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The Great webOS Nation Giveaway: Here are four winners, of AT&T Pre3s; webOS haiku 40

by Derek Kessler Thu, 18 Apr 2013 6:12 pm EDT

Here are four winners, of AT&T Pre3s; webOS haiku

One thousand entries, took Derek a while to read, so many good poems.
But when the end comes, there can be just one, no, four, to get a new phone.
webOS haikus, funny, sad, joyful, clever, picking was quite hard.
So here are the four, who will win a new Pre3, for AT&T.

With first swipe of card
Immediately I knew
WebOS for me

Multitasking is
Everything on a phone
Flick, swipe, tap and type

Palm saw the future,
HP blinded by the past,
LG, read the cards

The Kite Eating Tree
often suffering
never accepting defeat
webOS Nation

These last two haikus, have also won a Touchstone, and a car charger.

Thanks for the haikus, everyone who entered, your passion is great.
A community like this, a platform would be lucky, to have on their side.
Winners: watch your mail, we'll be contacting you, for delivery.
webOS Nation, giveaways are still going, more winners to come.
There's one on right now: Pixi, Pre 2, and a Veer, just comment to win.

Thanks again to all, without your passion and zest, we would not be here.



awww I didn't win!?

Congrats winners! Those are awesome phones! Wish I could be as lucky in the next few weeks! Miss new webOS hardware!


Congrats to all the winners! Nicely done.

doh didn't win....still more chances! Long live WebOS and I love all the winners! Gratz

Thanks, Derek. Good job webOS Nation fam!

my name is not there
my haiku had love and care
no WebOS me

I hope I can have a Panda Veer before its all gone!

Congrats to the winners. Did they get the 8g or 16g phones?

Wow, one thousand posts!?
Apparently lots still use...
... The great WebOS

Thank you very much!
I am really excited!
Cannot believe it!


Um yeah...

Over a thousand people want the latest webOS phone enough to compose a haiku to get one.

It's only 17 syllables, but requires a bit of thought and effort - the odds? 250:1

The odds of future webOS hardware may be even longer, but signing the petition is much easier:

If you didn't win, why not try that? Then practice being VERY patient ;-)

Zest. Who uses that word?

iron chefs

Good Job winners! I lost, but at least I reaffirmed the order of the universe.

The second one is 565 not 575. I Demand a repicking for It. I know it may have taken a while, and even if I don't win, and someone else is picked, its the ethics. It is not a Haiku. It is a genuine chinese knockoff. But congrats to the other winners

^^you may wanna try reading it again

I did, and I checked, everything only has 3 syllables


Judges, we may have an issue! Please report to the replay monitor.

From Websters: eve·ry·thing

Boovish with the sharp eye!

I got that way when people thought they could cheat me out of my rightful prize. But this just a mistake. I think the haiku I wrote had that mistake, so I removed it

Congratulations to the winners

It was fun, thanks Derek and congratulations to the winners.

Congrats to the winners but judges you have slipped I guess being a diehard webOS fan and a person who wanted to win that pre3 oh so bad im used to being let down and cheated. In WebOs Land nothing is Fair.

Multitasking is 5
Everything on a phone 6
Flick, swipe, tap and type 5

I thought the haiku had to be 5,7,5

FYI, the proper pronounciation of "everything" is four syllables: ev-er-y-thing.

We've gotten lazy and pronouce it with three (and the word "every" with just two). The haiku works.

he's technically right. but it's crummy thing to complain about.

unless Mariam Webster also got lazy.

taking poetic license with syllables has been around since there was poetry though.

(FYI, saying "FYI" is... off-putting... even if you are right. if you are wrong...well...)

correct; if one wants to force the written word "every" into two syllables for the purpose of song lyrics or poetic meter, one must write "ev'ry".

That's how I have always pronounced it, but research says,

Merriam- Webster: ev·ery·thing eve·ry·thing
Cambridge Dictionary: ev·riˌθɪŋ

So, I would have to say it is 3 syllables. I have changed my pronunciation accordingly! Webos Nation, you learn something every (ˈev-rē) day!

great to see all the participation. was a lot of fun. thanks Derek.

I really liked mines
Dreamed about Pre on my hands
Guess another time.

GO webOS!!!

please, mine was far better than the alleged winners... not one of them included the phrase "screwed the pooch".

Congrats to the winners.

I didn't want to return to ATT anyway...


Oh now that is unfair! I know I'm not gonna win, but seriously! Its EV-ERY-THING

Let it go, Boovish.

I enjoyed the academic argument, but I never wanted to take the prize away from the guy. Let's call it poetic license and everyone (ev·ri·one) can all be friends.

I'm amazed that there were 4 of these available to give away!
Congrats to the winners

Congratulations to the winners and thx to Webosnation and Derek for putting it on

can't believe i missed this
gosh darn it
will not miss the next one

I have to give props to Derek, who, I believe, composed this entire post in Haiku! Very impressive! :-) Can't believe it wasn't mentioned in the comments yet - could be further credit to his haiku composition style that folks didn't even notice it.

I am late, as is WebOS to market, can i be considered? love Enyo.