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Gmail gains migration support for Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and more... 7

by Derek Kessler Fri, 15 May 2009 1:43 pm EDT

While the Pre can grab email from Yahoo, AOL, and the like, for a real integrated PIM solution it talks to Exchange and Google for calendar, contacts, mail, and tasks that (may) sync with the Pre.

To make it easier, though, Google has added import capabilities to Gmail. And it’s not just the POP and IMAP that Gmail’s had for a while, no, they’ve managed to dig into Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail/Windows Live, and even the webmail clients of dozens of major ISPs worldwide.

We all know that switching email addresses isn’t easy, so Google’s set out to make it easier. Apart from importing all of your mail, any contacts you’ve collected over the years on your old account will be imported into Gmail as well. Aaaand through the magic of Google, they’ve even managed to set it up so that your old account’s emails will be forwarded (or monitored and imported or whatever) for a full 30 days while you give Gmail a try.

Right now, the import feature is available for all new Gmail registrations, and is slowly being rolled out to existing Gmail accounts (consolidate!). Right now, though, those using Gmail through Google Apps won’t have access to this new usefulness.



gmail imported only a fraction of my aol contacts, beware!

I am a bit slow so I need to ask.. It is talking about email but what about Yahoo chat? Will I be able to chat with my Yahoo friends with the Pre?

We haven't gotten the nitty-gritty on details like this...

I am hoping that we have a central IM progam with compatibility with AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo, Facebook, and MySpace.

Perhaps they could design it as a modular setup, where the central program controls the smaller units. Let's say you only want Gmail, but not GTalk, Facebook IM, but not Facebook, etc.

I really hate the idea of having to open multiple applications. I use AIM, ICQ, MSN, Gmail/Gtalk Facebook/FIM, and MySpace/MIM to talk to people throughout the day.

You should look into Pidgen or Adium to colsolidate your I'm protocals

Agreed! I use both (one on windows and one the Mac) and love them. They limit some of the extra features of the individual chat clients, but you get most of the value.

My curiosity is the ability for this service to import all of my old yahoo mail and filter it into the "conversation" view I am beginning to just love in gmail. Yahoo still treats every message, both sent and received, as individual items in the whole (or should I say HOLE).

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