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GSM Palm Pre on Vodafone 14

by Jennifer Chappell Mon, 16 Feb 2009 11:30 am EST

As Dieter mentioned earlier this morning straight from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there are some GSM flavored Pre's floating around that are live on Vodafone's network.

Palm hasn't announced the GSM version of the Pre at MWC, but those GSM versions sure have been spotted. Seems that the folks over at Pre Community got a shot (above) of an actual Vodafone Spain SIM card in one of the Pre's being used for demonstrations at MWC.

It's very exciting to know that GSM Pre's are out there. That gives us GSM folks some hope. I was also excited to hear Dieter say that an updated OS is currently undergoing testing at Sprint and presumably will hit the GSM version too.

CrazyTexan, one of our forum members posted this after reading the above portion of Dieter's article:

"If the phone were not close to being launched, Sprint would not yet be doing their internal testing. I have a friend who does this sort of testing for another US carrier and he said when they begin their testing they start about one month before the phone is released. When they are doing their testing, training is writing documents for employee use. If they find any major bugs then it could take longer than a month, depending on how long it takes the manufacturer to update the software to fix the problems. My guess is if WebOS is stable and working with Sprint's network and software (NFL, SprintTV, Navigation, etc) we will see the Pre in about a month."

So if that's true, maybe we will see the Pre around the 15th of March afterall.


Hmmm... "no room for a microSD slot," but room enough for a SIM card, eh Palm? Think of the "millimeter" you could have saved by not creating a GSM version...

Yep, Palm forgot they were making this phone JUST FOR JOAD!!!

I only have one profile here, "ANON." Look at the discussions. It seems that I'm far from alone in wondering WTF Palm was thinking when they removed something so valuable that nearly every cellphone available nowadays - smartphone or not - has removable flash. Since Palm has a long history of ignoring customer concerns unless they can twitter loud enough to get it into the "mainstream" press, I bring up the issue. The excuse Palm gave of "saving a millimeter of space" is absolutely ridiculous.

Dude seriously what you're saying is "F*** GSM give me a MicroSD, fuck the rest of the world". In other words "me is right now in states and me is always going to stay in here, cuz me is local. Me is never going to travel outside US.". Pathetic, dude.

Man there's still room for MicroSD even in the GSM version. The GSM version ain't got sh** to do with the missing MicroSD slot. Understand? It's more likely that they want you to buy a bigger version with 16GB later to make more profit.

Once again GSM ain't got shit to do with the missing memory slot. Take care.

Dude --- u is the man of the century. lovin the comment. keep it rollin

"Hmmm... 'no room for a microSD slot,' but room enough for a SIM card, eh Palm? Think of the 'millimeter' you could have saved by not creating a GSM version..."

That's exactly the point: the GSM version determines what else Palm puts into the CDMA version, not vice versa. That's always been the case. It's not like Palm would release a microSD version on Sprint followed by non-microSD versions on subsequent carriers.

Gee, that would be fine with me... :-P

I wonder if this is a Vodafone sim in an unlocked pre or a locked Vodsfone Pre?


Guys, I'm reposting here from one of my "No microSD" posts (I don't think Palm ever said there was a 1mm savings by leaving out the microSD):

Well actually, the article never said that adding microSD would only add 1mm to the phone. Here's his quote:

Imagine what it would look like?
That's easy --
The O-Phone.


you people complain about the most silly things iphone comes in 8 and 16 nobody complains anymore palm is now trying to reinvent it-self and everyone is worried about a stupid card slot on the note of stupid and silly here is one for you need 24 or 32 gb buy 3 or 4 pre ...

Can't we move forward and forget about the whole microSD issue? Its not happening on this phone and get over it!

The micro sd slot is an issue. The reference to iPhone interesting. the cheap iPhone has 8 GB, the better one 32 GB.

IPhone is a phone, audio/video player, and internet device. That is the way people think of it.

I don't know about "one millimeter" but having pulled a lot of devices apart the volume of a micro SD slot and its cables etc would be about that of a US Quarter.

Taharka's cut and paste of an explanation that has already been mocked and torn apart in the tech press isn't helpful.

The SD card question goes to limiting choice and up-selling like Apple or not.

I think maybe "Anon" didn't read my entire post. The "cut and paste" portion was to clarify the "one millimeter" issue. The point is adding the hardware is only part of the issue. We would need to understand what it means for the complete product (software and hardware).