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Glee’s Lea Michele does HP TouchPad commercial with Beats [video] 40

by Derek Kessler Thu, 21 Jul 2011 3:56 pm EDT

Last night didn’t just bring us the HP TouchPad on Leno and Fallon (are Conan and Letterman up next?), it also brought us a new real advertisement for the HP TouchPad, this time from Glee’s Lea Michele. The commercial is in the style of HP’s previous Veer and TouchPad commercials, this time emphasizing the TouchPad’s multimedia capabilities and Beats Audio. Yeah, HP, we see what you did there – getting the star of a popular show that’s about music to make a commercial around your tablet’s media prowess – and good on you for capitalizing on the association. Video’s after the break.

Source: YouTube; Via: webOSroundup


first, muhahaha

nice add like it

That's the first "First" declaration that made me laugh!

Of all the Touchpad and Veer ads that have come from HP, I think this one shows off what webOS does the most. Very simply, you can watch a ton of videos and switch between them all and buy a movie and the audio is great and it all just gets shown off very clearly, unlike the Pacquiao ad which to a someone new to webOS would be VERY confusing to see what he's demonstrating.

Plus, this is an ad I can watch all day.

10 seconds in, does that kart racing game exist or is it just there for the sake of the commercial? Looks like something I wouldn't mind downloading.

Shrek Kart HD. Works great on the TP.

Wow, i hadn't seen that one before, perhaps I'll pull it down tonight :)

It's Gameloft's Shrek Kart!

I've half a mind to start marking this kind of comment as spam.

why? idiot?

Probably because this is a post about the Touchpad not the Pre 3, we all want the Pre 3 to be announced on carriers in the US, UK, Europe and all over the world, but for now HP is focusing in on the Touchpad to get the webOS brand into peoples minds, the stores etc, they will then follow this up with their range of mobile phones and other devices running webOS.

This is where HP wants to take webOS... will it happen by the end of this week, month or year?

Probably not but all good things come to those that wait. If you can't wait or deal with what they can offer now there are a few other mobile phone OS's that are on the market for you and others to try.

You mean YOU don't care.

And I don't care that you don't care.

Quit trying to hijack TP threads.

Yea, thumbs up. This is definitely the best commercial I've seen on the TouchPad.

I'd rather have them not hire celebrities for touchpad commercials and use the money that's saved to justify dropping the price of the touchpad by $100.

I bet HP didn't do their background research on this celebrity also. It was really sad to see Katie perry talking about how her and Russell Brand use the ipad to facetime with each other when she is away on concerts right after precentral aired the russell brand endorsement commercial.

You Suck HP

LOL. Running out of things to **** at, eh? LOL.

Really Everyone that gave this a thumbs down would rather have the touchpad stay at the current price points?

These commercials aren't even realistic!
There is no rear facing camera on the TP. Even if there was, there is no camera app!

At least with the ipad commercials it's more realistic. There are no gimmicks to trick you into thinking there is a rear facing camera.

I'm a webos fan, but I'm a realist.
You're all living in lala land if you think there's nothing wrong with the touchpad, the launch and the current price point.

You're all really not bright people if you think it's smart to hire a celebrity for lots of money to sponser your product (Russell Brand) only then to find out weeks later that your sponser's spouse (Katie Perry) endorses the other product and says how her and Russell use the ipad all the time to facetime.

How the **** does any of this make sense to you guys? I assume you'll also want Jon Rubinstein back to bring you an even smaller, fatter phone?

How are the veer sales?
How are the touchpad sales?
What's going to happen to the Sprint Pre users?
What's going to happen to the people that are getting themselves into a 2 year contract now with an Android phone because no annoucenments have been made?

Spotify was recently a featured app, spotify's sign up page doesn't even list WebOS as an option on the question "What mobile OS do you use?"

I love WebOS, I've sold 8 people on the pre. (Unfortunately they switched to android after a month because of the hardware), but you're all blind and nieve if you think things are going good for WebOS.

If you really think they could save money sufficient to price drop all Touchpads by $100 by simply omitting celebrity endorsements, then I feel sad for you. I work in advertising for a large company and your logic doesn't even come close to being, as you say, realistic. Sorry to break that to you. The Russel Brand commercials have gotten lots of buzz at my work and this is a great commercial. Manny was perfect for the Veer and why not throw a touchpad in his powerful mitts too? Good advertising HP. I love it! Don't listen to what nimtards have to say!

So you are ok with HP paying russell brand lots of money and then his wife (who gets a lot more attention) talking about how the two of them love the ipad2 with its facetime feature.

And you are ok with the $500 price point? which doesn't attract anyone outside of the webos community because the ipad2 is the same price and more physically appealing to non-technical people.

I bet you loved the borg queen commercials too didn't you Ron?

I like the borg queen commercial but didn't like this one. Could have really played that off really well if Palm had more money. Creepy is ****

I agree with you Janter... some people on this site need their heads examined.

i agree that the price is too high. I'm not going to put the blame on the celeb endorsements, but your point on Katy Perry is unfortunate. That's .. like the commercials.. good thing nobody knows that it's all lies..

I think the point you should be making is we need folks (not just celebs like Katy Perry) expounding about how great the touchpad is.
Until it is great though, that won't happen. Agree a rear-facing camera is important (funny how everyone at hPalm I talked to thought that was a stupid idea.. until the ipad2 had one). I didn't realize the TP didn't even have a camera app, that.. doesn't even make sense to me. I guess i'll hold out for a 7" w/ rear camera, if anything.
Or maybe a pre3 will suit enough of my needs i won't need it? Dunno, i have trouble loading enough website on my pre2 that i think a bigger mobile product would be helpful.

Is it me, or is she using a gesture that isn't available on the Touch Pad? When I last checked, you could not swipe between cards unless you were in card view. Is this something we will be seeing in the next update?

i don't see the gesture your talking about. I know what you mean and i doubt they would have that in the update, it's just tv magic

it's fake. Majority of this commercial is CGI.
How sad.

Good spot.

The holding the Touchpad in front of the face scheme doesn't really work for me.

Also, there's a ton of stuff going on in the background. Apple's commercials were successful because it was just the product, a white screen, and a hand showing features of the product... Maybe HP needs to do something like this.

Besides, it makes it seem like there's a camera on the back. Which there is not.

Apple's commercials were successful because of the Apple fanboys and the tech press in love with Apple.

Apple is successful because they are making some kick ars products. Love'm or hate'm they are rocking the market because they are giving the consumer what they want.

no. Apple commercials are successful because they are simple. The white background brings your focus to the prodcut itself.

My parents are not technical AT ALL. My dad sees the ipad commercial and says "That looks easy, maybe i should get that."

This commercial is too flashy with singing, colors in the background. I can not see my dad holding his attention to this commercial. In the first few seconds a non-technical person would have no clue as to what's going on.

If HP copied Apple like you want them too you guys would bash them to no end. And you would be right to do so because that would be a bonehead move.

I agree that the face behind the TouchPad is misleading at best, but the fact that it is being a subject of parody now on late shows and on the web is proof that it has potential. After all, it was Apple who had ads that became mimicked. HP should follow suit and make these types of ads that are getting attention. That is the way to do as Apple. Not straight up do product demo spots on a white screen!

Hi all,

I got a Tivo, (in my bedroom), the 1st day they came out years and years ago, (that one died awhile a go and now I have an 80 hr one). Therefore, I rarely ever see or hear commercials.

As most of you know my Mom lives with me in my house. When I went to check on here earlier this commercial was on. As former NY'ers who loved the theater, we took notice of her voice right away.

I think HP had been very smart to hire a large spectrum of entertainers...this way there is a strong likelihood that they will have someone to appeal to all areas of entertainment....

Just as webOS easy for a neophyte to pick up or sophisticated to experienced computer users.

Take care,


Well said Jay. I agree. The neophyte crowd is often undervalued as a demographic.

Say hi to your mother for me.


Mark Wahlberg

This was the most pointless commercial I have ever seen. If I was not familiar with webos already I would have been what was that all about and not in a good way. Must be good to have money to burn HP.

Honestly, I don't see what the point was to show the HP Touchpad running 7 different videos simultaneously. No one actually does that. Maybe 2-3 videos, but 7?

Nothing against Lea Michelle, but I think the ad itself was a bit pointless. There were many other features that should have been highlighted in this commercial.

Lea Michelle is a TV star. Is there a Hulu/Plus app for the HP Touchpad? How about HP's new Movie Rental app? Netflix? Youtube? If there are, these should all have been highlighted *noticeably* in a commercial performed by a TV star. If not, well...that's your problem HP. All the big software needs to have an app on the Touchpad. ALL of it.

You need to achieve app-parity for all the big name services, THEN advertise that.

Also, I saw the symbol for HP's "Beats" audio technology, but let's be honest, what non-techie actually recognizes that logo without some text that says "HP Beats Audio", you know? NO consumer that sees this ad is going to associate that glowing "b" with Beats audio.

Also, ugh...did they really put the lines "Let me do a few tricks, and open up some new tricks" back-to-back? That's like saying the same exact thing twice in a row. It honestly stood out to me. Poor lyric writing for that part.

Loved the new Lea Michele ad for Touchpad.

My 18 year old daughter heard the voice and knew immediately who it was without even seeing the ad.

"Let me Entertain You" is such a classic. I think this one's a definite winner.

the commercial is def misleading. the TP does not work that efficiently. She was moving between those cards too fast for a non webos user to really understand what's going on and then the last swipe into her face is not realistic, the TP doesnt do that. Stop with the lies HP

All I can say is..
good looking armpits.
Most people's armpits don't look good shaved, but, at least from this commercial (maybe it's more of the CGI, or makeup?) they are unnoticeable. (Which is the definition of good looking.)

I have to agree that these ads seem to imply that the TouchPad has a rear facing camera, which it does NOT. Ironic since many felt it was a mistake to not include one.

All the people that are complaining about the ad making it seem like the TouchPad has a rear facing camera:


That's their "thing" like Target had their dog, and Apple had their awkward thing with the people dancing and now the annoying announcer voice. It is creating a recognizable image that a person can associate with a particular brand; thus making them remember the brand, the commercial, and WHAT THEY'RE ADVERTISING better long after their 30 seconds are up. It's a good move, and I fully support it. Having celebrities behind it never hurt anyone either.

Since I watch a lot of TV (hence the moniker) and avoid watching things after air date like the plague (even though it doesn't matter because my family doesn't have a Neilson box), this and other HP ads have been bombarding my commercial time, which is what we have wanted to see all along. Finally, their "hard launch" is getting out to me. I'm actually getting sick of seeing this ad!

The AT&T guy even recommended the veer to me when I told him I wanted a phone that I could actually fit in my skinny jeans/shorts... being a girl and all. He did kinda fail at the demonstration, but he didn't seem to be all that familiar with any of the OS's in the store anyways, so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.