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German App Catalog bug gets a workaround 25

by Jason Robitaille Wed, 03 Nov 2010 3:41 pm EDT

For over 6 months now, users and developers alike have been reporting to Palm about a bug in the German App Catalog that prevents proper time-based categories from appearing. Thankfully, today, a workaround has been discovered!

Earlier today, ArthurThornton discovered the issue was actually due to a localization fumble and posted about it on the Palm Dev forums.

Essentially, the bug is caused by a simple issue with capital letters. The translations of "today" and "yesterday" listed in the German translations are "Heute" and "Gestern". However the App Catalog compares those strings to their all-lowercase equivalents.

Palm's Ben Combee has since posted saying he's requested the fix be in the next OTA update, but whether that happens is up in the air. Thankfully there's 2 workarounds to fix the issue right now.

The first option, is to use Internalz to fix the translations. Navigate to /usr/palm/applications/ and open the strings.json file.  Then just change the "Heute" and "Gestern" lines, near the end, to all lowercase and save the file.

The second option is a bit easier. I've placed the translation changes into a standard patch file about in this forum post.  You can install it with WebOSQuickInstall or Internalz.

This is just another example of how amazing the webOS community can be and how it can benefit Palm. A low-priority bug for Palm gets solved for them and users benefit from a fixed App Catalog. A win-win scenario and one that strengthens the webOS developer community with Palm for the better.

Source: Palm Dev Forums; Via: Blacklight (Twitter)



Now only the rest of the Europe and BRIC nations could get official workarounds so they can download apps and pay H/P their money.

Jason rulez!!

Without Internalz and him making the patch, I doubt my fix would have made it into as many hands as it will soon, so I completely agree.

That sweet of ya, but in all reality, you're the one who discovered the fix. None of this would've been possible without ya :)

Yeah, I discovered it, but I'm not really good with making the patch files (I always run in to one issue or another) and I know most people don't exactly like to SSH into their device and edit files with vi.

Without your tools, this would have taken longer.

And, of course, without the openness Palm provides, we wouldn't even be discussing this because I couldn't have viewed the App Catalog source so easily to find the fix.

True, your tools Jason made this fix even easier. And without the openness of WebOS Arthur couldn't have done a thing.. despite all the criticism I won't forget that ;)

For over 6 months now, users and developers alike have been reporting to Palm about a bug in the German App Catalog that prevents proper time-based categories from appearing.

Sadly, another example of Palm NOT LISTENING TO ITS CUSTOMERS!

Six months?!

In all fairness, a category bug in the German App Catalog was probably a very low priority issue given how many things they had to add and fix for 2.0

In all fairness, this bug was extremely (!) annoying.. I lost all fun of just browsing through the Catalog because I had to remember which app I saw last. No structure whatsoever. And please remember that Chuq filed a bug-report, and even raised it. They fixed the warning sign bug quickly, but the one that affects people overseas was ignored again.

Considering how important apps and the Catalog are for Palm, I find this unacceptable. And considering that the maybe second largest market after the US gets ignored like this, I don't feel like buying the next gen phone.

You know you want whatever comes next so you can see me fix that too :p

Palm probably had other things to concentrate on and it was no doubt tough for them to find the bug.

But that is not an excuse and there is no reason why their engineers couldn't find the bug through several months of it being known about, while it took me a couple hours of searching to find the bug and report it to Palm.

how can I edit using internalz?
It seems that I can only view that file but not edit it.

You need to enable "Master Mode" (IIRC that's what it is called) in the Preferences scene (App Menu -> Preferences).

thanks a lot! it's working now...
do you have an idea what I could do to find out whether my gps is broken or whether it is just a problem with the software? because its not doing anything at all in no application. even the test by palm does not find any signal.

what's worse is that it is seen as a low priority bug.....


Having your App Catalog disfunctional in an entire country is a MINOR bug not worthy of attention?


btw: kudos aurthor!!! Awesome legwork. :-)

I don't think Palm ever said it was a low priority bug, but if it was a low priority bug, then I must agree, as it is ridiculous that they would classify it as that.

Thanks by the way :)

Chuq filed this bug and even raised it after I asked again, but apparently engineering or management had different plans. Community management tried though, I have nothing to complain there.

OBTW, I meant to include a shout out and thanks to everyone that was involved in finding and correcting this issue:

@Blacklight, @arthurthornton, @Jason Robitaille, @unwiredben, @chuq, (anyone else I missed)

The fact that a customer could find, and then correct, an issue like this is a testament to the power of an open platform like webOS. That is what sets webOS apart for the competition, IMHO.

big up webos internals rock it...
my dream with contractless palms internals pimp the webos so we can use apple droid apps to and we build our own life without all the bs behind so called brand smartphones :)
anarchy in the smartphone industry rocks thanks palm for letting us all can we have a fix so osX users can install preware that would be awesome then the instructions as they exist don't work.. :(

WebOS Internals had nothing to do with this.

webOS Internals had nothing to do with this fix (though they have done so many wonderful things before).

I found the bug after Blacklight reported it (and I found it with the assistance of Blacklight) and Jason Robitaille's tools are being used to get it working for many people.

And regarding iOS and Android apps on webOS: To just flat out enable them to run (without the developer porting it) would be illegal because it would require iOS and Android libraries, which would violate the copyrights and patents Apple holds for iOS, as well as what Google holds for Android, so that will never come to webOS via webOS Internals.

Oh, and you said something about not being able to install Preware from OSX. The reason you're experiencing the issue is because Apple won't release the necessary minimum version of Java (1.6) to your system, thereby prohibiting you from using any modern Java-run programs.

yes that's why I wished that hp would drop palm and the palm pre could be the ultimate pirate phone ... :)

it was only a nice dream :)
till hp decided to pick up palm from free fall to the dead :)

so please sorry that I was referring to webos internalz still thank you all for your great work I bet the germans are happy now :)

and yes I am aware that apple is not doing that in hope I sell the last real apple built :) before intel took over the game :)

you smile alot. :)


Veilen Dank!

what's life worth it when you can't be happy :) :) :)