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by Jason Robitaille Fri, 04 Mar 2011 1:27 am EST
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HP webOS 2.0 brought with it javascript system services. These services are run via Node.js and are amazingly powerful. So naturally, HP locked down third party services with a jailer. For homebrew however, full system root access is a must.

This homebrew js service framework remedies the situation. It adds a custom script to /var/usr/bin/run-homebrew-js-service

All a homebrew service needs to do different from standard service format is to include a custom dbus file which uses the custom script. The end result is that the service will run as root, with full system access (needed for services like FileMgr and SysToolsMgr).


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help please! I try to download it and i get i message not support file. why?

try installing it from preware

I thought this was the preware T-T

Sounds great. I have been looking for this feature. Can't wait to try it. - Rich Von Alvensleben

Frameworks are built to support the construction of internet applications based on a single programming language ranging in focus from general purpose tools such as Zend Framework and Ruby on Rails

can someone give me a download link

can someone give me a download link