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Halloween Costume Contest: Email us a photo of you in costume with a webOS device and you could win! 9

by Chris Parsons Fri, 26 Oct 2012 6:04 pm EDT

Mobile Nations No Tricks, Just Treats Halloween Costume Contest!

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Submit your costume + phone/tablet photos to halloween@mobilenations.com

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, we know a lot of you will be out this weekend in costume getting your party on. Odds are you'll be carrying a phone in your pocket too. Heck, some of you will probably even be dressed up as a phone or tablet.

We had a great time with our Halloween Costume Contest last year, so we're making it an annual event! While you're out in costume, be sure to snap a photo with your phone (or tablet) in hand. Then email it to us. We'll put together all the photos receive into a sweet video for the blogs. And beyond that, you can win some awesome prizes for taking part. Full details below!


What You Need to Do

When you're out at Halloween parties this weekend or out trick or treating on Wednesday, get a photo snapped of you in costume holding your smartphone and/or tablet visibly out in hand. Be scary, funny or do a crazy pose. Whatever you want is cool. Have fun with it. For brownie points, load up webOSNation.com in the web browser or throw a webOS Nation wallpaper on. Group photos with friends and co-workers are welcome too.


Submit Your Photo

With your photo taken, all you need to do is email it in to halloween@mobilenations.com by midnight PST this Wednesday, October 31st. It would be super helpful if you renamed your photos with your username. Also, if you would like to include a caption or any other information about your picture, be sure to send it in.


How and What You'll Win

Come November 1st we'll go through all the photos and pick out a bunch of winners in a variety of categories - scariest costume, funniest costume, sexiest costume, best group photo and more! We'll put all the winners and other photos received into a video collage and post it up on the blogs Tuesday afternoon.

As for the prizes? Well... it's Halloween - which means you might get a treat, or this could all be just a nasty trick. But you know us... we like treats. We're going to keep the treats a surprise though, so take your photo this Halloween, email it in, and stay tuned.

From all of us at webOSNation and the Mobile Nations team, have a safe and happy Halloween!!





I like how Precentral asks us to use a Windoze phone in the picture of a Halloween costume. In the headline of the article no less! Now that is scary! Maybe I'd take a picture of my FrankenPre but a picture with a Windows phone? Never! What were they thinking? I could see this on April Fools Day, but on a Palm Pre/ TouchPad WebOS site? Come on, get your act together.

same thing I thought when I saw the headline. What a way to kick us while we're down.... Not cool!

damn auto-correct, right?

Damn copy and paste fail. You can send me hate mail if ya want. I won't mind. I deserve it, just don't blame Derek. :)

I'll dress up as Leo, that'll win scariest costume for sure.

Just sent my picture in. 2 TouchPads and 1 Pre3. Love them all!

Okay, I give up! Where are the results of the contest? I thought it was a little funny that they were going to wait until election day to post them- is it possible that they messed up their scheduling?

I am looking forward to the video and the announcement of the winners! :D