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Google Reader For Mobile Gets An Update 27

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 13 Jan 2010 12:52 pm EST

Google has updated Reader for mobile with a slew of snazzy features, according to the company's Google Reader blog.  The interface is improved overall, and the laundry list of new features includes:

  • Support for "liking", tagging, and sorting feeds by oldest and newest
  • A More/Less feature to reduce clutter
  • Updates to the header bringing it into line with the likes of Gmail and Calendar
  • The addition of a new drop-down menu
  • A new "Recommended Sources" section

If you haven't been to the mobile site for awhile because you've been using the likes of Scoop or Feeds, it's definitely worth a visit to check out the new enhancements as the new version is much more pleasant to use - which is a good thing, since we need to pop in from time to time to manage our feeds when we're away from the desktop.



I noticed this earlier today when I had to go to the mobile site because Feeds was giving me "Unable to load feeds from Google Reader." Still getting the error too. Perhaps Google changed something. Anyone else having this issue? fix, go to the app menu and logout. Log back in and you should be up and running.

Thanks for the tip. It worked! I tried restarting my Pre, but that didn't help. Didn't even think of logging out/back in. :-)


So I can log in with Feeds now, thanks to the tip above, but having problems marking items as read. After viewing an article in Feeds it isn't marked. Pulling down the menu and selecting "Mark All As Read" returned the error: Unable to mark all as read. Wheird!

I am having the same problem. I can pull new articles from Google Reader with Feeds, but I too cannot mark articles as read. I've logged out and back in. I've even resorted to deleting and reinstalling Feeds, but with no joy.

Been out for a few days now. Seems to work pretty nicely. Works great in my Firefox sidebar too.

I can't figure out why they haven't made the normal search page with tabs on it yet -- it still directs you back to the page.

Been like this for a week - surprised no-one here mentioned it to be honest - and the "mark all as read" is now annoyingly located when in landscape mode - below the screen...

Still doesn't seem to jump to the top of an item when you open it. Very annoying having to scroll up a lot when you open an item that's shorter than the previous item.

It looks like Scoop is broken too...
(Referring to an earlier post about Feeds not working.)

Logging out and back in fixes Scoop too.

LOL - nice choice of screenshots!! (read the story on the right)

Those "tab" links at the top really should switch, in real-time, between Google services.

I think the changes are nice, but I still prefer Feeds' ability to let me know when there are updates (at intervals of my choosing at that).

Now if Google would only add SMS alerts to Reader...

They still haven't fixed the scrolling issue that happens if click a news item without closing another one.

I've never been able to get Google Reader to work on my phone. It just continues to say "loading."

really? wow - hrm, are you iphone spoofing by chance?

iPhone spoofing? I don't even know what that means. I just went to Google mobile, had them text me a link and followed the directions. It's never worked. I've tried 4 or 5 times.

goto on your pre, click on the "reader" button, and there you are.

Tried that. No go.

go to your browsers preferences and make sure javascript is enabled.

THANKS! It was driving me crazy.

I like how the picture is an article about issues with the Google Nexus! Good one...

It still sucks that I can't use the J & K keys with Google Reader like on the desktop.

Don't think that'll ever be possible with webOS's browser... what a frickin' bummer. I guess it's not that big a deal, but it is a glaring display of the browser's limit. Shame, shame, shame.

NewsRoom is the best newsreader. Just wish that it had Google Reader integration. I'd pay another $5 for it again.

Does anyone know how to view the full desktop Google Reader on the phone? I can only get to the mobile site.

Nice. I stopped using it after downloading NewsRoom, though. The only thing I wish NewsRoom had was a list view of articles in addition to their card-swipe.