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GSM Palm Pre Making the Certification Rounds, is US Bound 21

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 14 Aug 2009 5:44 pm EDT

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's fair to say that Palm Pre Silly Season, Part 2 is officially in effect.  As rumors swirl about what the European Release date will be, a PreCentral reader named Calvin has gotten down and dirty with the Google. He's sent his findings to us and we present them here to you.

First up, you can check this PDF to see that a new version of the Pre has been certified by That's where the hunt begins, as the unit certified here is P100UNA - Calvin notes that this matches up with the Treo Pro GSM version, T850UNA - the U is for UMTS, the NA is for North America.  In other words, there's a version of the Palm Pre GSM that Palm is at least getting certified for US use (a strong indication it will support US 3G).

Not enough?  How about this Bluetooth Gadget Guide listing with the P100UNA and P100UEU (that'd be UMTS-European Union) entries?  That could indicate that there will be separate version, but remember that there's a UNA and UEU version of the Treo Pro as well, add in Palm's limited resources and we're expecting one model for both regions. Note also the P100UEU was seen on that Pre Spy Shot in Vietnam.

Still not convinced that someday we'll see a US-compatible GSM Palm Pre? How about Certificate No. 72090412 at TUVdotCOM? That odd certification clears the P100UNA with both US and Canadian regulators like OSHA and CSS in one fell swoop.

It's not surprising and it's not like it gives us any indication of whether or not AT&T will pick it up, but it is very likely that the GSM Palm Pre will handle US 3G bands. Next stop: FCC?

Huge Props to Calvin for his internet sleuthing savvy!

Update: Chris Ziegler at Engadget makes the rather-smart observation that Bell will be transitioning from CDMA to GSM and mayhap this GSM Pre could be destined for their network - i.e. while we're definitely going to see something North American, the US isn't necessarily a lock.



You would think that a GSM Pre, using a SIM card, would contradict Palm's statement that they couldn't fit a MicroSD card slot into the Pre. Isn't a SIM card similar, if not larger, in size to a MicroSD card? Or does a GSM phone remove some of the internals that a CDMA phone would use, making room for the SIM slot?

I don't remember reading that they didn't think it could be fit. I though it was that it didn't fit within their ideas of a Cloud based service phone.

Don't fully agree with that.

You think AT&T would turn off MMS if you tried to register a Pre on their network? :)

I remember reading that Palm said they just couldn't fit in a card slot and still maintain the aesthetics of the phone... which seems like bologna to me but here's the post...

or, they cant fit both the gsm and sd card in the same form factor. do, they chose not not to put it in the cdma version also.

Palm always has GSM in mind, so if say the MicroSD card was placed where the SIM would be, where would they put the SIM card, or is GSM totally out of luck?

It's not just about gutting an opening for the slot, but the hardware and connectors to interface with the device as well. So to add the MicroSD bus and connectors might not have be doable while also having space available for a SIM card.

Actually, the CDMA Pre already has room for a GSM card, it's just covered up.

Reminds me of when the original iPhone has a non-standard 3.5mm jack. It was the same trade-off: aesthetics, specifically, thinness.

While your desire for a SD card is noted, I think you should appreciate the engineering of any device before criticizing it.

A SIM card fits internally and isn't meant to be taken out and swapped hilly nilly. A microSD card, by its very nature is. For that you need: the slot itself, at one of the motherboard's edges; the spring-lock eject mechanism; some kind of cover for the slot; an opening on the device's shell...

There's what Palm couldn't fit into the Pr

Not necessarily. Some phones have a card slot behind the battery or underneath the battery cover, with no external access.

I wish Palm would consider making a World phone Pre, or have a world phone version of their next WebOS device, I'd totally consider getting it. So I can stay on Sprint and have no troubles anywhere in the world I go.

There is more space required than simply the msd card. If you have a Sim card setup, that's one less element needed in the phone for Id. Wonder is pre will only be unlocked as GSM since tm and att have sweetheart deals for IP and G1?

Yes please! I need 3 band UMTS!

"Update: Chris Ziegler at Engadget makes the rather-smart observation that Bell will be transitioning from CDMA to GSM and mayhap this GSM Pre could be destined for their network"

And I make the even smarter observation, the Pre destined for bell will be the p100eww, the same as sprint.

You don't believe me? See for yourselves

:D Definitely believe that Bell is getting the CDMA Pre, the question I meant to address is where this GSM Pre might someday go when it's released.

For those of us that do not care about the minor details of the technology that the Palm Pre will eventually use, do you have an update on when Palm plans to address:

Short Battery Life
Pathetic App store
Customizable Alerts (text, e-mail, etc)
Louder Speaker
Inability to sync ALL audio files- can only sync some.
Ability to remove existing, useless apps (Nascar, Amazon, etc).

Most, if not all of those problems have been addressed by the upgrade to the Pre: a Treo 755.

THis Palm is awesome...get it...

I am certainly thinking about it once its here with a gsm flavor!

For those who haven't noticed, there's news that a GSM Palm Pr

I am certainly thinking about it once its here with a gsm flavor! first sign of pregnancy | very early signs of pregnancy | earliest possible pregnancy symptoms

Anyone knows - this story is true for CDMA too or there are any differences? HYIP monitor