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Get $75 off a 16GB TouchPad at RadioShack 26

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 13 Aug 2011 6:22 pm EDT

It's your deal-news of the day; you can now get a 16GB HP TouchPad for $75 cheaper than what most would be paying (even after the $100 price-reduction) by going to RadioShack and following a few simple steps between now and September 10th. At only $325, that's almost breaking even for HP from the cost of building device, but hopefully that also means more TouchPads are making their way out into the wild. So, how can you grab the cheaper price today?

First you'll need to head to at the source link below to find the 16GB TouchPad on sale. Add the device to your cart and the price will immediately drop from $399 to $349 through the $50 instant savings that RadioShack is offering. To get an additional $25 off, use the Coupon Code "AFF25250APR" (without the quotes) before checkout and you'll be saving a nice $75 in total on the webOS tablet.

Not bad for a few minutes of work.

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Out of stock already! :(

They forgot the fine print..."Limit one per store"!


But, it did create trafffic and the Shack has plenty of other feature-rich tablets to offer.

Looking at amazon, the 16gig unit now outsells the 32gig. So at $400, the broad appeal of correcting a pricing error, seems to have awakened a market response. HP is getting close to an acceptable price point.

16gig, #12
32gig #15

Has been out of stock for the past 24 hours.

It came out on webos rounds yesterday, out of stock since then

Out of stock is really good for developers, it means they have a user base.

They have found the magic price point. Now they just need to have them available to the consumer.

OK, I understand why HP is willing to take a bath on price to get these things moving. But why would RS want to slash the price of an item that is selling well if not to clear inventory? Who is behind this sale, and what is the motivation?

RadioShack is making money selling the TouchPad at the reduced price.

There's 2 things you need to know about HP:
1. HP spends a large proportion of its product marketing dollars giving incentives to resellers and channel partners.
2. HP operates using a principle called list to net discounting, very different from Apple's pricing approach. List price for a TouchPad is now $399 and $499. Anybody who pays list is getting mugged, the net price will be something lower depending on the Marketing Development Funds in play at the time from HP to the channel.

This is a pricing, channel and discounting approach that comes straight out of how HP operates in the enterprise space. It finds multiple price points for product bundles in a constantly shifting mix. There will be a variety of sales and promos for webOS products in perpetuity.

I'm waiting for any vendor's price for the 16mb TouchPad to be $300 or less, and that will trigger my own purchase.

Wasn't that last weekend at Staples, and a few other (OfficeMax?) vendors with that coupon and HP discount?

yep, out of stock already. the website also claims it's available in most stores, yet I tried every zipcode I can think of (each of which includes numerous Radio Shacks), and the result was always "no store locations found".

Either they didn't have many in the first place, or this sale was too effective.

Radioshack stores only carry the 32gb in stock.

Ugh, would have been nice to see this yesterday.

Elsewhere in these forums someone stated they showed the RS discounted offer to Best Buy and got price matched to the $75 off price of $325.

This coupon code also works for the 32GB Touchpad - no added $50 discount, but it essentially pays for the sales tax here in MI.

Come on $299.

Come on, below cost!

Come on 2 for 1!

Come on, the first one's free!

everytime i get the urge to go get the TP, usually after I play with one on display, I lose interest, there's almost nothing exciting about it...I dont need one and this thing doesnt give me a reason to own one. my biggest turn off was that it doesnt even have a camera or video recording app. i mean WTF?
I'll wait for the Pre3

Good for you. You know what you want and you don't see it in the product. The commercials and promotions, even if they dropped the price to $11 or free, are not for you.

Shoot, I had almost convinced myself to get a second Touchpad for work at that price.

Radioshack near me sold out. Staples said sorry, but they would not match the price of 325 (they were also out of stock). I ended up buying it at Best Buy. Looking forward to using it and hopefully liking it enough to keep it.

Honestly, after playing with all of the options for tablets, I'm not liking the weird shapes and symbols for navigating the Android tablet OS. The house thing and then the arrow and other geometric shapes don't tend to make sense intuitively on first use. Also, the Staples guy told me they've had a lot of issues with the Acer Android tablet not charging or other customer returns. He said get the TouchPad - even if it meant going to another non-Staples store where they had stock. I certainly wasn't used to that kind of recommendation for a WebOS product!

The icons and layout of WebOS is so much more intuitive. I really hope they get this thing in gear to where people start buying it (and the friggin' Pre3 - I mean, c'mon!!) and keep improving it.

BTW, did anyone see the camera comparison on Crackberry of the Bold 9900 Touch? Wow, the choice of thinness that left out the autofocus camera was not good. Those photos with the 9900 are awful compared to the old 9780. I don't typically frame my mobile device photos, but those are certainly not up to par for a top end device. I only bring it up since it, like Pre3, is one of the better options out there for a hard keyboard. If I can't get a Pre3 soon, I think I'd go for a WP7 QWERTY. The next best non-WebOS option IMO.

Hope this TouchPad gets some use.

Can't update my TouchPad to 3.0.2, since Saturday your SERVER is "down"! "down"! Today Monday morning still "down", wow!
I'm stuck with a brand new TouchPad, using version 3.0.0 tried several times, called HP several times, ...I called this: customer dissatisfaction!!!