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GSM Palm Pre Reviews Start Rolling In 11

by Derek Kessler Wed, 07 Oct 2009 10:30 am EDT

Times Online

While they call it a review, in reality it’s more of a preview, but it is the first European preview of the GSM Palm Pre. And unsurprisingly (and thankfully), The Times' impressions are little different than ours: they see the Pre as the first legitimate iPhone fighter. And while the Pre hasn’t quite measured up in some regards (like sales numbers and apps), it offers many on-par and superior features that, as The Times says, means that European smartphone shoppers now have “a decision to make.” Of course, you know which way we’re apt to push you. Thanks to Paul for the tip!

Slashgear finds little different from the CDMA version, though they do confirm that the UK Pre is shipping with webOS 1.1.3 and 'parity' with the Sprint version will come 'later on in 2009.'

Vowe confirms the German Pre also is on 1.1.3, and is 'loving this already' despite battery reservations.

Arne Hess over at the::unwired has several videos up, from unboxing, to a a jammin hardware overview, a software hands-on, and a photo gallery.

Update: Gizmo21 points us to this 19-page review (here's the single-page version)

In all, it sounds like the GSM Palm Pre doesn't bring any surprises beyond the disappointing version of the webOS (but we knew about that already). It seems as though the Pre is getting about the same reception (reviewers, not signal) that it did in the states. Now the test is whether or not being on a larger carriers in these countries will translate into larger sales.



The reviewers have reservations about battery life, yet as we've seen here (and I saw again, after I'd run the WebOS Doctor), the battery meter has to get accustomed to your battery.

Also, newsmartphoneitis makes people use the phone heavily the first couple of days..

Extensive german review and video review:

Google translated:

sadly only version 1.1.3 is installed - the reviews would be much better with 1.2, which the device would deserve and would need to be top selling

what's the story with 1.1.3?



The 1.2 didn't make it to the release-date. The euro versions will be updated to 1.2 later.
Perhaps it's also because there is still no model for the paid-apps catalog in europe (in germany credit-card paiing is not that common as in US).
So there is still good need of the homebrew catalog :)

The Pre still has a way to go to be an iPhone fighter. It's getting there though. 1.2.0 helped A LOT. I lost about 50% or more of the stutters I used to get. My battery life is actually not too bad now. "Manual" email now actually works (previously it would randomly check your email for you even if you put it on manual mode). The App Catalog is filling up. It was a great jump. My GPS connects almost always now (used to almost never catch the signal). Great steps, but it still needs quite a bit more fixes to get to iPhone fighter status.

The iPhone still has a huge advantage in snappiness and responsiveness and speed in general and in certain apps (Contacts, Photos, Music, TXT). And the Pre email client still sucks.

I'm guessing by 1.3.0 the Pre will hopefully be neck to neck w/ the iPhone. 1.2 is still a bit too far behind to be considered a rival.

Maybe you could add this to your list of revies. This is a proper hands on review with video from the chaps at Trusted Reviews.

Have you noticed that the trustedreviews site has "qwertz" keyboard but O2-UK operator logo.

I guess we can presume this is the simfree version that will be sold in Germany.

hi guys,

I am from germany and just to ask you, if I have to wait for the 1.2.1 version of webos till I can start using the WebOSQuickInstal and tweak my phone?


From the UK, but basically the same question; do we have to wait for 1.2.1 for homebrew fun?