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by Adam Marks Mon, 22 Oct 2012 6:07 pm EDT

Google Maps StreetAt webOS Nation we are big fans of the homebrew Google Maps app. It brings many needed features that were absent from the official old-and-defunct Google Maps or the new Bing Maps in an easy to use interface that is still getting regular updates. One of the features that often requested, but never made its way into the original Google Maps app, is the ability to access Google's Street View. While the Bing Maps app has its Birds Eye View, it's not exactly the same thing. Lucky for us, developer Jan Herman (72ka) has incorporated Google's Street View into his Google Maps app.

To access Street View, navigate the map until the location you want to view is in the dead center of the map. If you want your current location, just tap Follow Mode Button to enter follow-mode. But if you want a different location, the easiest way to do this is to double-tap the exact spot on the map and it will zoom and center to that spot. Then, tap the Google Maps popup icon on the bottom of the screen and select "Street View". If the street view is available, it will appear full screen within the app where can pan around the view or tap the zoom in/out buttons. You can also tap on the white overlay arrows on the picture to move your location, just as you would on the desktop version of Google Maps.  Once you are finished, either swipe back or tap the back arrow on the bottom of the screen to return to the map. Unfortunately, even if you are in Follow Mode, Street View will not update as you move. It will remain at the location where you originally entered Street View.

There are a few quirks with the Street View as it currently works. First, make sure that you have centered the map on a road and not on the location you searched for. If you are centered on a building, the app may not recognize that street view exists for that location. Or, you may just be in an area without street view. There is no indicator within the map itself to let you know where street view is available. 

In addition, when you search for a location a pin gets dropped on that spot and you get a pop-up that you can tap for more options. One of those options is for Street View. Unfortunately, this currently just does the same thing as above and gives you the street view (if available) for the center of the map and not the location of the pin. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update of the app, but is just a minor annoyance that we can easily overlook!

Google Maps is available in the webOS Nation homebrew feed in Preware and is compatible with all webOS devices running webOS 1.4.5 or higher

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Maybe I'm first this time. Woho.
This app is awesome go try it. There are still some issues with the directions sometimes get invisible but comes back and the arrow goes missing but also renders back. This happens on my Pre2 when follow mode is on. And the map turns to keep the heading pointing at the top of the screen.
Kudos to the developer for this one, keep it up donations is on the way.//Beca

@adam: don't want to push this great app to hard :) but in the future perhaps you could review that awesome 'add company adresses' to your contacts via google maps feature. It now even adds opening times to the notes field in contacts to see them even when offline/bad signal.
Addtionally you can send all that info via sms or email.

will check it out..i have about 5 other things i want to tip for this app, too, but dont like to do that all at once... 




thank you Adam, only a small additions,


streetview from dropped pin´s popup menu contains a bug.. I have to fix it. Thank you for refreshing this issue, because I absolutly forgot it! I´ll try to fix it today.

EDIT: 9:36 - fixed :)


Anyway, the streetview location isn´t updated upon location change, this is a feature. I can´t imagine the advantages of real-time updating... But you can convince me the opposite.


The streetview "availability" (like blue lines in web maps) are not available in the API, no way to show it before on the map.


And, indoor streetview will be supported when the Google release the stable API v3.10 (tested myself on experimental API)

Honzo, tve Google Maps jsou super! Kez by takhle kvalitni byly i ostatni homebrew, ale vlastne i AppCatalog aplikace... :)

Díky, i když k dokonalosti mi chybí podpora jak Google tak HP/Palmu... spousta kódu jsou pak obezličky atp. Ale jsem rád že vůbec nějaký google mapy na Pre mám :) to bylo hrozný zjištění když jsem Pre koupil a zjistil že žádné nejsou... proto nezbylo nic než si je naprogramovat.

Já jsem za tu aplikaci taky hodně vděčný. Bing Mapy jsou v ČR úplně nepoužitelné a tvoje appka už i funčkně překonala tu výchozí několikanásobně. Jak už tu někdo psal, kéž by takto vypadaly i jiné aplikace.
BTW není nějaká šance to dostat do App Catalogu, aby k tomu měli přístup i uživatelé, kteří si nepřidali Preware?

Do App catalogu by nebyla schválena, protože funkce pro nastavení cíle do Navitu přepisuje lokální soubor ve filesystému pomocí FileMgr. Takové chování je pro aplikace v AppCatalogu zakázáno. A dělat dvě verze, jednu očesanou pro AppCatalog a druhou lepší pro Preware není v mých silách.

Chapu to spravne tak, ze aplikace v AppCatalogu maji dalsim aplikacim predvat informace skrze nejake API a tudiz predavani infa pres soubor je brano jako bezpecnostni prasarna? :-) Pokud ano, nelze se nejak domluvit s tvurcem Navitu, zda by neco takove do Navitu neimplementoval? Asi chytracim, ale videt tvou aplikaci v AppCatalogu by bylo fakt super a vzhledem k pochopitelne nemoznosti mit dve verze by to bylo asi jedine schudne reseni... Jen nahlas uvazuji... ;-) :-)

I haven't updated google homebrew map in a while as its been serving my needs well....but after seeing this streetview tip I jumped right on it

HELP! I took the recommendation and removed the old one and then downloaded the recent update but its been stuck on the wheel of death for a while

I swiped it away....rebooted and tried again and I'm still in the same position

pre2 running 2.1.0