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by 72ka Fri, 20 Apr 2012 9:53 am EDT
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Jan Herman (72ka)
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This application is trying to be a replacement of unsupported Google Maps application for WebOS devices. The application is based on the recent Google Maps API V3. Development goal is to get all the features available in API on our WebOS devices and a little more, while maintaining compatibility to the oldest devices with WebOS 1.4.5 up to the newest devices like HP Touchpad. The application seeks to offer a simple and clean user interface. If you like this application, consider a donation in "About" menu.
Newsin 0.3.7:
Removed deprecated Weather and Cloud layer

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This is awesome! Thanks!

yeah...looks great!!

yes! thanx alot!

yeah it made my palm pre reboot while on street view :-(



This is actually the kind of information I have been trying to find. Thank you for writing this information.
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awesome! For some reason, pinch/zoom is very sluggish on my Touchpad. I'll wait a bit to make the switch :-) you rock!

wow! Really impressed. If others can do this level of development webOS will live forever!

the most annoying thing about using maps on webOS is, that we who lives in southern hemisphere cannot using google service to aid us locking the GPS faster. I really hope that homebrewer can also tweak this thing out.

BTW, I can't slide the map to any direction, it's not supported or just me?

Ahoj, na Veeru to nefunguje, kdybys mel zajem to odladit i na nej,t ak se muzem domluvit na zapujceni nebo neco kdyztak hrtak-zavinac-volny-cz

Zkoušeno na mém Veeru a funguje to.

Me to na Pre 3 shazuje ve Streetmapach Lunu. Na TouchPadu jsem to jeste nezkousel. Pokud bude zajem, muzu taky pomoct s debugingem... Pisu to k tomuhle postu, kdyz uz jsme se tu tak sesli jako Cesi... :D

Me to na Pre 3 shazuje ve Streetmapach Lunu. Na TouchPadu jsem to jeste nezkousel. Pokud bude zajem, muzu taky pomoct s debugingem... Pisu to k tomuhle postu, kdyz uz jsme se tu tak sesli jako Cesi... :D werner _zavinac_

Ahoj, mam trochu zmatek v lidech.. prosim kdo muzete nabidnout jakekoli testovani, napiste mi prosim na 2hp _zavinac_
Urcite me zajima na vsech jakych verzich pada streetview... to je vec ktera mi opravdu vadi a nejsem z toho moudry, protoze to spadne bez jakehokoli vypisu :(

F A N T A S T I C !!!!!!!!!

Lots and lots of thanks!!!!

Best regards from Spain

Wow. Amazing. You should change the description. It's not 'trying' to replace, it DOES replace Google maps AND Bing.

Really well done!

Thanks for your insight for your fantastic posting. I’m glad I have taken the time to see this.
talking soccer

Wow! Very thank You! Finally The Bing (the big guano) goes into the trash!

thank u so much!
Best regards from China.

does not seem to allow dragging of the map on touchpad

Que bien ya era hora HP nos tiene muy restringidos en México, muchas gracias funciona excelente.

running it on my palm pre plus (vzw).
the BEST maps utility i've ever had on my pre. excellent job!!

Really great stuff, thank you very very much! It almost feels unreal to see streeview on my Pre3! ;-) Such an effort shouldn't be left unrewarded, so I'm happy to donate some! Thanks again :-)

One of the apps I was missing the most on webOS. Thanks. The "Search" functionality does not seem to work: search results are very scarce (miss a lot of possibilities).

Great work my friend!
Trying to download.
Thank you, thank you very much from Argentina.

Loved it, brilliant work.
Thanks....thanks a lot.
---from India

This app was amazing and today's (Thursday April 26) update just bricked my Touchpad! AGHHHHH!

Hi, it´s sad...  your TP is really bricked? I dont know, how it is possible... the app doesn´t contain any such a dangerous piece of code (I hope) and does not write anything to the system, only cookies. Have you installed any patches, custom kernel?? Please, let me know, if you rescued your TP.

Thank you so much! Bing Maps never worked on my Pixi Plus 1.4.5 with Uberkernel Patch! Now I can use Google Maps and Navigation again!

doesn't work for me.... After downloading says cannot open mime type.. Any ideas

Hi, probably wrong downloaded file... try unistall the app, be sure that your connection is stable and download it again and let me know. If the problem persist, please let me know your phone and webos version.

I got error msg "file format not supported".
The file has extension "ipk"
Myphone is Pre Plus, os 1.4.5

I just installed this app and it's great. Thanks for the effort. Could the location to location directions be changed to English?

webOS lover

Hey Jan, thanks for your great work on this app!
Would it be possible to include such options in directions as avoiding highways or tolls?

I have been dying for this app but apparently it isn't recognized by my phone? I have a Palm Pixi. I hope I can get it!!

Hi, I know about succesfully running on Pixi... have you Preware installed?

Total noob, new Palm Pre 2, os 2.1.0 on Verizon. I clicked the download link, and the file cz.72ka.googlemaps_0.1.6_all.ipk downloaded to my computer. Clearly I need to sideload it onto/ into the phone- can someone point me to a good step-by-step? Searching the site for "google" "maps" "app" and "homebrew" gives me more than I can figure out. Sorry- and thanks.

Hi, just google "Preware" .. install Preware (application for phone) using WebOS Quick Install (application for PC) and then install this app from Preware.

Ahoj, chtel jsem se zeptat jestli se bude do budoucna zobrazovat traffic pro CR. @ljosh@ from Czech Rep.

Ahoj, Google zakázal zobrazování dopravy pro ČR a Francii skrz neplacené api (které moje aplikace používá), takže je to jen právní záležitost, technicky by jej aplikace zobrazila. Mě to taky hrozně štve, ale nejde s tím nic dělat... :(

I love what has been done with the app. I am wondering if support will be added for blue tooth GPS devices for Touchpad also caching of maps for use while not using WIFI? I am assuming its not already added, I will try it tonight. So far the only map app I can find to do this Map tool pro.

Thanks again for all your work. Looks and works great.

Hi, the app is primarily for phones with GPS chip. The GPS bluetooth support is far ToDo, I hope that one day I will have time to do it. The caching for offline use violates Google Terms of Use, I can't do that. Acceptable is only some caching for speed optimization, which is implemented in since 0.1.9 version.

Works great for me so far. I can search for locations, get driving directions to other locations, return to my current location easily, look at Streetview, look at satellite view. No problems.

gotta have preware?


Scroll down a bit and use "Donate"-Button.

My Maps won't install. It downloads then just spins and does not install. Any answers

This is a great app, and I want to say thank you very much for making it! It's so much better than the previous maps apps, and the support you just added for Navit makes it even more functional (and Navit much more functional, too).


great work

Great app, it's in my Pre2's wavelauncher! I installed the new version after uninstalling the previous. I have 2 questions:

1. Since the previous version the app doesn't get a gps fix on its own (not immediately, not after 1 or 10 minutes). I have to start another app like MojoTracker to get a fix, then restart this Google Maps and then there's a fix. Anyone else with this problem? And does anyone know what to do about it?

2. The blue arrow points only in the direction it pointed when the gps was fixed. During a trip it can point north, while going south, or west, whatever. I liked the dot, it didn't have this problem. Anything to do about this?

Thanks, in advance! Grtz, Etzel

I tried to download google map on my HP touchpad but could not download it as message is there " MIME type can not open".My inbuilt map is not giving my location correctly due to which I wanted to download google map.
please let me know how to download google map and whether it will work with HP touchpad.
Bk srivastava

Hi, HP Touchpad is supported. The best way how to install it is using Preware. The second way is install manually the package using webOS Quick Install, you can download the lastest package from here

no I tried that link still says can't open mime file

wi have HP touchpad but when I download it I get message cannot open mime file any help avail


You must have installed Preware or InternalzPro for handle ipk files. Or Install via usb cable using webOS QuickInstall from your desktop computer.

Can this app download maps instead of connecting to the maps over the Internet?

It can´t, downloading and caching violates the terms of Google API use :(

Works super super super super! thank you!

Cual seria la solución para el fix gps en 1.4.5 pixi plus y así saber mi hubicacion

Thank U.Good job.

Palm Pre 2, Verizon - won't load the app - file format not recognized - any suggestions? Many thanks.

fantastic well done you just stopped me switching to iphone!

outstanding.....I voted for you too

one of the best map applications out there today! If only better hardware were available to be up to the caliber of the mans hard work. Makes the use of my pre 2 still an option. Great work!

Great app!

Will there be any possibly of importing predefined routes/markers? E.g. via Google .KML files created on Google Earth or other Google Maps apps.

Jan: Thank you very much to maintain and evolve the application.

Thanks, but it can't locate my position automatically even with manual operation on my pre3, why (GPS and google location service had been switched on beforehand)?

It is so wonderful that this app is still supported. I'm glad I've donated to it.

It just keeps amazing me that everytime I have a problem and say "guess it's dead", I go find an update and -boom- I'm back in business.

Keep up the good work 72ka!

Latest update works beautifully!

Great content material and great layout. Your website deserves all of the positive feedback it’s been getting.
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