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Google gets a fresh new look on webOS 52

by Derek Kessler Thu, 11 Feb 2010 5:32 pm EST

Google Search webOS users headed to Google in recent days have been greeted with a redesigned webOS-friendly interface. Featuring a redesigned tab bar with more useful search options (like Images and Local with a drop down “more” for everything else) and as-you-type Google Suggest, the new webOS Google Search page is a welcome change. And it's the default that you'll see after launching a Google Search from webOS's Universal Search. Maybe Google’s not so down on webOS after all...

UPDATE: Phenoum also points out to us that this updated Google interface also logs into your search history, so you can go back and look at Google searches you've performed on your desktop, and from your desktop you can check out searches you did while on the phone. Cool, eh?



that's cool, but mine was in espanol, I had to click a link for english version. What's up with that?

ps: 1st

I live on the Texas-Mexico border on the far southern tip of Texas. I have had my Google switch to Spanish language several times on me for no reason. I kind of figured it was detecting were I was, but it doesn't happen often so I could be very wrong on that.

Thanks, but I live in Philly, so I doubt that's the cause. Unless my trip to Cozumel 3 months ago is in my cookies

Now that, THAT is impressive. :)

Mine was in Spanish too, so I typed into the browser and it stopped showing me the Spanish version.

I'm in California, so I don't know why Google thought I was in Mexico.

my universal search does this. I think it has to do with my palm profile being in spanish. The sprint rep set my pre up and selected spanish on acident. Last I checked I can't change it on palms website either.

Mine came up in French. I chose "Param

I too have experienced the random language changes. I believe it is an issue with Anyhow, all you need do is scroll all the way to the bottom and just under the search field there will be an option to do and Advanced Search and next to that Preferences (unfortunately it will be in another language but it is the first set of links on the page). Tap preferences and once there tap on "More settings >>". It is the link at the top on the right. Once there you can English as the language for all selections (even if it is already selected). Lastly save preferences (that is a button on the top right of the page). I hope that helps.

you say 1st, but there are two problems.
1. Thats not that hard, this website doesnt have that many commenters (no offense i like this site)
2. I am the one who submitted that picture and "tipped" them i guess. so yeah, i got 1st. pwnd

This is cool, I noticed this a few weeks ago. I love the new layout and predictive search options.

Also pulls up my search history from my DESKTOP seeing as im logged in to gmail all day on my browser, and logged in for my RSS reader ( to google on my phone. Tap the entry box once @ on my pre and it shows my recent searches from my desktop - shwweet :)

I think when it losses your cookie it reverts back. Just go to settings in Google and select English. It should remember the setting.

I am glad we are getting Google love. Now we need updated maps.

I cannot see any difference here. Can you post the url ?

when I noticed it, I convinced myself that it had always functioned that way, haha. As far as buzz is concerned, I really don't feel burned at all, buzz seems useless...

Remember, Google's business is advertising and its all about that.

Yes, here from Germany i see the new page when doing an universal search, but when going to, everything looks like before...

Google might just be the Skynet of the Universe.Use at own risk. Lol.

That is great, but I don't know anyone using webOS that actually goes to, I just type it in and then tap google

As a relatively new user of WebOS, I have to say that I love the universal search! Very convenient!

I've been defaulted to google french a few times

"Gary, did you remember to turn off the new Search design for webOS?"

"Oh crap!"

This is waaay better. Bigger search bar, drop down suggestions... I know it's been done elsewhere... But we got it!!

hmm b4 my palm pre broke back in August I remember Google looking like this.. Or am I mistaking if for facebook?

I am a big fan of the new layout

Very cool, I shall check that out now!

yeah I remember google use to search for images then it was gone now it's back

Just noticed earlier on today :)
I just hope google opens up a bit more to WebOS.

Wow,this link said that all ANDROID devices aren't getting FLASH 10.1,until second quarter of 2010.Now webOS users,feel special,because we gonna be the only OS,with ADOBE FLASH 10.1,for now.PALMPRE,PIXI,PALMPRE PLUS user,rejoice.Here's the link:

MIne looks like it always has. Gonna clear my cache and see if that changes things.

Edit....Yep that changed it.

Mine is the same as always. I cleared the cache and reloaded the page and nothing has changed. I am opening and I have made sure that I chose the option to view Google in mobile mode.

I love it!

I have not been using the mobile site for the Palm. I have been using their basic mobile site. It already had all this. I was wondering why they were not giving Palm full access to their mobile platform. I'll have to give this a try.

Why didn't we get location-based searching?

I just tried it and location based search works great!

How did it work? On other devices I know a button comes up under the search bar to search based on current location. Here all I saw was an option to search by city.

BFT Google.

Wow! This happened days ago.

Still an improvement though.

I like it thanks Google...

I noticed the new look a few days ago...and I'm totally into it =) Gosh the next coming days should make all of us really happy to have a webOS phone!

Yes, I love it! Google needed the fresh look i think.
Yahoo already has a pretty nice web UI one I might add!

it should be noted this doesn't work of you have the iphone spoof tweak enabled on your phone.

Unfortunately, Gmail still doesn't work properly. :-(

Why can't we get predictive text on our bad ass Pre??? It's a great upgrade on the google OS search...oh well, maybe the 1.4 update includes this in the "messaging enhancements".

Why can't we get predictive text on our bad ass Pre??? It's a great upgrade on the google OS search...oh well, maybe the 1.4 update includes this in the "messaging enhancements".

Why can't we get predictive text on our bad ass Pre??? It's a great upgrade on the google OS search...oh well, maybe the 1.4 update includes this in the "messaging enhancements".

ok this is very slick but why when I fist get to the Google page is the search box not pre-selected (no pun intended)? its just one more tap tap...

anyone else have problems with scrolling in gmail? It doesn't let me scroll down my inbox or in a message to read the whole thing. Not a huge issue as I use my email app 99.9% of the time, but it is useless through unless I switch to classic and have to resize constantly.

I don't thinks it webos specific. I beleive it's more HTML5.

googleDocs seems to work better, as well.

"Mine was in Spanish too" I used that link and now my is in english now Thanks Misterikkit !!!!!

cool. it's much easier to use now.