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Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes with WebOS Quick Install 184

by milominderbinde Fri, 22 Jan 2010 4:42 pm EST

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Palm webOS Pre and Pixi Homebrew Applicaitons   Palm webOS Pre and Pixi Patches

It used to be that you had to pick which phone best suited your needs. Now with the free Homebrew apps, patches, and themes, you can make your Palm Pre or Pixi work the way you want! You can be up and running with WebOS Quick Install in a matter of minutes. Come join the 300,000 PreCentral members already in on the secrets!

You can make the LED light up when you miss a call, email, or text. Email and Messaging can work in landscape. You can fix the clock, save your battery, add a Virtual Keyboard, make websites readable, and get a real music player. And that is just the beginning...

  • Homebrew Apps are applications in the last stage of development ("beta testing"). Try them out and give your feedback.
  • Patches add missing features to the Messaging, Email, Calendar, Phone, Browser, and other apps.
  • Themes customize your screens and icons for hundreds of your favorite teams, games, logos, and more.

The usual warnings apply. These apps, patches, and themes are under are not from Palm and are development - use with care. If you have any problems, see the Help section.

In a matter of minutes you can be in on the fun...


To install apps, patches, and themes, you need to be a PreCentral member, set up your phone, and install some software on your computer. Please carefully follow each step.

1. Setup your phone - Go to the main (start) screen on your Palm Pre or Pixi: 

Palm webOS Pre and Pixi Start Screen

Just as if you are performing a Universal Search, start typing "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" without the quotation marks.




Palm webOS Pre and Pixi Secret Code

Tap the Developer Mode icon and turn Developer Mode on. If you're having trouble getting it right, you can also enter "webos20090606" (though if you ask us the Konami code is much more fun.)



Palm webOS Pre and Pixi Developer Mode On


Set Developer Mode to ON.


Palm webOS Pre and Pixi Reset screen


When asked, tap Reset The Device. Your phone will restart. This is just a restart. (Nothing is erased.)



Palm webOS Pre and Pixi Just Charge


Connect the USB cable to your PC, Mac, or Linux computer and select "Just Charge" when the phone prompts you.


You just turned on the hidden Developer Mode! Some leave Developer Mode on all the time, but technically it's a security risk, so we recommend that you reopen Developer Mode Enabler and turn it off when you're done.

Now is also the time to make sure that your webOS is up-to-date. Tap Launcher then Updates and Update as needed.

2. Update Java - On your PC, Mac, or Linux computer, click here to Verify Java. Let it update Java as needed. Mac OS X users need to run /Application/Utilities/Java/Java Preferences and drag Java SE 6 to top of both lists, and exit. Windows 7 users may need more help more help.

3. Install WebOS Quick Install - On your computer, download the WebOS Quick Install program by PreCentral member Jason Robitaille. Open the WebOS Quick Install thread and verify that it is current with your webOS. Right click on the Download Here link then Save Target to a subdirectory you will remember, maybe create a subdirectory named "Palm".

After the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file downloads, click Open Folder (highlighted in yellow) then right-click the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file and click Open With and make sure that the default program is Java. Now run WebOS Quick Install.

The first time WebOS Quick Install runs will take a while as it downloads and installs Palm's webOS Doctor and Novacomd software on your computer. You will need to restart the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file each time it automatically exits to install software for you.

When asked to install WebOS Doctor, click Yes (highlighted in yellow below) so that WebOS Quick Install can use those files. Never run the WebOSDoctor.jar file yourself unless you want to erase everything on your phone and start over.

When asked which webOS Doctor version, if your carrier is not listed, choose Sprint.

Choose Sprint unless you have Bell

Then make sure you choose USB Device.

Choose USB Device

You will be prompted to Connect Your Device even though it is already connected.  No worries. It just needs to install Novacomd so that it can see your phone.  Just click OK (highlighted in yellow below).

Click OK when asked to Connect Device

Now it installs Novacomd.

Installing Novacom

Once Novacomd installs, you will need to start WebOS Quick Install again.  This time it should see your Pre or Pixi. If not, click Tools then Options then Attempt Novacom Reinstallation.  Note the Panic Button in case you ever want to restore your phone to factory settings.

If your computer says that it is looking for a Novacom driver, tell it to search in your C:\Program Files. It should be under C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc. Repeat the steps above if your "device" is not found.
That's it! You can download using your PC so let's do a few now. You can also follow the Preware Guide to download most content directly to you phone "Over the Air."

Homebrew Applications

Homebrew apps are free applications in the final stages of testing. Hundreds of free titles cover battery life, podcasts, ebooks, GoogleVoice, comics, the Bible, plus dozens of games and utilities.

Let's start by installing the most popular Homebrew app: Music Player (Remix). Double-click the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file you saved in step 3 above to open the WebOS Quick Install program on your computer. You will see this screen:

You can click the Homebrew apps button (bottom left) to browse through the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery. When you find an app you like, click the third button down on the right (highlight with the arrow) to open the repository viewer. 

Option: click on the App title, Music Player (Remix), to learn more about the app (below) and then click Close (highlighted in yellow below) when done.

Check the box next to Music Player (Remix) and click Download. (highlighted in green below) You can check off and download several apps at once if you so desire.

Palm webOS Pre and Pixi

Click Close (highlighted in blue above) when the download completes and then on the main screen click Install (highlighted in yellow below).

You have just installed Music Player (Remix)! Tap the Launcher button on your phone and Music Player (Remix) will be the last app on the first page. Remix has 25 features the basic Music Player is missing! Repeat these steps to add more Homebrew Apps. You remove a Homebrew app just like a regular app: press and hold the orange key and tap the app's icon in the Launcher. Then tap Delete.

Before we move on, you might want to try a few other free apps. Battery Saver lets you set times to automatically turn your phone off and on so that a text or email does not wake you in the middle of the night. The LED Torch turns your camera strobe into a bright flashlight. Presteroids and Preopoly are some of the fun games.


Patches let you add or change more than 100 features in webOS. The best part is that they are as just as easy to install as a Homebrew apps. Dozens of patches were featured in the There's a Patch for That series on PreCentral (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). Here is a full list of patches. Also note that the feature you want may just be undocumented.

In WebOS Quick Install, click Tools menu and select Tweaks.

The first time you install patches you will see a warning and need to install some more software. Just keep clicking OK or Yes when asked. You may need to restart WebOS Quick Install and again click Tools then Tweaks.

From now on when you click Tools then Tweaks, the the first screen (System Mods) will come up. In a minute you will see that some of these patches actually have several options. For now check iPhone user agent spoof  (highlighted in yellow below) to make thousands of popular websites legible. Click Restart Luna (highlighted in green below). You just installed your first patch!

Click Restart Luna to Restart your phone after adding or removing patches. Luna is the webOS user interface and must be restarted for patches to be applied. A Luna Restart is quicker than a normal restart. Nothing is erased. Do not click the Run EPR button (highlighted in red above) unless you want to remove all patches with the Emergency Patch Recovery app.

Most patches are in the Online Repository tab (highlighted in yellow above) so click that and we will install the most popular patch, the Virtual Keyboard. 

Scroll down to select the Virtual Keyboard then click Install Patch (highlighted in yellow below). See There's a Patch for That (Part 1) for more on the amazing Virtual Keyboard.

A patch is installed with a script and so you will be asked if it is OK to run the script. Click Yes (highlighted in yellow below) or Yes, always if you prefer.

Do you want to run a script warning - say Yes.

Before leaving the patches, try out some of our favorites. For your App Launcher, try the 4x4 v3 for 16 icons on-screen instead of 9! And they are just as big! Maybe try the Add MM/DD Date and Battery and Percentage in the Top Bar and put the Brightness slider where you can get to it quickly. The Launcher Auto-Popup patch makes your Launcher popup like a homepage when you turn on your phone. There is a world of great patches for the Email, Messaging, Phone, Calendar, and more.

Remember to click Restart Luna after you have installed patches. You can also install the latest patch files from the PreCentral Patch Forum using these instructions.

While a patch or theme is being installed or removed consider putting the phone in Airplane Mode and do not use the phone, messaging, or email and turn off other apps.


Themes customize your screens and icons for your favorite teams, games, or other interests. More detailed instructions are here: How To Install Themes.

Let's try a theme just for fun. The iPhone Black Launcher's background blends perfectly with your phone. The big iPhone style icons are so clear that you may need to turn down the brightness. Friends will be asking you "Is that a new iPhone?"

iPhone Black Launcher Theme Homepage

Here's all it takes. Click the PreCentral Themes Gallery and click on the theme you want, in this case click the iPhone Black Launcher. Right click on the Download link and choose "Save As..." to save the zip file to a subdirectory you will remember (maybe "Palm"?). In WebOS Quick Install, click Tools and then Themer.

In WebOS Quick Install, click Tools and then Themer.

Click Load Theme (highlighted in red above), select the zip file you just downloaded. Click Set Theme, and then Close. Done! You can also download thousands of other theme zip files from PreThemer. If you want to go all-out with the iPhone look, try the iPhone Theme. While a patch or theme is being installed or removed consider putting the phone in Airplane Mode and do not use the phone, messaging, or email and turn off other apps.

If you installed a theme using WebOS Quick Install, use only WebOS Quick Install to remove it by clicking Tools then Themer and then Revert to Default (highlighted in yellow above). If you installed a theme with Preware, remove it with Preware. The programs work differently.

NOTE: Always uninstall your old theme before you install a new theme. Failure to do so can result in ugly. Once the theme is removed, exit and then restart WebOS Quick Install to reset before installing another theme.

That's it! You can now download Homebrew Apps, Patches, and themes using your computer. Check out the Preware Guide to be able to download most content directly to you phone without needing a computer or USB cable.

Removing Apps, Patches, and Themes

You can remove Homebrew apps or patches just as easily using WebOS Quick Install. This time, open the Tools menu and select Device Management. 

Click Applications or Patches and then check each application or patch that you want to remove and click Uninstall. When you click Close, your phone will automatically restart if needed. See above for removing a theme.

Palm webOS Pre and Pixi Remove Apps and Patches

webOS Updates - Before you update to a new webOS, first remove themes and patches. Homebrew Apps do not have to be uninstalled before a webOS update.

Remove all Patches - Click Tools, Tweaks, Run EPR, Yes, then Luna Restart.

Remove a Theme - Click Tools, Themer, and then click Revert to Default .

Stuck Patches - If you have a patch or theme that just won't uninstall, you can always use the WebOS Repair Utility. Click Option and then Override Compatibility. Or you can use Preware. You can also restore factory settings by using the WebOS Doctor to remove all personal data. And by all, we mean all.

Getting Help

PreCentral member Mortisemaker has put together an excellent Installing and Getting Started with WebOS Quick Install guide with 45 pages of detailed help. In addition, more forum members are always available to provide aide in the PreCentral forums. In particular, Windows 7 and Linux users may need some extra support.

If you ask for help in a forum, please explain the problem and what you have done. If possible, take a phone screen shot by pressing Option (orange) + Sym + P at the same time. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and select USB Drive - your phone will appear to your computer like a USB drive. When you make your post on the forum, click Manage Attachments to add the screen shot from the phone's screencaptures subdirectory.

Craig Lincoln, aka Milominderbinder, is a moderator on the PreCentral forums and the developer of the Palm Pre Tips and Tricks. View Craig's recent articles.

This Getting Started Guide is offered "As-Is" and without warranty of any kind. In no event shall the author or PreCentral be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability which may arise.

Please post requests for installation help in the webOS Quick Install or Preware forums.

Special thanks to Jason Robitaille, rwhitby, bpdamas, cas_esq, Colonel Angus, dBsooner, emoney_33, grndslm, Irish, jimhuff, maxima2k53, MortiseMaker, oil, pixielee, rlanza1054, Shadavis08, SirWill, smkcpa, stubbs, Templarian, wcarlson, west3man and so many others for your continued support for new users.



Thanks for this post! Is there a way to install a patch directly via the Pre's Terminal app (for those times when I'm away from my computer for long stretches of time)?

Use Preware.

Downloading apps and patches directly to your phone is even easier than that. This will be the next article but if you want a sneak peek, the rough draft is here:

Getting Started: Preware

- Craig

Thanks. I meant patches that are under development or not published via feed that's picked up by Preware. For instance, the earlier version of the "Delete Email from Notification" patch (with the trashcan in the middle) does delete emails from the notification bar rather than the current version (which does not delete, unfortunately). Was wondering how to install that without using a computer or Preware ...

If not for Homebrew, I wouldn't have stuck with my Pre. Thank you Homebrewers

+1000! Thank you!!

does anyone know if they will ever find a way to make voice dialing or voice recording? If they can do video, wouldn't this be easier? I really miss my voice dialing/recording. But yes, way to go Homebrew! I definitely would have bailed a long time ago with them.

The hardware is there. No one outside of Palm knows for sure when the Software Developer Kit (SDK) will include the functionality (API's) that the developers need for voice recognition. But the Precorder does include voice recording!

For anyone who missed it, webOS 1.3.1 added the functionality needed for video and audio recording, The first homebrew app is now in initial testing:
Precoder Video Recorder

- Craig

Great write-up. Keep these coming to help more peeps embrace the homebrew. When I first started using quickinstall it was a little nerve-wrecking. But really, once you get started with Patches, as well as other apps, it's fantastic.

A few of my fav homebrew patches / apps:

1. Horizontal E-mail
2. Vibrating phone buttons

Ok, so how did you get over the nerve wracking?

When I try to download any homebrew app an error message comes up. I have installed the WebOS Quick Install and WebOS doctor. I'm not sure what else I'm doing wrong.


I'm a fanatic of the blink notifications. Unbelieveably useful when I have audio alerts turned off, and I don't see the screen light up when something comes in. I absolutely love it.

I'm hesitant to try Precorder just because it's so early in the game for them, but at the same time I'd love to see what it can do. I'll be very excited about it when it comes out in a more stable package, but great work so far.

For anyone interested, this is the Enable LED Notifications patch in the Screen and Lock category. Palm has actually included the code needed to let your Center Button (white LED) flash when you have a missed call, message, or email, but it is disabled. This patch just enables Palm's own code.

The list of the currently available patches is here:

Patch Discussion

- Craig

The LED thing is completely silly (and mostly useless) compared to the REAL deal, which is the Notification Repeat patch. There is one for phone, sms, email, and calendar notifications!

See these:

(and others)

I was so excited I nearly peed on myself :) And they work!!!

or you can stop about halfway through and just install preware and do everything from the phone without having to start dev mode every time you wanna do something

The next article will show how to download directly to your Pre or Pixi using Preware. You can get a sneak peak here:

Getting Started: Preware

- Craig

Thank you very much for all of the tips and help. Excellent work. Palm and Sprint should also be very appreciative (and I bet they are) for all of the unpaid support this site saves them.

You make a very valid point there. I come here to daily to check up on news and info on the Pre, as I'm sure is the case for many other people. I'm sure not all the users are as tech-savy as I am (just recently getting into phone tech when I bought my Pre), and there's a wealth of helpful information here to avoid support calls. It's all good stuff.

Have downloaded and installed some of them, I still haven't found one I really love. Agence Web

THERE IS VIRTUAL KEYBOARD(VK) FOR A WEBOS 1.3.1 WITH THE NEW PREWARE 0.9.12????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yes, there is a very good Virtual Keyboard patch available with either webOS Quick Install or Preware.

Please see the instructions above for webOS Quick Install.

- Craig


Sweet guide!!

Here's another that would most likely take less time to get you where you want to be...

I'll probly add a section or two later today, especially the Device Management bit.

I've installed a bunch of patches and tweaks such as the virtual keyboard, 4x4, squared viewing screen, date time and a few others. One problem I have is that now I can only open a few cards at once. Does the Pre recognize those patches/tweaks as programs running? I can only open about 4 cards at once right now!!? :( Any thoughts? Please help if you can.

Patches do not take up app memory so this is a coincidence.

Installing Preware may help though:

Getting Started: Preware

Also try the Lower Swap Threshold Patch.

- Craig

The patches work perfect with most applications you already installed. They even add more efficiency and features as a whole. 3D Poker

Or, you could use use Preware instead and do it all from the phone...

And, as usual, despite the lack of mentioning anything about Linux in this article regarding webos quick install, the app does work on Linux too.


The article states: "Connect the USB cable to your PC, Mac, or Linux computer and select "Just Charge" when the phone prompts you."

What else other than specifically mentioning Linux can it do?

- Craig

:) I did notice that, I expected more in 2 since that is really the only platform-specific issue. But you are right, it is mostly java, so it should operate the same otherwise. I retract my posting! Sorry. Oh, and thanks for your article!

Im having trouble installing installing it on Windows 7. The link to the windows 7 page is not working on this page. where should i go? thanks!

Sorry about that. "Windows 7" in the artcile no longer had its link but it does now. Here it is as well:

- Craig

I have the Pre connect to my MacBook and have the WebOS Quick Install program open but it's giving me a "No Device Detected" error message. I'm running version 1.3.1webos. Has anyone else experienced this?

Again, please post requests for help or questions in the forums:

Questions or help with WebOS Quick Install

Questions or help with Preware

Questions or help with Music Player (Remix)

- Craig

This is an excellent guide, thanks for putting it together. Will it work for the unlocked European GSM Pre as well as for the US version?


Again, please post requests for help or questions in the forums:

Questions or help with WebOS Quick Install

Questions or help with Preware

Questions or help with Music Player (Remix)

- Craig

I need some help please. Im a first time user here at pre-central and i was doin the steps to instal homebrew apps. Everything was goin fine until i needed to download Novacomd. After i was asked which carrier i was using... it didnt ask me which device i wanted to use(usb cable). Then it never istalled Novacomd. Can someone please help me?

I need some help please. Im a first time user here at pre-central and i was doin the steps to instal homebrew apps. Everything was goin fine until i needed to download Novacomd. After i was asked which carrier i was using... it didnt ask me which device i wanted to use(usb cable). Then it never istalled Novacomd. Can someone please help me?

Again, please post requests for help or questions in the forums:

Questions or help with WebOS Quick Install

Questions or help with Preware

Questions or help with Music Player (Remix)

- Craig

Wow, is it a new application they introduce? I will try it later when I am spare. Thanks for the information! Prize sourcing, fulfilment and winner management agency

finally updated - thanks - great screen shots and much better walk through setup instructions - great job

I've done everything to a T on this page and I am getting the "ERROR: No device detected" msg. I have followed everything in the troubleshooting guide ( Made sure Dev Mode is on (switched it on/off numerous times), made sure that Java is up to date, made sure I've selected USB and not emulator, made sure that I have hit "just charge" on my phone, made sure Novacom is installed and running, hit the "Attempt Novacom (re)installation" button, tried 3 different USB ports.. I've been wasting time on this all day!! I'm ready to throw in the towel. Anyone have any possible insight out there??! Thanks in advance...

The whole system should accept this well if they are configured accordingly. Thank you for the information! Dubbo Motel

There needs to be more games that are on the iphone like gangstar and zombie land usa

Wow these are some great patches! Roam-Only, GPS shortcut, Data features! Really nice!

So much of the things, palm should have already done. Hope that they raise theyr update frequency.

good apps and very good instructions!

did you get an answer I cannot download it either and am frustrated

Again, please post requests for help or questions in the forums:

Questions or help with WebOS Quick Install

Questions or help with Preware

Questions or help with Music Player (Remix)

- Craig

Is it supposed to take a long time to install the webdoctor?

can someone plaese help me please. i having trouble with preware. i have it on my computer but when i press the blue down arrow button nothing happens

maybe uninstall and reinstall? I was nervous too but it worked for me. ;) peace

can't download webos quick install. need help!!!!!!!!!!!!! asap

can't download webos quick install. need help!!!!!!!!!!!!! asap

Thanks guys

Nice work on all the homebrew apps!! I'm on my third pre in three weeks. The tec at the sprint store says i just have bad luck. Bad volume buttons, then a touch screen with a mind of it's own. If it was not for all the options here I'd have a different brand of phone after the first brake down. Palm owes you big time for all that has been put in to this site.

I'm having a little trouble getting webos doctor going this time after the palm up date. I hope it's nothing to difficult.

so,I am trying to get this to work on my Pre. i have installed the WebOS Quick Install application, folllowed all of the steps, updated my Java, yada yada yada, it still comes up with an error message when i am trying to get it to see my Pre, i tried reinstalling the novacomd, and anything else I can think of. Any help that anyone can give would be much appreciated, thank you.

when i try and reinstall novacomd, the command promt type window pops up and says "service removed" then promptly closes, is this normal? If not how can I fix this?

the install was very nice and i first installed like i wanted the music player..the problem is all the time when i start the web os installer it want to download webosdoctor..please give me some help...
thanks in advance

did you ever get a answer to your ? if so what they say

i have downloaded quick install and have the doctor and everything, but when i go to run the doctor i plug my phone in and it says "charging phone" and starts charging as if i had plugged it into the wall. it does not give me the prompts, i have tried rebooting my phone and my macbook but it does not do anything. if anyone had any suggestions as to what i could do it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm having the same problem, did you ever figure it out?

Hi, I am from India. I am using Palm Pre Unlocked GSM phone. I am using Indian SIM. Can I download Homebrew and run Doctor.
Umang V
Mumbai, INDIA

ok im so lost im on quickinstall and whatever i click it doesnt do anything ..HELP..

I get the same prompt when running novacommand

"when i try and reinstall novacomd, the command promt type window pops up and says "service removed" then promptly closes, is this normal? If not how can I fix this?"

Anyone solve this?

when i try and reinstall novacomd, the command promt type window pops up and says "service removed" then promptly closes, is this normal? If not how can I fix this?

just did it on my macbook and it worked great...just like the PC

on a mac a few things
the java is set by apple software update and does not indicate the version show here (1.6)
after DL webos quickinstall.jar I get the request re webdoctor say yes and get nothing waited a while but does not seem to download anything or follow your instructions - are these the same instructions for the mac as the pc?
really want a horizontal v key and customization on my pre
so please fill me in ASAP and Thank you for the work developing these apps!
Please let us know ...

I will upload ne wones really soon. Thank you for providing us with the choices. It should be running great in progress. branding agency

HI! i live in Mexico im triying to do this but im getting the error No divice detecte and im wondering that if that is because im not a Sprint o Bell user coz my companys name is Telcel so can you help me please!!!!

when a web os update comes out and gets all the tweeks, themes, and homebrew have to be re done??

Im loving all these added features but why is my screen not locking i press the button it comes on with no swipe up

everything was going exactly the way it was supposed to until i clicked install to install the app music player remix (first install) it says error 0 blocks available???

this shit do not work i try to ryn the webosquick install and nothing happend i have windows vista

Is anyone else having major problems with homebrew tweaks after the most recent WebOS update ( I'm getting this message any time I try to apply my tweaks.

ERROR: An error occurred while attempting to run /

/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/ line 24: /var/usr/bin/Isdiff: not found

ERROR: Cannot find /var/usr/bin/Lsdiff

I've uninstalled - re-installed, reformatted, completely wiped the Pre, but I get the same thing every time. I'm frustrate, because I really miss my tweaks! Any help would be much appriciated!

I was having major problems with tweaks. But, I could install Homebrew programs. I just installed Luna Manager, and hit "Rescan". Now my tweaks are there and working.
Restarting "Luna" from webOS quick install, on my computer, did nothing; But the "Rescan" button in the "Luna Manager" program, on my Pre, did the trick.
Go fiqure.
I hope this info helps.
Good luck.

Everything works great on my pre including Homebrew apps, patches and Palm store apps. BUT, BUT, BUT!!!! - I just got a notice that I need to download new updates to a few applications i got through the palm app store. When I try to download the updates to the existing applications, I'm told that the installation failed and the phone must restart to fix an issue. Once the phone has restarted however, the same issue is still there (it can't install the update). It is also unable to download any new applications.

Any help would be appreciated.

Im getting the same errors as above -
Ive rebooted, restarted novacom and nothing is working, cant even get a theme to load completely and cant revert to the default because its jacked up. Can any one please advise ?!??!?!

Thanks -

ERROR: An error occurred while attempting to run /

/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/ line 24: /var/usr/bin/Isdiff: not found

ERROR: Cannot find /var/usr/bin/Lsdiff

I was experiencing the same problem, I updated webOS quick install and it solved it.


i installed the one second for sms messaging etc...and than i uninstalled it and it still vibrates when i have it set to ringer...what do i do??

please help

can anyone please help me install themes. ive tried alot of things, first of all iDont see a download link. iSee a download option, second iCant save as iCan only download from the download option. third when iGo to themer it will not load that theme, it gives me a message saying the fallowing, "sorry, theming is currently disabled until the new theming specification is put in place" iKnow i probably missed something but im just really frustrated. someone please help me. thank you.

is it supposed to take so long when you open webos quik instal and click the blue arrow when it searches for applications mines takin forever and dosent load?

does anyone know if the current version of webos quick install works on 1.4. i dont have my phone yet and just curious thanks

I just installed WebOS last night for the first time and so far yes it does work on 1.4. I have had no problems with tweaks or installing apps as of yet. Hopefully it stays that way! Have fun!!

having problems on my MacBook Pro.....when trying to go to tweak menu, it asks to install 2 componenets as it should, but never actually does anything? is this a known problem? Also themes don't work yet? is this correct? I'm using Palm Pre webOS 1.4 o2 UK

having trouble downloading novacom, it keeps saying my device is not plugged in... any advice?

Can anyone help pls, im unable to load themes or use the tweak.

When i select load theme it says themng is disabled and theming specification needs to be put in place.

Tweak says i need GNU patch and Lsdiff, i select yes to downland and nothing happens

did you ever get an answer to your question, because i'm experiencing the same problem.

"Tweak says i need GNU patch and Lsdiff, i select yes to downland and nothing happens" same problem here... any solutions?

That was happening to me too. Then I tried this: 1) With your Pre in developer mode and connected to your computer open WebOS Quick Install; 2) Click on the downward pointing arrow on the right hand side; 3) Using the dropdown menu on the top of the pop up select WebOS-Internals Feed (Pre); 4) Click on the appropriate download (GNU Patch); 5) Download!

Hope this helps...

Thanks a lot for your solution. It worked.

MANY THANKS; that worked for me as well!

Introduce this further to get positive response from market users. I am sure they will love it much. Thank you. London escort

can anyone help me please!?

If your computer says that it is looking for a Novacom driver, tell it to search in your C:\Program Files. It should be under C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc.

it keep saying that i have a incorrect command line parameter?

My themer and tweaks arnt working on my themer i press load and a window pops up saying its disabled, and on my tweaks it tells me to downlosd the GNU file and i click ok and yes and nothing happens plz help

I'm having the same problems!!!!! Please if someone can help me figure this out that would be great!!






these pictures were takein on a laptop u can tell

i am having the same problem as:

"My themer and tweaks arnt working on my themer i press load and a window pops up saying its disabled, and on my tweaks it tells me to downlosd the GNU file and i click ok and yes and nothing happens plz help"


"Submitted by Markrent94 on Mon, 22 Mar.
reply.I'm having the same problems!!!!! Please if someone can help me figure this out that would be great!!


thanks in advance.

I've been trying to install preware for over 2weeks now. I've done webos quick in stall and stand alone preware. Everytime I launch Preware, all is greyed out but Avail Apps, Avail Other, and List of Everthing. I go into Avail Apps, find Luna Mgr, hit install and nothing!!! I've updated the preferences by hitting preware @ top left corner.WUTT IS WRONG???

I have a palm pre, and am working on Windows Xp system. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted my pc and phone over 30 times....HELP

does this phone incur the same problems as the 800 w. This phone has more problems than any other phone i have ever had
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does anyone know why i cant get into tweaks on the quickinstall
its ask me to download and i hit yes and okay but after that nothing happens thanks guys

i cant seem to get the vitual keyboard to work...i got into tweeks and added it but when i try to bring it up with the gesture it doesnt come up? Im also having trouble with theming it says its not enabled and i cant seem to find anything to enable it. pls help thanks

I'm having the same issue. I can see patch is installed on the phone but I suspect the homebrew apps and patches aren't compatible with the lastest Palm webOS 1.4.1 as i get a This is not a valid webOS application error message with homebrew apps.

I have installed Package Manager services and I also get the same message with this

I have a Mac and when i click webosquickinstall.jar and then click yes for the doctor to download nothing happens


This is a fantastic stuff.But I have a problem with my phone.When I try to install this on my pre the phone goes offline.It works fine but says the phone is offline and I am not able to recieve or make any calls and no internet as well.
I really need to install the font modification patch.And I don't know what to do??
Can someone please help??


Hello here, I'm pretty new to this and not great at it, but I would love to get the touch keyboard on the screen and turn my emails so I could read them thewide way. Thanks, Scott..

I can install patches w/ ease, but the apps I dl'd aren't showin! But in the device manager it says that they are installed. Help! Are they lost sumwhere?? Thanks

Great guide but had a lot of trouble getting my Palm to connect with Ubuntu 9.10.

To solve this problem go to the directory [$: cd ~/opt/Plam/Novacom] and run [$: sudo ./novacomd]. run WebOS Quick install.

I would be helpful if this were added to the guide.

Great article and a big THANKS to Jason Robitaille for all of his hard work helping the webOS community!

Well, what a complete and utter waste of time! I've put off trying anything to do with Homebrew since getting my Pre last July. Should've trusted my intuition a bit further, it seems: I just spent an hour diligently following the instructions...and like so many others, no luck just frustration.

C'mon, people, get it together for Windows 7 users and make it easy or stop seducing us with stuff like:

"The key from Palm's perspective is that webOS doesn't require rooting, jailbreaking, or other extreme hackery in order to get into hombrew, instead you just put the sucker into development mode, plug it into your computer, and you're in."

Yeah, right.

It says please connect your device, it's connected, i hit ok, and it says error: No device detected. help me!

I've got problems with the "SMS tone per contact".
I installed the patch, restarted my pre (WebOS 1.4).
After installing there is no possibility to choose
an ringtone per contact.
If I want to edit a contact, the name and the numbers
aren't displayed in edit mode.
I uninstalled (everything all right) and installed again, same trouble.

it was my first step with installing patches.
Anybody able to help me?

thanks for the article. keep up the good work.


thanks a million for sharing this useful info.

Sledge Gaming

these are the steps for installation of the themes right? thanks alot. very useful.

works for me thank's

it keep's says ERROR: no device detected when i click the blue arrow.. what do i do?

just got it to work, thank you!!

I cant add themes to the v3.12 quick install!!!!!! how do I??

im having the same problem and i have a palm pre plus

omg i cant seem to get themes on my palm preplus!! very upset.

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The software developer instuctions states that one should NOT run WebOS Doctor but this page says you SHOULD.
It seems that if I do, the phone and all of the present apps will be erased.
I would love to try some of the homebrew apps but I don't want to erase what I have on the phone.
Anyone have an idea?

I've gone through all the steps to install 2 different apps and they appear to have installed based on the WebOSQuickInstal dialogs etc. but they don't appear in the launcher. What am I doing wrong?

I have the exact same issue as SelfDolt- apps installed but dont apear in the launcher. please help us.

i cant get my webos quick install to work anymore any suggestions? ive tried reinstalling it and nothing

im having trouble gettting my computer to recognize my device ive reinstalled novacomd like 3 times and it nvr works i also make sure to setnmy fone on just charge like u explain to do why is this
zach from missouri

Yep, I'm dead in the water too. On OS1.4. I get the ...0 blocks available... error whenever I try to install homebrew apps via webos install

I NEED AN APP FOR THE Palm pre to remind me when i havea missed call voice mail be way of alert by some sort of tone or beep any one have any ideas ?

ive downloaded the vkb patch and its on my phone but when i do the gesture it says error can't load the configuration file kb_config.json

nvm i fixed it

i was wondering if anyone knew how to make the texting ringtone longer?

ive installed and uninstalled novacom about 4 times. Its in developer mode, all connected, installed everything, its just not working. SOMEONE PLEEAAASSSEEEE HELP MEEEE! I always get the error no devices connected:( I have windows 7 and when i go to the services.msc thing and try to start novacom it doesnt start?!?! maybe thats a clue or somethin

Reply ASAP

me 2 bro. im trying 2 install preware for my sister's pixi but it says "ERROR NO DEVICE DETECTED" when i click device management. i 4got how i was able 2 do it 4 my pre. XD

please reply to the first one, I need to have homebrew for my phone ASAP PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE

Using Palm Pre Plus with os

Installed and can run WebOS Quick Install. It loaded novacomd and that service is running on laptop. WOSQuickInstall rund device manager OK, so think it connects to phone OK.

But in WOSQI, when I select the blue down arrow to select feeds, it gives errors: "Error downloading package feed". I press OK, then get the error: "ERROR: Invalid feed url.". After I OK that,
"lpkg Repository Viewer" dialog shows with "PreCentral App Gallery Feed" in dropdown, but no apps in the list.

When I select "WebOS-Internals Feed (all)" in the dropdown, the app list fills, but there's no "Preware" app in the list. "Luna Manager is there and a bunch of other themes and apps.

Was trying to download Preware. aarghhh.. maybe feed not ready for OS

Thanks - Mark

life is confusing enough - and messing with our phones is pretty scary... especially when we don't have an experienced warm body sitting next to us when we do it.

i ran into novacom issues while trying to start up homebrew and went to the instructions and read that i needed to click tools and then select options to attempt novacom reinstallation - and my greatest fear was realized...


i hunted and found it elsewhere, then decided that without a warm body next to me - i don't think i'm going to play with my phone internals again.

my greatest fear realized - the fountain of knowledge is misleading. this is the reason i never played with homebrew in the first place. i was afraid that i would fall into a trap and when then be floundering with either no information or the wrong information.


Downloaded preware on my new pre today but there is no themes category. When i try to download themes through webos quickinstall there are also no load themes category. Can someone help? I really want to change the basic theme on my pre.

Looks like the instructions can't keep up with the upgrades to the process. Screenshots appear to be of older versions of WOQI. "Load Theme" is not a button on the new Themer, so couldn't load a theme vi zip file but I found instructions in the Forum to use a .ipk file and where to get them. Found the theme I had liked on the first link in .ipk format and managed to get it installed.

Just a little confusing when the help stuff is behind, but all in all a very detailed set of instructions.


I'm new to Pre but having lots of fun and it's been less than 24 hrs!

Hi I just tried to install few patches and themes with WebOS Quick Install but it seems that WebOS does not recognize my palm pre. I did everything what is said in instruction. The only difference is that I am using Windows 7. Can the use of windows 7 cause this problem. Thank you so much and thank you for all great things you do around WebOS.

tried to dl novacomd and it just wont do anything when i click just wont let me do it...what can i do?

where can i find preware

where can i find preware