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Google Buzz Works Great On webOS 24

by Robert Werlinger Sun, 14 Feb 2010 9:30 am EST

If the thought of being inundated with updates from people you probably don't care about in the desktop version makes you giddy, then the thought of Google's new Buzz service working without any hacks or tweaks on webOS is probably a delightful one.

Google said the service was "coming soon", but the curious mismash of Twitter and Facebook that uses mysterious algorithms to add your friends and violate your privacy now works, as forums member kioken has discovered, by pointing the browser on your webOS powered device in the direction of

It works, and it works well.  My only question is this:  When do we get the ability to "check in"?

Thanks to Windzilla for the tip!



All I need is people to follow!

Follow mw at and I will follow you.

I just did this and logged in... To find that I already have followers!? I've never used this, but it sure was funny to see that "(My name) has followers" in the top bar :)

feel free to follow me jcharris08 a lot of my posts will be about baltimore, android, and webos.

Unfortunately (?), Google Buzz isn't available for Google Apps users, so I'm still waiting.


Loving Webos and all the apps. It seems it get easier and eerier. I have also noticed that it takes general 24 hrs for a new program to show up based on a news item,ie. Buzz Google out about a week, new web app a roll'n. Those followers are people you have had recent Google Talk conversations with. Go to your Gmail and check settings for buzz.

This is nice to know, but I'm still not into Buzz :/

OK looks great but still one question, really not a big deal but here goes: What the Hell is Buzz for? I mean I got it, I've updated status and....What the Hell is Buzz for?

Yahoo starting something too....GUYS here's a better solution, just get "FACEBOOK" tattoo'd on your arm, I mean come on

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can't seem to get geolocation to work. Works in maps,etc.

any ideas?

same problem, location is not working. The "works great" must be relative.

Same here in Germany.

Site works, Buzzing Works... but no Buzzers on the MAP and no Location Buzzers...

Geolocation will not work because the webOS browser currently does not support the standard HTML5 geolocation calls.

is that coming around? webOS 1.4? 1.5?

They've said that properly supporting HTML5 standards is on the roadmap, but when it will happen is anyone's guess.


Great, too bad I'd never use Google Buzz

Great!, now how about Google Fastflip?

why am I having issue finding you guys. I put ur screen names and it says "no results." ,

why am I having issue finding you guys. I put ur screen names and it says "no results." follow me see if it works,

just typed in ur gmail and it cant find you

I'm having the same issue finding some of you, even when I type in your gmail. And my geolocation also doesn't work.

You can have your twitter feed go straight to buzz and facebook, use pixel pipe to update them all at once. easy.


The first thing I did when google foisted buzz upon me was to unfollow everyone it had magically had me start to follow, block those who were already following me, and click the nice 'turn off buzz' link on the google mail page.

Now if only I could do the same for the contacts, that have long ago been removed from all of my other IM clients, and from google talk itself, to stop magically appearing in my Palm Pre's address book :-\ No, I don't need to know that the girl I went on one date with over a year ago is online, nor do I want her in my address book.