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Homebrew: Speakers not working? Fix it with PulseAudio Restarter 18

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 19 Sep 2011 3:40 pm EDT

A common "feature" of every webOS device that has been made from the very beginning, is how conveniently often all of the sound would completely stop. Nothing is worse than wanting to play your music for a friend, only to have the speakers on your phone or TouchPad left completely silent. Whether that was because of the headset mode problem of the early Palm Pre, or the annoyance that comes regularly for TouchPad owners with PulseAudio, both could sometimes only be fixed with a device (or Luna) restart. Talk about a PITA.

A new homebrew app by PreCentral member FoxFireX that has arrived in the Preware catalog is said to fix the PulseAudio problem, turning our tears of sadness back into tears of joy as we jam out to our favorite songs. The app, called PulseAudio Restarter, allows for quick and easy restarting of the sound on your device. It takes all of 20 seconds to install via Preware and launch, which is so much better than the minute and a half it takes to reboot the device everytime you want to listen to watch a YouTube video.

You can see some of the details of FoxFireX's work in the PreCentral thread linked below, but first load Preware and get the app downloaded. No more hesitation, just do it.

Source: PreCentral Forums; Thanks, Roger!



Nice! Such an annoying problem... Thanks for the fix!

Now, if it was only so easy to fix the giant mess that is HP...

simple: just delete the 'leo apotheker' app.

I properly used PulseAudio Restarter to fix every issue regarding my wireless outdoor speakers. Problem solved now.

it works!

it'd be nice to figure out what causes this in the first place. when I first setup my touchpad I had this problem twice a day. then a couple weeks ago I had cause to do a full reset on my touchpad and since then the problem has never happened. the only difference I can think of is that when I did the initial setup on the touchpad I let it restore data from my phone, while the second time I told it to skip that. it still installed all the same applications, afaik. I guess the other difference would be that when I did the initial setup it was running 3.0 then upgraded to 3.0.2 afterwards; when I did the full reset it was on 3.0.2 from the start. this isn't much to go on of course.

it'd be interesting to find out if everyone who has this problem installed their touchpad into an existing palm profile that already had one or more phones active.

or, people who have the problem could try doing a full reset and see if the problem goes away.

Never owned a webOS device before.

I have a launch day Pre- and a launch day Touchpad. I restored data from my phone on initial setup and had the sound issue, even after 3.0.2. After reading the forums here, I tried switching off the sound notification for emails, and that has solved the problem.

by the way, when I said 'full reset' above I meant a full wipe, back to factory defaults just keeping the OS iself.

Please be sure to see the right way to do this down the thread in the forum. The original variation is seriously broken...

I actually used something similar to, but not as complete as, the right way that was posted. I hadn't seen the broken steps in that thread before working on the app, and was instead using a shorter "stop pulseaudio;start pulseaudio" command. Hence the name. New version is in the works with the better steps, hopefully to be available soonish.

this is simple to fix on touchpad. Just hold down the power button until the shutdown prompt appears, and the sound comes back on again. Then just hit cancel... All fixed. Weird bug though.

This app is not working on my Pre-. After I open the app I get a "Node restart service not available" message

I'm betting you're still running 1.4.5, right? This will only work on 2.x and 3.x devices. I'm working to get the app restricted to that.


"PulseAudio Restartah" ;-)

This started to happen to me too - thank goodness for this patch. Thank you!

None of my phones or the phones I administer have had any sound problem. That's one reason the TP sound problem has been so vexing to me.

BTW, I tried just turning off notifications and haven't seen the problem since. Just before that, I was able to restore sound by dialing the skype testing number.

Thanks for the patch. I'll keep it handy.

YaY! Brilliant. Yes it's tied to notifications and some other funky software glitch, but this is a cool fix, even if it's a band-aid, it's a nice one.

Thank you. This has sorted my very annoying sound issues with my veer.