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GVoice getting rebranded as SyngerGV, to integrate with Messaging 15

by Derek Kessler Thu, 21 Jun 2012 8:06 pm EDT

GVoice getting rebranded as SyngerGV, to integrate with Messaging

If you're a Google Voice user on webOS, we hope you've at least looked at GVoice. The app, a fine Enyo app originally built to bring Google Voice to the TouchPad and since shrunken down to phone-appropriate dimensions was just updated to version 1.1.0. The update brings a larger font for the blind among us and adds right and left justification to message conversations. Version 1.1.0 also has expanded Text-to-Speech capabilities for users of webOS smartphones.

But what we're really interested in is the upcoming version 1.2.0. The app will be rebranded as SynerGV, and if the synergistic name is dropping any hints, well, it ought be. SynerGV 1.2.0 will offer integration via Synergy Connectors with the webOS 3.0 TouchPad Messaging app. The plan is for the SynerGV Synergy Connector to be offered by the end of July as an in-app purchase, with a secondary companion app to manage things like placing phone calls, setting your Google Voice status, listening to voicemails, and the like. If you're downloading GVoice 1.1.0 onto your TouchPad, you'll have the option to pre-purchase SynerGV at a reduced price of $1.49. When SynerGV launches, it'll cost $4.99.

As for our webOS smartphones, where you're more likely to be making active use of Google Voice, the developer says that "if and when" he makes a smartphone version, the same offer to pre-purchase at a discount will be made. We're a little disappointed by the "if and when" part, but we know that webOS smartphones are a small market and as a lone developer there's only so much time in the day to commit to an increasingly niche app market. Regardless, we're hopeful that the "if" does become a "when", and we wouldn't be above suggesting you comment on this article to demonstrate how much demand for the app there just might be…

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I will be purchasing the App as soon as I'm home.

GVoice getting rebranded as SyngerGV, to integrate with Messaging

typo - its SynerGV, not SyngerGV.

To Derek:

Can I ask a simple request, if I may ? I would like for you to simply stop taking photos of your Palm Pre 3....You are giving envy among us that don't even haven't gotten their hands on that phone or never will for that matter(thanks to those fools at HP). Please, stop torturing me with that photos of your newly shiny Palm Pre 3...... I can't take no more, knowing that HP had all a nice phone to hit the market and stupidly decided to cancel everything without no reason at all and specially seeing Microsoft moving forward with their silly windows mobile phones. errrr

Ever heard of this thing ebay? It's called ebay

I want this on my pre 3 asap. I also want to understand how it will work. Will it act like an IM account? Or like a sim card account? Will I use it on the buddies tab or the conversations tab?

It will act like an IM account - as far as I can tell, we can't Synergize the regular SMS, so I have to add it as an IM.

And I want it on my Pre 3, too. And for my gf when we Franken our Pre 2. For the moment, though, the service only functions in webOS 3.0.4+. Things may have to be done slightly differently, or very differently on 2.x.

Thanks for the article :)

The "if and when" is more a function of that webOS 3.0.5 has nodeJS 0.4 which has a lot more stuff in it than nodeJS 0.2 which is on the phones. I believe that I will be able to get it running on the phones, but it may have to be done quite differently, rather than doing just a few changes here and there.

I'm also using the Chrome version of the app to send order confirmation notices. :)

Also, anyone who upgraded to the version with the In-App Purchase before the IAP went live didn't see the popup message, so you can hit the upper-left-corner App Menu and select "Purchase SynerGV" to get info and make the preorder, if you'd like.

Would love to have this capability. Been using GVoice on my TP and Pre3 for a while, and when I first read that the developer was working on moving this into the messaging app via Synergy, I was ecstatic. I do use my Pre3 for GVoice texting about 10 times more frequently than I do my TP, so having it on my webOS smartphone would be the real draw.

Google Voice is one of the things I love the most... better apps equals me wanting it even more!

Sorry I'm not that tech-conversant but what is the advantage of Google Voice etc over Skype?
If one were to use Google Voice must the other person also have and use Google Voice?

It's an entirely different thing. Skype is an instant messenger with voice chat and VoIP telephone abilities. Google Voice allows you to have a single phone number, that can be connected to up to 5 (6?) other telephones, for voice and SMS text, and provide a unified Voicemail system.

It does allow for some rather novel uses -- I just recently built a custom version for a customer who is using Google Voice to power a tech support phone line, and they control who the calls get forwarded to based on who's available when and where. Something I've occasionally found handy is the ability to switch phones in the middle of a call, and I really would like to make use of incoming call recording for a specific purpose.

One of the best things for those who use the voice services, is the voicemail. You can access your voicemail and recorded phone calls (incoming only) via the web, or with a good app ;) on your mobile.

What i mostly use it for, though, is SMS. You can send and receive SMS via Google Voice, just like any cell phone (although most short codes don't work except for Google's own short codes), free of charge. When I first got Google Voice, I was flat ass broke, maintaining a prepaid cell phone that - i kid you not - was $10/mo, 50 cents per voice minute, and 10 cents per outgoing text message, but incoming texts were free.

So, waaaay back in 2009, when i got this, I was living like a miser, and definitely was not going to spend 10cents to send an unnecessary text message, or 50 cents per minute on voice calls. All my friends and business contacts at the time were still in the cell-phone industry, which I had recently left, so it was quite difficult with such an expensive service, and no money to buy better service.

I carried around a netbook that my gf had picked up for $100 (most of them at the time were $400+, so although this one had almost no storage, it was great for us), and anytime someone messaged my Google Voice number, I'd receive the text message on my cell phone (or on my girlfriend's cell phone, when I didn't have service, because sometimes the $10 went to food instead of buying more cell time), and if it wasn't something that I needed to respond to immediately, I'd dig out the netbook and search for WiFi to respond.

Going through this ridiculously long winded post, also reminded me of another great feature - if you don't specifically delete your texts, they stay around - forever. I have thousands of SMS conversations logged with friends going back over 3 years. Of course, some people might not be too into that, but I like having it.

The GVoice app has complete texting ability, as well as what I think are the most common (at least the most commonly requested) phone management functions. SynerGV will move the SMS functions out of the main app, and into the webOS messaging app.

With SynerGV, will we then be able to receive phone calls to your linked GV phone number on your TouchPad?

Offtopic, a bit: the GVoice app doesn't support making calls with my Google Voice number, like the Android app does. Is that a feature in the SynerGV pipeline?

I'll buy it "If & When" it intergrates properly with G Voice and works on my Pixi Plus GSM, I'm not holding my breath. If you have DSL you can intergrate the G Voice service with your existing home telephone system with the OBI 100. $44.41 at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/OBi100-Telephone-Adapter-Service-Bridge/dp/B004LO0.... If you still have a landline you can intergrate G Voice AND your landline with OBI 110. $50.47 at Amazon. So the G Voice service will capture all incoming calls and reroute them to any or all your cell phones and your home phone system for free.

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