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Get your Crunchy Classic Questions Answered 11

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 13 Apr 2009 9:10 am EDT

Curious about just how much Classic can handle, PalmOS-wise?  MotionApps has you covered with another Q&A with crunchier details about the system.  Good news: full access to the network, ability to run both ARM and 68k code, direct screen memory access, support for email clients, and no Blazer (come on: you know that's good news in your heart of hearts).  Bad news: still no direct interaction with webOS, no ability to run multiple instances of Classic (a limitation of the webOS, actually), no GPS, and no Bluetooth.  That last bit is a bit of a bummer, as we'd been hoping we could use Classic and DocsToGo as a sneaky workaround to the lack of Bluetooth Keyboard support on the Pre. 

The most notable: bit: when you think "Classic," think "Centro."  As in: 320x320 screen support.

Have a questions about Classic?  We have a direct bat-phone-style line, so post up what you want to know in our comments (or hit us up on the contact form) and we'll do our level best to get an answer for you.  In the meantime, we've already covered the basics in our "How To: Copy Your PalmOS Treo or Centro Apps into Classic on the webOS" article.



OK, so there's no bundles audo codecs, but Motion Apps have yet to mention whether Classic supports SOUND!

None of the demos have showcased any audio. This is not about running PocketTunes - it's about games. Warfare Inc, etc, will just be curiosities without audio.

We need to know! (Well, I need to know: I happen to think that the API, whilst very accessible and interesting, squanders the potential of the Pre to run entertainment titles like the iPhone is soing so well, right now. It's the Pre's only weakness.)

I'd like to know if there will be a way to shortcut to a classic app in webos without having to navigate through the actual classic app

honestly if I want to use "classic" apps so bad I'll stick my centro. I will consider porting a few things since I have spent quite a bit on classic apps, but come on people they built this thing from the ground up its a new day and I'm ready to move on & not look back. those of u threathening to get the iphone because of that will be losing out anyway. You can't port palm OS apps to the iphone either.

pricing? release date? :D

I use a few dictionaries and bible software with about 6 commentaries. Will Classic support & link to single or multiple database files(pdbs)? Also, I have to use a stylus to point to and choose chapters & verses. Any idea how that is handled since webOS is only touchscreen?

My instinctive response is also that I'm ready to move on and not look back...but on further thought, I ended up suspecting I'll be buying Classic just to ease the transition.

One of the must-have applications for me is a good ebook reader, and while I'm sure one or more will be available eventually, I haven't seen any hints that there'll be one on launch day. With classic I can bring Mobipocket, eReader and TealDoc along to use until a WebOS solution is available.

I'm sure there are a lot of folks in a similar situation with whatever their "must-have" application is - wanting a native WebOS version, but willing to use an emulator on that application for a while, as they suck up all the WebOS newness for everything else.

Agree. Classic also allows me to gradually paying for new apps. I hate having to spend $100 or so right after I get a new phone. Classic is one app I can pay for and get most of my current apps on Pre. As new versions show up for WebOS, I have the luxury of reviewing and test them out before making the move.

Well... no GPS, no Bt... if my TomTom runs in classic I'll be coming back and really wanting GPS or Bt... ;-)

But for now what I want to know, or better, what I want to have confirmed is that sound works!!

Until I'm able to use the Pre with my Slingbox, I'm afraid I won't be upgrading from my Treo 700p. If it works through Classic, then I am sold.

I'll second the Slingbox statement above. Any chance you guys can check with MotionApps on compatibility with SlingPlayer?

Is classic support Chinese fonts natively? or could user install CJKOS on it to view/edit Chinese fonts?