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Hands on with webOS 3.0.2 [video] 71

by Derek Kessler Mon, 01 Aug 2011 7:45 pm EDT

So, we’ve downloaded and installed webOS 3.0.2 68, and here’s what we’ve found plenty of small improvements and additions to webOS on the HP TouchPad (as you should expect from a x.x.2 update). Here’s what we’ve got:

Email is significantly smoother. Seriously, it’s noticeably faster. There’s not much more to say about that, it’s just plain better. Okay, there’s more to say: there’s a fun little “Email by webOS” post office stamp graphic when you don’t have a message loaded and your Drafts and Outbox folders can now be managed more than one message at a time.

Calendar has gained the ability to be search via Just Type, and can we just say “Finally!” Searches search all calendar entry fields: event title, location, and notes. Tapping an event will open the Calendar app to the appropriate day and load the event details pop over. Correction: Just Type searches into the Calendar are faster now. You can understand our confusion - it was so slow before we weren't even aware it was there.

The Music app has received a much needed facelift that brings it in line with the styling of webOS 3.0, and thank goodness for that. The layout is generally the same, and at least for this blogger, the app is finally detecting the music loaded onto the TouchPad. Photos & Videos has received a small but welcome new feature, and that’s the ability to set your wallpaper from within the app. Just tap on the more options button at the bottom right of any photo and it will allow you to set the currently viewed picture as your wallpaper, no muss, no fuss.

Text Assist has been updated to be faster and more accurate, as well as gaining main much-missed contractions. While we were having difficulty getting it to work in the web browser (see video after the break), that’s just because we were trying it in search fields. Once you move on to non-search fields, it works just fine (as well as in other apps as well). It’s a relief to not have to worry about whether or not don’t had the apostrophe automatically put in (yeah, we’re lazy typists).

There are also two new apps that we told you about a few weeks back that HP neglected to mention in any posts about the webOS 3.0.2 update: Calculator and Clock. Both are pretty basic ports of their webOS 2.1 cousins. Calculator is as basic as they come, though HP took the step of condenscing all of the science-y buttons onto one screen instead of hitting the space bar to switch views. Clock combines the Exhibition Mode clocks of the TouchPad with the alarm-setting capabilities of the Pre. They’re pretty basic, but it’s good to have them installed for when they’re inevitably needed. Still missing: Tasks.

Across the board webOS seems a touch snappier, but that's generally how things are after an update. Additionally, many pop-up dialogs (like file attachments in Email) and entry scenes like a new or edited event in Calendar have been made wider to take advantage of the space available on the TouchPad. Overall, it's a nice little update that should solve some of the problems that some users have had since the TouchPad launched just one month ago. Video of it all is after the break.

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cool.. now the touchpad is much better than the ipad.

In my opinion, it always was just because it used webOS :D

Really ?

This update was very lackluster.

I refuse to believe this update took so long for them . They didn't even incorporate some of the homebrew speed patches.

Also , no hardware acceleration is pretty bad. Even honeycomb has it.

You "refuse to believe this update took so long..."

You refuse to believe? So you think they have been holding it for a week or two just to mess w/us? How can you refuse to believe it took until today? That doesn't even make sense to me.

I realized my comment would be downvoted , but that's what I think.

If the rumors of build 40 being frozen on February or March , that means they had loads time to fix their bugs.

I'm pretty sure they claimed this was a chance for the device to be re-reviewed. For what? The calculator?

I love webOS. I disliked Palm. And now it seems HP isn't any better.

Isn't hardware acceleration the least they could deliver ?

Not to mention there is no mention of this update on the developer website. Seriously? At least fill the damn documentation.
I would be alright with this update if at least it brought proper css3 support in apps.

HP was exactly the kind of company I didn't want webOS to fall to.

No, I think the main confusion is just your wording. You 'refuse to believe this update took so long for them.' But it did - evidenced by its release today. So saying that is like saying, 'I refuse to believe 'Enterprise' was a worthless Star Trek series.

It's a fact. You just need to believe it.

Or "I refuse to believe we can't just spend money forever without the economy falling apart"

Or "I refuse to believe we can't pay the deficit off without raising taxes"

Or "I refuse to believe that an OS that has to interact with every web page out there and run all kinds of stuff can't be perfected overnight if I say so".

The biggest fans of webOS are the engineers making it I think. If they could just Harry Potter it into perfection they would. Real life is a lot harder. Try making some apps that have to do more than show a pic or play a sound byte, and then believe, brother, believe!

By the way, iOS and Android haven't perfected it either. Each of the OS's has things that they shine at. But neither of them try to do as much at one time - multitasking, open architecture, secure encryption, and killer usability all at once.

That being said, there is no excuse for skipping GPU acceleration. When the first android tablet hit the market, i went to the shop and just swiped through the pages. The first thing i thought was, whow, this is lagging sooo bad, would never choose this over iPad 1. A year later they released hardware acceleration. Great, only 1 year 2 late, now you are competing against iPad 2. A year later HP releases touchpad that is yet to catch up to iPad 1.
If you are years behind, there is no luxury in doing things like the competitors did it. You have to be waaay better. It's like if you are running a marathon, and you stop to take a breath or 10 minutes late to the takeoff, you'll have to run for your life or you will never catch up

Really? Not as good as the iPad 1? You have a very short memory. The iPad 1 shipped with a lesser version of iOS the iPhone 3GS and it didn't even have fast app switching. The TouchPad is waaaaay more ambitious than the iPad 1. Sure it has to just to be competitive in today's market but if it came out using webOS 1.4.5 it would still do more than the iPad 1.

Reality is something you barely have contact with, don't you?

but the reality is, resources are limited and you have to focus on what differentiate you from the competitor. you can't just be a better iPad...because that's a fight you'll lose every time. there's no way you can be way better than someone who's been honing his device for a couple years ahead of you. at least not in his game, and usually not on your first shot.

i agree that the iPad is a lot better than the Touchpad in a lot of ways. the responsiveness and smoothness of the UI is a class on its own. the app selection is huge! but you also have to concede that the Touchpad/WebOS is better in a lot of other ways too. is it an iPad killer? not yet. but to say that they will never catch up because their first device didn't beat the competitor's device is a little premature, i think.

per your marathon analogy--there were 45,000+ in last year's new york city marathon. the top 100, that's the top 0.002% of the participants, are separated by 30 minutes already. so 10 minutes doesn't really make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.

It's not the device itself that is the problem. But the OS, core services, ecosystem, and apps.

HP's first task is to define their version of what makes a tablet experience. Don't let Apple do this.

Second, other companies have worked for years to establish services. Apple has with itunes, iphones, apple tv, ipod touch, and will continue with icloud. Google has with dominating the mobile phone market OS and their own google apps that many consider must haves. MS has office, xbox, windows, etc.

HP doesn't have years to establish those kinds of things to leverage. Already they bought webOS to get a headstart. They have to continue buying their way in to catch up.

It's all about commitment. HP needs services that people want to use that can be leveraged. PC's (which is really Microsoft's to leverage) and printers won't work. Buying Netflix with its millions of users would be a great example. It signals commitment. You can then leverage this (big name) service and make it yours. Skype was there for the taking but MS stepped in.

We just don't want to support a company that is content being an also-ran. Apple has leading devices in each of the markets it chooses to enter beyond computing IPod/IPhone/IPad. Archos has been making tablets for years before Apple and currently have some beautiful looking ones running android, but they are not a mover in the market place. There are always devices that are better than the current Apple offerings, but no one you know ever has them. Multitasking is not a marketplace differentiator if the person is already multitasking using the phone (i.e while driving, talking, working out, or watching tv). People want something fast, no bugs that couldn't have been found within 10 minutes of use, and something different from what is currently available. I don't want an IPad body running WebOS. I want a unique WebOS device that runs smoothly. We want a leader not follower. It's actually embarassing right now to be proud to be a WebOS device user. Everyone's question is, Why? I have no real answers other than I am used to it. Sounds like a bad relationship I'm holding on to...

Seems like a decent update. Since I've not seen a well-done demo or hand it I won't comment on performance, that said, it does look less laggy (this doesn't translate to snappy or smooth).

However, the Calculator and Clock apps are an insult XD (specially the former), it's so shamelessly lazy.

For having brought out the best calculator in the world the app is really not up to par.

well at least there's one included now. hope to see massive improvements over the next months.

We're not getting massive improvements in apps. It seems the one thing HP is taking to heart from Apple is under deliver stock apps so they can make a cut from app developers.

Advanced browser is a prime example. There's also the HTML email editor. These features should have been part of the stock browser and email, but HP doesn't make money off of that.

Hardware looks like the same thing: "this fingerprint magnet of a back is pretty lame, I guess I'll fork over the extra to get the cover." The cover is very nice, but if the hardware were nicer, I'll bet fewer would sell.

Sorry this is two negative posts in one evening for me. I've been a WebOS apologist/evangelist for two years strong. The lack of fixes to things I cared about and reported through the hp supports pages kind of ticked me off.

I like this comment. You make a lot of sense. Thank you.

Guish, this is high praise, coming from sensibility! ;)

Vinyl stair non-slip tape on the back of my TP makes it much more secure in my hand or on anything, and no longer a fingerprint magnet, either. Still charges fine on my TouchStone, too.

great, its here

Nice job! I noticed you tapping home to minimize apps. Are you aware you can swipe up from the bottom to do that?

When is this upgrade going to be available for mundane users?
For users that have been waiting so much, HP SHOULD release official apps of their popular 12C o 17B, not a so basic calculator.
Thank you for the review, a step ahead.

Your system seemed quite responsive. Did you notice performance improvements after the update?

i think the update broke skype, i cannot see any friends online or offline, and im sure ive logged in to my skype account. also, i had to use my ipad to post this comment, couldnt do it with my touchpad.... come on hp, this is just sad.

No document editing STILL???????????????????????????????????? This is crazy!!!!!!!!!! I can't do business with this thing :( I picked up my TP on friday and I really am having a hard time talking myself out of returning it. When I can be more productive with an iphone then a touchpad... it's a real sad thing.

Once again, the document editing will come through the App Catalog, not with an OTA update.

If you wanted a tablet to do business, then why did you pick the TouchPad then you know there wasn't document editing?

are you kidding me? Do you really feel that it is acceptable for a $500 computing device to not offer one half decent document editing software? You must be 17 and only use the TP for youtube games and **** ..

Oh, bugger off with that kind of attitude. The question was, 'If you needed it to do document editing, why did you buy it at this juncture?'

Yes, everyone would like it to edit documents. But it doesn't.

Go ahead, return it.

when I want to do real work, I use my laptop.

Google Docs is ok for brief stuff. And I am 46, and love to web surf on my TP, and listen to music, and look at YouTube.

If you buy a Phillips screwdriver for a job with regular screws, who's fault is that anyway? While grumpy people gripe here, my TP is playing my tunes on Mood Agent.....


I'm not sure why people place so much importance on having a 10 dollar "Office" mobile app that risks **** up docs or spreadsheets.

Most of time you'll use MS Office to create that doc or spreadsheet. Your recipient will also likely use MS Office once they receive it. But along the way you want the ability to use a cheap extremely limited non MS "office" program to convert, open, and edit, then reconvert back?

I prefer logmein or similar for any simple editing when using an ipad. Until MS delivers a mobile solution, this works best for me. Good remote software solves a lot of problems.

Where did I say I have a TouchPad? I also don't find it acceptable, but unlike you, I didn't buy it.

same here. I don't find it acceptable at $500 so I did not buy one.

The word was that document editing would be offered in the first major update. Don't get me wrong here.. if all you want to do is consume content/media on it then that's a great fit for you. With two laptops at home and an iPhone4 the TP for me now seems more than a luxury... leaning towards a waste of money actually. But that's just me and I know everyone has their own needs/desires.

But not document editing ability on a $500 computing machine in this day and age is... SAD.

Still can't view screen shots full screen in the App Catalog. Seems like that would be a simple thing to do but I'm no code monkey.

I just want an update for my Pre 2

It is an UNDERWHELMING update. The Clock app utilizes the same staid look as the Exhibition clock. Snoozer. The calculator, whatever. How about something say so that I can use the front camera on, you know, an APP for the front facing friggin' camera!!!

yeah, but this clock works, LOL!

Oh yeah? Pics or it didn't happen...or isn't happening...time, that is. ;)

August 2, 2011...The Day the Earth [no longer] Stood Still!

cool looks better. not to be negative but ios had i big update that pretty much took it from slow and laggy to fast and its been that way ever since android same thing and windows is comin out with mango that should do the same when is hp webos goin to do it.........

I had a Samdroid Epic that didn't get a decent update for 8 months, and my wife has an Acclaim with only 1 update in over a year. The updates to AndroidOS 2.2 were SUPPOSED to speed them up, but didn't at all. I don't know squat about iOS since iTunes was a disaster on my wife's PC, so we won't try that again!

Android 3 doesn't run on phones at all, as I understand it.

Sounds to me like HP's keeping up with the Jones'es pretty good or better.

.........when you add commas, periods and capitalization.......

Apps look like they load much faster. I am pleased with what I see. Keep the updates coming!

Based on this video, the two most noticeable differences are faster app loading and smoother email scrolling.

you forgot that in mojo app emulator there is now a button on the bottom right corner to open up the keyboard and in photos and video the videos now have the name of the file

you guys **** about every little thing that hp/palm does...rome was not built in a day...apple was not started overnight, google was not started overnight...give it time if not go get your beloved icrap and come back once you/hp have satisfied you...til then stop whining.

What I think IS telling about this post IS that there are only about thirty comments. Hey it seems like you guys need to get a clue. Webos is on it's last legs. Hp truly tanked by not pouring all of it's resources into a smartphone first. Instead they introduced a niche product into a crowded space where there is only one true tablet thats successful. theyre already marking down the price and selling it for less than the comp, and it still won't sell. Too bad that most of you are hanging on to a pipe dream!

Agree. And as webOS devices become less maintream and more niche devices then the discussion becomes much more insullar. What we have left here eventually are the true stalwarts - people who, for example will actually physically mod their devices i.e. the Pre 2 to get it to run on their preferred network. That's a pretty nutty thing to do I you think about it but it's standard practice around here.

You're not going to get any kind of reasonable perspective around here regarding this platform. There's even a thread on the forums entitled "Dear HP, thanks for the update, we love you" with ten affirmative posts. Is that not hilarious? I'm waiting for the HP tattoos to show up, eventually, around here.

If HP gets out of the smartphone biz, the will be people who will immediately go on Ebay and buy Pres to put into their freezer for use over the next several years. This is platform-love crazy-town where everything must be read with a healthy dose of realist skepticism.

Depends on your perspective. Some might think physically modding a device you love to get it to run on your preferred network is a pretty cool thing to do.

Totally agree! HP is bullsh! We should totally just leave here and never come back! I'll be right behind you!

Hey, the readers gave me a thumbs down, but those who piggybacked my opinion got thumbs up!! WTH! LOL! The fact is that i keep coming back to PreCentral because it's habit. I've been loyal to Palm since 04 and a member of Treo Central before PreCentral and was loyal to my Palm Pre-. But, there has to come a time when you realize that you are being hoodwinked! As I'm reading this article, most don't seem to be very happy with this "blockbuster" update that HP announced at the beginning of July. And, I bet those that are happy are ratioalizing beyond belief.

This is a news flash, "Sprint users, go get your Android phone and find out why Webos is getting blown away!" No, Android is not as elegant as Webos, but ask yourself, would you rather be elegant or relevant? Do yall have any idea how great it is to look in an app store and get exactly what you need! The only things you can't have are apps that noone else has! I bought the EVO 3d and forced myself to look around the clunkiness and yes it is clunky, but it's very powerful! It takes awesome pics in 2d and 3d. Don't believe the hype on 3d being gimmicky! If you like 3d then it's not gimmicky. If you don't like 3d then it is, but i'm pretty sure that would go for any medium of 3d. i personally don't like it. i don't like it at the movies on my tv or my phone. However, i can objectively say that the EVO 3d renders 3d better than i expected and better than any other devices that have it. Yes, it's that good! I'm really not trying to sell yall an EVO, but your tunnel vision regarding webos is downright surprising. I don't have to install a patch/app that resets my phone everyday because it gets sluggish if i don't. I don't have to speed up the CPU. I'm never waiting for this phone to do anything! It does multitask but not like webos! Webos rules in that area "hands down!" But, the Android experience is great in the way that you have speed, power and the abilty to set your phone however you want it out of the box. Not to mention you can choose any kind of phone that fits your need whether slab or keyboard!

HP did what big companies do, they bought off a smaller company and told them to produce, we don't care about the kids riding aound the office on skateboards and flicking spitwods all to the credit of innovation. We want the nonsense to stop and we want you to produce what everyone else is producing or we will reorganize this entire unit. And, guess what? All of your really awesome WebOS innovators got up and went to Google and Apple!! Can you blame them, the big bad wolf walked in and started making threats and demands. In a sense, HP bought the webos name, but the true webos family walked out the door when HP came in!! The guys that are left, dont' have the visison! That's why your Touchpads lost it's most compelling characteristic.... gesture area swiping! No matter the price, that was enough to keep me from buying it!!! they could sell it for 100 bucks and maybe i would buy it for my son. I'd go get an Android or IOS tablet for myself... Sorry HP, but all your advertising money should have went to trying to woo back the webos family you ran out of the house!!!

It's just a matter of time before HP considers all WebOS devices as LOL "Legacy" devices.

It's just hard to believe that some of you actually bought TPs when I know damn well most of you wanted and needed new more powerful HP phones! You should be pissed and you should be moving onto a platform that gives a damn about your complaints and creates the products that fit your needs and wants!!!!


Here's what i'm looking for, a really cute,hot, and **** girl with an original Palm Pre(waiting on the next HP device) because I know she would never leave me once she likes me and i could pretty much treat her any way i want and she will still hang around!!!! Oh, wait a minute, Im sure that i will get her as soon as the Pre 3 hits Sprint!!!!!

in the tech world, you snooze you lose.

Wait what? if I hit space bar on my Calculator app I get science-y buttons!? All this time on my Pre- and I've been doing percentages manually lol. Thanks for that lil tip lmao

how? - my vkb isn't coming up!

yeah great tip on calc app. works on my veer

Playing with the update and it looks like some nice improvements are included.

The music app looks great. I've been opening all the apps and trying them out. I am gonna wait for a day or so before adding the dozen patches I had installed. AFAIK the speed patches would take HP longer than a few days to incorporate. Look for some [not all] of them in the next update or two.

I think some people are expecting a little too much from a x.x.2 update....

Here I was thinking HP were going to get their act together....and look at what they've released.

A. A veer?..small form factor, limited telcos, limited reach worldwide...still dissing all the other webos fans worldwide. (They kinda forget that there are 2/3 of the world which webos is not even available officially?) Talk about HP distribution, support and reach.

B. A touchpad- agreed.Device is underwhelming. I believe this design was a Palm design, and HP took it wholesale. They should have re-engineered the casing from scratch - It lacks the flair, and I heard casing has some creaking sounds..

C. Webos - GREAT OS...but I ask myself what are the HP developers doing?? 1 year and still we're not seeing any advancements of the OS..still tweaking performance and adding small feature which via Preware are available. They should have just BOUGHT the source code off preware developers and embedded it into webos, and focused on productivity apps such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc.. Even the touchpad OS is at this moment half-baked after 1 year. Tells you either execution by Rubenstein was iffy..or the devs were sleeping.

D. Catalog - This is laughable..still not available outside N.America and some parts of europe.. HP is an international corporation and their Webos catalog is stuck in 1960s with region locks!!...

I'd give HP half a year...see what comes out...if nothing mojor improvements appear it's time to move on.

Need some benchmarks against iPad 2 now that the OTA is out. There are a ton of haters and trolls on this blog. Wonder why that is? Nervous maybe? TP already has a better OS and faster hardware than iPad2, now it just needs a few tweaks, a better shell and form factor (TP 2) and we'll stop hearing from the Apple Fanboys as the popularity of TP grows exponentially. Watch it happen.

You do realize many of the iOS or android users are cheering for HP to get it right but keep getting disappointed. Competition drives these companies to improve as well.

So, disillusioned!

Im loving it! The patch made the tpad ++

I have had my TP since the 27th July and in that time I cannot say that I found it slow or laggy and at no time has it spontaneously rebooted. Maybe I would find its speed a problem if I had it sitting side-by-side with an iPad? On the occasions that I have used iOS I have found it slow to navigate and find webOS offers a better user experience.

It is great to have the new update, even simple things like the Clock app are welcome improvements.

Do I hope that HP/webOS succeeds, of course I do. It does seem to me that a lot of the complaints raised here are coming from fans of competing OSs, dare I even suggest that they may actually be competitors spreading FUD.

i hear that! i hang out more in the forums now, more helpful (less hateful) people there :).

One of the reasons you keep seeing some of the same names of "trollers/haters" here is because they have been banned from the forums. Criticism is one thing; but clearly some of these posters here have more than just WebOS issues!!! It's more of an obsession to drive the narrative in a negative direction. The forums are much better now... in the recent past, EVERY post/topic was invaded/hijacked by some of these same banned posters with their "WebOS is doomed, and Apple/Android is this/that..." It's actually quite comedic to see some of these banned posters hanging by a thread here... as if being weaned from an addictive drug.

Interestingly, despite their predictions, WebOS is still here... go figure!!!


But they accuse WebOS *supporters* of having an obsession . . .

I don't own a tablet because I don't really need one. I follow though these developments in case I decide to buy one anyway.
I read so many posts about TouchPad being slow. I stopped by Best Buy to give it a try. I spent about 5 minutes. The display model was very responsive, at least as far as OS is concerned (i.e. transitions). Some apps may take a couple of seconds to load. The app store loads really slow.
Then I went to check the IPad display. Same 5 minutes. Just as responsive. Some applications do take a few seconds to load. App store loads very slow and so does ITunes.
So what's the difference? The IPad stand is big and has a large sign above. And also has a dedicated person. If I did not know about Touch Pad I would not have seen it. It has the front seat in the "other tablets" isle with an HP logo under the table.
You may own either tablet and have a different experience but this is what somebody who just happens to get into a store would see.

The email speed increase is really nice, but the big news for me is Amazon video is now working perfectly.

Come on, let's get serious. Even the most loyal webos supporters, are you really going to settle for a calculator app that isn't tablet-utilized? How hard was it for them to just stick an old calculator 'emulator' in there and call it a day? What happened to full-featured apps, even the calculator app? And the clock app, it has three clocks! It's severely depressing to see that they are bringing this stuff out and expecting us to be impressed. While Apple develops and innovates apps like Garageband and iMovie for the iPad, HP brings the calculator app. You can make excuses all you want, but there has to be a point where you say, look, I paid money for your product, when are you going to actually deliver?

I think the webos community needs to be a bit more prodding when it comes to HP delivering on things like this. They talked about hardware acceleration, CSS3, big big stuff that will fix the TouchPad, but still it has not come yet.

Other TouchPad owners, do you not feel like this is another webos repeat of failure? If they are all in in webos, why arent they bringing it?

Has the performance of Skype improved at all? I read the video was really pixelated and sluggish. Did this update bring any fixes to Skype?