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by Adam Marks Tue, 02 Nov 2010 1:47 pm EDT

As with many tasks in webOS, there is usually more than one way to accomplish a single action. This includes something as simple as hanging up the phone. The obvious way to hang up on a phone call is to tap the big red  Disconnect button ( Hang up ) on the bottom of the Phone App while on a call. But you can also hang up a call by swiping up or pressing the center/LCD button to minimize the Phone app into card view and then just throwing the card off the top of the screen to close the app. A dashboard banner notification will appear for a few seconds letting you know that the call has ended. This is much easier if you don’t want to worry about not tapping the right spot on the screen or if you are driving and you don’t want to take your eyes off the road for too long. However, if you plan on making another call, you are better off trying to tap the disconnect button, otherwise you will need to load up the Phone App again!

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I have found the most elegant method of answering and hanging up a call to be to load the

True. However, I prefer "Close Slider to End Calls Exept Headset", which is a little bit more intelligent.
Same funcionality, but if you're on any headset, closing the slider doesn't cut your call. Because, you know, the headset has a button.

are we ever going to get a way to hang up one call and answer another? whenever I answer a second incoming call, the first call stays "on hold" forever until I hang up both calls. And then sometimes after that I get a phantom incoming call from an "unknown number" but no one is there. all I want to do is hang up the first call and answer the second call, is that so hard?

Welcome to the limitations of CDMA...

In other words no...

It can't be a CDMA thing. My centro was a CDMA phone and it could hang up on the first call while on with the second call.

This missing function is actually the only thing I dislike about the Pre. Otherwise, I love my Pre.

My Sprint Centro did this same "on hold" functionality, just as the Pre does.
I have no evidence that it is a CDMA thing, but at the very least it could easily be a Palm thing.

Can anyone here confirm if this is actually a limitation of CDMA or the phone? This is one of my biggest complaints with the Pre. Although I believe my Centro did the same thing.

It's not a cdma thing.. Its a palm phone thing. My samsung instinct have that feature.

Very interesting. My Pre managed to have one call in holding while answering another. O2 Germany, GSM/UMTS, that is.

Don't forget, in a lot of states it's now illegal to have a phone in your hand while driving. Probably shouldn't encourage bahavior that could get readers in trouble :)

I have a touchstone mounted in my car, connected to my bluetooth stereo... :-)

plenty of people here, me included, use our phones in the car on touchstones, so we're not breaking any laws.

WebOS really needs a good simple voice dial application. That is a real necessity for states where it's against the law to hold a phone while driving.

I agree wholeheartedly! I really miss this feature that I had on feature phones many years ago.

and it damned well better work with bluetooth. my 700p had voice dialing, but it didn't work with bluetooth so it was essentially useless.

The "Power Button to End Calls" patch is great. Just press the power button! You don't have to look and you don't even have to be in the phone app to hang up a call.

You just have to be careful not to hang up on yourself if you're on a call and the screen goes off. It's tempting to press the power button to turn on the screen again, but of course that will hang up the call. Sliding the keyboard open will turn the screen back on. If the keyboard is already open, just press the spacebard to turn the screen back on.

I used that patch for awhile, and got rid of it for exactly that reason: it was too much trouble to get the screen back on once it turned off.

I've wondered about the dual calls issue also. I wonder if it isn't a carrier thing. Two calls mean more minutes.

Uh, if you're going to talk about talking while driving, why not also explain how if you use the headset that comes with the phone you can answer AND hang up by using that handy dandy little button Palm put in the wire... simple, effective, and doesn't close the phone app or use a patch. Plus, then you are legal because you're using hands free.

In the same vein, I hate it when I'm on a conference (3 way call), but there's no way to disconnect one party and still maintain an open line to place another 3 way call or be able to answer an incoming call without disconnecting all callers. Can't some genius at palm or (in may case, Sprint) figure out how to accomplish this?


I use the "Close on Hangup" patch. The phone app closes automatically, when any call is ended by either party.

glad to hear that both calls hangup with one on hold issue isn't just operator error.