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Head of webOS Ari Jaaksi responds to TouchPad reviewers 115

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 11 Jul 2011 6:24 am EDT

In a blog post on his personal website, Senior VP of webOS at HP Ari Jaaksi has responded to some issues that have been brought up in a number of HP TouchPad reviews from various news networks. With a more candid and public approach than Jon Rubenstein's recent internal email to HP staff, Jaaksi talks about three problems that reviewers keep bringing up, and which have inevitably trickled down into consumer discussions as well: A lagging OS, mistakes in auto-correct dictionary and the lack of apps.

Regarding the lagging OS, he notes that many of these reviewers are judging the device based on the experience that they have while the device is trying to manage more than the typical number of tasks on initial launch (downloading apps, syncing accounts/contact/calendars, making Skype video calls, etc...). While webOS can definitely still be improved to handle resources better during this phase, it's not unnatural for the first few hours of performance to be a bit sluggish, which is when accounts and apps are being synced and downloaded, which is unfortunately also when reviewers and users are getting their first impressions about the quality of performance.

Regarding the lack of apps, he again assures us that they are coming. Developers that have been waiting to get a TouchPad in their hands are now finally able to do so and test their apps properly on an active device. Jaaksi explains the reasoning why the app catalog growth has been slow up until now - "TouchPad needs applications, and developers need TouchPads." With that now in place, the platform that he believes is truly very good for developers, can now start to get the much needed app numbers to go with it. When reviewers had the devices, the only developers who had access were those very few privelaged enough to have that opportunity to partner with HP in the launch. The others had to wait until July 1st, just like the rest of us.

It might be easy to misunderstand Jaaksi in one way, though; He isn't making excuses for the less-than-perfect performance of the device that has been launched (which is still "a good start"). He is instead trying to put some facts into perspective on why many reviewers commented on the lack of apps (because there's a lack of apps) and the sluggishness of the OS. By the end of the piece he tells readers to go and try the device for themselves, rather than basing judgement just on what the reviewers had to say. In fact, he reminds us that they are hard at work right now on the first OTA update for webOS 3.0 already, which will apparently bring fixes and a bit of optimization to many of the problems that TouchPad reviewers pointed out.

We've been saying it all along and we'll say it again, updates are great to hear about, but we'll be even more glad to see them when they actually show up on the device. While Jaaksi's comments do clarify some questions that users might have about the reviews they've been reading, in the end we'll have to agree with what he says as the only way to find out the true answers to those questions: You just need to go out and try it for yourself. So far, we haven't heard that many of you regret it.


What about random reboots while TP is sitting still. Plus a lot of reviewers werent happy w how fat it is, did he say anything about releasing a slimmer version?

Agree! and also I would love to hear somebody address the hardware reviews. for example. the cheap plastic-y feel of the Shiny back, The neglect of using an Oileophobic coating on the screen, no rear facing camera. It still looks like a "Last Years" Model. This was the reason I didn't run out and snap one up right away. I can forgive Software bugs and i realize those can be updated and fixed w/ OTA updates. I would have still bought one on Launch day if it were JUST software issues. But the cheap look of a product that i'm gonna be dropping $600 on. Naw, i'll wait till the second gen and pray that they get it right second time around. :-(

Honestly, it doesn't look as bulky as people are exaggerating it. when I went to Best Buy to see it, I compered it with the other tablets and the difference is not much to me and yes it is shiny but the hardware doesn't look cheap to me.

i agree. when i first held the ipad and ipad 2 side-by-side, i thought, "wow, the old ipad is big and bulky!" but when i got home and started using my "old ipad", the thought never crossed my mind again. so the thinner form factor really wasn't that big a deal for me afterall. this was the main reason i didn't buy an ipad 2 when it first came out.

the glossy back on the touchapd though i can do without. i've had the touchpad for half a day and the back of it is a mess already. but i'll probably cover it up anyway with some kind of protective case. actually, i don't know anybody that owns an ipad 2 that doesn't have a protective case for it. what i would really have beef with is if the belkin case for the touchpad feels "cheap and plastic-y" compared to the belkin case for the ipad 2 :).

Although I agree that a textured back like the Touchstone compatible back for the webOS phones would be preferred, I wonder if HP thought the shiny black plastic was a non-issue because people would use their case for the TouchPad? You can leave it on while using the Touchstone and you can fold the cover back to create a stand, or just to get it out of the way.

Or the shiny back was a great idea to get ppl to buy the case. :-P Just teasin.

I keep mine in its case so fingerprints aren't an issue, but before I got the case they didn't matter, they were on the back. As for the thickness, it really isn't an issue for me, no more than my Pre- beint thicker than a Droid or Iphone. It hasn't felt cheap in my hands, or anyone who has asked to look at it.

Lastly; rear facing camera. I haven't missed it. But that's me, I use it at home and work and both places have cameras at hand.

but what about not having and Oileophobic coating on the glass... don't the finger smudges drive you crazy or constantly having to wipe it down to keep it clean. I just think that the Oileophobic coating should be standard on a device where your rubbing your fingers on the screen all day. I am curious tho... does it bug you?

the smudges does bother me, but i did a quick search through amazon for compatible screen protectors and there were several options. so i'll probably put that.

anybody has any experience with using the official HP Touchpad case with the touchstone charger? how well does it charge through the case? what happens to the front cover while it's charging? does it just hang to the side? can you fold it back and still charge? that way you can take advantage of the exhibition mode?

I think most people who have the touchpad (like I do for 3 days) are fine with the hardware. The device is solid except one point of the case on which "creaks." I don't like that. But other than that, no problem. The back does not collect much fingerprints at least for me and doesn't flex or feel cheap. (a textured matte back could have been a better choice) But actual TP owners are probably unhappy with the lagginess and delays. I knew what the device felt like in best buy in the hand but I didn't know how the OS ran until I loaded stuff on it. (Demo units can slow down with demo software) It's functional but needs refinement and optimization ASAP!

It is kind of stupid to think the reviewers like Josh T and Derek tried to review the unit while apps were downloading. I think they are more tech savvy than a stupid answer from Ari like that.

Seriously. And they spent an extensive amount of time using them-- it wasn't just a simple "open the box, use it for a few hours, and write a review". They put these things through the paces.

Exactly. And that doesn't cover the laggy demo TouchPads that people have played with in stores. I have personally tried two different TouchPads at two separate Best Buy stores and BOTH of them exhibited the same stuttery performance.

In my own experience, I have not seen much lag. Although, when I do, it brings things to a halt for a few seconds which is frustration.

That was my experience in a BB with a demo made me hold off - it was lagging with ONE application open, and I tried a few of them.

I need to see the Pre3 released, working well, and a better responding TP before going all in with webOS on this next round.

In the event that you didn't also read the blog post here's exactly what he said. He's got a point and not all reviews are equal in their tech abilities or ability to understand these comments.

Some reviewers are pushing the first hours of the TouchPad usage harder than we expected. We saw cases when users took a new TouchPad into a use. They set up their corporate email account – typically an Exchange account – and a few additional private email accounts, all with contacts and calendars. Then, they set up their Skype account, Facebook account with thousands of friends, and potentially a Snapfish photo account. Then they log on to their Kindle account and started to synchronize their book library. Then, immediately, they transfer tens of gigabytes of music and pictures to the TouchPad. And then they go and install a few dozen of applications from the webOS application catalogue. At this point, webOS synchronizes all accounts, indexes all music and pictures, creates image thumbnails, downloads books, connects to Skype and other accounts and so forth.

While Touchpad is busy doing all the above, users watch a Flash movie and make a Skype video call while having email, Facebook, messaging, a couple web pages, and a few other applications running.

Yea? and what happens when all that is still finished and its still lagging? The reviewers most likely had these things for at least a week.

It was a stupid answer. The device is a little laggy and I'd love to say it isn't. However, in most respects it's still pretty cool. Yesterday I listened to the Giants game on MLB radio on the Touch Pad while downloading new aps and playing games, smooth performance and no problems.

While at the beach in the morning I decided to download "Moby **** on my Pre- to discover the download was free because I'd already done it on my Touch Pad earlier in the week. After getting the free download I opened the program to discover that my bookmark from my Touch Pad was saved... It was really cool and kind of surreal how well it all worked. Will any other os's do that?


BTW..the bookmark was there because of the app you were using not because of the TouchPad itself.

Downloading apps and syncing accounts? That is their excuse? WebOS always lags on every device it has been on. Stop making excuses and just fix it.

"Apps are on their way!" Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, for the past two years.

HP is a ship of fools!

Even more interesting is the obvious fact that HP thinks we are the fools.

Still hanging in there and hoping.

I don't know, maybe we are.

We very well may be. I know I am, but now I think the thought of paying $200-500 for a new device is whats really keeping me around. Paying other bills is my excuse for not grabbing that EVO 3D.

How do you make a blanket statement like that? I've got an HP printer that is amazing and I love it in every respect. My desktop is HP and it's awesomely fast. My laptop is HP, same thing.

"HP is a ship of fools" C'mon GlennBeck, get real; they're the biggest tech company ever and there has to be a reason for that.

This OS, WebOS is young and new to HP but I have no doubt they'll get it right, but nothing happens instantly in business.

"The apps are coming." is what the webOS faithful have been hearing for two years now.

Plus, I'm so tired of the people saying that developers need the tablet in order to make apps. No, they need a large audience to sell to, so HP better release some impressive sales figures if they want more apps.

The lag is there either way. I've had my TouchPad for a week and it's just buggy. Useful but buggy. For example, when I click a link in a browser window that opens up a page on a new card, one out of 2 or 3 tries the new card stalls and doesn't load the page, I have to swipe it away and click the original link again. Sure is annoying.

I don't have this problem on my Pre- running 2.1. It's pretty responsive and pages always load-- large pages may take a while and grind the device to a halt, but they load. WebOS 3 just needs some polish to get to where 2.x is on smaller devices.

I think they tried rush the whole 3.0 version for tablets. I would taken a TouchPad with 1.4.5. Focus more on that hardware.

The same thing happens to me. It bugs the heck out of me and makes me think that they really didn't have many people spending a lot of time with this product before launch. As GlennBeck would say, I'm a fanboy, its true, but I do hope that these issues are fixed quickly all the same. It's a good product with shades of greatness, but it needs some tweaks for sure.

Feel same way as you. It's like having a sports car that stalls occasionally just when you're pushing it.
The skype problem is real. I don't use skype regularly and don't know if HP had the major role in writing that. But the webOS I know HP wrote!

What about Skype works sometime and only audio other times?

Strange -- then why don't these very same reviewers complain about lagginess, etc. of other tablets "in the first few hours" too? All the other tablets can download apps, sync accounts, etc while keeping their UI from being laggy.

I also find it interesting that the OS that has "true multitasking" is laggy because it can't multitask.

This just seems like a case of if the reviewer pans your product you respond by panning the reviewer.

I thought webOS and the TouchPad had more synergy, more 'connectiveness' than other tablets...so it might lag more early than the other tablets.

However, it sounds like some here are saying that the lagginess is still present (albeit somewhat reduced?) a week or so after purchase...so there is something there that needs addressing.

...so there is something there that needs addressing.
Indeed. That "something" has been there and has needed addressing since 2009.

not to be paranoid or anything, but hoe do they know we the reviewers were doing all that?

so basically he was saying that because webos multitasks, the reviewers tried to mulitask too much.

i didnt run into this, then again when i set up mine i did it over a pre-.

btw, im glad he posted this.

btw2, really we have to add words? how about an ota update to update the dictionary? can that be done?

The lagging OS response smells just a bit like horse poo. Are they saying that their OS never lags outside of multitasking? It's already a crapshoot to try and listen to an mp3 off the web when the web browser is the only thing open.

I'm glad I fought back the initial urges to buy this device, but now responses like this just make me angry instead of hopeful.

If the hardware was better than Samsung tab and IP-2's weight than people would have forgiven lack of apps, knowing it would attract developers and consumers, but if you start w a fat piece of blob whose calendar really sucks big time, then you are in trouble.

I was already aware of this with Apple, but I was surprised to learn that Samsung forces you to use their Kies app to transfer files. Ugh.

maybe I am a lucky one but the only time I have had lag was the first 30 minutes. upon restarting the TP, I have yet to see another problem.

there are some applications that do take longer than others (calendar) but nothing longer than 15 seconds. To me that is not a big deal.

I tested the TouchPad at a Best Buy for 15 minutes or so.

There was no lag - except for the calendar. That one had a serious delay in startup. It did have a lot of calendars and demo entries - but still - somebody who seriously uses a calendar will also have a lot of appointments (perhaps with less many calendars). That one needs some serious optimization.

The movies ran smoothly with 0 stutter - I particularly checked the action rich sequences. This is where lag would be most noticable and annoying.

I didn't use it long enough to encounter any crashing bugs.

I also have a similar experience as you. The one I was playing with at the Best Buy in my area was running smoothly except for few apps and even those apps does not run that slow to the point of annoying me.

I definitely don't see lag very often in my TouchPad. There is certainly room for improvement since the device was JUST released of course!

But I still have a lot of fun every time I pick it up!

I've been using the Touchpad since the launch day, so a little over a week. It's generally pretty responsive, but it is occasionally sluggish at loading applications. Some more than others. It is something you really don't see much of with Android/iOS devices. Even 4 seconds is a bit long compared to the competition.

Don't get me wrong, I love my touchpad, but app launch time is one of the cons to WebOS. Once things are open, or if they have been open recently, they are pretty snappy.

I just opened my calendar while I had the browser, email, and a downloaded app running. It took no more than 1 second to open the calendar.

So far, after a week, no crashes. Streaming media (YouTube), including HD content, works flawlessly and is really nice. I was kind of surprised.

I hate to jump on the bandwagon Bigriggs, but 15 seconds to open the calendar is an eternity when you are in a meeting and three or four others are checking theirs for time availability. My Pre minus was always slower than my iPhone colleagues, so I just kept it open. But 15 seconds...wow.

The main app this needs right away is a document editing app. Word, Excel, even PowerPoint.

I should have been more clear in my statement, the longest it took for my calendar app to open is 15 seconds. I just did it again and it was 7 seconds that time, which is still slower than the iPad2, but a lot more reasonable.

7 is still a holy sh*t number when you remember that the TP has a dual-core processor.

I'm only 24 hours in so I am sure I will see some problems. So far, I have been very impressed. My calender opens in 1 second or less. seriously... so what am I doing right? I have multiple accounts synced to it.....

Can someone tell me what Glenn Beck brings to this community other than crying and whining? Wasn't his show canceled?

My Calendar only takes about 4 seconds to launch.

I think people just like to gripe here

15 seconds is a little slow. personally, my calendar never takes that long to open. but that's one of the apps (the others being mail, messaging, and quickoffice) that i don't close at all. i start them and leave them open, and clicking on them again once they're already in card view takes less than a second :).

i was more concerned with in-app speed...as in how long does it take to open a document or something like that...and it was pretty comparable with the other tablets at best buy.

I'm not defending 15 second start times, but with webOS, you can keep the calendar open.

I havent had any random reboots that some people havbe experienced, but I have had some lagginess when scrolling thru contacts or emails or opening a new card.

What irks me more than this is that it launched with a non-functioning Amazon Kindle app and the movie store doesnt work. They are basically place holders.

I will say they did a great job on the Facebook app so far, though I would love for it not to go from the app to the browser when I click on Notifications that someone commented on a post, instead of going to that in the app, it opens the browser.

Plus, there are no accessories available locally.

My Touchpad has worked well so far. I haven't experienced any slow downs either. The thing I was most disappointed about was that Netflix was missing.

I was surprised to see that reviewers had a working Kindle app. I wonder what happened?

So this is the number two high-level HP exec to directly respond to bad TP reviews. Look, we all know why the TP is laggy - the webkit-based development environment requires more processing than compiled machine-native optimized code. I don't think many people are going to buy the "you're not using it right" type argument.

How long have we been talking about how scalable webOS is to other display sizes? It's been highly touted for years, practically.


"It's just not fair."

The scary part regarding his statements is that they give you a sinking feeling when compared to Rubenstien's statements a week ago saying that all the reviewer concerns will be addressed in an upcoming update. Today's statements seem to be a back pedal on that - basically saying it is what it is and not offering the same hope that a future update is FINALLY going to fix this.

On the other hand, Jaaksi is probably right. They never could fix the lag in any other webOS device so why should we expect the Touchpad to be any different. Sad, but seems that is the reality.

I bought this thing on July 1.

I love it.

But I have to admit ... my FIRST GEN Ipod Touch outperforms this thing.

And after 17 attempts, I haven't gotten Skype to work properly.

I'm a huge fan of webOS but I'll tell you one thing guys ... if your OTA update doesn't fix some of this **** and fast, I'm really done.

My disdain for Apple has been the only factor in me not abandoning webOS a lot sooner.

Same bull different rear.

Makes me wonder if there even is a mythical update to bring gpu assisted gui to begin with. But first off. This has been the talk since webOS came about. People want hardware to create the apps on developers have apps to create. I don't see anything different now when it was then.

Being that they "rant" about the Touchpad with its "multi-tasking". You would hope it could "multi-task" without taking the device down with it. According to his words. Thats not the case. The slow downs are NOT just with initial use otherwise reviewers would have mentioned that. IE;

"The device was slow upon initial use and configuration but once it finished all its background tasks of syncing and setup it was a dream to use."

I don't remember seeing that in any reviews...

I have not had any problems multi-tasking many apps.

And that's the puzzling thing. If I can multitask and run 3 games simultaneously , 4 apps, why does it take 10 seconds to load quick office? or 5 seconds for the calendar? I'm not a programmer but the delays are unpredictable which sometimes is even more aggravating!

I've had my TP since launch and I don't really notice any lag. Some things definitely need fixing and any optimization they do at this point will be a bonus.

What's got me thinking this dude is on crack though is his comment about the app shortage. I'm still waiting for this big avalanche of apps we were promised. The devs have had their TouchPads for 10 DAYS. That's plenty of time to test and upload to the Catalog.

OK, that one really got my goat too. Supposedly they had the TP done and were waiting to work out the kinks on software to make it "perfect" for launch. They should have shipped out 10,000 of those devices to developers so that on launch day (or forgive me, launch day plus 10 days) they don't have to be apologetic yet again for their lack of apps and blame it on developers who didn't have real hardware until July 1st.

If they were above board and honest he would have said "We failed because we didn't get hardware into developer's hands". Instead he blames it on devs who are waiting to test their apps.

Where are the thousands of apps HP employees created? Granted, they are Mojo-based, but where are they?

Stay tuned :P

My TouchPad did a luna start twice -- the first day -- but other than that it's been great. It probably found something incorrect on the software end and it restarted to fix it. So far I have not regreted the purchase. There are bugs -- some touches don't respond -- but that's after I've used the thing for hours and have like 6 apps open at once (which you can't do any where else). Besides the fingerprints, which I can overlook because of the beautiful OS, I actually like the feel of the Touchpad. It's thin enough for me.

Maybe they'll have all this fixed in the same update I'm supposed to get for 1.4.5. Oh wait, you have to get new hardware to make that right.

I can't care too much about lags when launching apps as long as everything is stable. I would lunch an app once and then for the next couple of weeks just pick the app I want from the cards. That would be faster than any iPod or Tab.

That is how I use my Pre2, most apps running most of the time, and a reboot once or so a week as my Pre2 starts loosing my touch (literary). Some of my friends have in fact assumed the cards are app icons and I am launching the apps every time! But from what I hear OS3 is not yet that stable, and even running apps still have lags, so HP really needs to address quite a few things.

This is interesting, I have been saying the last couple days how the TP seems to be running much more smoothly than when I first set it all up. There are still a pretty substantial amount of issues, but most of the major performance related ones just sort of went away. I hardly see random reboots, and cards don't really take more than a couple seconds to load anymore, it just overall seems less buggy. But none-the-less, I am definitely looking forward to this OTA.

Another oddity, I ran Time magazine app 6 x over the weekend and failed. It loaded the issues and then stopped. Or just froze. Or crashed my TP. And now it's running well. No updates to this app either. Huh. Maybe my citrix receiver (beta? they call it a "preview") will work now with my hospital dashboard after failing 6 times.
I did try HP Play and it was slow and didn't transfer most of my Itunes/amazon files over. maybe because I have a mix of aac, mp3 files? only 92 out of 1000. I ended doing it manually. But at least it's another part of the touchpad app puzzle. Get Kindle app on, HP!

I've read 3 reviews that also say it's a greasy finger print magnet.
ALL the reviews I read said HP made a mistake bringing this into the market at the same price as the Ipad when it's not ready.

Whatever... i'm soon giving up anyway. As soon as it's official that Sprint will not be carrying anymore webOS phones I'm done with webos anyway.

I wish i could say it's been a good run but honestly it's been a frustrating run. I still get asked to play words with friends with some co-workers and it's embarrassing when I pull out my cracked chubby pre minus and say "Sorry I can't play with you."

>Look, we all know why the TP is laggy - the webkit-based development environment requires more processing than compiled machine-native optimized code

It is _not_ laggy here. And I have tons of emails which e.g. make Thunderbird on my Mac completely unresponsive at times.

What I did experience though (two times) was a restart. Not nice. But I'm confident they will fix it (incl. some other glitches). People complain but don't understand that you cannot write a framework (Enyo) in a day, especially if it's an innovative one.

As far as I am concerned, I am glad they released the device now - wouldn't have wanted to wait any longer.

I am actually amazed that they have so much of Enyo completed given the state it was in just a few months ago. I realize the average consumer does not care, but as a developer, it is impressive.

HP, do not slow down now!

14 days til OTA update. We will see what happenes then.

I sure hope it hits before launch day purchasers reach the 30-day return deadline...

I love the backtracking. First, they repeatedly claimed "thousands" then "TENS of thousands" of apps had been locked in via developer commitment.

Now, he claims to see "a steady stream of apps" even though they are locked at 300 and missing some of the biggest ones promised on February 9.

The takeaway here is to take NOTHING anyone affiliated with WebOS says publicly seriously. You can't trust the word of Rubinstein, this guy, McArthur or anyone else anymore than you can a random Sprint rep.




webOS isn't the only one with a bad spell checker...

Well, between the poor reviews, the fire sales, and the defensiveness from key members of the WebOS team, it seems pretty clear that HP knows they launched a dud. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

My guess is windows 8.

I hope we can flash Windows 8 to our Touchpad if it doesn't work out :)

Hp will go to the next tablet just like it does updates for laptops. When the tablet market matures further, there will be more than one HP tablet series- medium end, luxury end, maybe business rugged end? They are defensive now because this is their first launch but in another year or two, it'll be routine. HP is a mass manufacturer. They won't spend too much time bemoaning the mediocre TP launch.

Y do ppl keep complaining about how bulky TP is,Right now the only 2 slim tabs out now is the samsung 10.1&i pad2..no one was complaing when the first ipad came out;I dont see no problem with the size of the touchpad if it were a apple product everyone would have praise about wat a great device it is..Come on ppl its only been a week

No one was "complaining" when the first iPad came out precisely because it WAS the first. The first consumer-focused tablet.

It set a bar. The iPad 2 raised that bar. TouchPad must meet that bar or sell for much, much cheaper. It is failing on both fronts, which is why it's not even in the top 10 tablet sellers on Amazon....and who can even name 10 other tablets?!!

The iPad 2 outsells it.
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 outsells it.
The Transformer outsells it.
The Xoom outsells it.
The Toshiba Thrive outsells it.
Heck...some days the original Galaxy Tab 7-inch outsells it!

I'm not complaining, but the naked TouchPad is the same size as my iPad2 WITH a case on it so.... meh.

I went o Best Buy yesterday shopping for a tab, I went directly to the HP stand and played with the TP for about 10 minutes. I turned around and bought a $399 Android tab that has:

1- HDMI out, very important to me
2- Two cameras
3- Dual core processors
4- All my important apps that work on my Evo 3D worked flawlessly on my new tab

The TouchPad was:

1- Laggy
2- No HDMI
3- No rear camera
4- No apps
5- $200 more expensive

I love WebOS and I made a decision in 10 minutes, what do you think the average consumer would do? Just saying!

I hear what your saying but the "average" consumer doesn't need HDMI and a rear camera. The apps are of course a big deal and the laggyness is way over blown imo. I have one. I also have a Pre-. I KNOW what laggy is since I've dealt with it for 2 years now. The Touchpad is head and shoulders better performing. It's not instant smooth like the iPad and some of the higher end tablets but I'll give HP a few weeks to see what kind of update they can do to this thing. If not, then I'll eat crow but I have 1.2Billion reasons that say HP will do everything they can to leverage webOS nicely.

I suppose you also think the "average" consumer wants to spend $200 more for a slower less popular device?

the real problem for hp and everybody is the "average consumer" is does not want to buy a tablet, They want to buy an iPad 2. Merely a tablet won't do.

I disagree, average consumer cares more about HDMI than "Multitasking", more about a rear camera than "Synergy", these are stuff only us, techies, care about.

Listen, I hope that HP turns this around and they may do but they are so slow and other platforms are improving. It took more time to launch the browser on the TP than it took on my OC Pre -!

Also, what ticked me off was that the HP lady manning the stand asked me what apps am I missing on the TP so I told her LogMeIn for example, we use that for work to control hundreds of workstations and servers at work and Android has a kick **** app for LogMeIn while WebOS does not have any reliable RDC app. She goes, let me send this in, I am sure they get this app by the morning, lol. Then she started recommending Android tabs for me and when I asked why since she is an HP employer she responded "I am impartial although I work for HP", LOL

Whoa there cowboy. You forget, that Android has Netflix. HDMI out so I can do view a HD movie on a HD tv is a big thing. Just because there is no app on the TouchPad that could take advantage of that HDMI port is no reason to say that the "average" consumer doesn't want one.

I've gone to two Staples to test it out and although they have a display, there is no Touchpad. Which is strange as they have Playbooks, HTC Flyers, Motorola Xooms, Nooks and Kindles all on the floor for a test drive.

silence would be better then excuse after excuse. While I don't have buyers remorse, I sure hope things move a little faster with updates, apps, etc. I bought this for productivity - not as a movie player, angry birds device or to simply access facebook. I hope I can keep interested in it as time passes; but without the promised apps and just receiving continued excuses from WebOS/HP PSG management won't cut it.

CNET Prize Fight review has the Blackberry PlayBook kicking the HP TouchPad's **** quite soundly.

Very disappointing. I mean, seriously, even the PlayBook is getting better reviews??


hahaha wow that's a really embarrassing review for HP.

HP is failing so hard right now, which is sad because WebOS is my favorite mobile OS.
It's really tough to be a webos fan these days :(

I liked the part in that CNET review where he talked about Touch to share and how it's a good feature for that 1 person that has both the pre 3 and the touchpad.

I would weigh Touch-To-Share so much higher in my decision making process if it would allow you to xfer photos from a Pre3/Veer to the TP. I can't understand why they wouldn't bake that right in? Would have been a great 1-up on the iPhone/iPad photo transfer where you need the camera kit and the cable.

Seems like it could have been a real "OMG" feature to show off to consumers!

That's why buying a first version of a device, and a recreated platform is a big mistake.

People, always wait for the 2nd to 3rd version of a product.


Yeah. That is what I was thinking.

Actually, my laptop is doing everything I need right now. None of the tablets seem to have the right mix of features to free me from the laptop.

Although the form factor is very compelling...so much so that you get yourself thinking you could take it with you to meetings and other appointments all the time. Although, to do that effectively, it will have to have some sort of writing application like NotesPlus for the iPad. Without that, I'd still be dragging a paper tablet around.

From the blog - "Then they log on to their Kindle account and started to synchronize their book library."

And he's the head of the WebOS division? When I went into the Kindle application, it tells me that it is just a place holder. I love webOS...but come on...this is a **** excuse letter. I hope that the update comes out before my 14 days is up, or the TP may jsut go back.

Apparently, reviewers HAVE the real Kindle app. I have been searching for why we do not.

"...but that's after I've used the thing for hours and have like 6 apps open at once (which you can't do any where else)."

OK .. Which six apps were open, and what did webOS' multi-tasking do for you that iOS' solution wouldn't buy you ... besides much less battery drain and no lagging? Think hard on this one, please.

Sounds like lots of excuse making to me. It is sluggish and they said they'd have all the essential apps at launch. For my mind they don't have close to the apps i consider essential.

What they offer is great for some. Just not what i'm interested in. But i do think they need to address those speed and app issues rather then making excuses.

It's a really nice tablet, but it's not a 500 or 600 dollar tablet.

They over priced out of the gate. When they drop the price, that will make it look cheaper than just pricing it more competitively to start with.

To be honest, I'm also beginning to feel tired of webOS and what feels like constant excuses.

I bought a Touchpad on launch day, and like many, am disappointed by the hardware. The shape and weight don't bother me, but the cheapness of the body does. While holding the device, you can feel the flex in the plastic backing. The casing also makes a creaking noise on one of the sides. I looked past it...

After a week of heavy usage, my Touchpad is still pretty laggy and unresponsive at times. The email client works pretty stable, but I seem to have constant issues with the browser and general usage. It gets to the point sometimes, where nothing will register for a few seconds. Sometimes it resolves itself. Sometimes it restarts. I looked past it...

App-wise, I wasn't expecting alot with the Touchpad. If you're a webOS user, you're probably used to the disparity in apps. No Netflix. No document editing (Google Docs is slow.) etc etc. I looked past it...

I think I'm at the point now, where I'm just going to return the thing. There are so many things that don't work (Calendar has some huge issues, non-working apps, Skype quality, etc) , or don't run well, that it's hard to justify the expenditure or even recommend the device to others. Let's not even get started on the "ecosystem" of devices. I truly find it all disappointing, and I'm a webOS fan and developer.

I think they two different design teams started with a base 1.45 code and went about their own way. There are many bugs that were in 1.4.5 that I see in 3.0....

Basic things are broken....

I am very disspointed and hope that the OTA addresses some of these issue. May main problem is that most cards when left open for a while eventually have to be discarded and reloaded for ti to be functional...

Bought my touchpad at Amazon after trying out the demo at BestBuy which was lightning fast. It did restart on the first day, after initial setup of synergy, skype etc after which it became faster. Stable since then and I've used it continuously for the last 3 days. The UI has been consistently fast without lag. Application launch may be slow sporadically and occasional taps may fail to respond immediately.
This is probably a flaw in the OS, I was hopeful that failure to respond touches was limited to my pre plus but with double the clockspeed in the touchpad it's still rearing it's ugly head.
Overall I'm enjoying it much more than I thought I would.

do you think the plastic-y back has anything to do with connectivity with the charger? could that be the reason its used and feels that way?

I tested the Touchpad on the first day and noticed the occasional freezes right away. What prevented me from purchasing the Touchpad was the lack of a ToDo application. As someone who manages my commitments with GTD it is impossible for me to have a device without a ToDo/Task application.

its called a calendar!

I am also a day 1 TouchPad owner. Largely works well. I put some non-skid step tape on the back of it, and now it stays in it's iPad case very reliably, and in my hand. (Gambling that if it can charge in a case, a little thin rubber tape won't interrupt the Touchstone...!)

Lag - yeah, some, sometimes. Not as bad as my Pre was at first, and I expect OS upgrades will fix. Wifi quality seems to be the biggest predictor of lag so far.

Biggest bug I have noticed is that I can't actually type into the Pre Central "blog" comments like this, but I can the Forums, LOL! (Doing this on my laptop)

Overall, I am really happy with it. It is a joy to web surf when I come home, and answer email, etc.

Could it be better? yes. What couldn't? Heck, the iPad still can't multitask, while I usually have 3-4 cards open at a time! And with this, I will float through the airport the next time, not having to carry my laptop.

Does it have the stats of the next Pad over? Who cares! I am already secure enough in my masculinity and self-image to not care what the next guy has in his backpack. As long as it does what I want it to (web surf when I get home from work, and negate the need for a laptop on brief trips for training or family responsibilities) then I am good with it.

As I said when I walked in the local Walmart on July 1st, "Dude, TouchPad me!"

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Hey... and if those promised OTA updates never come, don't worry. I'm sure they'll "make things right"

Maybe a $10 mail-in rebate for an HP laser printer...

"these reviewers are judging the device based on the experience that they have while the device is trying to manage more than the typical number of tasks on initial launch (downloading apps, syncing accounts/contact/calendars, making Skype video calls, etc...). While webOS can definitely still be improved to handle resources better during this phase, it's not unnatural for the first few hours of performance to be a bit sluggish, which is when accounts and apps are being synced and downloaded, which is unfortunately also when reviewers and users are getting their first impressions about the quality of performance."

Sooooo these reviewers have reviewed every OTHER device (iPad, Xoom, Blackberry, etc. etc. etc.) only AFTER the first few hours?!?!

I appreciate the attempt to minimize the damage here but seriously, this specific attempt to "inject a few facts" only highlights the flaw in greater contrast.

Bottom line - no user gives a rat's **** WHY something doesn't work well, they simply expect it to work. If it doesn't, the competition wins...period.