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Google will let you Buzz, if you really want to 37

by Derek Kessler Sat, 03 Apr 2010 8:29 pm EDT

Buzz on webOS Want to use Google Buzz from your webOS phone, but don’t feel like installing the iPhone User Agent patch to trick the internet into believing that you’re using an iPhone? You’re in luck, as Google has decided to give you the option to use Buzz regardless of your mobile platform of choice. Pre and Pixi owners that visit are now greeted with a page explaining what Google considers to be compatible platforms (Android 2.0+ and iPhone OS 3.0+), but also giving the option to continue on using your unsupported device. After several minutes of poking around, everything seems to work flawlessly on webOS, which is little surprise as it uses a WebKit browser just like iPhone OS and Android.

Thanks to Mohan for the tip!



This is my first first!

It seems that Google is finding PalmOS isn't such a bad platform?

Or webOS, even.

Well, now that we have their PERMISSION...

Webkit is webkit. Just suck it up, Google.

what is google buzz?.

yeah really, what is google buzz? Please explain...thanks.

People actually use Google Buzz?


yeah really, what is google buzz? Please explain...thanks.

why does it seem as if everything must have an "I" or a "Google" in front of it?

Well, Google is at least the company behind the product. It's like calling a Taurus a Ford Taurus. That's what it is - it helps us narrow down what you're talking about. If we say just Buzz, it could be a radio station in Houston, a cupcake joint in Virginia, or Yahoo's rival to Digg and Twitter.

I for one welcome our new Google overlords.... LOL

uhhh.. I remember reading an article here that gaveus a direct url to use buzz already. If you go to the GoogleTalk page it talks to you like your a Iphone, but hit launch and your running GTalk right in the browser (no notifications tho)..

who cares about buzz, com on sprint bring on Nexus one and Evo

And "com [sic] on sprint bring on Nexus one and Evo" is related to this article how? (or even this site really)

Yes really

I guess that would be "Troll, really"

Google Buzz is Google's equivalent to Twitter or Facebook status update. Frankly I could care less about Google Buzz. We don't need another micro-blog for ppl to spam on.

Google Buzz is Google's equivalent to Twitter or Facebook status update. Frankly I could care less about Google Buzz. We don't need another micro-blog for ppl to spam on.

what's new about this? I was able to use buzz before w/o any user agent spoofing

I-71 and WLW? Are you in Cincinnati?


Webkit is most certainly not Webkit. There is plenty of HTML5 functionality that other versions of Webkit support (i.e. Mobile Safari and Google's Android browser) that WebOS's browser does not, such as the Geolocation API, cache control, some CSS3 properties, etc. Additionally, companies can decide to simply not support certain functionality as they like. Mobile Safari, for example, does not support the tag for embedded video (afaik HTML5 videos only play fullscreen in the Quicktime viewer)...and you probably won't see any WebGL implemented in phones. (Maybe the iPad?)

WebOS 1.4 apparently brought a large amount of compatibility, but it's still seriously behind the other Webkit browsers. IMHO, this is something Palm needs to make a priority. There are vast numbers of developers that are moving to HTML5, giving them the ability to create fully functional offline mobile apps for any platform without messing with autocratic approval processes or porting across multiple languages.

HTML5 can suck it and so can Apple.

Why do you hate open standards that have nothing to do with Apple?

wow! I was able to use Google buzz first by going to specific site and later just going to The thing that is missing from Palm Pre was not just the browser (its the same on iphone & Android). It's gps access to browser so sites can locate you. This is Palm who needs to give this access to it's browser so sites like Google Buzz can take advantage of it. Google buzz main feature is location based social networking. Without that there is no use to me. Hence you can use google buzz on Palm Pre but without it's full potential.

random question, whats that what seems to be a bookmark icon and where did it come from?

That's Jason's Bookmark List Patch.

I actually got started to use buzz cause I can access it on my Pre. :D

Awwww, I wish it was Wave and not Buzz. I have no need of Buzz, thanks to Facebook, and, while Wave is definitely alpha-testing work-in-progress-material, it is something that appeals to me more in it's more interactive content...

Oh well.

i'm gonna pass.

ummmm yea, i think ill stick to doing this with facebook. wake me up when shazam arrives!

I think, buzz is unsupported, because Pre's Webkit browser doesn't have Geolocation API :(

Palm! We want Geolocation API for Pre's browser!

Facebook alone is such a time waster. Imagine a company like Google knows everything about you... Ah... Well ok they already do.

But then again Facebook has more users and more clicks than google. That won't hardly change.

I just wish I could get the iPhone user spoof to work. I haven't tried since I got webos but it never did work on 1.4 .