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The Great webOS Nation Giveaway: 60 seconds for a Verizon Pre3 98

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Apr 2013 8:51 pm EDT

The Great webOS Nation Giveaway: 60 seconds for a Verizon Pre3

On the list of rare birds in the webOS universe, it doesn't get much rarer than the Verizon HP Pre3 before you venture into the realm of never-mass-produced prototypes. But it would just so happen that we have five of them that we intend to give away to you, oh loyal citizen of this great webOS Nation. You've haiku'd for the AT&T version, but given the comparative rarity of the Verizon Pre3, something more is called for.

So here's the deal: To enter for a chance to win one of five brand-new Verizon HP Pre3 smartphones, we want you to put together a video explaining why you deserve to win one. There's just one catch: this video cannot be longer than 60 seconds. You've got one minute to make your case - no more - and though we appreciate your enthusiasm, we must insist that you limit yourself to one video per entrant. And one minute, that's really a big sticking point here.

Once you've made your video, upload it to YouTube and post a link to it in the comments of this post. Your entries are due in by the end of the day on 30 April 2013, after which time we're sure it will take us a little while to sort through them all and pick the most deserving of entrants.

As with the other giveaways in The Great webOS Nation Giveaway, there are also Touchstone and car charger bonuses to be had. Three for this one, in fact.

To recap: 60 seconds to make your case for one of five Verizon Pre3s. Put it on YouTube and link to it in the comments. Do this by next Tuesday. Time to bust out that old JVC GY-X2B and get recording!



Good luck to the entrants. My VZW Pre3 remains at my home, functional and unused. Sad, really. {Jonathan}

Are you willing to hand it off to a fellow member :)

Give it to is...

There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!
writing book reviews

Man, I wish they would of made one for sprint. But then again, I would buy one for if anyone selling theirs that's with VZW.

Give me one Eric.

Who is this Eric and what is he supposed to give you?

Stupid question:
Is there a significant difference to the EU Version of the Pre3? Would it work in Germany with voice and data? (QWERTY vs QWERTZ is clear)
I'd love to give it a home here then :o)

PS: pm me, to not clutter up this comments.


Posting this response so all can see it. The Verizon Pre3 is technically a world phone. In addition to a Verizon-compatible CDMA radio, it also sports a GSM radio and SIM card slot for international travel. I'm honestly not clear on the frequencies it supports, but by my recollection it does support the vast majority of international GSM frequencies.

It supports 2G 850/900/1800/1900 and 3G 900/1900/2100. This means it supports the German 2100MHz band (which your carrier hopefully uses :)

I would like to buy a VZW HP Pre3 from anyone or one of the winners of these 6. I intend on using it! Please contact me!

I would love a Pre 3. Been using my Pre plus for about 4 years. Contest entry link =

Been in love with webOS since day one and I've entered all these contest just in hopes of winning a HP Pre3 here's you go WebOS Nation

Question Derek: do you guys have *any* stuff for international webOS members? Because up till today it has been USA only (Verizon, Sprint, etc.).

please pick me i need this phone!!!! :D

Please webosnation I love webos! Here it is:

Hey what is up WebOS lovers. Here is my entry. Hope this is correct! Keep up the amazing work ya'll and good luck!

I've gotta say.. some AWESOME entries so far! Love seeing entries from members who simply really need one to use daily! (I don't vote so don't worry) :) Great job so far everyone and GOOD LUCK!!

Can I win one of these Pre 3 devices(without going to the hassle of creating a video), Derek!!!! I need one a Pre 3 device to replace my Pre 2, but too afraid to film a video of myself to post it on YouTube.

its two mins bro can only be one min

Since when do webOS users follow the rules? I'd be replying to you on an iPhone if I colored within the lines.

Here's my video for the contest:

I hope you like it!

that was a beast video :D

Awesome video Its alright with me :)

hahaha, i like yours ^^

I am still super excited for this giveaway! Can't wait to see the winning videos as well as hear the results.

There you go, this is my video! :D
*crosses fingers*

Creative, catchy, and convincing. Your entry ^^ gets my vote!

The pager was hilarious! :) Nicely done

I cannot stop watching videos about the pre 3 now thanks a lot! This is like christmas to me right now.

Thank you for considering me! = D

(entry removed)

Here's my entry!

Hello great webos nation! Is Vimeo ok? If not i'm willing to re upload to youtube.

well done, it must have been such a hassle to find those old articles! ;)

Here's the SAME ENTRY in youtube format

Dang!!! There are some amazing entries. Stop making such good ones jeez...

Here is mine My video oh i'm a bit nervous, hope you like it...took some time, 1hrs, the song is from the chromebook commercial, I edited it with audacity to remove voice so thats why it sounds a bit chopy...did my best. Thank you!!


I really need a Verizon Pre 3. Find my submission here:

Thanks in advance!

*Breaking News* The "O" key on my Pre Plus is officially broken. It has been hard to press for months now but it is now dead.

Hello everyone, here is my submission. I had a difficult time in front of the camera as I am quite shy being filmed so I did my best. this is my third entry after the last two contests and I hope third times a charm. Good Luck everyone.

My Entry

:-O Rdesai is a pre killer lol

Wow, the more entries I watch the more my entry is lacking. Didn't I say stop with the amazing entries people!

I feel the same way Bobster at this point all I can do is just hope and pray lol

Well one of these days I will win something. Hoping this is that time!

My name is Mara Durham, I'm 8 and winning that Pre 3 is going to mean everything to me, including grades.

jade, she's adorable

I hope I win. This will be awesome if I win a Pre 3!!! Wish me luck!

Please, excuse the extra 24 seconds.

Feel free to pause the video to allow extra reading time.

Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these rare phones.

I'll continue to support WebOS and have hopes for future devices that support it.

Goodluck, everyone!

Enjoy my story! :0

Watch in HD to see the added "Enhancements".

Bookmarked this page. Can't believe how excited I am! I could really use this upgrade finally.

I'd love to trade my Landline for a Pre3 smart phone that will integrate with my Touchpad.

Come on guys y'all making it impossible for me to win. Lol From the cute kids to the excellent videos with catchy music in the background. I'm loving all the entries it makes me very happy to see WebOS fans pulling out all the stops. And this is why I believe that the WebOS community is the best. Even after years of not even having new hardware it shows me the WebOS is very much alive so much so we even had someone post a video just to show support. I thank you WebOS nation for bringing us WebOS diehards together I love WebOS and this community it's no other like it.

kept it under 60 seconds...

Went through the current vids on here to pick my top five. Unfortunately there were so many good ones I couldn't narrow it down past 6. I love this WebOS community!

There goes my love... (please watch at 480p)

Good luck to everyone!

Cutting this down to 60 seconds was tough. My apologies to fans of Hugo...

^^You've got talent and my vote! I am inspired to enter!

I love les mis, well done, you could be a great Fantine... If you were female :D

I did actually rewrite the entire song, knowing I'd only use parts of it, but I guess I was sad when I realized how little of it I could use...

I kept my smartphone by my side
And filled my cards with endless wonder
HP took their products in its stride
But support was gone when Apotheker came

And still I dream it'll come to me
through open source and hardware tethered.
But these are phones that cannot be
And without backing cannot weather

(if you had more time)

I dreamed a dream webOS would be,
So different from the hell we're living.
So different now from what it seemed.
But now, Leo has killed the dream we dreamed :D

Here's my entry! Hoping for the best!


Here is my video entry:

Thank you for your consideration. webOS forever!

Wishing myself best of luck.

Fingers crossed.

Here's my 'Ode to webOS', the song is loosely based on McFly's 'My TVR', and I hope it isn't too bad haha :D

Yea.... These videos just keep getting better. I should have waited to see the competition before I submitted mine. Oh well too late now. Good luck and congrats to the winners in advance!

My 60 seconds...

Sadly, there is no singing involved in my entry... I'd gladly sing something else from Les Mis with Noremacam.

Man, there are some good videos...mine is not that good but it's real and it's 59 seconds!

58 seconds away from a pre 3 (I can always dream anyway)

I would just like to say to whoever does end up winning. I am really interested in getting a verizon pre 3 even if I do not win. So if anyone ends up not wanting it anymore PLEASE contact me as there are only 3 available on ebay at this point.

I thought 60 seconds was a lot...I had so much more to say & do, but this sums it up as best I could quickly! Goodluck to everyone!

Here's a happy home for an orphan Verizon Pre3:

Thank you for considering me and for watching.

Here's my entry, thanks for your consideration

60 seconds poses a challenge, but here's my entry:

Thanks for the opportunity!

5/1/13 - my apologies to veyron431, I'm just watching the other entries now, and didn't intentionally name my song the same thing (Ode to webOS). Out of respect, I'll change the name on my video, but the content won't change, so don't hold it against me please!
This is my heartfelt plea for a beautiful wonderful Palm Pre 3

Hope my efforts pays off, really really want this phone!

My Family and I share our story! Help me please!

Here's my entry:

Good luck to everyone!


Video is uploading - will it get on youtube in time?!?

Hopefully, the contest ended at midnight Pacific time(or later)!

Same here..
But here comes our entry...

Congrats to all the winners in advance!!!!

Just finished watching all the entries, and there are some really great videos. Best of luck to everyone!

I know I watched all of them too. Jeez there are some good singers in a couple of these vids too. Maybe I should've done the chicken dance or something.

Who won??

I don't think the winners were posted yet. Hopefully they will be soon!

Ah all right, thank you.

I hope we see an update on this contest this week.

I gotta admit, I'm on the edge of my seat now... :-)

Me too!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

I knew I wouldn't win so I decided to get a VZW Pre 3 from Ebay. It was delivered today and all I can say is WOW! Whoever wins will be very happy!!!! It is a wonderful phone for a WebOS enthusiast! Good luck to everyone who entered!