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The Great webOS Nation Giveaway: Comment to win a Pixi, Pre 2, or Veer 891

by Derek Kessler Tue, 16 Apr 2013 6:18 pm EDT

The Great webOS Nation Giveaway: Comment to win a Pixi, Pre 2, or Veer

If an AT&T HP Pre3 doesn't fit the bill for you, fret not, there are more giveaways to come in The Great webOS Nation Giveaway. Like this one. And unlike the last one where we told you to go and write a syllabically-constrained webOS poem (that contest is still open through tomorrow, by the way), all we're going to ask of you this time is to post a comment on which one of these fine devices you'd like to win.

What's up for grabs? You might call this the odd lot, with a mix of webOS smartphones old a new available. Again, you'll have to specifically comment on which one - just one - you'd like to win. There are two AT&T HP Veers, two Verizon HP Pre 2s, and one Sprint Palm Pixi.

The Veers come in new condition with all of their in-box goodies, while the Pre 2 and Pixi prizes are offered without accessories. Additionally, one of the winners of one of these five fine webOS smartphones will be getting a Touchstone wireless charger and a Palm car charger.

And all you have to do is post a comment on which one you want to win by Tuesday, 23 April 2013. As a reminder, you have pick one and only one, and repeat entries will result in disqualification.

Who wants a free little phone? You do!



Please, a PANDA veer would be so nice to ad to his darker cousin! :)

A Veer would be nice!

I would love a veer. :)

What an awesome way to spur the community. Sign me up for a Verizon Pre 2 please!

Ahhh. I had given up on the prospect of a Pre 2 for Verizon. Oh how I would love one.

A Pre 2 would be awesome!!!!

A Pre2 would be just lovely....

Actually, if the AT&T Veer can be unlocked, sign me up for that instead! I'm headed to London for a month and that would come in handy.

A veer would be greatly appreciated

AT&T Veer please and thank you!

VEER PLEASE! It never made it to Canada & I want to give it a good home!

I would love a Pre 2. My old Pre finally got too banged up to use, and Sprint won't replace it. So I'm stuck with an iThing, and I miss webOS.

With a Pre 2, I would immediately begin Franken-Preing it, so I'd have a faster phone with the same great form factor. I hope I win. =)

Loved playing with Veer in Best Buy (when huge HP/webOS displays could be found) so vote is for a Veer . Thanks

A Veer would be dear.

I would like one VEERy much. Especially if I don't win the Pre 3.

I want an HP Veer because I miss WebOS and am a developer who would like to play with it and port an app or two just for fun!

Long live WebOS!

I'd love an ATT Veer :)

A Veer would be a great upgrade for my Palm Pre...

With only one vote to give, I give it to Veer.

I'd love a HP Veer!!!! :)

Would love a white Veer
Extra space in my pocket
Haiku not needed


Pre2 would be my choice, thanks.

Verizon Pre 2 please! My daughter needs one.

A verizon pre2 please. :-)

Pre 2 would be nice :)

Would love to win a Pre 2!

Sprint pixi please :)

My wife love Pre 2 so much. :)

Want to feel the Veer dive deep into my pockets.

Yay for Veers! :D

I'd gladly take a Verizon HP Pre 2 off your hands. ;)

Would love to get my hand on one of those Veers! Cheers for Webos!

I would like the Veer!

I would absolutely love a Verizon HP Pre 2!


Veer for me.

Veer of course!

The pixi please its hard to text the love of your life on a touch screen and auto correctiveness

Yes. Please. Very nice.

three cheers for a veer!

I would like a Sprint Pixi or the ATT Veer just to see what they are like!

Sprint Palm Pixi. Yep. You read that right. Might be the first person to ask for that. Sure, the Veer is supper cool, and the pre2 is on the arguably best network, but the Pixi is the best chance to get webos back in my hands. So . Bring. it. on.


I'd love a Veer :)

Veer!! Size would be a nice change... phones are too big these days

A pre 2 or veer would be awesome! :-)

Oh, the Panda style Veer!

I would LOVE a Beer...erm....VEER!

Pre 2 por favor :-)

Veer would be amazing! :^)

Love the tiny Veer!

I would love any one of those to complement my webOS collection

Accessories, I have plenty
a Pre 2 I have loved, and lost many,
that "she's" been held by another, matters none any

In the age of megaphones, a Veer would be refreshing.

A white HP Veer sounds good right about now.

I´d like a veer because it would be a good upgrade for my pre, because I enjoy webOs, because it has a great size (for me), because I like the veer design and because ATT support this smartphone with one of the best network all over the world. I like a veer (cheers!).

I'm the type of guy that needs his box complete, so that includes the manual to the charging cable and the box itself, so I'd love to win the HP Veer!
Cheers WebOS Nation!

I would love a Veer but I can't win it since I cannot use it with cellular data here in The Netherlands. It's really awesome that you guys have a great giveaway but do you guys have any retail units perhaps? Because all the devices you gave away so far are locked to a carrier... don't rule out the international users of the community please.

Pre2 me please, with the car charger if possible. I'd prefer an AT&T phone over Verizon but I will be happy regardless as this upgrades me from a Pixi Plus! :) Thanks Derek and Queenie.

There are very few things in this world that would make me happier than a panda veer...

Keep doing what you're doing guys. You're awesome!

I would love to win a Pre 2. Gotta love webos nation for continuing to deliver after all these years.

A Veer please!
When carrying a tablet everywhere, who needs a giant phone? :)

A veer, a veer and a bottle of beer please... :)

I see a nice phone in my VEER view mirror for me.

Silly rabbit, Pixi's are for kids!

And for me!!! Please.....

I would LOVE a Veer. Thanks for keeping the WebOS fire burning!

I would love to Veer into a new webos phone!

I would love to Veer into a new webos phone!

I would not mind a Pixi for Sprint!

Though I'm still crossing my fingers for a Pre3!

I would give up my first born child for the Palm Pixi (but only if its ugly)

Ofcourse the AT&T HP Veers!!!!

I'd love a Pre2!

I would love the Veer.

I am torn, but I guess I would like a Veer, as I have never used one.

I would love to have the HP Veer , it's so small and I would live to try it with my HP touchpad , Great website read just about every article since I have this webpage on my "Pulse" app

Would love a Verizon Pre much that I would donate my mint Verizon Pre Plus back to the community.

Palm Veer

A Verizon Pre 2 would work great for me

At&t hp veer in panda white if available please!

Well, I would really like to get my hands on a Veer. That's just a little sexy devil. Plus, I think it's a worldphone so, in addition, I know...use it.


Pre2 on Verizon please...

Veer! (My Touchpad just wants to bump...)

Veer! i would love one of them tiny guys to add to my collection

VEER! i loved my hp veer till it broke :(

Pre 2... I need one to close up my collection. :P

Let's see, I'm not on AT&T nor Sprint. So, how about the HP Pre 2 on Verizon? Thanks!

panda veer!

Pixi, please! I've always wanted one but I just can't bring myself to waste money on it lol!

Pre 2, no matter how cool the Panda Veer looks.

Veer please


I would love the chance to win a Veer. I lusted after one when they first came out, but my Pre was still functioning just fine and I was stuck on a Sprint contract. Now that I'm contract-free and my poor little Pre gave up the ghost, I would lose my mind with happiness for the chance at owning a Veer.

Awesome! Thanks!

Veer is so cute, I love it so much!

Pre 2 please!

Verizon HP Pre 2

Would love to upgrade my pick to a Verizon pre2, thanks!

Oh, why not?

I'll put in a shout for a "free as in Veer". I won't win, but I can push the petition for new hardware again....

A pre 2 would be great, thanks! 8)

the super awesome veer!

I would love to get any of these phones!

Ill take the Pre 2

ME WANT PIXI!! OR Palm Prē 2

Veer me please :)

A Veer for my sister would be nice. She never had a smartphone before and it would be nice for her to try one out.

Verizon HP Pre 2s for my girls friend so she stop complaining about her Android phone :)

I love the HP Veer. FIrst owned one last year and what was supposed to be my transition phone while i wait for the iThingy 5, became the phone that converted me to webOS and gesture based navigation. I have since sold my Veer to purchase the Pre 3 as my main handset now. I Love WebOS and as an iPhone user since the first generation, even unlocking it myself the same night it was available (Trinidad and Tobago), used iPhone up until I used the Veer. The Veer is a perfectly sized phone, small as a phone should be, comfortable, great at doing the necessary tasks like phone calls, messaging, notes, etc, and can even do all the tasks of a fully fledged smartphone when that's called for. I miss my white Veer and would love one to use as my 2nd handset. It's inevitable that my Pre 3 will be outdated hardware and would love a Veer to continue having WebOS with me, my much preferred mobile OS currently available.

As the former Palm Field Rep for CT. I would love to win a Pre 2. I still use my Pre Plus daily and I am slowly watching it taper down.

Pre2 or Veer please!

Please set me free from my iPhone prison by blessing me with a Verizon Pre 2! Ever since the death of my Sprint Pre I have had some major webOS withdrawal issues.

Love that veer! I still think it is one if the best ideas anyone has had yet! I would definitely appreciate the chance to experience this unique device. Webos proud unite!

Pixi me please!

Ever since I first heard about it and seen it advertised, I've been dying to get my hands on a Veer. I would love to win one :)

I would love to have a Pixi :) the only WebOS phone I was always curious about

I enjoyed reading each of the reviews, on the Veer Pixi and PRE 2. ive had a PRE in the past and its been great but died as most phones do eventually. looking at getting a replacement for my mums old phone, winning one would be amazing. plz would love to have a PRE 2 to surprise her.

my choice would have to be Veer... unfortunately nothing else would work with my network im quite sure of that... :(

Definitely the Veer. It's the one I don't have in my museum yet! :)

I would love a white veer, seeing as mine just broke

Veer would be nice to match my Pre 3 :)

I would very much like a Veer.

I'd love to get a Veer!

white veer, please :)

My current Panda Veer on AT&T is starting to act up. I would love a replacement to stay with the best OS on the planet- webOS!!!!!

I guess an ATT Veer would at least be hackable to T-Mobile, so lets try one of those. I still need to find out what's so great about this 'gesture area' thing.

Pixi please.

I would love to have one of these Veer's back again! My Precious! :)

The Veer is an awesome, usable, comfortable, in your pocket little rocket.

HP Veer please webOS Nation :)

Veer pretty please! :)

I would provide a very loving home for an AT&T Veer. Please pick me!

I would love a Veer. My Touchpad and Pre2 miss their little brother :)

Veer me up Scotty!

I'd like the Verizon Pre 2 as a keepsake. WebOS is brilliant even only at 2.0 and I'd like to have something fond to look on.

It would be nice to have a Verizon Pre2 ! Pick me! Pick me!

It would be nice to have a back up verizon pre 2. Just in case, something bad happens to my current one.

I'd love to have Veer...


Hey guys, I am probably the only owner of a pre 2 and a veer in Nicaragua, my pre 2 it's brand new, but my wife's veer it's a little old and the years made the veer not longer "so pretty" as my wife described it the first time, having a new veer will make her so happy, so without further due: Veer please!!!

The Veer would be amazing. I'd love a tiny little phone.

Verizon Pre 2! Better than my old Pre+

A pre2 would make me a happy puppy.

I'l have a Veer
I'll have it there, I'll have it here
with a fox or with a deer
I'll take good care, never fear

I'll have a Veer
I'll have it far, I'll have it near
in a box or on a pier
I'll have it now, not next year

I'll have a Veer
I'll overlook that awful sneer
In the front or in the rear
I'll have it with a grateful cheer!

I'll have a Veer, see here see here!!!!

A Pre 2 for me 2 !!!

Would love to upgrade from my original Pre to a Pre2!

A Pre 2 for me

I'm still hoping for the HP Pre3, but I wouldn't say no to an AT&T HP Veer. :)

Would an AT&T Veer need to be unlocked to work on Straight Talk? Regardless, I'd love to have one. AT&T Veer would certainly fit the bill for me!

Dear WebOs Nation. Please send me a Veer.

So sad i dropped my Pre2 last weekend and can't get the on/off button to work! Would luv a replacement! I refuse to get an iPhone!! Please send me a Pre2..... ; )

Be nice to get my favorite toy for a comment. ;)