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Hands-on with HP Veer's funky headphone adapter and clever charging plug 165

by Derek Kessler Thu, 10 Feb 2011 1:52 am EST

So folks, here's the deal. Due to its thickness (and sliding design), the HP Veer couldn't be packed with a micro-USB port or 3.5mm headset jack. There's simply not enough room. To get around that, the Veer has a small low-profile magnetic five-pin connector that is used to attach to the USB cable and a also another 3.5 mm adapter. The adapter wasn't out and about during the initial demo, but we were able to wrangle one and a USB cable up to see how it all works.

If you're concerned that the adapter could go either way, don't be. Each has a shaped cowel that matches the curve of the Veer, meaning it can only be attached in one way. This is good, because you can't plug in things upside down and fry your battery, or much worse, switch your audio channels to the wrong ear. But that's not a problem. To maximize space savings (or minimize space usage), the 3.5mm adapter is oriented such that any cable plugged into it will run down along the right side of the device. It's a bit funky, and by virtue of the required design of the 3.5mm plug.

Worse, though, it's a touch on the bulky side and we're not sure a magnetic connector is strong enough for our headphone needs., but nowhere near as bad as it would be if it stuck straight out. More shots after the break.


Unless that magnet is crazy strong, i'm predicting a lot of pop-offs in the pocket mid-song. no bueno.

awesome looking phone though, i wouldn't turn it down.

The magnet was extremely strong. Not likely to ever come off. Strong magnet and tight fit. I was impressed with this. I wish they made this available on the Pre3. Very cool.

"I wish they made this available on the Pre3. Very cool."

so you wish the pre didn't have a built in usb port nor a 3.5mm headphone jack? You wish they excluded that stuff and put a magnetic adapter on instead? This phone has got to be the biggest fail ever. The screen is smaller than the pixi which is already very very very small add on to that the battery is a lot smaller where 1150mAh wasn't enough for most people. But that's not it, it gets even better! No removable battery!

I'm not only let down by these announcements even though I wasn't expecting anything big to come from them, I'm actually a little pissed off despite the fact that I wasn't planning on getting another webOs device unless they really wowed me. It's clear that they don't get it at all, I would honestly get a BB over any of these phones simply because I'm nearly positive that the Pre3 and this abomination will still have tons of software glitches.

The screen is exactly the same size as Pixi, even if this phone is dramatically smaller...

no, actually it's not. It may seem the same size but it's actually smaller.


the Pixi's screen is 2.63-inch 400x320
while the Veer's screen is
2.6-inch 400 x 320

you could argue that the .03 inche's is a pissing contest but regardless, it's smaller on an already very small screen.

I'm betting it's a rounding thing and that the screens actually are the same size. Now if engadget listed it as a 2.60" screen it would be a different story.

they did list it as a 2.60 screen, actually. again, i know pissing contest over .03" but I'm willing to bet it actually feels much more cramped.

i did a double look at Engadget and I'm wrong. perhaps you are right about them rounding off the number but they didn't round the number down on the Pixi's spec's and they were comparing them so I am thinking they didn't round it down but you may be right

"The biggest fail ever." It hasn't even come to market. I already know 2 people who want it, but they are both on Sprint.

"No removable battery!" So? I prefer a removable battery, but the best selling individual phone for the last year doesn't have a removable battery. Nor do their computers.

"I wasn't expecting anything big...I wasn't planning ton getting another webOS device unless...I'm nearly positive...will still have tons of software glitches."

That about says it all. You not only are prejudging, but were never interested in the 1st place. You also seem too intolerant to think others may want something different than you.

That's great you know two people that want it. I know about 6 people (not including myself) that have had either a pre or pixi in the past year and not a one is wanting any of that. Based on past sales and how much of a big fail the pre and pixi were I wouldn't count your large sample size of 2 people as a quick assumption this phone is going to sell well.

As far as the removable battery is concerned, are you trying to compare this to the iPhone? The iPhone could run litterally on dog shit and it would sell like hot cakes. The people that want iPhones generally do not care that the battery is not removable because they are perfectly content with their throw away devices.

I wasn't expecting anything big because over the past 12 months Palm has continued to disappoint and I had no reason whatsoever to think that they were going to pull off something big.

I was interested in all of this very much so, but about 2 months ago. I would even say that 2 months ago I would probably have never switched to anything other than webOs. I'm not intolerant of other peoples thoughts, I just think wishing to have this over a normal usb and 3.5mm jack is just silly and fanboish. That's my opinion, perhaps your the one that is intolerant?


just to recap here, it seems as if HP did everything they could to make this phone undesirable. I have to wonder if they sat down and said. "oh, ok...what do people NOT want in a phone, lets make a checklist. They don't want dongles for headphones so let's add that, they don't want to be able to remove their battery especially if it's small...oh, awesome 2 birds with one stone. Let's put a sub 1,000mAh batter in and make it non-removable since nearly ever current Palm owner complains about battery life. Any other ideas guys??? Oh, what if we morphed the Pre and Pixi and made it even smaller!!! I think we have ourselves a winner here!"

As much as I like webOS, I have to totally agree with you. People argue for this phone saying there is a market for it. Really? Why the heck did the Kin suck so bad then? HP shouldn't have made this phone. I really hope they make a 4" phone. Otherwise I may never come back to webOS again. I'll just wait and see...

I think the kin sucked less because of form factor and more because of software and service. It reminded me a lot of the old 1.5 way pagers back in the day. They wanted to market the pager as if it were two way, but it wasn't quite. The same thing happened with the kin. They wanted to market it as if it were realtime lifecasting and social networking device and yet there was this little matter of it not being. Then there was the expense of it. And the demographic they chose couldn't incur that expense. So all around, dead idea.

I agree with Mike5. You didn't walk into the announcements with an open mind, you already had your mind made up. If you feel the BB is better, then be on your way and leave us in peace.

I have a new BB issued by my company for work and hate it. It doesn't multi-task or have the features webOS offers. But as they say - to each his own.

I left about a month ago to an Evo after swearing up and down that I wouldn't switch to Android. I had a discussion with my brother because he had been eligible for an upgrade for about 6 months and i was due for mine. My pre was dieing and I needed something new. Palm wasn't doing anything at CES so I decided that if they released something decent I would check it out come next December but until then I'm going to maybe give Android a shot.

The icing on the cake for me was watching my Aunt's droid 2 in action at my daughters birthday party, I couldn't believe how fast everything loaded much less how slick and quick the ui was. This obviously peaked my interest so I read up about android and started checking out the Developers blog. Once I had a few misconceptions about Android cleared away it was just a waiting game.

I would never get a BB, I was just saying that I would if I had to choose that over this abomination because I know at the least it would work.

I'm a fan of WebOs, I think it had the potential to be great. I think that time has passed even though there is a lot of room still in the market to grow and a lot of untapped potential. I just feel that they just don't know how to market nor do they know what people (majority)really want.

I think the Pre3 and the TouchPad are going to be great devices. I'm not a personal fan of the Veer but hey, I'm not being forced to buy one now am I, so who cares? It's an option that some people will like; every person has different mobile-device-preferences and you can't expect every product a every company releases (if any) to fit yours.

The headphone port should be on the TOP of the adapter so the device can slide into a pocket without the "levered" force of the cable yanking at the bottom of it.

They have not thought this through one single bit.


So Xanadu, you only put your phone into your pocket "right-side up"?? What difference does it make which side points up in your pocket?

yeah this seems like an afterthought. people will see this and not want the phone because of it cuz they simply dont want to deal with all that. who wants to carry an adapter around?

You can simply put the adapter on the 3.5mm plug and then you don't have "to carry it around" separately!

that's great and true, partially if you only use your headphones and if you only use your headphones for your phone. What if you alternate between 2 cars? What if you're in someone else's car and didn't bring your accessory with you?

Just like apple thought it through by putting the headphone jack on the bottom of the Ipod touch. The point is when it is in your pocket it is better to be upside down, when you pull it out with your hand you don't have to flip it, it is already right side up. You, sir, did not think this through. It doesn't really matter which way the jack is. In fact it could be better that it is this way because a strap for your arm (working out) would allow the wire to be directed up the arm and not pull at the jack. I think this is a creative device. Not one that I would want but I believe there is a market for it.

Just sayin.

lol, great point

Or if you want to use your phone, it would be upside down... You obviously have not thought of this one bit, Xanadu.

Would not coins in your pocket (or whatever other metallic items you may lug around with your lint) attach themselves to this area? Or is the magnet only on the adapter itself?

Not if the magnets are on the adapter.

American coinage is not magnetic.

And by coins I meant shillings...

The more I look at it, the more i feel like the veer is a mistake. If this thing requires smartphone plan pricing it's gong to be a tough sell, even it's free on contract.

Except for Sprint who offers family plans with either talk/text, or talk/text/data for all lines, with no option of data on only some lines. Many families are paying for data on phones lines that will never us it, that's where the Veer will sell.

There's still the extra $10/month "premium data" fee if you use a smartphone, but yeah it's not as bad as an extra $30.

That would be great, only 2 problems. The Veer is GSM only which means no Sprint or Verizon. Also Sprint would probably charge you the BS $10 "Premium Data" fee because this phone has a "robust" operating system.

So the Pixi, or Blackberrys, shouldn't be on data plans?

Hold that thought until you've tried one. Other than the tiny screen, this phone was fantastic. Fantastic design and great build quality.

I agree. I went into the Dev event thinking that the Veer was DOA. But once I tried it out I really wanted one. It is solidly built and SUPER fast.

It reminded me of the days when phones actually fit comfortably in your pocket without making you look like you stuffed something down your pants.

What do you mean "look like"?? :p

I think this could have a lot of success with the prepaid market segment assuming they don't over price it.

Sprint family plans only $19.99 per additional line unless that changes, but I don't think this is coming to Sprint.

Here's for a pricing change coming to Sprint to get out of the rest of my contract.

hope they sell the headphone adapter in 3 packs cause those are going to be missing all the time.

I'd just keep the headphones attached to the 3.5mm adapter at all times when removing it from the phone. There is a much better chance of not losing it that way.

that things is almost as big as the phone


Since January 2011, European phones MUST have a micro-USB plug or adapter to plugin a charger. This is to reduce the number of diffrent chargers thrown away and useless.

The Palm Pre (+, 2) and Pixi (+) already where Europe-charging-connector compliant. But now this new device seems not to be.

Or this magic-magnetic adaptor maybe has a micro-usb plug in it on which we plug a classical micro-usb cable ?

The standard phone charger is meant for normal phones. Smartphones like the Pre or iPhone are not covered by this. Nevertheless Smartphones need to be able to be charged with a USB-A plug. With this even the proprietary iPhone connector is within the standards, as well as the Veer.

Actually, an option was given to allow adapters as well, so HPalm is covered since it can still plug into a USB jack. :)

I would be concerned about this, but of course I would never buy this phone, so what do I care?




Lol, what a failure! I'm expecting the Veer to sell worse than the Kyocera Echo, and that's saying something. Didn't they learn the lesson when everybody used to rail on HTC for needing a headphone adapter for their special USB plug?

NOBODY WANTS TO USE A SPECIAL ADAPTER. If you can't build it in like normal, make the phone bigger, or get better engineers.

I disagree. My wife would trade her hobbled Pre minus for this in a heartbeat simply because it looks to be fast and presumably stable software that holds a charge for a day - all things that her Pre won't do. She never uses a headset and loves her TouchStone, so nothing to complain about for people like her. You know...normal people who don't obsess over phones like everyone commenting on this site. There are more of them than there are of us.

Thie Pixi can't hold a charge all day and this phone has a smaller battery. A person will only get a few hours out of this "thing".

Really? Have you used the Veer for a week?

The new snapdragon draw much less energy, so they claim it will last longer than Pixi...

My wife's Pixi Plus can hold a charge for a day of moderate use (email, texting, apps, light calls) easy. Do you have one?



Ha, ha, ha... Yeah, right! Please explain why every kid in America wants iPods and iPhones with their "special adapters" LOL

For the record, I would prefer standard cables that will work with other devices like cameras and video recorders. Even worse is this adapter won't work with the Pre 3 which is really dumb.

What if I have Pre 3 and my wife uses a Veer? Now we have to carry an extra cable. At the very least, HP should standardize their own adapters!

microUSB and ipod like connectors are $2 anywhere you go. It does not hurt the bank to by a few for each location you are in and you could probably borrow one of these cords from random coworker.

I think their thought going in was, well they're never going to need a wall charger, they'll use the touchstone. They'll never need to plug in headphones, they'll use stereo bluetooth.

Good call, the adapter(s) may never even have to be used.

Maybe their thought was they need to buy an extra cable..

If it can in place while someone has it strapped to their arm during an exercise session, would that be sufficient? How much stronger would it need to be? This port could be useful with a vehicle cradle that supplies power and an audio jack for plugging into a stereo aux port.

Yes, that would work well. I was skeptical that it might be just another dongle... but the design is very solid, and it would work well on a touchstone, in a vehicle mount, or in an arm band. After playing with it, I started wishing it would be added to the Pre3 along with a standard micro-usb. This magnetic connector provides full usb capabilities so that it can be used for transferring files in usb mode

That would be nice. No fumbling around with a cover or door. No worry about breaking something if you don't happen to line the little plug up correctly, etc. Just let the magnets snap the cable in place and the plug the full size USB plug into the computer. The downside would be not being able to use cheap USB cables from monoprice.com. :(

I think they would've been better off making the phone a tad taller and integrating this. This phone has nothing (kinda). no flash led, no front camera, smaller battery, no headphone, needs a special cable (making it harder to use as a carry anywhere flash drive). Does it have a compass?

It's clearly a lower end phone....yet you expect it to have all the high end components?

And it does have a headphone jack in the form of an adapter. It also has a USB cable and can still be used as your "flash drive."

2 years later and it's a lower end device than a Pixi?



+1 Cringer.

People are ridiculous and forget that the vast majority of people who buy so-called "low end" or mid-level smartphones are simply not interested in ever hooking their phone up to their computer or using it as a music player. They simply want a decent phone that makes calls, sends texts, checks a few websites and FaceBook, and maybe use it as a map once in a while.

People reading PreCentral obviously do more than that, which is why Pre2 and Pre3 exist. C'mon people...we are the minority of phone users out there. Go stand in any carrier store for 10 minutes and look around - those are not high needs smartphone users around you. That's the general public that has better things to do than jailbreak a cell phone.

thank God you don't have to jailbreak a webOS phone

This is Cool and not so cooL at the same time...


Yeah, this proprietary magnet attachment makes the whole thing pretty unattractive to most people, I'd say. If not for that, I could definitely see the appeal for some.

oh, give up on the loyalty crap will you? They want to make money, not just please you. What are they, a charity?!

And without loyal users, how will they make money?


By finding someone other than you to buy it.

The fact that you need such absurd work-arounds should tell you this form factor is idiotic.

Some female could never take this out of her jean pocket and have the connector stay in place. Their key demographic for the Veer wears apple bottoms and they have failed at delivering.

Many females wear pants that are too tight and they give themselves a muffin-top. Maybe this will help stop that horrible trend.

anything that ends females wearing tight pants i'm 100% against!

I believe they like to be called 'women'.

This adapter will release first and practically protect the fragile 3.5mm contact, that easy would break instead... Which actually is a major problem with other phones!

Kill this phone. Please!

You have got to be kidding me.. so wait, it actually comes with its very own dagger to kill itself with?

So if i want to listen to music i have to
1) carry an adapter on me at all times
2) attach a giant adapter making the phone look like garbage
3) hope it doesnt disconnect all the time

this is worse than the kin

This thing is dead before it even hit the market.

I think the idea is you leave that plugged onto the end of your headphones, then when you want to listen to music, you just put it near the dock, and it will snap into place. As far as disconnecting all the time, that might be an issue, but there's no way to tell unless someone actually tests it.

+1 Thank you for stating the obvious that apparently Jumpman couldn't figure out.

Or you could just use a stereo bluetooth headset and not have to worry about it

I've being using BT Audio (car and workout headphones) and it burns battery like you wouldnt believe.

drop the keyboard and phone and make it a cool mp3 player. for 100$

and build a headphone jack into this.

That's going to be a hell of an MP3 player with no headphone jack.

OMG that's all kinds of failure there.

Good for them they sell a lot of toner.

That will actually be really nice for charging - almost as easy to use as a touchstone. However not being able to use a friend's micro-usb charger unless I have an adapter handy is kind of disappointing.

Why is everybody so upset about the magnetic headphone jack extension? With a device this small I wouldn't want to use cable driven earphones. Use BT headphones instead!

Agreed--while I'm skeptical, I also think HP is laying down a bet on the wholesale adoption of Bluetooth stereo headphones w/mics for voice. Cellphones and smartphones have seen a progression of audio jacks, etc., from 2.5mm to 3.5mm and now Bluetooth audio.

Watch for HP to push Bluetooth Beats headphones hard as a Veer accessory as well. {Jonathan}

Get Stereo Bluetooth headset ! No worries !
Its a great solution to a small challenge, if you need to hook up your phone with the cable this is no biggie to clip on the magnet !

Love the Veer for size !

Veer + Touchpad + PC = Heaven

I actually like to have the magnetic connector for charging. I am getting tired of plugging my Pre in my car. I am not good enough to mod my electrical system to get a touchstone, so constantly has to try plug in micro USB is no fun.

I would consider Veer if it has the touch share, then I can justify a smaller phone with a TouchPad.

It would be nice if they can make a connector that has stereo headphone jack and USB charging, because that's how I plug in my car.

You would need to use a touchstone to make that work.

Hence why he said he'd like them to make a combined USB/headphone magnetic adapter, so he doesn't have to use the touchstone.

mod your electrical system?? as in plug a touchstone into a car charger and mount it on your dash? thats all i did. i dont understand your problem here

Hey guys. I was skeptical like you but I honestly didn't hear ANYONE expressing dislike for this phone. On the contrary, there was a lot of drooling. It's not a superphone, but it does EVERYTHING the Pre+ does - in a really tiny package.

It's so thin that there isn't enough room for an internal connector. The magnetic connector is a brilliant design, and it doesn't add much bulk. There was no criticism by anyone that played with the phone. The keyboard is about the size of the Centro, and typing was excellent. If the tiny size is attractive to a user, this phone will be very will received.

The key is that they must NOT position this as a teen phone or a phone for busy moms. It's a great phone for those that like the size. The only user that won't like it is someone who is a heavy web or email user - because of the tiny screen.

just sayin.

People don't criticize to other's faces. Hence, the reason you heard no complaints. This thing is FAIL. Most of the droolers are probably on forums right now bashing this atrocity.

What a joke that this is even being released Hp's event could have brought so much better goodbye Palm & Hello Windows phone7!! I gave you a chance to bring it and you dropped the bomb. The person who said this will be good for Sprint. Right this has gsm specs only. Im still laughing that they are wasting time with this thing. I don't like my phones huge but this is ridiculously small. Ya the Specs are good on the Pre3 but more broken promises it was said that devices would be ready to ship in a few weeks now it's Summer! your just losing more traction & market share as we speak!

btw its being released early spring, which is the end of March, beginning of April. So take it ease. And good luck on WP7. Seriously, have fun spending your money. In the end, you'll come back either way.

Try to conceptualize this for a moment...some phones may become successful even though they may not appeal to your specific needs or liking.

Some percentage of the market want a small compact phone - so the Veer is fine.

Comparisons to the Kin fail because the Kin had crazy functional limitations while the Veer is full featured.

If this were the *only* webos phone - sure that would be silly. But for those people who *want* a small phone - this will be the best small phone on the market. As part of a range of devices this is actually great IMHO.

Back to special connectors as my Palm Pilot means more money to Palm.

And... what about credit cards? If you hold this phone in the pocket with your wallet....

I actually like this phone. Videos showed that it was very fast and I don't mind the small form factor. If I had to choose between a brick like the evo or this, I would choose the veer.

I'm guessing this was a tough decision for HP with the attachments but if the magnets are strong enough, I don't think it would stop me from buying it. I like the idea of this for charging for sure.

That said, the Pre is the perfect form factor for me so that is what I will end up with. It would be a good fit for my GF, though.

HP WebOS: S, M, L

No one-size-fits-all. HP knows how to sale to various markets and take our monies.

I love the concept of the Veer! Compact and powerful! Who cares about the headphone jack? Ever since my headphone jack died on my pre, I have gone BT for everything and love being wire free! I'd consider Veer + TPad if it were on Sprint!

I care about the headphone jack, and mine is dying on my Pre-. When I'm sitting at my desk, it works only when I don't move the phone around too much. Forget about walking around with it in my pocket, or trying to play games with a landscape view with headphones in.

Hard to convince people my phone is awesome when one of the most basic features is a common defect. I had a Palm Zire 71 that worked better.

That is WHY an adapter is better, it's protect the fragile 3.5mm contact from damage!

they really should have eliminated the slider. Take the total length of the phone when open and eliminate the keyboard and made it all screen. Now that would have made this a much more attractive phone. As it stans I have no interest on this......

You want them to break every single promise?! Enough promises were broken. Palm promised they wouldn't lose the physical keyboard.

I was thinking of getting this for the wife. Her Pre is very dead, mine can last until summer, but I showed it to her and she hated it. Said it looks ugly with the adapter stuck on the side.

I tend to agree with her. It looks super fast and a good test piece for how small a fairly-smart phone can be. But it should have just been an exercise of egineering not a full model to be sold.

She'll be off to AnYawndroid and i'll wait for the Pre 3 or one of the other phones they'll release every two months!!!

For those who arw saying some people want a small phone... The Pre was generally considered a small phone... And it didn't do so well... Just saying!

It couldn't have had anything to do with the marketing for the Pre, right?

The Motorola Razr was generally considered one of the smallest phones of all time, and it sold extremely well. Just saying!

The Razr was considered thin, not necessarily small. I had one when they first came out... in 2003.

They had different colors, the keypad was huge, the screen was a decent size for phones back then.

The veer will be black, has a small keypad and has a very small screen for today. For 2003, this would have been awesome.

I've never been impressed with HPs marketing, I believe many people were worried at the time of purchase about that. It seems they've missed the mark again this time in their marketing research.

So the idea is to sell this to teens who will want their phone to also play music? What teen is going to feel socially acceptable having to use a special adapter with magnets for their headphones when everyone else can just pop headphones in?

Any way is it on the side? It's going to fall off every time you put it in your pocket.

Not happening.

What if it *doesn't* fall off? And what if it becomes *cool* to snap on your headphones instead of *plug them in* which is soooo 2010??

Last week everybody was screaming bring us more phones, and now we have two coming people cannot stop complaining.

Do not find reason you would not buy it, some people clearly say they like it !

I would not buy all the cars from any brand, some are ugly, too big, too small. This is the same here

More phones - more segments - more webos - more applications

This new phone is good for all of us!

What a complete disappointment 2/9/11 (hey look, a second 911 event).

Still vague release schedules.

No pricing.

No carrier information.

No fresh looking devices (well, maybe the pad).

HP has lost so much support from their fan base with this fiasco. I believe the next few days will require massive damage control.

Who in the hell is going to continue to develop for the platform? No chance HP will capture additional users with this strategy.

Palm is dead. webOS will soon follow.

So sad!

not that I'm against the adapter, but how big is an ipod shuffle (or the new ipod nanos) and they managed to put a headphone jack in there?

The thing that really bothers me is "hey, let's put a 5mp camera in here...and not include a flash!!!"

Ipod shuffle doesn't have radio,blue-tooth or screen, etc. in it like the Veer. Well, the Veer, if successful, will accelerateh push to bluetooth headphones. The Pixi didn't do well because it was too slow and was stripped of wifi on initial release. Veer doesn't seem to hvae this problem.

I could see me getting the Pre3 and get my girlfriend the veer. Only problem is, I don't have any of the aboved mention including the girlfriend. I have plenty of internets though.

just sold hp stock and going down town for a new htc evo. Fuck you HP and your fucking lie I hate my pre and my pixi. I was hoping, now I just hate even looking at this fuck web site. Dam you hp.

ooook... Drink some decaf dude, it's just a phone.

I hope you work with America's children, 'cause you really sound like a motivating guy. Now get out there and have another great day.

I think some are missing the possibilities of the Veer. Please keep in mind one of the key features:

Mobile hotspot

Some people want a phone just for a phone.

Ponder if you will, there are people that all they really want in a phone is, well, a phone. They are not interested in doing all the stuff a modern smartphone can do because the screen is too small (yes, even on the EVO). These are the very same people (among others) that are buying tablets.

For them, an ultra portable phone that can give their wifi only tablet internet access on the go will be attractive. The extra features like instant email alerts and apps are a bonus.

So, yes, I can see the Veer as being attractive to many (especially older) people that want a phone for a phone and mobile access for the Touchpad.

"Ponder if you will, there are people that all they really want in a phone is, well, a phone. They are not interested in doing all the stuff a modern smartphone can do because the screen is too small (yes, even on the EVO)."

I'm not getting into the middle of bash/praise fest going on here but if what you say is true, why would these people buy a smartphone in the first place?

Because those same people do at least want basic functions like the ability to check FaceBook, read some email, send a text and find a StarBucks. Basically every soccer mom that bought an iPhone or BlackBerry. They are busy with a normal life, but still want some basic functions on a modern phone.

I dont know if this is the answer, but I will throw it out there as an additional thought.

Perhaps the occassion navigation gps, maps.

Occassional quick web search that is able to view a larger scale of websites, unlike the "dumb-phones"

Mobile hotspot?

It may be safe to say... This mobile experience is far better than a person would probably get with a dumb-phone.

Perhaps they know how to and want to do the customizations of the phone to more personalize and thats it.

I could honestly keep listing more and more reasons as to why someone would want this type of phone.

I think some...not all.. of the bashing and negativity towards this phone is because these types of people are unable to see things from another view. Which is exactly why HP/Palm are designing and not the 1 tracked minded.

Besides, lets say it does fail... Who cares, I highly doubt it will hurt a company like HP. Trials and tribulations everyday.

Personally, I like the idea of the Veer.

When is "early spring"? My pre plus is falling apart! The pre^3 is way to big.

At least 6 more weeks, I think the groundhog saw his shadow.

"Don't drive angry!"

Veer-away from this phone. Worthless. It will turn people away just like the Pixi did. People were so unhappy with the slow Pixi that they left webOS because of it. Now Ruby comes out with this? When are they going to fire him?

Seen a video of this thing? It is very much not slow. On a purely personal note? I like it, although I'd probably get the pre 3 if I can upgrade to it when I get offered an upgrade.

That said, if O2 don't carry the pre 3 and its unlocked cost of it is prohibitive, then I'll happily purchase this instead.

Although I'll have to swap the plug on my headphones, as unlike all the idiots who complain about sockets on the side of a phone, I have a 90 degree plug. Annoying, that.

One more thought: a case without any openings (headphone, charger) makes the Veer more immune to, say, water/weather damage. Not a bad thing either. {Jonathan}

and what if this phone sells out? like go like wild fire? just saying we're fanatics for hardware software apps and all that, some ppl buy a phone for looks or w/e they like. so dnt declare it dead just yet =p

I actually LOVE the idea of a magnetic USB cable!!! The problem is that it's a one of a kind item right now. But that doesn't mean that it's not a GREAT idea.

I can see a day when ALL USB cables function like this and that would be a great day!

My biggest complaint is why didn't they use it on the Pre 3. I hate proprietary cables as much as anybody, but this makes so much sense. Magnetic USB cables should be the new standard.

I'm just not understanding all the hate for this phone. I think it is really cool. Its not something I would buy personally but I think there is a a market for a small smartphone like this. I like it.

Some phones have compasses, which this type of "plug" would eliminate. The compass in the evo is used for things like google sky which is really awesome if you haven't ever tried nor seen it.

Just something to misplace and lose. Since the Pre sales were so weak in the first place I predict there won't be 1000 of these sold. Also I totally expected completely new hardware for the pre... that and no upgrade to my current pre... boy was I caught blindsided.

I'm seeing the same comments and thoughts from mostly everyone --who wants to even THINK about carrying around an extra headphone jack adapter? If there's anything that should be learned as we embarked further and further on tech devices, less is more. Buttons are going away, and so should silly backwards innovations like these. Apple did magnets right, this is not a good step in product development.

Please don't take this wrongly as I am just sharing another view.

"who wants to even THINK about carrying around an extra headphone jack adapter?"

Why does certain addin cards for laptops require a dongle?

Why does certain laptops require an external DVD player instead of one built in?

They are small/compact in design.

Side question:
Would you prefer all these companies to not create these "dongles/adaptors/external DVD players"?

Side note:
Believe it or not, some people dont mind carrying that extra DVD player/dongle/adaptor when they know they may need it.

Perhaps some people think "why do i need a big screen on a phone when i have a touchpad?"

I don't want a small laptop without a dvd drive. So I will not be buying one. :)

Anywho, It is all called Personal Preference. I don't see this as a fail. I have come across far to many people who want both large and compact phones.

I understand your reasoning for the people that don't mind carrying extra accessories around. But for the example that you presented, that is for a laptop. People do not carry a laptop in their pocket, they usually have a messenger bag or other form of storage where all the laptop accessories (including but not limited to: AC adapter, external dvd drive, flash drives, external hard drives, display adapters, mice, etc.). Case in point, mobile means mobile, and when we are talking the mobile-est of mobiles, the phone takes the cake. On-the-go, only what you need, do everything everywhere mentality, when you start adding in additional components that don't actually need to be separate from the phone, then you run into inconveniences (what happens if i lose this proprietary connector piece? i will have to pay probably around $10 for a new one just to plug in my headphones).

The magnetic connector piece (although different, although somewhat innovative in the wrong way) is the extraneous middleman who doesn't really need to be there. He is only there because they could not engineer a better way to incorporate the design within that thickness (which isn't all that thin to begin with).

I only voice my discontent with this idea because we are moving forward with integration and all-in-one capabilities and less with cumbersome solutions involving accessories, and plug this into that, and then connect this. Develop a product that is tight, good use of materials, less moving parts, and one that you could never think of getting rid of, something that you would want to keep for a very long time. Sliders are of the last generations of mobile devices.

Just a quick statement...

Laptops are mobile devices just like tablets,phones,etc. :) Lets not forget how mobile laptops are, but yes where a laptop is, there is typically a bag.

Big Picture. Many people have laptops, therefore many have laptop bags. (put the cessories there)
Many are getting Tablets, me personally, if i had one. I would be getting a carrying case of some sort for it. One that doesnt limit me, So I will be getting a case with pockets. (put the accessories there) :)
Then many may just want the phone.
Women - most carry purses - Solved :)
Kids - depending on age, back packs, or have pockets somewhere on them.
Men - I can see us not wanting to carry a bunch of crap around.
At the same time though, I highly doubt the people that have this phone will be carrying around these adaptors just because it goes with the phone unless they need it and of course if they need it, it will be connected and in use.
After all, I dont feel the need to carry around a usb cord everywhere. Nor do i feel the need to carry my touchstone everywhere.
No real difference to me.

I really honestly believe people are getting a little to carried away with this adaptor thing.
If I was to get one of these Veer Phones I would most likely leave it connected to the USB cord and it never be removed. Which in my head....No difference yet again :)

On side note, I appreciate your ability to actual have a discussion :)

I don't think the magnetic adapter is proprietary rocket science, so there is an opportunity here for third party accessories:

* Cases with mag-adapters built-in.
* Mag-adapters with usb jacks (BYO cable).
* Mag-adapters with car plugs and wall plugs and USB plugs on the other end.
* Mag-adapters that put the headphone jack on the top.
* Headphones with mag-adapters attached.
* Mag-adapter with combo headphone/usb (is that possible? Maybe with a switch?)

Personally I wish the charging mag-adapter ran down the side of the phone like the headphone adapter. I hate power adapters sticking out the phone perpendicular. It's hard to hold. Takes up a lot of room.

What's on the other end of the Veer's power cable? Standard (not micro/mini) USB plug?

Maybe they added the 3.5mm jack option to get around the Apple patent on magsafe power connector?
And maybe it is a step by HP to try to broaden the ecosystem with speaker docs and so on.
Some Beats headphones have interchangeable cord, HP can sell them with a extra cord with this connector? That would be nice...
Try it out on the lower end model first, introducing this on the Pre3 would get them in all sorts of trouble with the power users.
Curious how the will solve this in Europe, regarding the new USB charger standard.

one of the reasons I have a pre is the small size compared to that ridiculus brick they call an iphone or evo. It's nice to have a larger screen but they are still not large enough to replace a laptop or tablet so why bother? Before smart phones my choice of phone was the smallest, lightest I could find...with the veer I get best of both needs. At first I hated the dongle idea but with blue tooth it's a non issue for me...if it was avail on sprint I would consider it.

I don't understand why people default to the idea that small phones are for women. Women have purses and guys have pockets; if either gender should be predisposed to wanting a small phone, it is men. The bigger the truck, the shorter the guy (or woman).

This phone looks pretty cool.

These criticisms could be similarly applied to cars (e.g. nobody wants a small car, no automatic transmission is a dealbreaker, etc.), where they would be shown as the ridiculous over-generalizations they are.