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by Georgo10 Thu, 04 Feb 2010 4:12 pm EST
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This is webOS client for Geocaching. Browse nearby caches, view cache details, logs, images, navigate to them. Also have plugin to work with and sharing service.

Also available in Palm's App Catalog.


What's new in 0.4.11

  • Big compatibility fix

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Free forever

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I loved this app, and have used it exclusively for geocaching, but since the website was updated, this app hasn't worked. I hope this gets fixed soon.

This is a great app, unfortunately since the recent upgrades, it no longer permits to login as it keeps saying that login or password is incorrect...

I am having the same issue. I cant do anything since it says incorrect login or password. Anyone have any ideas?

I just did my first geocaches last night and tried to download the app on my pre2 and get the same error....incorrect login or password. Has anyone figured out a way around this???

I have the same problem, i cannot login to my account on my palm pre. The account works on my webbrowser, but not in the app. Any ideas?

Same problem! Please fix!

it can't be that hard to fix this login problem, can it?
Come on, it is nice that it is lifetime free, but if it is not working, it is useless.
kind regards

this updated homebrew app works! I just downloaded it and it works fine. This is great news! Thank you!!!!

Thanks for the update- I can log in to again.

Unfortunately, it dioesen't do me much good:

I can search for cachens in the vicinity, but when I select any cache, nothing whatsoever is displayed. No details, no waypoints, just a white screen.

I'd appreciate if this would get fixed.

Thank you so much for fixing this, it works fine now. I love this app!

Love the app! Wish GC would support more integration.

Great app update, why does the cache found icon no longer work?

I can no longer see the text in the logs for individual caches. I can see the names of the individuals entering logs, but not the content of their logs. What's the problem?

This app is great, but I would like to know if it is possible to have the compass screen working with the digital compass of the HP veer and Pre3.

Really really bummed that my app has decided to not let me log in. Before that it was the logs that disappeared, now this. I'm so bummed!! Please fix this app, it's SO useful. I love it.

Does this work with the Pre3? The AppCatalog says it's not available for my device.

since I upgraded to a Pre3, I can't login to Geocaching any more.

I suggest making this app payware, so that the developer doesn't have to do it just for the love...

I indicated before that I could no longer read the logs posted by previous cachers. Now, the problem is even worse. Geocaching for WebOS now will search for caches nearby, and will find them, but if you try to access any of the caches you get an error message that says, "Error occured on cache code parsing." The app is totally useless now.

downloaded but cannot open file type on HP touchpad. When is an app going to be available on the touchpad?

I re- downloaded, got version 0.4.12- and it works for me.

Thanks for this application, thanks for making it free.

but actually I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks if that helped responding faster to changes of or whatever kept the app from working for me for a while...

The update works (0.4.12) -- can get data from my geocaching account once again.

All seems ok except the distance field on the compass display. Always shows a static very large number. Makes it a bit more of a challenge to find the cache.

Other than this -- good to go. Amazing app, thanks so much.

This App is not working anymore, GC-gogo is a fork and the successor for it, see in the AppCatalog and in the forum for more info (sorry, setting a link was not possible, because this message was declared as spam :-( )
Thanks for all the work that is still done for webOS apps!