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Google and Sprint team up for deep Voice integration 59

by Derek Kessler Mon, 21 Mar 2011 8:12 pm EDT

We’re big fans of Google Voice here, and by virtue of this being a webOS site, we imagine a lot of you are Sprint fans. The two have teamed up to bring our dreams into reality, with Sprint and Google announcing deep integration for Google Voice. The gist of the announcement is that you can use your Sprint number as your Google Voice number without having to port or cancel your Sprint line, or use your Google Voice number as your outgoing number, all without having to use any app to make it happen.

All of this comes with Google’s inbox services, including transcriptions sent via text message and/or email. Additionally, if you opt to use your Sprint number (which chances are you’ve had longer than your Google Voice number) as your number for Voice, it will function just if it were your Voice number, ringing all of your phones at once. All other Voice features, like per-contact voicemail greetings, number blocking, and everything else are also included.

All-in-all, the new service will give Sprint customers all of the benefits of Google Voice without the hassle of changing numbers or cancelling lines. This Sprint-Google Voice tie-up hasn’t gone live just yet, though both are promising that it will be coming “soon” to all Sprint users, and at no cost. Yeah, you don’t even need a smartphone to swing this. Google’s put together a sign-up page so you can get notified as to when this service is made available. Check out the video explaining it all after the break.


This is awesome and just why i'm on Sprint (12 yrs and counting, S4L!)

Sadly I cannot use this as I am using two GV numbers and Goog does not yet support mobile numbers on two accounts. As such my cell is marked as "Home" and "Work" and is not recognized as a mobile phone. :(

When they update that, I'll be all over this as it means automatic visual vm without hassles!


Can this be any more WINNING????

Here's another link with info:

The only problem is that GV does not support MMS. So right now I have to give people my Sprint number if I want them to text me pictures. It's unclear if this will be supported if I switch to just one number.

I've never used Google Voice, so a question: I'm currently using YouMail and YouView. They are very buggy, but I do like having my voicemails downloaded to my phone. It doesn't look like Googlevoice/Sprint will do this--is that right?

On the other hand, I've always wanted to be able to read transcriptions of voicemails.

Therefore, anybody hip to the pros and cons of YouMail/YouView vs. Googlevoice/Sprint?


I really like Google Voice (although I still haven't found anything about it that makes it "must have" for me yet) but their transcription service is not why I like it. I switched my voicemail back to Sprint a few months ago because I found that their transcription was not accurate in almost any way. Maybe that has changed though

This makes me very happy. Unfortunately I will most likely be leaving Sprint very soon as they probably won't be carrying the Pre 3. If they do carry the Pre 3 then I won't leave them for Verizon.

Why would you pick a phone over a carrier? I'm sorry, that makes no sense to me. That would be like moving from one perfectly good house to an empty lot because you like the grass better. I miss WebOS, hope like crazy new generation phones will come to Sprint. But I will not change my carrier for any phone.

It's a personal choice. The network may be more important to you, but to jdmulloy, the phone and OS are the top criteria.

I have the same choice to make this summer and I don't know which way I will go, a lot depends on HP's 'coming months' scenario. It's definitely wait and see.

Why would you pick a carrier over a phone? All I care about in a carrier is coverage and call quality. I organize my life with my Pre.

Cost of VZ vs cost of Sprint?

Price is a major factor for many.

Both are compelling arguments. I would totally agree as long as all carriers have equal coverage where you need it. For me, having an organization tool that costs me an arm and a leg to maintain the data stream update, or is unavailable where I work due to lack of data coverage is nothing but a pretty brick.

The bigger question is why would anyone switch carriers to get a Pre 3?

this is great!! cant wait til for this feature to start happening! I have an AT&T phone also for development reasons but now i can use my main sprint number without porting it.

As Charlie Sheen would say: This is Bi-Winning!!! I can't wait.

No point until we can have MMS (picture text) on our phones. Weather it be by Sprint or Google Voice I don't care just as long as of I do this I will retain MMS.

Correction: No point for Rennat until they have MMS.

I can count on one hand the number of MMS's i've sent/received. Not a factor for me, and not for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of others.

Speak for yourself, and stop making blanket statements

he never said anything about hundreds of thousands, he said WE which could mean his friends or family.

This is the best news I have ever heard, and I'm a father of 3.

Why would anyone leave sprint regardless of if sprint carries the pre3? They are looking like the best carrier by device selection (evo 3D, nexus s, maybe atrix, htc arrive) and best pricing with or without the pre3. Verizon is overpriced and AT&T&T-Mobile are gonna be GSM monopoly juggernauts...

Simple. I want a Pre 3. If Sprint won't sell me one then I will take my business to a carrier that will.

But why waste money on a carrier switch over a "smartphone". This economy isn't good enough to just throw money around. Especially since we're not on too good terms with one of our oil importers (Egypt, Lybia, Saudi Arabia). Gas Prices aren't too good now.

Because the phone in question does (hopefully) its job better then the other choices.

sure is fanboy in here

I'm not quite sure what part of my comment made you think I was a fan boy. I certainly have not defended HP in their choices. However I have played with a few other newer phones and I still prefer my Pre- to them, mostly due to patches that make this phone a bit more to my liking. Perhaps several months ago I would be defending Palm/HP but they have lost my trust, and possibly any future sales.

Exactly, my patched launch day Sprint Pre- is the easiest to use smart phone I've ever used. Other family members have/had the HTC EVO, HTC Touch Pro2, Samsung Moment, BB Curve and I much prefer my Pre-.

Google voice I have no use for, but as long as I have the option of using it and am not required I'm glad it's coming to Sprint. They need another reason for people to stay/come other then the best price in town.

so because he disagrees with you, he is a fanboy? What does that make you?

I could have been called a fanboy for my old Treo. The Pre is the closest thing I could find to it and I could care less about the carrier.

It's not about the specs. It's not about the screensize. It's not even about how new it is. What matters is how the device improves my quality of life. Today, there is no phone better than a Pre.

I'm hardly swimming in money but I'm not going to let gas prices determine what cell phone carrier I choose. And if Sprint hasn't announced it will carry the Pre3 by the time my contract ends in June (launch day Pre) then a switch to another carrier wouldn't cost me anything anyway.

agreed. There will always be way(s) to get a phone to work on Sprint, and the money you save will be worth it (imho)

What leads you to believe that Sprint wont be carrying the Pre 3? They never announced carriers for it -- and Sprint has already come out and said recently that they will be introducing new WebOS phones and other devices.. How can you jump to conclusions when they haven't even said that Verizon would be carrying it? All they said was that it would be available in CDMA and GSM/HSPA+

I have not seen where Sprint said this. If you have a link, please share.

Does any one knows if google will ever make a dedicated google voice app for webOS or ignore it like the maps?

i think if we pressure them then they'll have to..

This says to me that Sprint is in bed with Google and most likely wont carry the Pre3. I hope I am wrong, but hey, they cant get their **** together and announce anything to make me believe otherwise.

evo 3d buddy

So why are you on a Pre forum?

Because like many Sprint users, he probably has a Pre and an Evo. Because maybe he cares about both platforms? I didn't know we were required to be mindless fanboy zombies in order to be associated with this site. I do agree with you though. I think the bond between Google and Sprint will continue to grow. I don't have a lot of faith that Sprint will even care to establish a relationship with HP.

Fanboy for calling out "evo 3d buddy" as noise? It's noise because it might as well have said "Playstation 3 forever".

Tell us why your phone of choice works better for you. Don't quote specs. Tell us what you do with it.

That's like saying they are in bed with Google Voice so Black Berry phones will be going from Sprint. I think you'll always be able to get a BB and you should always be able to get a WebOS......time will tell.

@ Pre in MN

I'm not sure about all that, but you may find this helpful.

When you setup Google Voice, you can have it "catch" your missed calls and send the voicemail transcripts to your email. The transcript shows up immediately as an email on your phone. It's really nice. I've been using it for several months now and I love it.

the point of my google voice number is that i don't have to give out my real number? i guess though...

Small "catch"...

"Standard Anytime Minutes, data, and text messaging rates apply to Google Voice services on Sprint phones. "

Got that from the terms. So it seems this can't use the unlimited Any Mobile Anytime minutes. :-(

I called a sprint rep for clarification about this issue. It seems that this only applies for outgoing calls dialed through google voice (i.e. from your computer on google voice or from a different phone through google voice), not from your sprint cell phone. I'm fine with this because I use my cell phone for almost all of my outgoing calls. Incoming calls will not be charged any minutes at all to any phone.

could this partnership be the reason YouView stopped working a few weeks back? YouMail says that Sprint drops the callerID info that they (YouMail) need to be able to send callers to the proper voicemail account.

YouMail tech support sent me a list of other numbers to forward my calls to. It took 4 tries to find one that worked for me, however people are still sometimes told to enter a 10 digit code instead of being able to leave a voice message.

anyway my thought is that maybe Sprint is working on their forwarding capabilities to work with google voice and this is messing up our YouView app.

I certainly hope that this doesn't mean that Skype won't appear on WebOS - You US kids may not be aware, but GVoice doesn't work outside the US. Yet.

great! Just another way google can spy on us and harvest our personal information. Where do I sign up?

Good point. Isn't it interesting that many people embrace loss of privacy by pushing their personal information out via FB and Twitter?

Now that Sprint and Google Voice are in bed together, maybe Sprint can get us the option to increase the number of rings so I can stop missing my Google Voice calls. My Pre- doesn't start to ring until the caller has heard 3 rings already. By the time I get to my Pre-, unlock it because I must hit the "1" to accept the call (HATE THIS "FEATURE"), it's gone to voicemail.

I believe you can turn off the press "1" option via the Google Voice page itself. That bugged me too. Especially for known numbers. Unknown numbers is a different matter.

I've been over it a few times and can't find how to turn that off. I can disable call screening but that doesn't turn off the "press 1" to answer.

When I turn this feature off I often have folks that call me getting dropped into my carrier (or ribbit's) VM system. not what i'm looking for.. :(

I just went looking for this on Google, and found that it is now available. The catch? If you already have a Google Voice number, changing it to your Sprint number is $20.

They haven't activated the service yet. You are just looking at the standard charge for porting your number. DOING THIS will cancel your sprint contract, and cause all sorts of glorious fees. Wait til google and sprint announced that this service is turned on.

Who know's maybe Google will just buy out Sprint? That would make for an interesting turn of events considering the projected AT&T/T-Mobile buyout...

I think google should push against the T-Mobile merger and (if it's not a conflict of interest) buy them themselves!
Or just offer them a higher offer NOW.

I already have my sprint voice mail tied with my google voice. It is nice. I do not need to waste minutes calling voicemail, it comes over as text its sweet! I added my google # to my any 3 three numers for free. I use my p2googlevoice app to call out during the day so I do not use my anytime minutes up. And this gives me a 2nd # so I do not have to give my cell # to eveyone.

Hrm. Sprint is the only carrier that I know of that will charge you per minute if you forward your cell phone to, say, your landline when at home. If they allow ringing all lines without charging, this may be worthwhile. Otherwise, google voice was a nifty toy for a little while, but has nothing of value for me.

Hopefully this includes a better visual voice-mail client. Really this is just an excuse to say Sprints moving forward when they should be purchased out right. Most of their phones are missing refinements in between their 4g network may never get to everyone and their customer care doesn't even qualify.

Take a breif look at the retail questionnaire for employment by the time your done reading it your a convicted felon. IE - their staff. I read one question and clicked x. "If a customer has objections how many would you overcome?" 0-1-2-3 or 4? I asked my mother she said of course the answer is 0. lol objection = obstacles = obstacles are just unknowing people in need of assistants.

Assuming her answer was correct, and it might be on the basis when all answers are wrong there is no answer and an answer of zero would most be relevant to nothing. Do you see the issue , one more of these questions and you might be so liberal your head would be on backwards. Though it is fun, I would say it only becomes relevant when we presume their smart, as I have above. My major concern is, and concluding I'm correct. Could you imagine if some lovely honest working family who was well sheltered said wow that looks like a nice company I think I work part time this summer and takes this test. She would have to be so abscent minded she wouldn't know her left from her right. It would be nice to see DMZ lesbians and thugs who work there scatter away from her though. I do want a HP Dmz1. but I want my wife of this honest nature. Will we ever find this balance. The journey continues..

As most of us are aware it seems quite obvious its simply who moves forward is who is willing to give up the most of their life. Overall Sprint must be purchased at once and AT$T is doing no more then stiffling my plan. Do not make Dracus ressurect himself or Lord Black-wood will be less then a movie character. T-mobile is suppose to gain pocession of Sprint creating a bend of business around people. Creating actual business, so do not fear my intentions are well.