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Highlight and Copy/Paste Text [webOS 3.0] 9

by Adam Marks Fri, 22 Jul 2011 9:06 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0 and higher

While not everybody was happy with the method of highlighting text on webOS phones using the Shift ( ) key and tapping/dragging across the screen, HP clearly needed a new method of selecting text on the TouchPad since it does not have a physical keyboard. The method of double tapping on editable text to select that was introduced in webOS 2.0 is still present in webOS 3.0 (although it may not work in some old mojo apps), but now you need to rely on a press-and-hold technique that will end up giving you context-specific pop-up menus that include options such as select, copy, cut or paste

If you press-and-hold on non-editable text, such as an email or website, the word you tap on with be highlighted with beginning and ending arrows straddling the word and the pop-up menu will contain just a single "Copy" option. You can drag the arrows to include more text, and if you need to scroll the screen you can lift your finger, drag up or down to scroll, and then contine to highlight more text. This may give you mixed results where it doesn't allow you to select more text or it deselects what you already highlighted, but just try doing it again or doing it in stages. As a good tip, you should always start with the first word that you want to highlight since it can be tough to get webOS to highlight those first few characters. Once you have the requested text selected, tap the "Copy" pop-up to copy the information to the clipboard.

For editable text, such as an email draft or Memo, press-and-holding on text will not automatically select text, but rather give you an option to Select, Select All, or Paste. Tapping Select will select the one word, and then follow the steps above for non-editable text to select additional text. Select All will select all selectable text on the page. As you continue to select you text, a pop-up will continue to appear that will now be changed to Copy, Cut or Paste. Copy and Cut will both copy the data to the clipboard, with Cut also also deleting it from the text. Once you have data copied to the system clipboard, you will then need to paste the data into an email, website, application, etc. Just as above, you just need to press-and-hold on an editable text field to get a pop-up with a Paste Option and just tap Paste. If you are unable to get the pop-up, two tricks to try are to either press-and-hold exactly where the text cursor is, or to type some random text, press-and-hold on that text to select it and then choose "Paste" to paste on top of that random text.

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Loving the new HP touchpad... Thanks for the tips.. keep them coming!! One quick question... is there shortcuts for the keyboard... like Ctrl + V ? Just curious b/c it didn't seem to work when I tried it... Thanks for the awesome work you guys do!!

probably same as IP, hit the center button or hit "just type"

No those shortcuts dont work.

I NEED to find a way to cut/paste on long email (to transfer Secustore data...). The scrolling is just too hard - I think the data is 20 pages or more in length...

I had exact problem when reloading my jvault passwords into TP via email. This is how I did it. Forward the email and it comes out in a new card so now it is editable. Now "select all" comes out and it will grab everything. The handlebar method is too hard to do for long emails.

I smell an opportunity for homebrew. We need multi-touch+simoutaneous keypresses on the vkb. We need an orange option key on the vkb.

Select/Copy/Paste on webOS needs to be completely revamped to a touch friendly procedure instead of the keyboard oriented method used now. The webOS implementation is worse than iOS, WP7, and Android. I'm very disappointed little improvement has been made in this area.

Thanks for the Tip. I was trying to do this a few days back and couldn't figure out how to Paste. I thought it might have something to do with pressing the editable area and holding down. But it didn't work for me.

Now I was using an edit field within a Flash region. So I wasn't sure if Flash prevented the Paste ability. When I get a chance, I'll try it again using the type-something-first-and-tap-hold method.

- Greg

When there are editable fields that go off the screen and it is a real pain to select text.

Arrows or a scroll feature is needed ASAP!