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by Adam Marks Fri, 01 Apr 2011 9:22 am EDT

While the Pre, Pre+, and Pre2 may look like almost all those other slab phones out on the market, there is actually something pretty unique about the Pre-family of phones that may not be obvious right away. It actually has a full physical QWERTY (or other regional variety) keyboard hidden just underneath the touchscreen, ready for you to access it with just a push of the thumb. Hidden deep within the Pre's online manual, you will see that they actually show you the trick to expose the keyboard. Just hold the phone with the touchscreen facing up (similar to how you would hold a typical Type-I phaser) and push up on the touchscreen with your thumb. For those adventurous types, you can also grab the screen with the index finger and thumb of your opposite hand and pull to slide up the screen. Either method works just fine.

And it's even easier to find the keyboard if you have a Pixi or Pixi Plus. Just move your thumbs down approximately an inch and a half from the bottom of the touchscreen (just underneath the gesture area). There you will find an already exposed keyboard, with no sliding required!

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This tip is awesome. Who knew!

Now all I need to know is when will Gmail Motion be coming to WebOS?

WOW! So THAT's how I can respond to text messages. Sprint launch day Pre owner and I've been looking for the keyboard all this time. :-D

I don't believe it one bit. It's April 1st, so Adam is probably playing some kind of a prank on us... The keyboard is a lie.

Now that we know how to use the keyboard, the Pre3 is gonna be the best phone!

After all the link beow shows it made it to the March Madness Smartphone Finals 2011

Ohh... I see now. So there's a keyboard under that oreo twist. This whole time I just thought my phone was falling apart for no apparent reason...

Thank you! This is the best tip so far. Up to now, every time I had to use the phone for anything but calling, I was connecting mu USB keyboard to it. It's so nice to know (finally) where the built in keyboard everyone was talking about actually was!

The tips keep getting better and better. I can finally reply to the 174,346 texts received since June 6 2009. God bless you PreCentral!

Ha, I've got it better than you! I've only got 17 texts to reply to since June 6, 2009! So...uh...wait a minute...

Never mind :(

Hey, this tip is almost as good as the new GMail feature...GMail Motion!


I can now actually call my brother Zach. It used to take so long to scroll to the bottom of my contacts list that it just wasn't worth it. It is amazing this has been on the phone the whole time, and I never knew it!

Spread this tip around, I bet this will get many more people to buy WebOS phones if they knew you could do this.

OH MY GOD! I had no ideal!!!! Seriously! WOW!!! I always knew there was suppose to be a keyboard but never knew where to find it! thanks PreCentral!

There's a keybaord in that thing?! Holy **** iPhone Killer! :P

Unfortunately, I don't think this works on legacy devices. But HP promises to make things right in the coming months, so we'll see.

This explains the pixi sales...

the sarcastic comments are awesome lol.. i was about to make one.. but there are enough.. and i'm sure there are more to come.. i really do think this was intended to be an april fools joke..

Wow, seriously, guys? You wasted an entire tip post on probably the most obvious thing in the world. "Blah blah webOS Tip: here's how to find the screen!" It's like you're not even trying anymore.

If this is how all of you are, no wonder webOS only has a 1.something% marketshare.

This is precisely why blogs will never be consider real journalism -- posts like this are just terrible and show what a terrible site PreCentral really is. Hell, it's called PreCentral but there's a Pixi and the Veer and TouchPad are coming soon. Maybe you should stop pointing out the obvious and focus on important things like renaming your site or finding out RELEASE DATES.

It's like you don't even care about the Platform anymore.


I have to ask...


Seriously, Zhephree? Go develop for another platform if you're gonna act like that on here. Take your Foursquare and neato! apps with you...

No wait, don't do that. We need you... I need you....

Actually, just leave us Growlr, that's all I really care about. Take your snarkiness somewhere else, we don't want it here, but leave growlr behind so I can check into untappd when I meet you for drinks in a couple weeks.

Got it? Good... now go away.

this is the foursquare square dude right? he def is a square to the forth thats for sure. Zinnnng... relax brah its not like they have much to report about.

You know, I really expected a comment like mine to go over better on an April Fools' Day post.

Guess I'm just too hip!

Relax, everyone, it was just a joke; playing a long with the rest of everyone here, only from a different angle.

If a website could be my brother, I'd love PreCentral like one.

Took me a while... I figured it out when I saw that one dude mention your name. :)

BAHAHAHAHA! Did you not notice the "stating the obvious" tag in the post? jeez...

Aww! You, sir, got me good! Way to turn it around. :)

Was this an update since purchasing the phone? I had no idea!

It does't work on my Pre2.

Sorry! I was holding it wrong! That fixes that nasty time upside down bug I was experiencing! Thanks!

I don’t actually hold my phaser in this fashion. My colleges have commented that I have an unorthodox grip, and this may explain why. Thanks for the tip! Now I don’t have to be afraid to take the phaser off stun.

I am no grammar **** and the only reason I even said anything was because it was more funny then anything else but"colleges"????? That's that place where them smart people go to get learned moar things 'bout stuff. I think you meant was colleagues. Unless of course you live by multiple colleges and the buildings on campus talk to you when you go there to do lsd with students.


Holy CRAP! This is the best thing ever! Is webOS Internals behind this??

I'm still not getting it, can someone make a video showing this?

Well that "Just Type" feature suddenly makes sense.

Lamest April Fools Day post ever.

i laughed... u must b a really lame A**. i am sry your life is so dismal.


I really like my Pre, but I don't like having the keyboard facing away from me. Also, the screen is so small, and so shiny, it's practically like a mirror. I never know what app I'm in.

Is this just a test to see if we are reading the tips?

I already knew about the keyboard, but someone please tell me this. I traded my Treo 650 in for a Pre on Launch Day, 2009, and to this day I haven't been able to find the Pre's stylus. I've been having to use my finger for everything like an idiot. Where is the darn stylus? Does the keyboard slide up and it's under there?

Love it. And a happy April 1 to all of you!

I can't find this in the App Catalog or in Preware... Can someone help me out?

I'd just like to say that this is my only line...

What's sad is every time someone that is not used to the pre tries to slide open my pre to get to the keyboard they have a difficult time.

Is this an April fools? :)


(Ha yeah, how do you like it. . . y'all is April Fools)

KEWL! Now that i found the keyboard how do i use it? I tried using a fork but it yields unpredictable results., hmmm maybe,... ZZZZZZIP!
hey that works perfectly and I LOVE THE KEYSTROKES!!!!! Hahahahaha!

Or you can slap the phone screen on the side of your cheek, hold on to the back cover and pull the phone down, revealing the keyboard!!

Works every time. Only downside is that you might want to wipe the screen with your shirt before lending your phone out to anyone. And should they use this method to find the keyboard, you might want to wipe the screen first before use.

I can't find where this screen or keyboard mentioned is on my Palm Pixi Plus. All I see is the word "palm" in the center. Can anyone help me? Its not discussed at all in the tip! Argh! So very frustrated!

This is the best OMFG tip ever! Ok, now where is the PS/2 port for the mouse?

This finally explains why it to so long to get a virtual keyboard patch.

The letters are so bright... They get brighter as the screen gets brighter.

It's so beautiful... what does it mean?