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Gram website transforms from nonchalant redirect to inscrutable logo on white 23

by Derek Kessler Wed, 12 Sep 2012 5:29 pm EDT

Gram website transforms from nonchalant redirect to inscrutable logo on white

A month ago we broke the news that HP's webOS Global Business Unit would be spinning off as a new company called Gram. The company was said to focus on cloud and user experience, leveraging webOS and Enyo along the way. Nothing new has come out about how exactly they're going to do that or when that's going to start happening - that's what happens when you're in stealth mode (which one could easily argue is in effect an admission that there's nothing more than grand plans to announce right now anyway).

We wondered for a short time what URL Gram might secure, as sites like and registered as available, but thanks to their actual-word nature would have commanded a high price. So HP turned to Armenia, securing and shortly thereafter having it merely redirect to the Open webOS project site. That recently changed, however, with now displaying the looping curvy three-quarters-of-a-butterfly Gram logo on a white background. Nothing else. No links to anywhere, nothing commented out in the code. Nothing.

Stealth mode is serious business, it would seem.

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This level of snark is only achieved by Mr. D. Kessler.

I can't take anyone seriously that uses a Macintosh.

+1 :D Same like Business Men using IPhone

Ironic considering the preferred platform for webOS development happens to be on, you guessed it, Apple OS X.

hmm. I prefer Windows for app development, and the open source system is pretty much built specifically to use with Ubuntu 11 and 12.

Every time I turn on my Mac, I feel like I've been transported back to 1986.


Uh. No it's not.

Well seeing as the only you can build it on is Ubuntu 11.04 and 12.04 it really is...

Ubuntu is an ancient african word for "I am too dumb for Debian"
OSX is way better, though

You could at least had the Gram page on a browser, in Open WebOS, on Ubuntu. Just to make the hoi polloi happy.

Good point.

That's an awful lot of effort just to satisfy people who hate on Apple for no good reason. I use what I use - if you don't take me seriously because of that, I'm going to have a hard time taking you seriously in response.

Hey Derek, I was at iMore (stupidest name possible btw) and I saw you wrote a few articles for iMore.

Is this what Mobile Nations overlords have you doing since there isn't too much going on in the webOS world?

They should at least add you to the "Team iMore" section :P

"It's time to stop labeling people by the products they buy. It's time for the irrational, unwarranted, and frankly nonsensical hate between iPhone and BlackBerry and Android and Windows Phone to stop (and for webOS users to stop crying in the corner)"

Derek K. at iMore.

Some even installed Ubuntu for Open webOS instead of crying and waiting until it comes to the closest-source-OS ;)

Always gonna be someone unsatisfied. And I love how many articles have been written lately. :)

That sounds like a fair trade.

then what about, I dunno...a touchpad? Unless it'd make your fort fall over that is...

i honestly have no idea where this Gram thing is going. Is it enterprise? If so how? Is the goal to make webos printers again? who knows. it confuses me though.

Unfortunately, I think the answers will only be available when someone decides that that can be made available, and not much sooner than that. At this point, Gram still hasn't even been officially announced, let alone what they are going to actually be doing all the way.

But, look on the bright side -- I think you'll at least get some answers in the not too distant future, as Open webOS reaches a more fully functioning state.

Gosh.... I think the worst part of being a webOS fan has been the "in the coming months..." game :/

Stay tuned. HP will announce its mobile strategy on Oct 3rd. Hopefully it is going to be an exciting one for webOS fans.

Oct 3rd?!? WTH!?! I could have sworn they mentioned a September deadline for all this to go-live...are they slipping??? As if it really matters at this

Its just sad, I sit here and watch as the Microsoft route is not going anywhere, and iLand is slowly diminishing....WTF HP/Palm all you needed was to stick it out another 6mths/1yr and you could be the one gaining it is probably too late, and with everything getting spun off this might make it longer and less supported....DOH!!!

I seriously will have a very hard time trying to find a mobile OS and phone hardware that compares even close to the webOS experience. The Pre3 with webOS on it was the perfect mobile device...solid, portrait keyboard, small but big enough, and still does more things then the currently released iPhone5.

"Hopefully it is going to be an exciting one for webOS fans."
I heard words like these many times. :(

I like that logo!