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Google News update actually includes webOS this time 21

by Nathan Mylott Tue, 16 Nov 2010 10:17 am EST

In what is hopefully a turning point in Google's attitude toward webOS, they have finally included the best mobile OS in one of their products; an update to the functionality of Google News for mobile.

The update is enabled for IOS and Android devices as well and makes the interface much easier for your fingers. In the list of articles, the entire text of the preview is now clickable, not just the headline. So it is much easier to click the article you want to read.

There is also now a 'more sources' link that will take you to more articles about the same topic. It is sort of redundant in the screenshot above because I searched for webOS and clicking more sources just takes me to more webOS articles that are already in the list. So this feature is only useful if you are browsing the day's headlines, not necessarily searching for something in particular it seems.

This is quite a surprise since Google has left webOS out of nearly all of its new product and feature launches, most recently Google Instant. It did, however, enable Google Suggest on webOS devices, so their standpoint on supporting the OS is confusing.

Source: Download Squad; Via: WebOS Roundup



Here's hoping someone, Google or HP, will come up with a viable Google Voice app!

The Mobile website works well enough to do the job.

The problem I've discovered with GV is that as a Sprint customer, I get free mobile-to-mobile... But using GV uses up my regular minutes, regardless of who I'm calling.

There's a Beta out from @connorlacombe for a voice app:


He's on twitter, and working to get it done by the dev meetup this weekend!


Google acknowledges webOS. Is it 12/21/12 already??

You're funny!

It is good to see Google getting with the program.

WebOS is the beginning not the end!!!

HP should just buyout yahoo! so they have there own search engine to integrate into their phones. hell, they are buying up all sorts of tech companies, why not yahoo!? its solid, iv always liked it. its the one thing they are really missing in the whole mobile platform game.
GET YOUR OWN SEARCH ENGINE HP!! BUY YAHOO! y the F*** not? HP did work with yahoo! on the android tablet for their new printer line anyway right?

Because, unless I am mistake I believe Microsoft bought Yahoo already.

o shit... didnt know that. why did they design bing then?

To compete with Google. It doesn't hurt to bring more search expertise on board, though.

the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo fell through. Yahoo is it's own company, however the two formed a partnership so all searches done through Yahoo are powered by Bing, in exchange for ad revenue.

No, Yahoo refused to sell to Microsoft. Instead, they worked out a partnership where now Yahoo search is actually powered by Bing.

google must've made a mistake somewhere...

Seems to me like the webOS browser has many similarities to that of iOS. So if Google enables something for the iPhone's browser, chances are it will work on the Pre.

iOS, webOS, and Android do use webkit in their browsers, so it's normally safe to assume cross-compatibility with all browsers.

good stuff but google apps are starting to become horrible. Google voice uses my mins on my everything plan and google maps has given me the wrong directions twice the past two trips and loads whenever it feels like it

Did anyone else react to this article with a "meh"?

Also, we don't need an app from Google to do Google Instant. Just ask any developer in the forums to do it. I would, but I have my hands tied with other projects.

How about the overlord of all things Google on mobile devices: Google Maps Navigation. When do we get that? This is the only reason I'd ever take an Android phone over webOS (and probably will). By itself, it makes up for every other shortcoming of Android.

It's a good thing that webOS can multitask because Sprint's nav software suggests such horribly inefficient routes to anyywhere it's unuseable on its own. I always have to multitask it with Google Maps (which is also crippled because it can't navigate).

Between the two of them it's 50-60% as useful as Google Maps Navigation. HP should seriously consider doing Google's bidding to ensure they are the first/only other OS besides Android to have this functionality.

give me google goggles now!

well probably there is more than one developer working on these apps, and everyone has different opinions about the importance of webOS...

microsoft didn't buy yahoo they have a partnership with them. They created Bing cuss yahoo wanted to much money when they put the offer on the table...