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Google Voice makes a triumphant return to webOS with Voogle 25

by Nathan Mylott Fri, 19 Nov 2010 9:48 am EST

Voogle Voogle

G?oogle Voice has returned to webOS with a brand new app that lets you call and text from your G?oogle Voice number ?right on your phone just like the good old days.

Voogle has hit the official App Catalog, and it has an interface that is almost exactly like the native webOS messaging app and dial pad. You should feel right at home transitioning to this as your communications method of choice. It will even replace your carrier voicemail with Google voicemail. Setting it up could not be easier as it walks you through a couple quick steps to set up as soon as you launch the app.

Aside from the typical calling and texting from within the app, you will also be able to listen to your voicemail and recorded calls, and read voicemail transcripts. T?here are folders for starred messages, missed calls and dialed calls, received calls and more. In short, everything in your G?oogle Voice account.

This is not all either. There are more features to come including mutlimedia messaging and real time notifications. Plus, according to the developer, "Voogle also supports cross-app launching so pretty soon some of your other favorite apps can start utilizing the power of Voogle."

G?et it right now for $1.99 in the App Catalog.



very kool!

It is pretty awesome. It's just like texting or calling on your phone like normal. This is better than GDial Pro ever was. I psyched.

What's even more interesting is that the developer is only 14. He figured out a way to solve a problem that no one else could in all this time.

That is impressive. Kudos to the young man.

I am truly impressed.

so is this voip?

Is there notifications? I got 2 google voice numbers can I sign out of one to the other fast?

Already downloaded. For dialing out it uses the api to trigger a call to your phone instead of using the access number. I hope they can figure out a way to use the access number instead.

Does this app give you notifications when you have a voicemail? I don't know how it couldn't as the review states "It will even replace your carrier voicemail with Google voicemail" - but then it goes on to state "There are more features to come including multimedia messaging and real time notifications."

UPDATE: I think "It will even replace your carrier voicemail with Google voicemail" means that it does the setup for you.

I still need to know if it has voicemail notifications - if so, I'm in for $2!!

notifications are coming soon. In the meantime, GV can be set up to sent a text message when a new voicemail arrives. I've been using it this way for several months and it is very reliable.

from what the developer says,it seems as if it will have notifications but I don't know if voicemail will be apart of.You an always go to his page either on here or twitter to ask him.

balkeee --it's not VoIP, it's Google Voice. It's a clever use of the traditional phone system to allow a person to use a roaming phone number between all their devices. There is some traversal of an IP network when making calls, which is how they can offer very good international rates.

You can also use the chat interface to place phone calls with it, which is partial VoIP. Theoretically if you call a friend who also uses the voice interface it should be a completely VoIP call.

How is this any different than the P2GoogleVoice app that has been out for a while now?


P2GoogleVoice, as far as I know, simply emulates the touch tones needed to navigate the GV menus (enter your PIN, hit 2 to dial, enter the phone number, wait, etc).

This is similar to the web interface, where you initiate the call on the webpage, Google calls you with your number, and you get connected on pickup.

This is addressing calls only - SMS probably has less differences.

Looks great but i'm not going to buy it at the moment because i'm in limbo if i should switch to android or not.
If new WebOS hardware is released to Sprint soon then i am sticking with WebOS. Otherwise i'm going to have to make the jump to android because the oreo effect on my phone is getting worse :(

Like contradude says below, take it in to the Sprint store and you'll get a refurb. Even if you are entirely out of the Palm warranty and you don't have the insurance, they'll give you a refurb for $35. We just did this with my wife's for the same reasons and it's working great.

...and it's only $2 for the app. :)

I just bought this! It looks and works great! Need to be able to access my Spam folder from it, which it does not do yet. I'm sure that'll be added in a future release.

janter, just take your phone into the sprint store (after doctoring it so they can't try to give you a hard time about homebrew) and they will get you a refurb unit (which I've had good luck with)

Is there no trial version to test out first?

It's a good start, but there are quite a few improvements to be made which I suppose will probably rely on whenever Palm releases 2.0 and then just some basic usability issues that probably could have been solved with a longer beta period with a larger number of varied beta testers.

At this point, it cannot tap into universal search (patch authors, anyone?) and it has no direct access to Contacts, requiring you to tap on the Contacts icon to search for the number first, then a pop-up happens that lets you pick which number to call (even if there's only one number, which could be fixed). I don't know about this access number business, but I do know that regardless, the app currently has to use the default dialer anyway because Palm hasn't opened up the necessary API's, so the current method suits me fine.

So yes, calls do require cell service (I believe this is how GV works regardless of this app), but SMS messages do not. They work right through the app over WiFi (if you're getting an SMS message still, disable this in GV preferences - however you'll probably want to keep it until this app adds its own notifications), which is great for those stuck in a poor service area where roaming might not deliver your text messages even if it does deliver your calls.

UI improvements include allowing a person to choose the startup screen, finding somewhere else to move the refresh button to and allowing a forward swipe to refresh, introducing a different layout besides the folder button to have to access every single folder...perhaps options to let users choose which one? I'd like an all button, a missed calls button, a starred button, and a sms button. I encourage the dev to look at Pronto Dial, which does a great job with this. There also needs to be some callback options and different themes, which hopefully others besides the dev can look into so he can spend time on more prevalent things (imo).

I definitely think it's a buy though.

Thanks for the informative review. I just bought it.

Ideally (at least IMO):
1) The dial method should send the magic packet to Google and then dial the access number. (The Android implementation does this, but also caches access numbers for each destination number, reducing the need to send the magic packet.)
Unfortunately, this is what GDial Pro used to do, and I believe Google "screwed" WebOS users (and the GDial Pro dev) by changing APIs.
2) Maybe instead of opening to Inbox for default, it should open to a dialer, like GDial Pro did, and one could start typing a contact's name immediately instead of hitting the contact button. Same applies to the SMS interface.
3) Universal search integration would be the icing on the cake. At that point I would pay more than 2 bucks for the app. I should be able to select a contact and have it dial like stated in #1, or open the SMS section of the app with the desired contact already selected (and possibly show some history if applicable.)

Right now, it just seems like an app interface to the functions on, which is what I've been using since GDial Pro "died".

This is cool,I didn't know it was possible to send mms using google voice so I hope that the developer can bring this to voogle. I'm def going to buy this.

You can't actually send MMS through Google Voice but I'm making a Voogle-only method that will allow you to send MMS through Voogle.

it does not work. in the second step of the setup there are no phone numbers to select

Will this work even if you have no cell service on Wifi?

This will NOT work with wifi only. It REQUIRES you to have working cell service. I thought I could save minutes on my prepaid plan, but Voogle simply calls you back using your cell service with the number you dialed. It only uses wifi for the outgoing call to Google Voice, which then takes the call and routes it back to your cell phone through the cell towers. Too bad, thought it was a clever way to bypass using minutes on outgoing calls, but it's NOT.