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Got your new HP Veer 4G? Here's what you'll need next: 37

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 20 May 2011 10:44 am EDT

If you've already jumped ahead and gotten a new HP Veer 4G from AT&T, you're probably wondering what you need to get next to accompany your tiny webOS device and show of some of its muscle. We've looked far and wide for apps, accessories, tips and more, and compiled the list here for your ease of browsing. Whether you are new to the world of webOS devicesm or you're a veteran, be sure to jump after the break to see what you need to make your Veer experience the best it can be.

Veer 4G Accessories

If you were to check out the HP Veer website you would find a very small collection of three accesories at the bottom of the page. And while it's true that there are still only a few extras available, those three listed from HP only tell part of the story.

Touchstone Charger

When the original Palm Pre was first announced in January of 2009, it brought with it the insanely cool concept of Inductive charging with the Touchstone Dock Charger. These allow you to charge your device without having to plug in a clunky cable (and a very unique one, in the Veer's case) simply by setting the device down on the dock. As the HP Veer comes with a Touchstone compatible back and webOS 2.1 Exhibition Mode, the Touchstone charger is one of the first accessories we recommend to anyone getting a webOS device.

Vehicle Charger

If you're one to stream music on your Veer while driving (as we are often prone to do), then getting a vehicle charger is a necessity. The Veer can squeeze more life out of its battery than previous models of webOS devices did, but it is still a smartphone and that battery isn't infinite. While the charging cable that comes with the adaptor won't be usable on your Veer (you'll need use your Veer-specific USB cable for that), you could keep it on hand anyway to use with a Touchstone dock, or even keep it for other devices that might use Micro-USB charging cables. The battery on the Veer isn't removable, so it's more important than ever to keep a charging cable handy.

Bluetooth Headset

Speaking of driving, if you are a driver you've probably found that it is much easier to keep your focus on the road when you don't have to keep one hand up to your ear. Even though the Veer is a tiny device doesn't mean that it won't have Bluetooth baked right in. It's fully compliant with Bleutooth standards, which means any number of headsets will work with the Veer, including the the Blueant V1x, Jawbone Icon, and Jabra Stone2.

Music Headphones

If you are just looking for a headset to listen to the 8 GB of stored music on your Veer, or if you're streaming music/videos and playing PDK games, you can certainly grab another pair of the stock Stereo headphones that come with the Veer. Or you can get the headphones that we recommend; the RF3 ENVi Natural Wood Earbuds. Don't forget, though, you're listening to audio on a smartphone. No matter how much HP might have improved the quality of the audio on the Veer, it's not equivalent to what the professionals use. These headphones are great for the price, and have very good quality when plugged into a smartphone. It's also (sadly) likely that many of us will lose our little audio adaptors that are required for the Veer, so keep the store link handy to go back in and buy that spare adaptor whenever you might need one.

Apps for your Veer

Because the HP Veer was built with the same size, resolution and operating system as the Pixi, nearly all apps available for that smaller screen will also be available for the Veer... plus more. Here are a few of our favorite Mojo apps that run great on the Veer-sized screen, plus a few of the advanced PDK apps and games that the Veer is able to handle like a pro. Since the Veer also runs webOS 2.1 from launch, you also have full access to apps that won't currently work on the Pixi. 


At the top of the list, since these guys do a heck of a job helping us love our devices, is the WebOS Internals Homebrew App called Preware. As it pulls in data from unofficial app feeds like themes, patches and homebrew apps, you won't find Preware in the App Catalog. Instead, grab it from and follow the simple steps to get it on your device. Once that's done, you'll have full access to your device to help deck it out with all of the latest software. Not sure what homebrew is? Read our explanation here or grab the Preware Homebrew Documentation App from the catalog, and then dive on in.

Music Player (Remix)

What was once one of the most popular Homebrew apps available is now fully-functional and (only) available in the webOS 2.x app catalog, and works great on the Veer. Music Player (Remix) by Hedami takes the default media player on your device and flips it on its head, bringing with it a ton of features, a very beautiful user-interface, and generally just a really neat way of listening to your music. It's $3.99 in the catalog, but well worth the price.


If you like to keep up with your favorite blogs or news sites, it is almost a necessity to grab Newsroom. This app looks great, is easy to use, and will keep you up to date with any RSS feeds that you put on the list. Of course, if you're looking for something that syncs with your Google Reader account, as Newsroom does not, you'll want to check out some alternatives like Google Reader client Feeder or others. 


One of the activities that we love to do here on PreCentral is join in a regularly podcast of webOS tech-talk. It's called PalmCast Live, maybe you've heard of it? And one of the ways that you can listen to us each week, when you can't join us live, is through a podcast app like PodSnatcher. Of the apps that are available, PodSnatcher is one of the prettiest, and it works great. 


While we wait for Touch-to-share to come to the Veer and TouchPad later this year, we still have a very cool app called Neato! that will allow us to accomplish a similar feat. Simply tap a link in your computer's web browser to send that link, app, map, video or whatever it may be you're looking at immediately to your Veer. You can also setup the app to work the other way as well, and send those links or notes back down the line to your computer. This is a great app with simple functionality that does a whole lot to keep your going through the day.


We would be remiss if we didn't mention that a major player in the consumer world, WhitePages, has released their new application to accompany the launch of the HP Veer on AT&T. The app, built by a fan-favorite developer James Harris, brings in various webOS 2.x features like JustType, and even hooks into homebrew with a neat little patch. This app is a must-have for any webOS user, let-alone those using the device the app was built for.

webOS Doctor

It may not be an app per-se, but it's definitely an important piece of software to have handy. The webOS Doctor for the AT&T Veer 4G is available for downloading and installing, and it's definitely free. Why do you need the webOS Doctor? Well, if your device is ever running abnormally slow, or you install some patches or other homebrew software that causes you some annoyances, the webOS Doctor will restore your device's operating system to its former glory with just a few very simple steps.

The Community

As we've said time-and-again, the webOS Community is one of the best in the tech world (and we have the research to back that claim up). At PreCentral, we're gearing ourselves up for a lot of fun with those fans who choose to buy a Veer, so check out these pages to make sure you stay up to date with the latest tips and discussions about your device in the future.

Tips and Tricks

While these won't always be Veer-specific, our daily-tips are always good to read through when you have a few minutes. They're short and sweet and to the point (we don't want to waste any of your time), and they help a lot of people, even veterans, remember some of the power-user features of their devices. The HP Veer is definitely in our lineup to cover as we keep giving you updates.

From the Forums

It's been available for those waiting on the Veer's arrival for quite some time, but that hasn't kept the HP Veer discussion forums from bursting with life over the last several weeks. Head into those threads to chat about the Veer, get help your problems you might be having or read the latest community Veer news (anddo it on your device with the Forums app). The community that powers these discussions is one-of-a-kind and always very helpful. Just don't forget that there are other boards to check out for other topics as well. You can also see some of the more interesting threads posted regularly in our column, From the Forums.

Questions and Answers

When you can't find your answers in the forums or on social networks (like Twitter, Facebook or our little group on Quora), you should always feel welcome to ask. Lots of people, even our own Derek Kessler with his recent article, are up for any challenge that comes with the questions that are sent in to us. In fact, if you're still wondering what else you need to get to go with your new HP Veer, check the comments from our community below or leave your own. There's plenty of discussion down there to go around for everyone.


Great article. I'm waithing for Pre 3 but still great.

Same here. Would be nice to hear more on Pre 3 dates. Nice article tho.

I agree. This is a really good beginner’s guide for both people that bought the Veer. Though they probably work for HP and are familiar with the product and OS, as they likely worked on it. Still, good starter guide and very generous given the miniscule audience.

You missed the absolutely most important accessory, second to the Touchstone: Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.

Considering you can get a decent pair for $30 these days, cut the cord and throw out that headphone adapter on purpose.

I want a set of decent stereo bluetooth headphones. Any recommendations?

I have been using the Jabra Clipper...passes the sweat test and you can interchange the earbuds if you dont like theirs...I get about 8 hours on a charge too!

Where's Dr. Podder? Did it not update for 2.1?

drPodder works fine on my Pre 2. Sorry, but not mentioning drPodder seems like a total fail to me.

cause it's webOS and no one develops for it any more?

ppfftt... hahaha. Too true, hopefully this changes.

Is this now the usual "OMG there are so few apps for WebOS", or are there really only so few apps?

It's clearly hyperbole, although you are limited in the PDK world to those apps formatted for the Pixi. There are quite a few of the top games. I do wish they'd do a Dead Runner version for the Veer, however.

Love Veer! Just advertise, infact more than advertising this phone needs shelf space as no advertising can do wonders for what reaction it brings out in people, upon being seen.


Dude it cant live without Newsroom. I never did jump on the Google Reader Train, so just having an app that brings all my favorite websites to me is awesome!

This is a super cool phone.

The Preware Homebrew Documentation app in the official app catalog is a great place to start for homebrew. It has detailed step-by-step instructions and lots of screenshots which cover Preware installation, patches, etc.

-- Rod

You forgot the most crucial step, slap yourself for buying a veer and get to the ATT store and switch it for a Samsung Infuse or Iphone 4.

really not called for.

Sad but correct. I'd love a side by side of these devices doing similar tasks.

veer looks way better than infuse or any "super" ( **** sub.ed) phone.

looking forward to pre3

this is a great phone for people who need a second phone because they also have to have a work phone. having a second phone that is tiny is probably really nice. there is no need for 2 massive screened phones in your pocket... my father who works for at&t carries 2 iphones. one personal, one work. im going to suggest he trades one of them out for this.

Honestly I really don't care but there seemed to be a lot more spelling errors in this article.

Article? It looks like an ad to me. Promote the Precentral store. Promote homebrew. Promote the forums. The former is their main business with the latter two being the drivers.

HP needs to show customers that there's a viable path to a fully stocked app store otherwise its platform will die. People will forgive you for not having all the apps they want today, but they wont tolerate not knowing whether you have a plan to get there.

They have shown customers that, actually.

HP SVP Steve McArthur said that when the devices launch, they have commitments for new apps that will put them in the "tens of thousands". (I guess the Veer doesn't count?)

So we should be seeing 13,000 or so new apps hit the App Catalog in the next 45-60 days, right? Surely, they didn't make yet another verbal "commitment" that they fail to meet?

Beware of HP/Palm execs bearing promises. Believing HP is like believing Harold Campings next prophecy.

this phone is a big does ur butt have to be that u need a phone even smaller than a pre to fit into ur pants...i really dont understand the argument FOR this phone...

probably getting a nexus tomorrow. looking back i honestly think i would have stuck around and waited for a pre3 had i been given the 2.0 update and i wouldve gotten one for my brother too....oh well hp's loss...

i disagree, this phone is good for a second device and girls (they have small hands and can actually fit this phone in their pants. most chicks i hang out with cant because they wear tight pants)... i do agree that i would have stuck around for the pre3 if i had gotten the 2.0 update, i have an evo 3d on pre-order. i never thought i would like android very much but Gingerbread + sense 3.0 really is quite awesome being that the phone running it is super fast. i'm excited :)

Btw Im On android as of me this OS is lighyears ahead of webos but I admit webos is a million times more user friendly

I'm not a big guy but I generally wear clothes that fit my frame as opposed to those that hang off my arse. Putting something the size of the Pre in my pocket is a very rare and generally inconvenient occurrence.

When my phone rings while in my pocket or pouch, it is challenge to remove the phone without answering the phone, accidentally. I would rather see who is calling first.

There are other reasons and they don't all revolve around big butts. Just so you know.

Well let me preface this by saying this is only my opinion...but if u have trouble getting a PRE out of ur pants maybe ur pants are too tight....I'm not a big guy but I'm not skinny either I've never had trouble with the pre being too big despite my extended battery. In fact i wish pres screeen was bigger. And I'm sorry but the thought of carrying around two devices is ludicrous. Its like carrying two wallets...inconvenient and nonsensical. And I used to understand the argument about girls needing a small phone until I realized how many of those girls with tight pants are iPhone users ....

My advice to u is if ur phone rings...grab itfrom the sides not from the front and back..the screen will not rrespond to the fabric only ur fingers....

... can't wait to get one here in germany. But I still have to wait for approx one month ...

yeah, me too (Switzerland here :-). do you have a clue if O2 will be sellin' the Veer in white as well?

Not sure what they're smoking, but there are no wired headphones in the Veer box. Also, don't anticipate losing the magnetic 3.5 mm connector. It's a snug and secure fit on my headphones plug, so I just leave it there. When I'm going in the car I just leave it attached to my Aux cable plug--it's not going anywhere, and it's ever so much easier to connect while I'm driving that inserting a plug into a tiny hole.