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Happy Pixi Day! 48

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 15 Nov 2009 1:49 pm EST

Today's the day that the Palm Pixi is officially available! If you haven't, go on and take a look at our Palm Pixi Review, then head on over to our Palm Pixi forums to see what our members are saying.

Did you pick up a Pixi today? What do you think?



More to the point, has anyone dropped their PRE for a Pixi is what I wanna know... FIRST! :p

What I want.... The frakking PalmCast!!!!!!

The thought has crossed my mind, love my Pre but the Pixi is tempting especially for a former Centro user.

yep bout 35 feet at a sports arena. Nothing wrong, face plate was kinda loose but it slides open easy now. That's it.

LOL -- Re-read the original poster's full sentence. He was asking if anyone dropped their Pre for a Pixi, as in exchanged. Nice to know your Pre survived the other kind of drop.

Hell No! for a worse phone? i'm a phanboi of no phone or product. I couldn't care less about palm centros. It's way to similar to a pre but just less. i don't see the point of switching.

No way. I don't think anyone in their right mind would do such a thing. Why would you "upgrade" to a slower processor, no wifi, smaller screen with less resolution, worse camera, and less powerful phone overall???

I am sorry if anyone did that. The Pre is simply a better device. I really love the PIxi, I sell Sprint, and I enjoy them both. But the Pre is just the real Palm device here.I would not trade mine in until something better than the Pre came from palm.

I'm keeping my Pre and waiting/praying for a Pre 2 :-)

You think they'll call it the Palm Post?

just got my wife a Pixi. What a great phone! I was shocked at how solid it feels. The keyboard is easily the best I have used on a smartphone. It seems just as snappy as my Pre. It's so thin. She loves it and rightfully so. Great job, Palm.

now fix the app limit bug and noone gets hurt.

Get Preware and install patches. Takes care of app limit.

I am on a Pixi now. Bought one for my daughter's birthday. Way easier to type on. I have Preware installed, have themed it, but so far haven't been able to patch it. I tried with both WOQI and Preware. I get install errors. I tried 4 x 4 v1 which I feel should be compatible since it simply deals with width. Anyone have any luck?

4x4 should be a standard option on webos phones.

Curious... since they had the opportunity to start fresh with the Pixi, is there still an app limit?

Yes, there is still an app limit. It is built into the software usage. Not hardware.

had my pix put on my second line early (on friday) gave it to my friend to use to get him of of that damn black berry ..
ill eventually use it for my DEV phone before i put stuff in my pre to see if it works first ..

I just upgraded from my samsung Upstage II (m620) to the pixi. I love it, my wife has the pre, but I really don't like slider phones, and the pixi is a huge upgrade from the upstage, although it won't be as easy to teather though, but it looks like there are some solutions to that on this forum. Thanks for a cool forum guys.

I can echo several comments from above.
I just bought my wife a Pixi. GREAT keyboard (wish my Pre had the same 'action'). FAST and responsive. Doing the 1.3.1 update was a pain having to wait for EVDO (and the sporatic data bursts for updates) instead of using Wi-fi. I have installed several homebrew apps, but can't get the tweaks/patches to load. I tried with Preware and the new WOQI 2.9. :(

Overall, great, solid, little phone. Wife is happy = I am happy. I think she will be happier when she sees what the tweaks can do for her. I'm sure they will be available shortly with effort from all of the wonderful devs and their amazing skills.

I'm keeping my Pre. The screen size is all the difference in the world to me. I doubt there will be many users 'downgrading' from a Pre to a Pixi. However, starting with a Pixi, I would imagine there would be little desire to 'upgrade' to a Pre.

two questions:

1: is the camera quality as bad as they say? Is there a noticeable difference between the Pre's pictures and the Pixi's?

2: Processor speed: is there a noticeable lag in the phone? I've read it's as snappy as the Pre and have also read the opposite. Any comments as to that?

I may just swap out my Pre for a Pixi if these two issues aren't noticeable enough. I hate the wobble of this Pre and I never use WiFi so not having it wouldn't bother me.

I've never owned a Palm Pre, so I can't do any comparison with that phone. However, I can say that while I was using my Pixi for the first time today I did notice some delay and lag in general. Particularly when flicking the screen to scroll up and down. Some apps seemed consistently bad compared to others. The Pixi would freeze for about 5-10 seconds at some point.

Even with these small issues I do plan to keep the Pixi for a while and see if the system improves with a possible OS update in the near future.

I'm trying to get every female I know to buy a Pixi once they're released in the UK. Such a perfect girlie phone for the name alone, if nothing else.

Just got the Mrs a Pixi. She's a little skeptical of the new OS, since she does not know how to do a lot of things. I, on the other hand, love the form factor. If it wasn't for the lack of WiFi, I would switch.

Camera quality is ok, but yes there is a difference. I don't see that much of a speed difference. WiFi is a factor!

Now about the tweaks. It won't work on the Pixi because DiffStat/GNU packages are looking for the ARM processor in the Pre, if I am right. Kinda sucks. I tried to manually (via SDK) install My Flashlight and the Service, rebooted and I have the app but the LED does not turn on. :(

Probably everything is looking for an ARM. Can anyone with more knowledge confirm?

love the form factor, that's it!
screen is too small, watching videos sucks and browser isn't as pleasurable as pre.
the keyboard is pretty nice but not too much better than pre.
camera made me look red so not good!
speaker is noticibly lower in volume.
random odd lag as well :/

overall, way disappointed and most likely getting a pre (:

just got the pixi today. i had the pre before then returned it for a hero cause of the slider. then the hero had network issues plus battery issues so i took it back for a pixi. i bought my pixi from bestbuy so no rebates! pixi is cool, and i did notice a bit of lag but not that much to make me hate it. the camera is ok but i think why my shots werent so good was because i was in the car taking photos and my hand was shaking. but when i stopped my hand the pictures were fine. to me the pixi is better than the pre. i would wish it had wifi but im ok without it, but i did not use the wifi on my hero and i still got pretty fast data speeds. i only used wifi on pre for a while. overall pixi is good i am whating for a side sliding webos phone. like a pixi plus. something slim with wifi and large touchscreen, but the keyboard comes from the side. like a palm tq. touch + qwerty

+1 to the side slider with huge touch screen!

+2 to the side slider with a huge touchscreen (provided it wasn't overpriced)

I like the idea of a side slider, but I actually type faster with the kbd below the screen. But a 3rd phone w/that form factor & a 4th with no physical kbd would hit all preferences & leave noone behind. More importantly, Palm has to fix all of the issues and not only catch up to the current features of phones on the market today, but leapfrog them. We saw how quickly the market responded to the threat of the Pre. While I love the Pre, I don't think it quite lives up to the hype.

I think side sliders are inconvenient. You have to twist the phone around to type, and it basically guarantees that you have to use two hands to handle the phone. I would not say the Pixi is better than Pre, because its simply not. But I suppose what you are trying to say is that you enjoy using it more than you enjoy the Pre. Which I can see why.

I really like Pre's vertical keyboard. very convenient and easy to use. Still, the Pixi's keyboard is amazing, much better than pre.

Who should I hate for the pixi being $99, sprint or palm?

You shouldn't hate either, just wait two months...

No doubt. Considering what's under the Pixi's hood and that the Pre took a $50 price cut, I fully expect the Pixi to hit $50 after rebates by year's end.

Anyone previous Treo Pro owners got a Pixi today? I am looking to switch when it comes to england. The build on my treo is solid - is it the same on the pixi?

No more windows button!

better than the treo

So when I paid my bill today I got the chance to fondle a Pixi, and I have to say that I like it a whole lot better than my Pre. The camera pics were definitely noticeably smaller and slight (very slight) pixelation was noticed, and slight delay when throwing cards away. Other than that I was sold. I am thinking heavily about putting my Pre up on Craigslist as a trade for a Pixi. I can't stand the wobble on my screen, no matter how minor it is. Anyone else feel the same way?

I bought one for my son today. Talked about getting a Pre but he's a teenager and fidgety and I questioned the durability of the slider in his hands, even if it were bulletproof. :) What a great phone. He loves it. I set it up for him and didn't notice a lag compared to the wife's Pre. The screen didn't seem that small until I put it up right next to the Pre. Don't do that. :) I love these phones. My family will soon own 2 Pres and 3 Pixis.

This is my first Palm product. I did tons of research, it was the keyboard and multitasking that sold me over iphone. Excellent build quality. Speaker slighly low volume. Amazing phone...in next revision if it had OMAP processor and WiFi, it would be the best phone on the market imho. I have never owned a smartphone, but consider my self a technical user. Does anyone know why youtube videos work? They are flash based which I thought wasn't supposed to appear yet

There is a special app for youtube. If you notice, youtube does not work on the actual youtube website itself, instead, the device will open another app to deal with youtube type files. Videos that are in youtube format in general will play on the youtube app.

Flash has to be integrated into the browser and software of the phone, which neither of the Palm devices have. However, you can expect Flash to be supported in the first half of 2010.

the videos get encoded when you use the youtube app

Yeah, as these guys said, the YouTube app doesn't actually load Flash video. YouTube re-encodes the Flash video to a format that mobile devices support so that even "dumb" phones can potentially view them.

Incidentally, this is why you may sometimes find that brand spanking new YouTube videos might not load in the YouTube player right away. They just haven't been re-encoded quite yet.

@ K20boy,

YouTube vids work because they're the vids streaming from the mobile site. They've been converted and are mobile phone friendly. That's why sometimes it takes a little bit longer to find new vids because YouTube has to convert them first.

Its too late Palm !

My centro screen crapped out, Agent wouldn't help and I had to make a descion....Went BlackBerry Bold. No way in hell would I support an iPhone.

Well I am suitably impressed with the device.
Miss Palm already (2 days) Hurry up Palm settle down and lets whip this Smartphone thang !

Always a Palm user...bring on Pre 2 !

Patching now available on the Pixi: http://forums.precentral.net/2038929-post1.html

-- Rod

pre > pixi

what they said. have owned both and going back to pre ASAP!

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