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Google Instant now on mobile; webOS left out again 105

by Nathan Mylott Mon, 08 Nov 2010 9:28 am EST


It looks like Google will continue its long history of "forgetting" about the existence of webOS by enabling Google Instant on Android and iOS 4 devices (only in Safari) but not webOS. The new feature can be turned on with a link on those devices... a link that is nowhere to be found anywhere on the Google page or in the settings page when you open it on your webOS device.

For those of you not familiar with Google Instant, Google display results for you as you are typing. As if scouring the web with the press of the enter key was not fast enough, now you do not even have to type your whole search query before seeing results.

On the bright side, we suppose, Google Instant is practically useless on an iOS device, because as you can see in the image above, you cannot see any of the instant results until you get rid of the keyboard. Therefore you end up with the same number of clicks you had before. I suspect the result would be the same on any device with an on screen keyboard, although it does look pretty slick in Google's demo, which you can watch after the break.

Google Suggest does work on webOS devices and has for several months now. When I tested Google on my Pre, it remembered my search history from my computer. It had search queries in the list that I had just searched on my computer only a couple minutes before.

Because we have Universal Search, and Google Suggest works so well on webOS (and it's integrated into Just Type in webOS 2.0), it seems the webOS community is not missing much. Still, let us hope that at some point in the future, Google will stop snubbing its customers who use devices that Google deems unworthy.

Source: Google; Via: Engadget



not just google, but it seems the whole world is snubbing webOS. after a while, it gets to you.

cant H/P just hire some google coders and bring better map function and search options for WebOS?

Look, no one is "snubbing webOS". I think it is time for a frank discussion article on P|C. As of right now, right this second -- webOS is dead. It gained tremendously during 2009 and early 2010, but due to many issues (hardware, software, carrier relations, etc.) it never took off the way Palm envisioned. With it not "taking off", of course developers are going to not make an investment in it. This has NOTHING to do with how good webOS is, but rather a statement on what the market thinks of webOS by voting for the platform with their dollars and cents.

webOS will have to be brought back to life, but until it is brought back to life can we have an end to these lame article titles that say "webOS left out again". Why not leave it out? Once HP develops momentum and people start flocking to the platform there should be no expectation that things like this would appear on webOS.

I think everyone already knows all this. But none of that justifies it. There are still hundreds of thousands of webOS users out there. Why shouldn't we be included? We aren't important enough? That's ridiculous. How much effort would it take for google to do it? Why should every other platform be supported but webOS? I've seen things where Symbian was supported but not webOS. You think Symbian has more life than webOS? I've seen Windows Mobile supported and webOS not. Windows Mobile is more alive than webOS? They are attempting a rebirth now but Windows Mobile was dead before webOS even existed.

No, it's obvious Google is purposely leaving webOS out and I think it has to do with more than just market share. I think it's the same with a lot of developers. I think they are purposely snubbing webOS because people like you keep saying it's dead. It's not about market share it's about mind share.

There are five new devices coming out. That's dead?

Honestly, these problems could be avoided if WebOS had a more compliant web browser.


Market share. We ain't got it and until we do, we won't get this kind of thing (though Google Instant really isn't all that special).


It's not really marketshare but more about commitment from HP. This is the number one PC maker. Since webOS relies on google apps (maps, gmail, etc), it would only make sense that HP makes it worth google's while to get these apps up to par.

Google isn't concerned about other platforms having google apps that perform best on android. Their business IS google apps.

While HP may own its own OS, its burden is providing core services that users want. They're going to have to get this done and its going to take some serious initial investment or they may as well stop trying and go with WP7 & android.

i rather see improvement made on google maps.

agreed... its unacceptable how loooooong it takes to load. it can take 30 to 60 secs to load on my 1 ghz overclocked pre. wtf is that? PALM FIX IT NOW. sometiems u need to open it quickly and i dont even bother cuz i know how damn long its gunna take.

not true google has tried to put google apps all over ios and has been denied. Google doesn't care about webos cause nobody has webos.

How does webOS rely on any Google app other than Maps? It supports Gmail and contacts but doesn't rely on them.

the world has always feared what they do not like! Bill gates snubed the internet to begin with, now look!

Right. I'm sure Google Instant is a plot by Google to undermine webOS which they are fearful of.

Fearful of...hahaha...what a joke. Are you kidding me no one fearful of webos.

Well it could be argued that webOS is everything Android shouldve been.

That's a shame because I would love to see how this would work with the just type functionality. Maybe when the Pre 2 hits in the U.S. we'll get the popularity bump to spark some more development like this.

more devices = more devices sold = more attention

Meh...I disabled Google instant on my computer. Why would I want that annoyance on my phone?

No love for webos.. What do we expect though - most webos users don't even appreciate webos anyway. Ps. I always prefer a physical keyboard on my phones. :)

I am not surprised that webOS got snubbed again. Seems to happen all over the place. Almost like a conspiracy, but I digress.

No particular rush on this. I acctually find it annoying tell ya the truth.

Google Instant sucks, but that's really not the point. The point is the dismissal. The new YT doesn't suck, but if you think Google's actually going to bring it to webOS, you're deluded. This is just what happens when you've got a supercompany with its hands into's easier for them to fuck over the competition. It's one of the reasons I've resisted Android so much.

Yeah, its the main reason I jumped ship to Android.

That happens if you release ONE (yes, it's one device Pre=Pre Plus = Pre2 for me) in 1.5 years. I wait 2 more months for new super devices and then jump to Android if nothing happens.

u might as well just go now cuz they are not going to come out till like march

Why! Why, do they hate us so? I think they scared about how much better webOS is than theirs and now with the money backing from hp they gonna be shaking in their boots. Well atleast they would be if we didn't only have like 1% marketshare in future devices, lol.

Why would I want this? Uni-Search serves my purposes completely.

Thank the freaking Flying Spaghetti Monster. Google instant is the most annoying "feature" I've ever dealt with. I can't believe it's enabled by default. Every time I work on somebody's computer I have to disable it. I can't undertand why google would think it's a good idea to flash a series of totally irrelevant words in front of my face just so I don't have to press enter. There. Rant over. I feel better.

I have to agree. Have we gotten so lazy we don't even want to finish a thought? Google Instant is near useless, especially on a cell phone. Engadget said the same thing.

Thank the freaking Flying Spaghetti Monster. Google instant is the most annoying "feature" I've ever dealt with. I can't believe it's enabled by default. Every time I work on somebody's computer I have to disable it. I can't undertand why google would think it's a good idea to flash a series of totally irrelevant words in front of my face just so I don't have to press enter. There. Rant over. I feel better.


If you go to a google page on the browser (eg, you will see that google instant does indeed work. There is no need to "activate" anything, unless I have activated it by mistake in the past, perhaps by logging onto google mobile.

Granted, it would be nice if instant search was integrated into Webos, but that is for HP to do not for Google. Or maybe google can come up with a search app, but that also defeats the purpose. So common, HP, integrate Google!

As most Android & Iphone users (non-gadget frenzy) would say... 'What's webOS?"

Eh, bing is slowly becoming my choice of web search anyway. Less broad/outdated results.

they can keep instant, but for goodness sake please update maps.

Not a big fan of instant, and I prefer universal search/just type anyway. No big deal if you ask me.

Same here, google instant slows down my internet browser on my laptop which is annoying. Its nothing to cry over.


I wouldn't mind having Google Nav, tho. That's something HP should work on. :)

Dream on it's not going to happen, the only devices having Google Nav is Android phones.

Guys, I recently ditched my Pre for the iPhone and though its true that android and iOS get much more love than webOS, there is no need to care about this one at all. Its really pretty lame on iOS anyway. Universal search and just type are so much more useful IMO... as acmartin said google needs to update google maps for webOS. Thats the one google service that webOS users really feel the pain with, that and maybe google voice.

We're not the only ones forgotten - if it's on Android and iOS4, then W7 was neglected too.

Market share decision for the most part - and it's a feature I don't care much about either.

Wp7 has Bing so they won't have Google Instant search.

I think HP needs to leverage their clout and muscle in the IT industry and get bigger companies like Google as well as smaller players to partner with them so that webOS can become a viable contender again. Otherwise, just waiting for the popularity of webOS to "magically" grow is a fool's errand. I don't believe a new "super phone" will help much either other than keeping the attention of th existing fan base.

yep yep

Yea. The existing fan base. All ten of us. LOL!!!

HP should offer microsoft and BING the chance to properly support WebOS. Microsoft want market share for their search engine/advertising...

Offer the chance? LOL

I could have sworn there was a patch or something that made the webOS browser act as an iOS browser. Was I dreaming or is that out there. I couldn't find anything in Preware just now. My theory was if that was possible, you would see the links for Google Instant with that installed. Not that I need that. I think Google Instant is kinda annoying.

There is a patch, but you have to install it using WebOS Quick Install. It doesn't make "the webOS browser act as an iOS browser", the WebOS browser already does act very much like Safari. They are both built from webkit. What the patch does is it tells the website that you are running an iOS device. That way it sends you the same code that it sends an iOS device. Considering how well WebOS' browser works, instant probably already works on WebOS, but Google hasn't turned the switch to let it happen. It's the same thing that they did with Documents and Buzz. They both worked just fine on WebOS if you told Google it was an iOS device. Then, after we harrassed them, they decided to let us have them.

I'll test it when I get home.

I thought I saw something about that. Never looked further into it because I don't see the need for that. But assuming you will get what the iOS web browser gets, I don't see why this wouldn't work. Good luck on your testing.

I'm indifferent about this, and come to think about it, I'd probably turn it off it it exist.

Given the limited data plans in Canada, I'd probably want to conserve it by not having Google search all my typos.

thats y im switching to android

Goodbye FAndroid... Don't let the Door hit you on the way out...

haha i will gladly go ahead and stay on this caveman system

Good, I'm glad for you... Next Please

this one lame feature?

Switching to Android me too...oops already did!

What? How can you bail on WebOS like that??? LOL!!!

Go to

Start typing.

Google Instant works.

no, thats not google instant. it doesnt give u the whole search results, that just auto completes your search, not the same

It would have so good on WEB OS too because all f the WEB OS phones have keyboards so can see more than luke two search results. There has to be something different about WEB OS 's webkit browser that Google did not make an version or that it just does not work.

I don't blame google for not wanting to put anything on webos they are scared that hp webos is gonna kill their sales

I'm pretty sure Google and Apple aren't all that afraid of webOS at the moment. This is no conspiracy...webOS isn't enough of a player in the mobile scene for Google to code for.

As a matter of fact, in this case Instant works identically for Android and webOS - you have to go to for it to work. Android users are no more likely to do that than webOS users.

Google and Apple should be afraid of WebOS. REALLY? If it were running on at least comparable hardware, maybe, but they'd be more likely to be scared of Windows Phone 7, which promises to get us in and out and back to our lives. What promise does Web OS offer us? An ailing platform that everyone is bailing on, particularly developers? Don't get me wrong, I like my Pre Plus. It kills the Blackberry it replaced, but I'm not going to take my phone out when standing next to iPhone users, HTC EVO users, Droid 2 users and now, Windows Phone users. forget it. They'd take one look at my phone and say...


I'm pretty sure the only sales WebOS kills are Palm's.

OMG... I couldn't have said that better, myself.

Yet another person who doesn't understand what's going on. Google doesn't sell android or android devices. Nothing there to "hurt." Google wants its apps, ads, & search on mobile devices. That is their just helps ensure there's mobile devices out there running google stuff. It matters not what platform it is. But HP has to make it worthwhile for google to support a platform with close to zero mindshare.

Or to say it another way, what difference would it make to google if an Evo sold or a webOS device richly integrated with google services sold? Google wins either way.

Google Instant works in the Google App. Don't ask me why I have it.

same story, different day. nothing i can comment on here that hasn't already been said.

starting to get monotonous at precentral and palm

has worked on my webos since months .... I think it's another atempt of precentral to make us hate on others so we love our webos more... Lol

I see it this way....Yes this might be a marginally if not annoying feature and yes WM7 and maybe RIM was also snubbed. The #

Wp7 uses Bing not Google so they are not expected to have it. If you go to Google's web site Webos is listed with the feature phones not the smart phones.

I've been thinking about doing an app like this. It wouldn't take too much work, really. Just listen for keypresses from the user and submit a search query every time the user's query string changes. If you take a look at the Youtube Instant's source (the one that got the guy a job offer at Youtube), all he does is scrape the search results and loads the first video in the player. A Google Instant would work in a similar manner.

I totally agree. I find myself using bing more and more. I would totally be down to overhaul most of my google stuff and go microsoft. webOS should "bing" it up more. Maps etc...

Snubbed again. At this point, I'm wondering how HPalm intends to grow market share. I'm wondering if they really have a mobile strategy beyond the Pre Plus +. Sure, tablets are bound to show up, but can anyone prove that there really are any new WebOS Smartphones in the pipeline? We know they have an overpriced Windows Tablet on it's way. That's a great idea that will keep people from buying an iPad from Walmart.... LOL!!! A couple more snubs like this and someone might have to say last rights on the PRE line of Smartphones. Of course, HPalm might be calling the new phones something else... some sort of iPaq, maybe....

To HP, tablet and smartphones are the same thing. Remember, HP bought Palm for webOS, NOT for smartphones. HP just needs to get webOS some mindshare, and then some marketshare. If the majority of that marketshare comes from tablets, great! The smartphones will have webOS anyway.

what?! You have to goto to reap the benefits?! I never go there, always use the top bar for all my searches. No biggie for me :)

I really don't know why everyone is making a big deal out of Google Instant. Like this is the greatest thing in the world. All it does is save you a few keystrokes. Quit being lazy and demand better things from Google.

I would like to raise a pretty valid point. On carriers such as att that have tiered/limited plans wouldn't google instant potentially eat up more data than neccesarry? Google Instant keeps loading search pages in preceived what the user is searching for.

I've used google instant on my computer, and it seems to have a 30% right guess when I use it. so that's +70% extra data traffic than needed (compared to just pressing enter when i complete the search phrase into google). it doesn't matter on a unlimited plan, but I bet that would eat through att's 200mb plan rather quickly.

Google Instant is nothing special... Only the Crabapples are going to complain about it.

while I agree that google instant is nothing special (in fact I can't stand it), that's not the point.

The point is, development work OUTSIDE of webos isn't happening INSIDE webos. More and more companies and developers are shunning away from webos and the trend is increasing. Unfortunately for Palm and their loyal users, this is not good. This isn't the first time a company has announced that they're not going to do anything more with webos and it's certainly not the last. Sad thing is, more companies are saying they don't want to be bothered with it. Trends like this only show a decline in support for an OS and then you're in the likes of DEC, SUN, betamax and all other companies that just couldn't - mostly because of poor marketing and no support.

I see your point... All we can do is wait and see what HP will do in 2011. Android, iOS, and WP7 don't tickle my fancy. If webOS dies, I guess I'll go with QNX...

If "webos is not missing much" what's with the crying about it. just complaining for complaining sake.

Seriously, there's a simple solution, make phones that impress a lot of people and they'll sell a lot and google will pay attention. Or keep doing what they are doing and get ignored.

Someone makes popular phones that a lot of people like. One is called "The iPhone". The rest are an army of Androids.

sad news. Google didn't just create this for ios and android. They just released their new app for windows phone 7 and you guessed it. It includes Instant. This does not bode well for our precious webOS.

WHAT?? OMG... our platform is doomed. HP needs to release WebOS 2.0 for our phones by thanksgiving...

Well, I don't have an upgrade coming until October 2011. Here's to hoping HP comes through with serious hardware by then.

Wait since when do WebOS users search from google's homepage? Just Type, anyone?

That, and when you do open up the browser, it doesnt take you to Google or any other search engine. It takes you to your bookmarks. So another reason not to need it. Unless you NEED the google homepage to search for stuff.

I wouldn't use Google Instant on my Palm Pre. I don't even use it on my computer. I don't need things coming up instantly, its unnecessary. Also, it is more for the phone to do, and the less things my phone has to do the better. Seriously.

And exactly why do you have a Pre then? Just get a dumb feature phone and it will do much less....

Sounds like another comment on Flash -- why would I want it? (when told you can't have it)

LOL, and you wonder why devs are almost completely ignoring this platform. Why would they want to develop and app when people want their phones to "less things".

I've been hearing all this crap about WebOS and am not sure if I'm going to get a Palm device anymore...... Any advice?

Maybe you shouldn't get one. Once you try webOS... You will never want to use any other OS.

Using a WebOS device means you're always the last in line for the cool features other platforms have.

Actually that's a good thing... Being 1st in line inherits you the cool features with bugs and poor performance ... Being last gets you cool features that are optimized without any bugs... :)

Tell that to the folks who have been waiting 18 months for document editing on the Pre.

Thats OK... Patients is a virtue. At least we can do true multitasking which none of the other phone OS's currently can do.

Yeah but what does having true multitasking mean when there are no apps for us to multitask with?

I don't know what everyone's whining about. Download version 1.3.3 It's Google instant......

Thank the freaking Flying Spaghetti Monster. Google instant is the most annoying "feature" I've ever dealt with. I can't believe it's enabled by default. Every time I work on somebody's computer I have to disable it. I can't undertand why google would think it's a good idea to flash a series of totally irrelevant words in front of my face just so I don't have to press enter. There. Rant over. I feel better.

I wouldn't get too excited about Androids getting Google Instant, and Pre's not. It is only available for the few models running Android 2.2, and it seems that it takes longer for Android devices to get updated to 2.2 than it does Palms to get a WebOS update.

My guess is that my Sprint Pre will get it sooner via WebOS2 than my Sprint Samsung Epic which runs Android 2.1, still.

Palm did something strange with their search in 2.0. Its kind of an active search from the just type box. It guesses your next search. I suppose this is close but it definitely won't be as accurate and up-to-date to as Google.

WebOS is being left out of a lot for one simple fact, They are not developing for themselves. I downloaded and looked through the SDK/PDK and at-least half, I'd say closer to 80% or more, of the pre-designed buttons, scrolls, and other formated configurations are not used in any applications. Most applications, if their not games, even if they have useful information are the same basic configuration. Some of the better applications are Iphone look-a-likes. Why is it the better apps, such as Tweet with the sliding scroll are better designed from Iphone then the applications using native tools from the developer kits?

Palm is starting to do things, but the concern is always company control of a long-standing idea in the wrong hands. HP is moving things forward a bit, but some of the missing features, protocol, applications are as simple as picking up another cellular phone and saying we need to at least have this. I'm all for products that need development encouragement. We need to make sure the companies are not stifling development of a good product inadvertently. I would like to see Palm go to slightly (light) blackberry style of updates. As-in consistent small to medium updates until the phone becomes completely user friendly and adequate.

When I first purchased the Pre I just felt there should be a feedback e-mail box right in the phones device settings. With a cellular company that openly admitted it was in financial trouble, one would think their product development and improvement would be their largest priority. Specifically anything such as small fixes that take a little time rather than money. Not debugging, Formating orientation and protocol.

I believe the company is too dissected through out. Who ever designed WebOS needs to be in charge. I also get the sense it could be software Palm got their hands on, or is side developed from software that enters the company and most of the developers have not the slightest clue of how to fix the issues with development tools. The Ares development platform doesn't work and is sitting there uncorrected. Did someone buy the ice cream truck off the side of the street and just started trying to sell ice cream? (in this case make ice cream)

Anyone who has had an android device, I will say I'm glad your hanging in there. I am in the same boat as you. With Blackberry and the Iphone also out there as well, it becomes a constant debate whether or not to wait this one out. We all want this device to work as well as it should, but smartphones need to be smart and being smart obviously means staying smart. I also just realized my buttons on the web browser are not transparent which means their hogging more screen on a small screen already, just one more thing that could easily create dynamic to the phone that takes programmers just a little bit of time, if your listening 92% opec would look real nice.

If you have read my other posts, you have heard me rant and rave about essential calling features and protocol(such as the missed call instant dial issue) that are lacking or missing on the Pre. 2.0 should be better but until this point no one even knows which words were going to be corrected during a misspelling. They kind of chose commonly misspelled words and only in emails. Again, this is the closest I ever seen a smartphone almost not be very smart. Waiting for 2.0 and I hope its soon.

I seriously can't understand these rants...
1) Yes, Google blows for not actively supporting webOS, but why would they, there is no revenue to be generated as their services are free and the platform has not been wdely adoped (to put t gently).
2) Google Instant (though worthless and annoying) works fine on my Pre Plus. This may have something to do with the patches I'm running, which brings me to my third point.
3) The webOS homebrew enthusiasts and developers (bless them) are great at bridging the gaps webOS is forced to deal with not to mention their apps and patches tend to be better than other offerings. They are desiged by webOS users who use webOS devices, and have a personal interest and passion for it compared to some developer who's never touched a webOS device ad is simply just doing his job.

Quit the bitchin' you may the world think that webOS users are whiney because we bought a device that that sucks.
webOS is hands down the best mobile platform out there IMO, hopefully it will take hold and grow, either way I'm happy with what I have, if your not go buy an iPhone or a Droid and post complants about that platform on their forums. Represent a little and maybe the device may gain some popularity and thus sme developer support. People interest in webOS with hit google, find whining like this and go buy a iPhone instead!

There's a patch on preware that makes websites identify webOS as safari, maybe it will work with that?