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Google Docs web editing goes live for webOS 20

by Derek Kessler Wed, 04 May 2011 9:21 pm EDT

For a long time we in the webOS world have been standing on the outside looking in when it comes to Google Docs. Sure, you can get your editing on through apps like Scratch, but sometimes all you really want to do is log in through the web browser and do some old fashioned web-enabled word processing.

Folks, you can put your longing days behind you. As dj_ozone first noted in our forums, Google Docs editing is now live and functional on webOS, and unlike some of the more recent webOS news, this one isn’t limited to just webOS 2.1 users – Docs and Spreadsheets editing has been confirmed all the way back to webOS 1.4.5 phones. Not every feature is working through the browser just yet (cloud printing, for example), and you do have to deal with the unsupported browser warning, but by and large it just works the way it should.

Hopefully this will be enough to satiate our appetites for document editing until QuickOffice manages to release the promised full editing version of their app for webOS. It’s only been over six months, guys...



more or less useless on my Pre but will be very handy once i get a TouchPad

Spreadsheets editing through google docs has been working for awhile on WebOS.

Agreed. I've been doing it for months on my Sprint Pre-.


I can create new docs, but can't figure out how to open an existing doc for editing again (stays in read mode).

I've had no problem with spreadsheet editing on my Pre+ for about a year now. Docs on the other hand, still can't seem to edit.

Same here, spreadsheet edit on Pre- 1.4.5 works fine, docs nada.

that's cool and all. now what's up with an update for google maps?

The update would be up to HP, not to Google...
(at least if you are talking about the webOS native Google Maps app)

Can't edit my old docs, but I can create new ones. I can edit it if I switch to desktop mode though, interesting, not sure why they can't just make it work for us to edit our old docs. Seems like all they would have to do is add the webOS browser to the list of supported browsers.


thanks for the credit!!

so to edit my old docs what I've been doing is copying and pasting them into a new document...the new doc is then editable...

I didn't realize this was ever an issue. I've been editing Google Docs on my Pre(s) for several months.

That's great! Now, can someone at Google please fix the mobile web-based Google Reader ( under webOS so that when you tap "Load more items..." at the bottom, the display will remain where it is and not scroll back up to the top? It's been broken for over a year. If someone at Google has a Palm Pre, please lend it to the Reader team so they can fix this. Please?!!! Thanks!

Or just use the Feeder app, it's great

webos is becoming a joke huh?

not at all. webOS is a beautiful OS that is just about to spread it's wings and fly on some great new devices!

Unfortunately this appears to be yet another thing that my Pixi+ cannot handle...

confirming. No editing available on Pixi+ with