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How do you feel about LG buying webOS? [poll] 20

by Derek Kessler Mon, 25 Feb 2013 9:34 am EST

So, LG is buying webOS and putting it on TVs. We're still putting together our thoughts on the matter, but in the meantime we thought we'd go ahead and ask you what you think. So, here's a poll:



My feelings don't fit in your boxes... What im glad to see is WebOS out of HP's hands. They don't deserve it. HP's new Android tablet is hilarious. Join the crowd and drown with the worst of them HP.

This is pretty much exactly how I feel. I don't expect much to happen with WebOS from LG's side, and fully expect LG to kill off the support that HP's been offering to the OpenWebOS community ... but I'm just glad it's not HP any longer. I've never seen such short-sightedness, so little vision and as asinine a company as HP.

You know, I think HP would have done something great if Mark Hurd was still the CEO of HP. He was the one who initiated the purchase in the first place so I think he was the one with the vision that pretty much left HP when he left. I don't doubt LG will eventually make webOS phones if their webOS TVs become successful. Here's hoping(not holding my breath though).

My feelings don't fit your boxes.

I'm not sure where this will lead - if it leads anywhere - but just about anything is better than where webOS was.

Too early to tell. webOS today is no more or less dead than it was yesterday, the 1 year anniversary of @palm's last tweet. Right now, I'm more concerned for the fine folks who work at Palm/HP/Gram/whatever.

LG wants to make a TV, that's fine.

I agree with everyone's posts. Especially that it'll be out of HP's control. Good riddance. Whatever LG does (or even doesn't do) can't possible equate to the huge embarrassing failure of HP. It's a positive step in the right directions wherever it leads.

I still aim to port open webOS to nexus devices and see what PIC and the android webOS app does. Anything LG accomplishes is a bonus.

I think we're in a twilight zone right now. I'm waiting for a press release from both LG and HP so we can know what the exact terms of the handover are. We also don't really know LG's attitude.

webOS is a dead ecosystem. I still don't know what the heck HP was thinking when they bought it up, but this is really a dumb idea for LG.

Better than nothing, but not much better... :(

Very sad to see my Pre3 is the end of the road.

I do not own a webOS device and never have owned one. However, I was hoping that someone would buy webOS and revive it as a smartphone platform. It made more sense to me to develop webOS, rather than start something completely new like Firefox OS or Ubuntu for smartphones/tablets. If there was going to be another mobile OS, I thought webOS had a better chance than Firefox or Ubuntu. I honestly see Firefox and Ubuntu becoming failures as mobile OSes, but I thought webOS was decent and would have a chance if a company actually put some effort into development.

poll doesnt show up for me in dolphin,and this input field isnt recognized by swiftkey for what it is, a text box that will allow flowing..
love webOS,hope something good comes out of this,at least a skin for android?

I just bought an LG Nexus 4 a few days ago. Its nice. Mostly attributable to Google and Matias, I suppose. At least someone who actually sells mobile products will have hands in webOS.

Well, WebOS is about the only thing that could interest me in a smart TV (or, preferably, a set-top box or bluray player), especially because of its hackability. I would love to be able to customize those menus.....

I'm not sure I understand the value of webOS on a TV. Will it run on the remote control? Or only on TVs small enough to be within arm's reach?

We don't know what the future of WebOS is....

Hmm. I have been using a Nexus 7 to stay connected to a living platform with new apps to play with as I cling hopelessly to my aging Veer. Android is usable (barely) but I still love my physical keyboard and webOS UI. I've been pining for someone to 'skin' Android's UI to look and feel like webOS's card metaphor. Don't miss that LG now owns the patents, so they are the only ones who can do so legally. I doubt we'll ever see that, but one can dream.

My feelings don't fit into your boxes.

In fact, they're changing as this story develops!

I was wondering why HP seemed to be developing webOS & Enjo and yet nothing was happening!

So HP haven't dumped webOS - they've (sold or licensed?) passed the client side to LG and are focusing on the back-end and enterprise developments.

WebOS users will continue to get support. OpenwebOS development will continue.

The only missing piece is a new handset & that is now a slight possibility.

I'm just waiting for the announcement that Key-i-cam will be bringing out a phone that will active your entire home security system with a swipe!

As much as I loved webOS on the 2 32GB TouchPads I bought during the August 2011 Great FireSale and although I've installed Android on the TP, I'm more interested in Ubuntu for Phones (especially on the ASUS PadFone form factor) and on Firefox OS. I've been here before with the gradual death of a great OS (IBM OS/2 WARP and BeOS) and while I will miss webOS I've moved on.

bad sprint marketing and then HP change in CEO to a guy who obviously tried to sabatoge HP through the fiasco we are all aware of put webOS in a bad position. It was picking up a lot of steam before that just as the touchpad released. in fact it would have become number one eventually. Now without hardware releases with webOS on them it will be lucky to hold 4th place. even though it is a superior OS than all the other mobile OSes. There is a reason why desktop OS have widows for apps easy multitasking. WebOS got that right along with leaving the user in control of how many and what apps are open and live.

Piss on lg. HP said SDK is open. Lg pissed on open source.boycott lg.