proven record to make killer products, an army of loyal customers, just because they decided to be "different" and start from scratch by evidently eliminating common sense, the competition, build quality, beta testing, history of brand, past products, and the unforgiving nature of customers who continue to get burned using this laggie, horrendously limited, outdated, out classed, out designed, out smarted by the competition, prostituted by home-brewers, and ridiculed by wall street and reviewers alike plastic device... Believe me its not even a good phone.

Just look at the stock today under 3.80, this company is going nowhere fast... Run from the palm pre and plus...

Again, I tried to love this phone Europe, but it is a BIG let down...

Build Quality (TM)

You're so clever throwing that "Build Quality (TM)" in everywhere.

Your experience does not equal every persons experience. You obviously had a bad experience. The person above you loves his phone. I love my phone. I still have a launch day Sprint Pre, and I still enjoy both the phone and webOS.

You are more than welcome to get rid of your phone if you haven't already, move to a different platform, and stop trolling PreCentral.

I am not a troll, I am a propagandist just like you.

Did I say I speak for everyone? You enjoy NO, you LOVE your phone even though it has all those faults. I use my phone even if it has all its faults because I value my investments and I respect my money. Palm lied to me as a consumer, they let me and a group of people I know down with this garbage phone and I will continue to talk about the ONE true thing I LOVE to make clear and that is BUILD QUALITY (TM).

The more people know that the BUILD QUALITY (TM) sucks on this phone, the quicker the phone will VANISH off the face of the earth... By the looks of it, my BUILD QUALITY (TM) campaign is working: single handedly I am bringing Pre sales down, and I am bringing Palm to its knees with plummeting stock value.

I single handedly am bringing Palm down with BUILD QUALITY (TM)

Analyze that for a little bit and you'll realize how pathetic it is to answer anything I write.


I doubt o2 will give us a free upgrade but wishful thinking can't hurt. The Pre is definitely one of the best phones on the market in my opinion, it's just so annoying that it hasn't caught on yet. I'd love a pixi but I don't know if I could sacrifice my screen size and pebble for the better keyboard. I do love the pixi back shells though. Palm need to throw some better advertising over to europe

Hey Europe good luck with the greatest invention of all times, we love it here in america. The pre is the best smartphone that happen to the mobile world. and more to come.


That would be sweet. The world phone capabilities of my BB8830 is the one thing that I miss about it.

ha. Plastic! Look here the barbie dolls are still popular as ever, you know what there are made of plasic! ;p

Seriously? They are made of "plasic"? Eye gess sew.

I have a 30 day rolling contract with T-mobile UK. I really would like to get rid of my treo pro. It's a nice phone, but the UI is so fiddly. The pixi Plus looks like a good upgrade because I like the form factor and don't need fancy 3d games like on the Pre. I just want emails, qwerty, music, good web browser. The Pixi fits the bill and no more annoying resistive touchscreen on the Treo.

If I get a budget android phone, it seems they get left behind with old firmware. Palm are doing a good job keeping the firmware current across the whole range of devices. Palm Pixi Plus on all UK carriers please!!

Although I was a Pre fan (without a phone) I went for a HTC HD2 around Xmas. Great hardware (and the OS is not that bad eiter). Would be much better with WebOS though. It's such a pity you can't buy the system and install it on your device like an average PC OS. I would definitely cash out on a WebOS install. I would not be surprised if Android is already making a plan to do just that. : ) And again - network exclusivity in EU is a bust for a phone.