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The Great webOS Nation Giveaway: webOS haiku, four HP Pre3s to win, for AT&T 1084

by Derek Kessler Wed, 10 Apr 2013 8:22 pm EDT

The Great webOS Nation Giveaway: Haiku for one of four AT&T Pre3 smartphones!

The time has arrived; The Great webOS Nation Giveaway starts now.
After much thinking we're breaking up the bounty into four segments.
Each contest will have a different way to win new webOS goods.

The first starts today: four AT&T Pre3s, new in their boxes!
This contest goes back to an old poetic trope… yes, it's haiku time.
Built in three phrases - syllables: five, seven, five - haikus are quite short.
For the uncertain, here's an example haiku, written just for you:

Pre3 on Ma Bell
the best webOS smartphone
never had a chance

Creativity is the order of the day, keep it short, but sweet.
Compose your short poem, the subject is webOS, post in the comments.
Lament the shut down, plead to LG for new toys, community love.
It is up to you - your haiku should capture the webOS spirit.

We'll pick four winners and post them for all to read, and send them new phones.
The two best haikus will also get a Touchstone and a car charger.
There is a deadline: post your entry by Wednesday, 17 April.
That's one week from now, so get your haiku posted, for your chance to win.

There are four Pre3s up for grabs in this contest - you just need a poem.
It's really not hard to write a haiku yourself - why not try a few?
Five, seven, and five - poems of simple elegance, just like webOS.
Heck, you might just win an AT&T Pre3. Wouldn't that be grand?

Be sure to stay tuned for the other three contests - there's much more to come!



Each line a haiku;
Does that make all this "meta"?
Derek has gone nuts.

I went back to look to see what this was about, very impressive.

My pocket vibrates,
I retrieve my new Pre 3
A flick, some clicks, done.

Apotheker whittman
LG don't know what to do
fans keep it alive

I wait for the day
when webOS will rise again
Phoenix it shall be

Pre plus Veer touchpad
you had so much more in you
no one knew how to

Once I started this
just cannot stop expressing
webOS is my love

best software ever
hardware never, fans root for
webOS ports' nexus

webOS vision
Palm birth HP abandon
LG holds the spark

Best smartphones ever
Linux underneath the hood
Really want Pre 3.


Actual multitasking

Wireless charging

Palm and HP fail
WebOS fans used to it
Change the trend LG

With a single swipe,
I can connect with the world.
This is webOS.

How can you do that in just one swipe after bootup, exactly?

I miss my Palm Prē.
The best phone on Sprint hands down.
It shall be reborn.

Pre3 you left me,
I long for your sweet gestures,
Swiping the pain away

Swiping the pain away = ALL THE FEELS

Can we get a like button over here, please; for all of the above? Nay. A "Love it!" button. :P

Oops the last line is one too many. Lets try that again

Leo has gone no where.
My fingers long for gestures.
Pain is forever.

If I may suggest,

Perhaps your last line should be:

"Swipe away the pain."

That works.

That works nicely as well, Thanks Derek. This one is for you :P

In the coffee shop.
Did webOS capture her soul.
I stare wondering.

Envied for two years
Looked sought revered thought
If the pre was mine?

The mighty may fall,
The Prē's grave left untended,
But we shall not forget.


webOS, swiping cards,
lost in the pile,

ahh, fond memories
Palm Pre to HP Pre 3
I miss ski mask guy

A Prēmonition
Hellish Perils, open futures
WebOS shall live.

Give up everything
Throw my nexus at the wall
Embrace webOS

Gestures are the best.
Give us some decent hardware.
Cards will do the rest.

Palm is now long gone,
HP failed miserably,
The nation lives on.

Nice....I like.

Longing for pre3
Dammit I use Verizon
I'd switch, that's my love

webOS had promise
I pray for resurrection

Haiku is a 5/7/5 syllabic cadence, not 5/3/7.

Give me a Pre 3
It's got to be GSM
Because ATT.

Touchstones lie around
Still not bad as paperweights
Thanks Apotheker

WebOS IS the best
But then Leo came
And Shattered our dreams away...

I love WebOS
Hackable UI framework
Lots of goodness there.

***Is it only one poem/entry per person?***

"It's really not hard

to write a haiku yourself

why not try a few?"

thats a creative way to correct someone though haha

Swiping and gestures
Had them before BB Ten
Gone before its time.

When my Pre 3 dies
I can't settle for Android.
I need a backup

webOS lies torpid
Other phones feign its spirit
Resurrected, it'll vanquish!


Is WebOS dead...?
Palm, HP, and now LG.
Apocalypse Now?

First smartphone palm pre plus, great.
Forced to switch to android, love it lots.
Still thirsty for synergy.

The Pre3 could have
saved webOs but no no
HP hates wee eee

Analysts Pre-dicted the 3,
Carriers Pre-cluded the 3,
Other phones Pre-dated thee.

Have people here actually looked up how many syllables a haiku needs? It's 5/7/5, not 8/15/20 or whatever some of these entries have. Geez, people.

Pre3 Synergy
One too many card errors
Background multitask

Oh my lost WebOS
Swipe one way to more apps
Swipe the other to my broken heart.

Pre3 left in cold
Too sexy for my love
Pry from my dead hand

Friends may yet scoff, but
with WebOS in hand there's
no need to Pre-tend.

No updates in years,
And yet this aged OS still,
Trumps iPhone and Droid.

The Veer may be small
TouchPad is a lot larger
Pre 3 perfection.

the Palm heritage.
lost in limbo, has future?
no choice but to wait...

You sly, sneaky dog
HP, missed you come into
the market, and out

webOS is best,
The Pre hath not forsaken,
weep man tears of joy.

I wished for a Pre,
I lusted for the Pixi;
I pray for Palm's gift.

on this we all agree
in the good times and the bad
WebOS was loved


Contest at WebOS Nation
Beautiful HP Pre3
So much for winning it

webOS gestures
IOS Jelly Bean suck
give me synergy

Wish you were my first
Do not want to let you go
LG you are my hope

WebOS is dead.
Psych! WebOS is not dead.
WebOS lives on.

Spooky WebOS,
far apart we are paired.
You entangle us.

When webOS launched
Tamara Hope gave us life:
Just go with the flow.

So many new phones.
I let the world pass me by.
webOS still works.

Homebrew sustains us
A community apart
From the shifting sands

How I do love thee
webOS, Oh webOS!
Let me swipe away...

Palm fan since Pilot
A lonely but noble path
Help me to keep hope

They were both on Sprint,
I had a Pre-, I use a Pre2,
must have a Pre3, please take this hint.

I still love webos
HP killed my favorite os
Open web os lives on

An awesome OS
With terrible marketing
Sadly not the first

Thank you, Jon Ruby.
You too, Matias Duarte.
Leo... why oh why?

What has come of thee
Unique and innovative
Your future uncertain

Palm fan since Pilot
A lonely but noble path
Help me to keep hope

One Pre. Two Pre's. Plus
One more. Pre 3's in the wild
We want more!!! But how???

Pre3 missed daily
Smart people love webOS
The legend lives on

My Veer is dainty
And catches everyone's eyes
But word wraps haiku

webOS Nation:
We are the champions - my friends
No time for losers!

WebOS mowed down
in the prime of its young life
like Gallipoli

WebOS Nation
Clearing inventory now
End of the Nation?

webOS in my hand
in my printer, on my desk
it;s morn dream is over

Palm IIIe,TX,
HP Veer, Touchpad are mine.
Is Pre3 for me?

The best touch mobile
that goes with HP TouchPad
gone before their time!


Before the iPhone,
Palm Pilot was handheld king.
Long live WebOS!


Successor to Palm.
Groundbreaking card metaphor.
HP to LG.

I have a gesture
For short-sighted CEO'S
One certain gesture...

WebOS soldiers
Fight on, never losing faith
We are the Fifth Column

I Like This

Oops! Just re-counted syllables and will need to post a correction.

WebOS soldiers
Fight on, never losing faith
We're the Fifth Column

Simple elegance
WebOS is like haiku
Simple elegance

Android idiots
Think they truly multitask
they are very wrong

A slow Pixi Plus
An HP Pre3 for me?
Oh how I want you

Has Derek gone mad?
Lack of Veers, Pres, and TouchPads?
A return maybe?

It's so sad to see
What webOS came to be
Saved by open source?

It's been a long road
From the pilot to pre3
The fight shall not end

Pre Plus on last leg
Don't want to be an iClone
Please save me from them

With first swipe of card
Immediately I knew
WebOS for me

Epic Fail HP!

Can LG Do better now?

Firefox phone? DOH!

Card swipes left and right...

webOS has got it right.

Others? Not so much...

Palm, HP, LG
Webos phantom touches
Me cards on TV

What is a haiku?
Oh, how I do not miss thee
Literature class

Live long Web OS
At least not in my Touchpad
Android lives there now

Yeah, I know that doesn't have anything to do with webOS.. except as it relates to this contest. :P  This is going to take a while to think up.
Hey this was a reply to my first comment.. why doesn't it display that way?

Pre3 is dying
Random slider shutting down
Gimme 'nother Pre...

Giveaway today
Pre 3 in my future, yes?
webOS is best

Launch day to fire sale.
A joyful, exciting ride
We enter twilight

My fingers still long
To touch a naked Pre3
Why oh why, HP?

Is webOS dead?
Install upside down in ground
To smooch on our ass

WindsorNot! Touchpad!

Devices I've never had!

Hope to have one soon! :)

I cannot retweet
Otherwise my palm pre plus
Is extremely good

An iPhone rival
Then a dual booted tablet
Why Leo and Meg?

Pre 3 for me? Gee!
No phone can compare to thee
webOS free me

The river stone split
Both hands touching the keyboard
The tweet is posted

First there was my Pre.
And then I had a baby.
She needs WebOS!


Touchscreens can be hard.
Swype gives me a headache.
Physical keyboard!


Shiny new Windows,
Sparkly android handsets,
Yet I yearn for Pre.


Touchstones lay fallow.
Aging hardware grows dust.
WebOS still glows.


Touchpad owners burned.
Pre users abandoned.
And yet... still loyal!

I told my husband he had to help me, because I really want a new phone and he knows how much I miss WebOS. His contribution:

My wife loved her Pre.
If I write the best haiku,
Husband Points galore!

+1 These are great!

223 or 4?
Stable OS out the door
Preware gets ya more!

I have 4 pre 3's
Pre 4 one would be cooler
Pre 3 five's cool too

I still believe in
The mythical, magical
WebOS toaster!

Extra apps easy as pie
Time for you to try

Don't forget the Veer
Tiny, powerful and cute
forgotten greatness

I wonder if pre
Is good for skipping stones
Maybe I can try?

You want a Pre 3?
Giveaway is no mystery
Haiki you and me

There, there, WebOS
WebOS Nation is here
Homebrew you HP!!

An OS of cards
A masterful creation
Deck stacked against it

It knows what I want

Before I go look for it

Palm Pre Synergy!

Palm,, HP, LG
Where the heck do I reside?
Webos lives here

Pre 3 river stone
Feels so right in my left hand

With Palm from the start,
Though many models I had,
Missing the Pre3

Cards Glide Cross Thy Screen
Pure Siren Multitasking
Dreaming Still PalmPre

a stone in my palm
my life is always changing
everything just flows

Swiping left and right
Launcher ready with its might
Win Pre 3 tonight

Apotheker failed

Grand Designs left out to waste

webOS lives on...

I so want this one
Without my set is not full
Must find more ideas

I so want this one
Without my set is not full
Must find more ideas

Ahead of its time
The future was bright but it
Was not in the Cards

From Palm now HP
Remained loyal through it all
Even fixed Touchpad

Want to stay with Pres
For as long as possible
Forever loyal

Need a little boost?
webOS quick install apps
Pre 3 supercharged

Compared to others
None still don't come close at all
Forever WebOS

Brand to brand again
They come up with things we have
Years ago still new

webOS Nation

Keeps spirit alive for the

best smartphones ever.

'Aint no other phones

worth putting on my Touchstones.

webOS phones rock.

Like WebOs so much
All the family have Pres
But still no Pre 3

Pre 3 SMS
Unified messaging, eh?
Pretty cool I'd say

If Palm and HP
Did not mess things up so bad
WebOS would rule all

(opps... last one a bit off)

If Palm and HP
Did not mess things up so bad
WebOS would rule

Haiku amongst friends
webOS lovers till end
Pre 3 up again?

Card deck metaphor
Makes me want webOS more
Android there's the door.....