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Homebrew Pivot ready for a name [poll] 37

by Derek Kessler Sat, 16 Jun 2012 8:53 pm EDT

Homebrew Pivot ready for a name [poll]

Back in April, a webOS Nation member frustrated by the lack of updates (or the less-than-thrilling updates that have come) for the Pivot App Catalog magazine took matters into his own hands and started building a homebrew replacement for the well-received feature. It's been slow going, but with a gradually-growing group of volunteers ready to put together the homebrew replacement, the time has come to pick a name.

So they asked for suggestions, and then picked the top ten. And now here we are, presenting them to you for your consideration. This is more than just a name for the magazine - what the community votes for will get assigned to the Twitter account, website, and whatever else comes from this homebrew Pivot effort.

Without further ado, your choices are...

Voting runs through Tuesday.



For the record, attempting to spam the results is a good way to get yourself banned.

I didn't bother with trying to come up with a name as there are usually terrific people on our site that come up with great things. None of the entries look appealing to me. We're trying to replace pivot and as far as I can see (in golfing terms), all we've come up with is a divot.

TurningPoint (with no space) is a trademark of a commercial product. I'm not an attorney but I wonder whether the addition of a space sufficiently differentiates a name from another, trademarked one....

I had to pick webOS Illustrated. It was one of the names I submitted "back in April". ;-)

I have to go along with hlearrmrayn, and question some of the names:

http://www.axis.com/ ............. "IP-based network video solutions "

http://www.swivelsecure.com/ ............. "Knowing that you can access your data whenever, "

http://www.touch.com/ ............. "Share and chat with your closest friends and family on Touch"

Just to name a few. lol

If a name is gonna make it past the "censors", it will probably need webOS in there, or Pivot. Or a combination.

I wish I had entered ... BwebOS



Axis also the name of Yahoo's new search app http://axis.yahoo.com/

Actually, those are all common words, as is the phrase "turning point," and therefore cannot be trademarked by themselves. However, if you were to copy their typeface or logo, then you might be in trouble. It is possible to cite examples the very same words and phrases mentioned that belong to different companies or organizations besides those you list. But there is no trademark issue because they aren't trying to steal each others' brand.

I think keeping webos in there somewhere is a good idea. Not sure I like any of the choices given though.

You're probably right - just thought it would be better to avoid issues (webOS has enough - lol).

One could say Apple is a common word (and item) as well, but I would imagine the company that Jobs & Woz built, might think different if there was a technology side to using the name Apple.

As to the final name that ends up being what was Pivot, I hope webOS is somewhere in there (in the mix). webOS deserves any (direct) association it can get.

There are businesses named apple, but apple computer is another proposition.

Before apple computer existed, there was apple records. Anyone remember that? Where would apple be if it weren't for apple records? =)

what are the choices and how do you vote on one?

I seem to have the same issue on my TP. Since I can't find the polls, add one for onTap.

I don't see a poll on either my touchpad or windows/firefox.

try clearing your cache and reloading the page.

turned out to be the ad blocker.

voting now.

I like webOS Illustrated the best :D

I like onTap best, by far, for alluding both to the beer association that is Homebrew and the "onTap" event in JavaScript.

I also think it just sounds cool: Let's open up the App Catalog and see what's onTap, shall we? Also, "Axis" while related to "Pivot," feels like it's trying too hard to be cool. onTap is geeky².

Votes for webOS illustrated, but I like it.
"Hey believe it! I read it onTap!" Cool.

Sounds great!

Axis? Is this WW2? I prefer Pivotal....it's close to the original and and a step further...

boo i wanted Nucleus.

dont think the name of other websites matter whatever gets picked its not like ittl have a webpage, doesnt really need one, its an ota magazine afterall.

webOS Times.

how about Divot.
sorry couldntt resist, was just watching the u.s open pga

+1 for onTap

webos illustrated does roll off the tongue well. But is it too close to hhhhhhhmmmmm I don't know, something else illustrated

webos illustrated does roll off the tongue well. But is it too close to hhhhhhhmmmmm I don't know, something else illustrated

Any chance of it making it to the actual catalog instead of a homebrew for us simpletons?

What we're initially thinking is to leave it in the App Catalog (as a patch, of course), and maybe expanding it into a separate app. If HP would back us, we might contribute code back to App Catalog and make it official.

Ok this isn't fair.. webOS illustrated! If I knew that was winning, I would have never chose Swivel!


Wouldn't a simple "PivotHB" suffice? Those that know webOS, know HB.

onTap for me. It's original and has more than one connotation.

webOS Illustrated just sounds like we're trying our best to copy another (print) magazine.

The project team had a vote about a month ago, and most voted that the project members get the final say. So if the top choices are tied pretty close, we'll deliberate among ourselves the name.

For those of you wondering where the poll is, Polldaddy, which is what was used, is blocked in Firefox by Ghostery and in webOS by the Ad blocker patch. There may be other blockers that I don't use.

Derek, you might want to put a note in the articles about this if you are going to keep using Polldaddy. I am not sure why it is considered advertising or a tracker.

Just a note...onTap is the name of Network Appliance's operating system for their network storage devices.


I only have a phone, so never saw pivot anyway. Maybe this new version will be on all devices.

I'm another late to the party on the name front, but I'll stick a suggestion out there anyway.

This OS needs some leverage to succeed. If Enyo is easy to develop with and will easily go across all platforms, then it could keep webOS on life support for some time to come. The ability to port to other hardware may do it, but of course ultimately what's needed is new hardware (I'm repeating what everybody already knows!)

Anyway, to quote Archimedes on leverage: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

The Fulcrum is the pivot about which the lever moves. I suggest Fulcrum.

Best wishes to all those behind this website, the developers and webOS internals who have kept my phone working and in fact, extended it's capabilities.

No promises. The device would have to support Enyo (has to have HP Maps installed, which should be a majority of folks by now), and I can tell you squeezing content down is going to affect things, NTM page navigation and such.

Pivot was integrated into the App Catalog on the Touchpad. To get it working on phones, either a web-only version will need to be made or a custom app to browse it on your Pre/Pixi/Veer of choice, which will take some time (as they say in the homebrew-custom development world: sorry, no deadlines.)

Oddly enough, I do like Fulcrum. :D

...and of course, I should have read the forum BEFORE posting - it's already been suggested on page 1! I therefore second the name which obviously never made the cut for the poll...