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Google updates their table, Buzz support for webOS on the way 26

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Feb 2010 4:13 pm EST

Google Buzz platform table

We’ve heard rumblings of it in tweets from various folks at Palm and Google, but now the word is out in sweet delicious table form: Buzz support is indeed “coming soon” for webOS. And that seems to be the only thing that’s coming soon for webOS, but that's better than the nothing we were getting before. There are no indications if we’ll ever get a Buzz layer in Google Maps, Buzz for place pages (that doesn’t hurt too much, as we need our version of Maps to fully support place pages before we can get Buzz support in those pages), and a few other niceties. In fact, looking at the list of things that are not coming soon for webOS, it shows that there needs to be some work on Palm’s end (voice shortcuts, anyone?) before Google can get abuzzin’.

Thanks to Robert for the tip!


funny. i spent the last ten minutes figuring out how to disable buzz. You can do it at the bottom of your gmail page by the way.

All turning it off at the bottom does is take it out of the GMail interface. It does not disable Buzz and any Buzz posts you've made will still be there and show up on your Google Profile. Also, your own personal, Google-assigned followers and followees will still be listed and visible there, too, unless you edit your GProfile. Search the Google Buzz help forum.

Google has also implemented some changes to make Buzz *less* obscure about what settings you're accepting when you clicked to turn on Buzz for the first time.

I wonder if they heard the Buzz from P|C about the WebOS "oversight."

I'm still seeing the same table without webOS.

Really Precentral? Robert gave you the tip? I mentioned this to you on twitter this same thing with a screenshot about 15 hours ago (last night).

Don't be so butt hurt; they get a lot of e-mails so you could have been second (or later).

Hi, I'm the Robert who submitted the tip around 11:30am Eastern yesterday (Feb 11). My tip wasn't about the screen shot, rather, it pointed P|C to a public tweet between a colleague of mine and a Palm executive confirming support for Google Buzz was on the way.

I started a thread about it later in the afternoon:

I didn't know they updated the table though -- I'd be happy to share the limelight with you!

We get tips from all sorts of sources. Whoever got it in before we wrote the article (which was last night) gets tip credit. It's not like there's anything to it other than "thanks!"

@alpinejag u have to try to use it from Palm Pre or go to supported phones link

I cannot muster much enthusiasm for this when it seems webOS is getting the bare minimum of support from Google.

which is sad, given I use a lot of google products, I'll probably make my way over to android the next time around. I hope palm comes out with something convincing in the next go around

thats exactly what google wants too. Peopl to move away from the OS which is their biggest threat as Iphone is way beyond android, if anything has potential to beat Android thats WebOS.

I feel that webOS is a big contender in the smartphone market. A company like Google should have webOS as a default on their roadmap table structure...

Glad to see though they got with the times and updated their site.

from the people i know to the 'buzz' online i think its safe to say you can file away google buzz into the dustbin of nice try but sorry. btw, google wave is there too.
anyhow, between the wave, the buzz, and the ipad the roar of pr is a lot louder than the reality of what is being produced. now palm go out and produce a phone with the screen specs of the droid and sprint htc supersonic and i will be tech happy for a few months at lease. cheers

I also just spent 15 minutes disabling all aspects of Buzz. What a nightmare that is. I can't believe Google did not account for the concept that people might not be interested in having every bit of information they have in Google broadcast to everyone. And who in their right mind would want an email everytime someone comments on something someone else posts? Buzz = not ready for primetime

Yes, Google goofed. They've addressed some of the issues people had but there are a lot of people who have outstanding security and privacy issues. People just have to investigate what they're getting into and realize that Google *is* an internet information aggregation company. It always has been and always will be. Choose carefully with eyes wide open.

huh, that's what I want - Google not only knowing what I search for, but also who my friends are, where I am, and what I do. Who needs big brother when you can tell google everything yourself.


all u need is one goofed up guy who finds a hole into googles data and we are all SCREWED.

Why on earth would you put important information on the internet anyhow? A moderate level of common sense and simple caution makes this a non-issue.

I been trying to figure out why I will use Buzz.....I got nothing.

FB and Twitter is already available. Also when I go into google reader, everything buzz shows in gmail is gone. It just seems like its not all tied together.

I'm just not feeling buzz atm.

I was into wave until I actually used it.

Screw Google and Buzz, they are really starting to creep me the F out with all this stuff. I just want email, is that so hard? They want my soul!

I suppose this is a good sign...the picture anyway...

Its funny how they put it in a line up of Craptacular phones

i dont know if they thing da Pre is one, but their makin the Pre look mighty fine in comparison

It is a good sign, webOS nation is growing!

I don't see webOS in this table:

Double post courtesy of Pre?