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Gram working with LG on an Open webOS TV 130

by Derek Kessler Wed, 24 Oct 2012 9:41 pm EDT

Gram working with LG on an Open webOS TV

Ever since HP announced they would be open sourcing webOS, we've been wondering "to what end?" Going open source can only amount to so much with only the community pushing forward the development. Earlier this month we told you about Open webOS Professional Edition, a version of webOS offered by Gram to OEMs that reintegrates all of the services that made webOS, you know, webOS. But who's going to use it?

Turns out the first company to use Open webOS in a commercial setting isn't one you might expect, and they aren't planning to do it in a form factor that's rather new for webOS. It's LG, and they're making a webOS television.

The project of porting Open webOS to the big screen has been underway for several months, well before the revelation that HP would be spinning the webOS GBU off as an independent Gram. Headed by HP's Leonid Zolotarev, with Keith Weng leading program management and former Motorola project manager Thom Davis in charge of engineering, the Open webOS porting project has aimed to bring the user interface of webOS to the television, replacing LG's aging NetCast smart TV platform. NetCast was introduced back at CES 2009 (the same CES where the original Palm Pre was introduced and won Best of Show). While webOS has been overhauled multiple times since then, NetCast hasn't evolved much, though it's had a few new apps added over the years.

The process requires more than just a port, though - for Open webOS to be taken seriously as a smart TV platform, it needs a number of apps that webOS has simply never had. These apps are being built in Enyo, and are said to include services like Netflix (we hear you - finally!). NetCast also offers Yahoo widgets, CinemaNow, Pandora, Vudu, and YouTube; again, apps that would need to be built fresh in Enyo as there's simply not a modern webOS equivalent (excepting Pandora, though a commercially-available TV would need an official app).

There's one hitch the Gram team working on the TV project is working hard to overcome, and that's boot speed. If you've used webOS, you know it can take a long while to boot, even with a beefy processor behind it. One solution being explored by the team is to actually leave the computer half of the TV running and merely switch off the screen off when the TV is turned 'off'.

Manufacturers like LG have been known to pursue multiple approaches to a project like this, and Open webOS was one of three separate avenues they had been considering. That said, HP signed an agreement with LG in June around this project. LG's also had multiple engineers sent to Sunnyvale to work with HP's webOS engineers. They've also sent multiple LG L9 motherboards (L9 being LG's dual core chipset made specifically for their smart televisions).

As for why LG is opting to pursue Open webOS for the smart television lineup, we've been told that they aren't comfortable with Google's terms for using Google TV (let alone the adoption rate of Google TV) and fear what Apple could accomplish if they were more aggressive in the TV market. So while Open webOS may not be LG's property, it's something that they can do with as they please, and with the willing assistance of HP/Gram.

LG and Gram are hoping to show off the Open webOS LG TV at CES 2013, though when it might hit shelves and how much corporate and retail support will be behind it (assuming it actually launches) is another question entirely.


Is this the darkest timeline?

What? This is HUGE news for webOS, and a shocking surprise too! They've been working on this since months ago? Wow.

Let's hope they put the best people into this, as it is a huge mission: Televisions are expected to simply work: The slightest glitch, and you have an angry customer returning it to the store, with huge transport and storage costs. If you do it bad, it has a severe impact on your image.

But, if done good, it would mean huge advances for webOS in general: Imagine all those new apps that they have to write, new drivers for that TV's motherboard (anyone has more info about which chips it uses?). And when they merge, naturally, the amazement of people when they see that your cellphone is also a television!

Community reference (see far right card)

I just hope HP, Gram and LG don't "Britta" this so WebOS can become more successful than Hawthorne Wipes :-)

And you people said putting it on a computer wasn't to bright. >:(

TV ≠ computer.

They have radically different usage scenarios. On a computer your interact, with a TV you observe.

Is there a source for this news?

Yes. The source is webOS Nation.

How about a Palmcast? Remember those?


You'd interact with this TV. A better comparison is the one I use for tablets vs. desktops/laptops. Tablets are for media consumption. Computers are for media creation and consumption.

So plug your computer into this and have a functional webOS overlay functioning via touch, on top of whatever the PC is outputting.

A display is a display is a display.

...this, and secondly, putting it on the TV isn't too bright idea, either.

besides, it is just the rumor. It is long way from "working on something" to "shipped product", and even longer way from "successful product"

...this, and secondly, putting it on the TV isn't too bright idea, either.

besides, it is just the rumor. It is long way from "working on something" to "shipped product", and even longer way from "successful product"

Oh man... Can LG work on a Pad and a phone? I'll wack off to LGs name everyday LOL
Go Giants and webOS!


Wow indeed.

uh... I guess you are really excited about this news. I hope the TV is moisture resistant!

hmm it would be interesting..maybe they might merge a MS kinect idea..and enable hand gestures without touching the screen.. (swiping apps or say views of a channel), playing a fb game and stopping halfway, while watching a TV. Or Even how the screen would handle multiple cards given the screen size.
the options. lol....

but boot speed..hmm this is a hard one to optimize.

I have seen other linux distributions boot up much faster than webOS. What is it that takes so long? Instead of leaving the computer part on, I think a better solution would be a 'hibernate mode' where the current memory state of the machine is saved to a reserved file on the flash disk.


exactly what I thought.

If I am right, newer (linux) kernels even support the hybrid mode.
It does both, suspend-to-RAM (standby) and suspend-to-DISK (hibernate).
So during this hybrid mode, while power is on standby, wake-up just reads the state from the RAM. However, if during this hybrid mode there is a power outage or the user switches off, the system will restore state from DISK.

Really like that hybrid (standby/hibernate) mode. ;-)

Didn't HP purchase a small company a while back that specializes in quick booting linux distros? All this time, I've been waiting for them to loop that into webOS but they haven't yet.

I'd be happy with a small wireless keyboard with a gesture area. Maybe combine that with a kinect type interface for moving and throwing away cards. That would be cool.

You never know... Maybe LG will also use Open webOS on their computers and mobile devices. Stranger things have happened!


This is pretty much, AWESOME!!!

We all need webOS phones badly and this might push LG to bring some webOS phones eventually!!! :D

Imagine the possibilities of touch to share with the TV. Integrated smart remote from the webos phone would be an obvious thing (we'd need to get infrared back on like the old palm devices so we can control legacy equipment though!). Start watching on a touchpad, then swipe over to the TV and vice/versa. Maybe with multiple TVs. watch on one, move it to the touchpad or phone, then go to another room and finish watching there. That's just the tip of the iceburg...

Touch-to-share would be pretty awesome for this. Start streaming something on your TouchPad, then touch to share it to your TV.

yep, imagine it... And if you are content with what you can imagine, that's cool, because that's what you will get. Imagined, and never materialised, possibilities

Well... it's a start and at least they're not prone to giving up. Probably running on the Marvell chipset.

This is freaking awesome! LG makes tv's & smartphones too!

I have always wondered, why does webOS take so long to boot up? Guess they'll definately have some code to rewrite to get that going.

Everybody, fingers crossed!!!


Hey... PDK + TV = Game Console. If there's a good enough processor and GPU built in, people can easily port existing PDK games to a big screen. Just add a new controller scheme and some high quality graphics, and you'll be ready to go.

Anyway, they better make sure Novacom is easily enable-able. That'll allow Preware and all the good homebrew stuff on. I just hope LG has the same mindset regarding developers as Palm. These days smart TVs that are not Android powered (through external boxes, that is) don't have much in the way of customizable apps.

(Lol, cloud backup for your TV. That would be hilarious.)

Use HP's servers for online DVR? Backup your favourite television shows and watch them from your TouchPad! (Not likely to happen, but this would be awesome lol)

"Just add a new controller scheme and some high quality graphics, and you'll be ready to go."

Easy, they need to build a webOS phone that connects through bluethoot to the TV so it can be used as a controller...

I'd rather not use a phone as a controller unless it has hardware buttons on all surfaces... I have a hard enough time trying to play NOVA 3 on Galaxy S2X.

Kinda like how the new Nintendo Wii U operates? That would be pretty schweeeet.

I thought this was a prank when I saw it on facebook

On a scale from 1 to 10 I totally didn't see this coming! Is this what hope feels like?

No...this is Iowa...

Poor attempt to make a weak reference to Field of Dreams...

webOS boot time is way bad. My boot time on my Pre2 is about 7 minutes. One of the great mysteries of the universe...why?

The next great mystery is how and why (ok so that's 2) Verizon blocks GPS for Palm devices?

Well this is better than nothing I suppose... Props to LG for using our beloved OS :) Please hopefully this third go is the charm for webOS

Will Google or Microsoft try to sue Gram for using cards as the interface?

HP/Palm/Gram invented the card interface and hold all significant Palm patents so no... noe of the players can go after Gram.
This is a welcome surprise with LG. Maybe the webOS part can boot up in the background. As long as the tv turns on quickly the smart tv functions can take it's time. Maybe also the netflix apps can trickle down to other open webOS devices!

If its patented, then why hasent Hp or Palm done anything about everyone copying the card metaphor?

Why stifle innovation? If someone can take cards and make it even better, let them. Patents is just a way to "protect yourself" so you can make more money. It's not as if limiting it to webOS would help, since that means a lot of people not seeing how useful cards are.

Yes but most of them have made the cards crap (Android, Windows Phone).

Just because other people can't do it perfectly doesn't mean you ban them from trying. There's a homebrew community on each of those platforms too. Let them work on the interface for their devices.

Were talking about HP/Palm/Gram, not Apple who's new business statement is, "Don't innovate, litigate!"

You know, Smart TV is a market that still is not dominated by the big players, maybe they saw that as the safest move to make with webOS.

Man, I don't certainly know what this IS on Open webOS development future. BUT I do know what this news IS-NOT for Open webOS! BAD NEWS!
There's no way this hurts webOS at all. Actually, if this gets acceptance on LG TV owners, gives the opportunity to LG to round up services on the platform. Just like Samsung, Sony, Apple and Google are doing. And therefor, pursue putting Open webOS on their cellphones and tablets.
I just hope for the best out of this,

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but your sentence structure made that entire paragraph extremely difficult to understand moments after waking up

I think the big question is going to be since the apps for netflix and youtube ect will be written in Enyo, will they be backward compatible to be installed on the touchpad?


It cannot be too difficult to port I would assume ;)

It would depend on whether how that code is going to be licensed. LG may want an exclusive right to the code (assuming that it will be a hybrid PDK/Enyo application due to the DRM involved).

This is sweet news. I hope that they are working with a CableCARD interface and duplicating a Windows Media Center-type experience with a built-in DVR.

Yeah, that would be nice. especially if webOS showed up in a stand-alone box version that you could plug in cablecard tuners and hard drives into. I like WMC, but it would be nice to have more than one game in town.

Now what we REALLY need now is WebOS on a printer!!!

great to hear webos is going to get app love from the multimedia side and a big company at all. think of DNLA support integrated into OS and finallly good videoplayers/codec. It at least is going to push it in media reception. and perhaps some crossplattform enyo apps will arrive if LG phones with android have to interact with LG webOS TV, pushing ENYO. Could be worse News :)

From a technical standpoint it's not the worst choice to use a real multitasking OS for a TV, to have Skype... in the background getting messages via notifications and playing a Movie in front. Will be interessing to see how they are implementing the control via hardware keyboard (remote control). At least this will then not to be dropped, so hope for keyboard phones. Gesture support will need some kind of touchpad/trackpint in the remote or A HP TouchPad to clone TV screen on it and control directly :)

Well from ecological standpoint i'm not going to buy a TV whose processing unit is not going to be turned off. But perhaps they'll get around that boot problem in another way.

that post was to long, but i would have some ideas there...

You don't turn off the processing unit on a DVR. If you have a cable box with a DVR in it, you know about the boot-up time before you can access menus and even the recorded content.

Something to think about there. What if the television built in a DVR system running on Open webOS?

Heck not just cable boxes with DVRs in them. My digital cable box without one takes at least 15 minutes to boot up if I unplug it (on the many occasions when the stupid thing locks up).

Concerning "standby", I suppose this would need to adhere to certain standards

See more on this here:

I'll take two 65" LG-Webos tvs :p

That is so great, I would almost buy and actually start watching boobtube again, just to have another webOS device. But seriously, this is a kind of out-of-the-box-thinking that is essential for webOS' survival. Just the other day, when I was operating the washing-machine, I was just thinking: why doesn't it have webOS on its display?

I know what you mean. The last time I was doing laundry I thought "I wish I could check my email, see what the weather is, & tweet about doing the laundry right now."

Just kidding. I completely agree. I have always said it would be great if you had the same interface with multiple items. Imagine someone controlling their TV, washing machine, car navigation, hospital IV pump, thermostat, printer, boat control system, checkout register, oven, end even your toaster, the same way you use your phone. Especially how easy webOS is to understand, you wouldn't need any user manuals anymore. You could have it on the device for people that actually read them (I guess except the trouble shooting part that says "device won't turn on") ;)

I think you can tell the enthusiasm here. usually the only thing that gets this many comments are the promo code giveaways.

I was planning on replacing my TV next year. I know what the first brand I check out will be.

How about the washer/dryer sending you an email/sms when done? Storing custom wash cycles (for that matter, WebOS would rock on the microwave too) That would be useful. I was going to do an arduino project with motion sensors for just that.

WAIT! I have an idea! webOS on a ...wait ...wait ... a Toaster! I bet no one has thought of that before. :-)

...seriously?? A washer/dryer thing, sending you texts?

goodness me...

I Have a Toshiba Television which needs to be replaced. I have a Sharp DVD Player which needs to be replaced. I have a satelite receiver which needs to be replaced. I do not have a recorder, which I want to have. I do not have a media player, which I want to have.

I have a Pre 3 which, well, I do not want to change. But I WOULD change from it to an LG (Optimus or whatever) with WebOS on it. And I WOULD CHANGE all my TV and DVD(BlueRay) stuff into LG stuff, if they get WebOS on it!

As many people here already wrote: Long Live WebOS!!!!

Hope it's not lagging and stuttering like my Pre and TP. :)

Please LG/Gram, DO NOT FORGET to have a webOS Remote Control App ready once this TV goes to the market. Control your TV with a Pre - yay!

could you share with the rest of us, what that HPalm have done in the past, have convinced you, that they give two shitees about their existing users?

Where can I pre-order? I need to put this on advanced lay-away or something. I want, I want, I want!

LG make projectors? Tv don't do it for me anymore

Oh, man! This screws up my Christmas plans real bad!

I was planning on a new flat screen TV for Christmas and now I have to wait until mid 2013? Oh, well. I hope they go through with it. My WebOS skepticism is kicking in big time. It would be great to purchase something WebOS again, but I still want it on my phone!

From what I "heard" on CNET, Flat Screen TV prices will be dramatically slashed just prior to Christmas So buy a "cheap" one to "get you by" :)
Sure didn't see this coming, I ain't gonna lie.

the prices are tempting right now, so I can only imagine what they will be by Christmas. And the sets are beautiful!

Hurry up , LG!

If this all pans out, gets into production, has reasonably priced models, and works decent, I will buy one without hesitation.

My 55" vizio LCD is going on 5 years old, and I'm thinking in 2013 it will be time to upgrade to take advantage of all this new network tv stuff, and also all thel improvements in imaging technology over these past years.

I miss WebOS on my phones (using Android now, but am considering an iPhone 5)

My HP Touchpad has been destroyed by my 4 year old, and at this point I don't see spending any more money on getting it repaired. I got it at a firesale for $149, 32GB version. It was great while it lasted though!

aaagh, before you move to an iphone, i'd atleast wait till BB10 comes out(especially from a gesture base point of view) or at least win phone 8, those are my next two possible choices...and BB10 is very high on that list from all the vids ive seen

iphone is so low on my list, its not even a blip on my radar at this w/ iphones every day for work and it drives me batty

agree, bbX looks awesome - so unfortunate, they are going down FAST. I don't think I will invest my time, money and commitment to anotherloosing platform - although it really looks sweet, from many points of view. Both UX and functionality, especially that separation of areas, personal/company, it is awesome

will it come with a couple of touchstone wallmounts so you can move your tv from room to room? ;)

I love this idea. "It's like a 50" tablet. It's pretty portable if you have help carrying it."


I never have owned nor thought much of LG as a company since I'm not familiar with them. But this made me go "hmmm, LG, I guess they're a pretty good company". I must say I would be inclined to buy an LG tv with webOS, but hate to get let down like when I purchased my TouchPad at full price new to have it die. I would hope LG puts more push forward and it really takes off, but its a tough market it seems. We all know why we love webOS, and I hope the community advances let it take off like it should have.

LG - iirc, a Korean company which makes a LOT of electronics for everyone else, including Sony. So yes, pretty good company

I'm ready to put my foot thru my current TV so I can get space ready for my new obsession

this is Awesome!!

....... or sell it to help fund your new tv? :D

I believe LG started out many years ago as "Goldstar", a "low-end" brand of microwave ovens. They later expanded into everything they do today, including some of the best "high end" stuff. I got a 32" LG LCD TV that was top rated in Consumer Reports a few years ago. Their washing machines are always among the top rated, and other brands like Sears are made by LG. They make everything from spartphones to refrigerators. May the WebOS force be with them!!

Remote controls with gesture area!

Why not something like Kinect? Imagine changing the channel like in "Minority Report"?

It's going to be hard for me to shake the opinion that LG doesn't make consumer products that are good quality (I don't mean build quality - I have no idea about that).  I've never seen an LG device that I would want, personally.  

i like their monitors and the likes, but i had an LG optimus 1 phone briefly but it irritated me bigtime, was more irritated at their software update programs on the pc which made me want to dropkick it out a window, i was almost glad when it eventually broke.

and now the bad news.... Leo Apotheker is named new CEO of LG. Nooooooo......


very nice, totally weird and unexpected direction but not a bad one imho, my current pc monitor is a 22" LG W2261 which replaced my old asus monitor, and i like it.

Would be interesting if they do get a fully useable webOS crammed in there somewhere to allow as others have said the usual webOS synergy type services and PDK apps/games to really bring out their tv's potential.

If it was dripping with webOS goodness and features id get 1 in a heartbeat, if it was moddable via preware or similar as well that would be the icing on the cake, only ofc if the main webOS type services were there to alter to your own personal taste. Probably best those thigns were left as an unsupported but allowed feature for those that know what their doing and dont go cryign when or if they destroy the tv :)

id like to dream that if their tv did well, that they might be inclined to release compatible devices also based on open webOS, phone/tablet etc, and again as someone mentioned, could be a nice gimmick to control the tv with an external device, esp as most people i know have their phones glued to their hands when their watching tv anyways.

this could be the new ecosystem i have been waiting for, since HP blew smoke up our buts about printers, home appliances and the kitchen sink all running webOS.
If LG's ""they aren't comfortable with Google's terms for using Google TV (let alone the adoption rate of Google TV) and fear what Apple could accomplish if they were more aggressive in the TV market"" is accurate ... then it stands to reason that if they like webOS on a TV, why not on other electronics. IE... A PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
This could be huge! I for one will be buying this smart TV, just to support webOS

You know what else LG makes? Phones and tablets. HP/Gram, PLEEEEEASE don't F this up. Make it a great experience for LG. Build the app ecosystem through media apps, so that a WebOS phone isn't an untouchable idea.

Touch-to-share would be awesome on a TV.

I hope this also comes to their blu-ray players. I would rather have it on a device that connects to a television than buy a "smart" television. The upgrade cycle for brains needs to be faster than the upgrade cycle for the display.

I second that one!

TTS would be better on a remote than on the unit itself. I wouldn't want to have to get up and tap the TV every time I want to transfer something.

You know that having webOS on a Blu-Ray player means no homebrew, right? They're going to lock it down pretty tight to retain the security of AACS.

This is great news! Even if it goes nowhere or we end up with a crappy LG skin over top a bare-bones version of WebOS. It means HP/Gram and LG are putting real effort into making the OS stable, are porting it to new hardware and are developing modern apps for YouTube, Netflix, etc. These are all things that other developers and hardware manufacturers can build on to make WebOS even better.

I hope they speed up boot time..
Btw, does anyone know WHY webOS takes an agonizingly long time to boot?

Because by the time webOS shows the desktop, everything is done. WiFi is connected and logged in, bluetooth is on and reconnected to whatever the last device was, and services are up and running. My Android gets to a desktop screen faster but it's still starting WiFi, and if your waiting for bluetooth to start , go make a drink. I don't own any iOS stuff, but it does boot fast (30sec maybe), but it's clearly easier to boot fast when you have total control of the sandbox. The TouchPad boots in around 60sec, and a Pre 2 will boot in 90sec. My Pre use to take 2.5min to boot, stock 1.4.5. But after Uberkernel, 1ghz overclock, and 2.1 it's booting in 90sec as well. Your times may vary. :)

Hmmm. My Pre 2 takes way longer than 90 seconds to boot. I'll have to time it next time.

Wifi and bluetooth may be turned on, but it doesn't appear wait for them to be connected/signed on. My phone is still usable while it it still searching for wifi or bluetooth after it has been rebooted. Now, if they try to connect during boot time and it just times out, then that needs to be removed.

The encrypted file system really slowed things down.

I remember someone saying they managed to strip that layer. Can't find the instructions now. I don't think the encrypted layer is read much during bootup. Only after it's set up does Luna potentially read from it to get a list of apps and maybe autostart programs and services.

do we really have an encrypted file system? always thought the data on palm phones is accessible once you connect it by USB.

Does this change - in a positive way - the perception of GRAM? From a wtf is GRAM gonna do, to a ... okay, so GRAM has found a use. It's a start.

Does this also change developers thoughts? With the damage Leo did, and the sense of abandonment these Developers experienced .... will LG's foray into webOS counter the skepticism that still abounds around here? Will the ghost of Leo be exorcized?

Enquiring minds want to know.


Sure Gram has more credibility now with a real client. It means HP wants Gram to succeed (wants not ensures success) rather than in a expensive way euthanizing webOS. I'm not sure developers should change their minds yet. Only the big name Netflix, Hulu, Pandora will be the apps on these systems. LG would NOT be interested in homebrewing their smart tvs (although smart webOS owners could do it). I don't think downloading a lot of apps will be the focus- rather only a few important ones, browser, maybe angry birds?. Think what the xbox 360 has. Pandora, Hulu, epix (I don't use much except netflix) , market for music/video downloads. I assume tv will have own harddrive/storage. Good news is that LG only wants to sell more tvs. It doesn't need 100K apps or legion of developers. If LG is successful then other customers/markets might bite.

Oh and there might not be much use for this, but what about webOS Synergy?

I know. Dropbox and for picture viewing. Google/Yahoo/others for calendar.

This has the potential to be HUGE! But timing is critical, imagine if its executed well without any glitches or hiccups and its comes to market before Apple has a chance to sell any Apple TV. This could result in webOS having a nice market share and relevance in the SmartTV space, which would be good for all other potential venues (i.e. phones, tablets, printers, autos, appliances, desktops).

Some good news...finally...for WebOS. Now, for a bit of tempering...

I say "good" and not "great" because any actual development by HP/Gram means that the OS is not being shuttered. However, this is potentially fleeting good news; here is why. LG is great and all, but as Derek astutely put it, nothing has been released yet. Even if one model is released (next year?), that is a high-risk endeavor if the release is not played just right...and we are all intimately aware of how HP has managed to bungle things in the past. While one manufacturer can benefit from having a single software provider (think HP & Microsoft in the early/mid-2000's), if there is any kind of trouble, the union and ultimately the product can disappear just as quickly as it came about.

My sincere hope is that HP/Gram is looking to other manufacturers besides LG, but I just don't know who else are going to take such a gamble when they don't need to or want to (because it would have potential conflicts with other lines [Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.?]). HP has orchestrated the management of WebOS to where it is in a corner in many aspects. I'll give you an analogy learned by sailors over the years. If you find yourself adrift at sea and you have no water to drink, the water you are in sure looks tempting. The problem? The quickest way to die of dehydration is to drink the salt water that looks so promising. LG is everywhere in stores these days, but they could just be the salt water to the adrift WebOS.

I have two LG TVs - a 42" and a 37" (which has NetCast). They are very nice indeed and my friend is often (favourably) comparing them to his Samsung TV.

I'd DEFINITELY like to see LG putting webOS on its mobile devices too - they need some way to gain ground on the market leaders (Apple and Samsung) and they're not gonna do that with 'yet another Android slab phone'.

Here's hoping anyway.

It would be interesting to see how LG/HP-Gram innovate to make this TV-WebOS into an interactive multi-player game platform and not just another SmartTV information consuming device.

I state this because most entertainment app downloads on smartphone and tablets are single player at a time. For entertainment at home on a large screen TV, it needs to support multiple independent controllers. Maybe multiple WiFi or bluetooth connections.

I remember seeing an image of Asphalt 7 on iOS that's beamed to a TV and has local multiplayer on split screen. Something like that?

Nice story, but as always, I'm going to believe it, when I see one in the local shop.

If I have to chose between a crippled so-called smart tv firmware, a fruitbox tv, something android driven, or a real smart solution like webOS, I'd probably take one of the last two. If they are decent and open enough, of course.

So, gram/LG, this better be good and soon enough. My old Samsung is going 5 years old in December and got fixed twice already.

And LG, consider to go the whole way. Mobile devices with at least the possibility to install webOS would be easy enough and at least a start.

I can't believe this is a good leak for Gram. LG will be unhappy, and it had to leak from a gram employee. Not good. Apple stops working with suppliers they don't trust. IMHO, this leak may have made it less likely to come to fruition. Further, I'm not sure webos nation should print these leaks. We shouldn't do anything to hurt webos. And gram employees and interns need to learn confidentiality.

It didn't necessarily have to leak from a Gram employee. LG might not be unhappy with the leak. Sometime they even do it purposely so that they can stay in news and in the mind of people.

Apple is just now beginning to stop working with Samsung and I'm very sure they haven't trusted each other for some time.

Perhaps LG should stop working with Apple since they make competing products (phones, tablets, and soon to be televisions).

Considering that webOS Nation has been practically begging for any kind of news for the better part of a year since hardware stopped being produced, I can cut them all sorts of slack in putting this story out there. It's not like they want to damage their relationship with Gram, so I have to think they got approval for it. Finally, getting webOS back in the news on CNET, Engadget, The Verge, etc. is a good thing... a very good thing.

That said, the author of the CNET article sounded like he had never heard of webOS previously making a pile of errors and just bad editorial.

Agreed, this is not a negative leak. From Gram, it shows they have a real client so something to work towards. From LG, it's an interesting direction and differentiates them. The contracts seem to be signed several months ago. I doubt this could have been kept secret much longer.
I'm not sure LG works with Apple. Samsung provides screens and possibly more to apple in the past. So LG doesn't have to worry about offending apple. Google TV hasn't taken off so it's not a big loss either. And LG has not done well with android in comparison to samsung and other players.

well, one useful thing that might come out of this would be a NetFlix app for webOS!

well they can count on everyone on this blog to buy one we are all WebOs smart people :-)

84" LG Ultra High Definition 3D TV with webOS? When/where can I get one?
Life's webOS!

This is interesting. One of the first things I thought about when hearing about Open webOS booting on the Raspberry Pi was "I wonder if I could replace my set-top box with that ...". I kinda shelved the idea when I got to the obvious thought of how interaction with the computer would work. I like the Kinect-style ideas.

Remove the bottom bar (just leave the launcher button on the bottom), make each card a channel on your tv so you can preview real time what's happening on other networks. Also Voice control would be huge, as would kinect support

I had a thought that WebOS TTS might be a killer feature for this kind of a device if they do it right. I'll start the ball rolling...

Transfer a video conference on skype between the TV, phone and tablet.

Transfer channel information from the TV to portable device to another TV so you can continue watching as you move from one location to another in the house.

Other ideas for TTS?


gosh, finally! Somebody will make a fifty incher, that I'll be able to carry around as my daily driver. NOT.

The numbers are not behind stupid TVs, regardless how smart they are. The numbers are behind smartphones. Every other area will derive it's success/failure, from the phone business adoption. I.e., webOS masters still don't "get it". Without robust mobile ecosystem, (that means phones first, tablets distant second), every other market niche is a futile exercise. At best (and that's unlikely), it can be a short-term moderate success, before ran over by the mobile juggernauts. And it is best case scenario, because in all probability, it will be stillborn anyway.

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