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Google fixes search on webOS, makes things work like they ought 20

by Derek Kessler Tue, 28 Aug 2012 8:59 pm EDT

Google fixes search on webOS, makes things work like they ought

A few days back Google made a change somewhere along the line that kicked webOS users back into the horrid days of WAP browsers. It was a change that shook us to our core as we were reduced to a wholly unacceptable three search results at a time and Google's sad attempts to give us mobile-formatted pages that required another tap to get to the content we wanted (as we type this we realize how spoiled we must sound). Never fear, for while it took Google a few days to come around to their senses and fix whatever coding travesty that brought forth this reign of terror, they have fixed it.

So your TouchPads and Pres and Veers and Pixis can all safely waltz about the Googles, getting their ten results and tabbed headers and everything else Google to which we've grown accustomed. It works both in the browser's search bar and Just Type/Universal Search, with no workarounds needed on your end.

Additionally, Google's actually improved things a bit. It seems this episode prompted them to actually pick up a webOS device and see how things worked on it. While the TouchPad has by-and-large received the full Google desktop experience (sans page previews) across all of the various avenues of search (everything, images, news, YouTube, etc), the version of Google served up to smartphones has been tweaked.

If there was one saving grace about getting kicked back to the old-style search, it was that Google Image Search worked. With the last update to Google mobile search the image search function received a mobile-optimized formatting with an even grid and full-screen previews before sending you to the actual page or image. Problem is, it never worked fully right on webOS, and then at one point it stopped working all together, not allowing webOS smartphone users to view anything more than the grid of thumbnails.

The old-style image search reverted to a less-organized set of thumbnails, displaying images at their original aspect ratio instead of perfect squares, but at least you could tap on them to view the image or the site. The updated back-to-the-new Google search on webOS smartphones melds in the old Google Image search with the rest of the new Google search, letting you finally get back to viewing the images you want. And if you're on a TouchPad you've got the full Google Image search experience, down to specifying image sizes, content, and coloration. It's good to be back.

Thanks to @technacity on Twitter for the tip!




Google: a bit less evil than yesterday. :)

Hehe :)

black background for inactive tabs still there tho

suggest can't work with webos phones?

It's been fixed for a few days on my TP now (thank god!), but my Veer started working again just this afternoon. About 3 hours ago it was still on that terrible feature-phone-WAP-browser version of Google, but now it's up and running again. Thanks for still paying attention to us webOS users, Google!

The pessimist in me thinks this wasn't fixed just for webOS but for all "other browsers"

WebOS doesn't exist for anyone outside these circles anymore



So.....if followed the instructions from the other article on how to set up a new JustType search plugin for accessing search, do I just go back in to JustType preferences and set default search back to original Google?

And...just having tried it...the answer would be "yes". :-)

Well at least now it is a bit better then before August for picture search on phones. I'll keep my workarounds in the back, just in case google decides to change it again in the coming month :)

Maybe you don't suck so bad in such a bad way after all Google :) I might just have to pick me up some Galaxy SIII goodness. Just get that snaggle tooth fixed, 'cause as my friend said, there's nothing worse than a C"C: sucker with a chipped tooth lol.

But you can't sort news by date anymore, can you?

Let me get this lack of laziness in trying to 'fix' my google search general fear of trying to tweak and bend my webOS device to do my will has FINALLY paid off? Woohoo! Procrastinator's rule! ;)

Out of curiosity, what is the Procrastinator's Rule?

So far? About 11 and a half inches...gotta get around to finishing that rule soon.

Oh, you mean the 'motto'-type rule? Here you go:

"Tomorrow is the greatest day ever invented. There's nothing that you can't do...tomorrow..."

Thanks to Buddy Ebsen and the Andy Griffith Show for the inspiration of our motto.

Yay - something for us, Thanks googs!

would be nice if they could fix google calendar sync for me

I always had a soft spot for google but was never a fan of the droid but I would take it over iOS anyday

Has Google Documents always worked as well on the Pre3 as it is now?

If I'm looking for images I use the excellent Pix app, with access to Google plus four other image sources. And I do all my searches using Ixquick, an anonymous search engine. Yes, I have to go to their web page first, but they are not keeping my search data. Wish we had the ability to change the default search engine in WebOS.

I wonder what caused the problem ? But thanks Google (:!topic/websearch/DGgNJYXDIjc

saw this earlier, at least yeah they were made aware and set a fix in motion, mentioned by someone called Jacqueline N, who mentions fixes for touchpad then later pre3, nice to see.