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How to install CyanogenMod 9 Android on your TouchPad 234

by Ryan St. Andrie Tue, 03 Apr 2012 6:09 pm EDT

How to install CyanogenMod 9 Android on your TouchPad

We know a lot of you aren't interested in Android, let alone considering installing it on your precious TouchPad. That's fine, this guide isn't for you. There are plenty of TouchPad owners who are and they have plenty of legitimate reasons to do so. Be it to get apps like Netflix on their tablet, to see what all the fuss is about widgets, or merely for the novelty factor of installing a second operating system on a TouchPad, there are reasons to do it.

This guide will go over how to install the CyanogenMod 9 Android build on the HP TouchPad. CyanogenMod is a third-party open source distribution of the Android Open Source Project, with CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) based off of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). It offers all of the core features of Android, though it does not come with the Google services integration that has come to be associated with the majority of commercial smartphone and tablet distributions of Android.

The CM9 install is done alongside webOS. Once all is said and done you'll have the option when booting to launch into webOS or Android. It might seem daunting, but in reality it's not that complicated. Still interested? Alright, here's what you need...

Please read this all the way through before attempting. We want you to have a good understanding of what you have to do before you get halfway through and panic. Okay? Okay.


First and foremost, before doing any sort of hacking to your device, you should be mentally and physically prepared for any and everything to go wrong. Yes, this install process is relatively safe so long as you follow the instructions, but things can and have gone wrong. So make sure your TouchPad is successfully backing up to HP's servers and make a backup on your computer of all your files, photos, and everything else that you can't redownload. Do it now, before you do anything else. Seriously.

Backed up? Good. Now it's time to get your computer set up. Just as with our Homebrew App Installation Guide, you'll need to make sure Java is set up on your computer (chances are it already is).

Mac: Open Applications, Utilities, and then Java Preferences. Under the General tab, make sure Java SE 6 is checked on and at the top of the list. If it is not, you can drag-and-drop it to the top. It is okay to have multiple instances of Java checked, so long as Java SE 6 is one of them. If Java SE 6 is not present, open Software Update from the Apple menu (top left corner) and let it install all pending updates.

Java on Mac

PC: Open the Control Panel and open Java, this will open the Java Control Panel. In the first box under the General tab click on the About button. If it says Java 6 Standard Edition, click Close to exit the pop-up and Cancel to close the Java Control Panel. If it does not, or if Java is not present in your Control Panel, go to and download and run the 'Windows Online' Java installer.

Java on PC

Everybody: To enable the needed communications channels with your TouchPad, you'll need to install the Novacom drivers on your computer. If you've installed the webOS SDK or WebOS Quick Install, you've already installed Novacom. If you haven't or you're not sure, simply download the Novacom installer, open it, click the big "Install Novacom" button, and let the installer download and install the drivers.

Novacom installation

Last piece of prep work is to download all the necessary files to install CM9 onto your TouchPad. The latest versions of these files can be found at the official CyanogenMod Wiki, though if you're experiencing download failures most can be found elsewhere. Here's what you'll need (we recommend you go ahead and create a new folder for all of these downloads, just to keep things organized):

Note: Do not use Safari to download these files - they need to stay as ZIPs for the installation process and Safari has this bad habit of automatically unzipping packages when downloading.

Though not officially available for non-Google-approved devices, the official Google Apps for ICS (Gmail, Latitude, Maps, Play Store, et al) are available online. Because they aren't part of the open source Android or Cyanogen Mod builds, we're not going to go over how to install them here, but suffice to say the process is very much the same, and the files are relatively easy to find if you so desire. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.

Loading Files

Now that you have everything needed for the project downloaded or installed we can get started! The first thing you will need to do is take the ACME Installer file and unzip it (if zipped) and copy it to where Novacom is installed. Windows users can expect to find Novacom under C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc or C:\Program Files\HP webOS. Mac users can get to where they need to go by opening Finer's Go menu, selecting Go To Folder… and entering /opt/nova/bin. Once you're in the appropriate folder you should see files/folders named nocavom and novacomd (and possibly others). Copy the unzipped ACMEInstaller2 file into this folder.

Turn on your TouchPad and connect it to your computer with a USB cable. Once you connect it to your computer, the TouchPad will alert you asking if you want to charge or enter Mass Storage Mode. Select Mass Storage Mode to mount your TouchPad as a USB drive, allowing access to files on the device from your computer. It should appear as a device name HP TouchPad.

Open the TouchPad device in your computer's file browser, create a folder (PC: Right click > New > Folder; Mac: Right Click or control+click > New Folder), and name it "cminstall". Copy the ClockworkMod Recovery, MOBoot, CM9, and whatever other zip files (*cough*Google Apps*cough*) you're installing into that folder. Eject the TouchPad from your computer and unplug it.


With us so far? Good. Take a deep breath, because we're going to get technical here. Things will look scary, but so long as you do exactly as we say, you'll do just fine.

Boot your TouchPad into recovery mode by shutting it down (hold down the power button and select Shut Down) and restarting while holding down the power and volume up buttons until the USB symbol appears on the TouchPad's screen. Plug the USB cable back into the TouchPad and your computer. If your computer needs to install the proper drivers, it'll say so (it shouldn't take much longer than a minute or two to install the drivers).

Recovery Mode

Now it's time to jump into Command Prompt or Terminal on your computer to get the ball rolling.

Mac: Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Once the Terminal window is open, type (without quotes) "cd /opt/nova/bin" and hit enter.

A new line will appear with "bin" inserted between your computer name and username. Type (sans quotes) "./novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" and hit enter.

PC: Open Command Prompt by going to the Start Menu and typing "cmd" into the search box. Once the Command Prompt window is open, type (without quotes) "cd c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc" (substitute Palm, Inc for HP webOS if necessary) and hit enter.

A new line will appear with c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc and a blinking cursor. Type (sans quotes) "novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" and hit enter.

Everybody: If all has gone according to plan, your TouchPad will quickly restart and a bunch of lines of code you likely don't understand will start streaming across your TouchPad's screen. This is the installation happening, just let it go. This will go on for several minutes, so now would be the time to go have yourself a stiff drink, because the hard part is over.

CM9 installing


Once the installation is complete, your TouchPad will restart again, but this time it will now stop first at a new station called moboot. This screen lets you select which OS you want to boot into. Your options will include boot webOS, boot CyanogenMod, boot ClockwordMod, boot webOS recovery, reboot, and shutdown. Use the volume rocker (up is up and down is down) to cycle through the options and press the home button to boot into your selected OS. Typically all you'll need to pick from is boot webOS or boot CyanogenMod.


If at any time you want to switch between Android and webOS you'll have to shut down and reboot the device. Rebooting Android is accomplished by holding down the power button, selecting Reboot, and tapping OK. webOS can be rebooted by holding down the power button, selecting Shut Down, and then turning the device back on (hold down the power button) after it has turned off. The boot process will stop at moboot each time your reboot the tablet, though the initial selection defaults to CyanogenMod with a five second timeout period, so you'll want to pay attention if you're intending to boot into webOS.


Congratulations! You now have two wonderful operating systems on one awesome tablet. We have more coming down the pipeline on how to deal with having Android on your TouchPad and what to do with it, so keep your browser tuned right here to webOS Nation!

How to install CyanogenMod 9 Android on your TouchPad


Cool, Looks like it is time to play. :)

So I did it step for step, I get to the part where the TouchPad reboots, goes to the moboot screen, select cm9, then I see the CM logo. It stays there for about 20 seconds, then the HP logo flashes and goes back to the moboot screen. After it seemed hopeless I did the ACMEUninstaller and redownloaded everything, and started the process over again. Same thing happened. Not sure what to do.

Got it!!! Use the mirror file on ACME Installer. The CyanogenMod file is to install CM7 and the mirror is CM9.

I have the same issue, yet there is no Mirror for the ACME Installer. How do I get it? And how do I uninstall the old one? Do I just restore the webOS and start over? Sorry, newbie here.

Did you ever figure this out? Mine will do the same thing and then just return me to moboot. WebOS boots up fine, but Cyanogen won't. I seem to be stuck.

Did anyone ever respond? Im having the same issue with the boot sequence being stuck in a loop.

so can I just double check before I install this - once this is installed the camera and WiFi connectivity will not work at all after ? Or just when running on android? Will they still work okay on webOS?

also the main reason I want to install android is because of the apps like fruit ninja, draw something, and other standard apps most ppl have on their phones/tablets. After reading others comments, I'm concerned I won't be able to download the apps as easily as I had imagined?

someone also wrote that their audio stopped working after installation?

please can everyone let me know if these things happened to their tablets following installation, as I don't want to ruin the touchpad and its features as its my mums and she will kill me if I ruin it!


You pretty much can't ruin a Touchpad. (webOS doctor). Just follow these instructions word for word. Make sure you download the correct versions of the files. Use all the mirror files because a couple of the others are incorrect. These instructions are some of the best I've seen for doing this.

As for your concerns about wifi and audio, they both work. What doesn't work, ONLY ON THE ANDROID SIDE, is the camera and Mic. When you boot back into webOS though they work again. Believe me, it's worth it for the apps.

avocate a laval
Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything - all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.

no offense to WEBOS nation, but CM's install method is basically the same thing and a much smaller article (without all the personal witty comments).

It's also apparently outdated and full of incorrect information and, more importantly, not all that user-friendly. Ryan's guide goes through each step with detail.

Yeah, "user friendly" as in adding "all those useless, bloat-introducing pictures"? Wait... Oops, i forgot this is a site 95% targeted for consumers. My bad.

I don't think they were taking into account having to accommodate people with 14.4k connections, those missing fingers to scroll down a page with, or the type of folks who do their taxes in binary cuz its l33t.

Should I be doing my taxes in binary?

Since it starts by telling me to back up everything I have on the SD card, I think I'll come back here and enjoy the witty comments (and the editing to remove the Android specific stuff).

but no pictures.

well, I did buy a second TP for just this reason, didn't want to mess up my main one in case things go south. However, my 2nd one is a 64GB. Should I make the 64GB my main one & do Android on the 32GB or just go ahead and slap Android on the 64GB?

I think it really depends on what you're comfortable with. The 64GB model is a rarity and of a much higher cost so I would personally not risk it.
I recently (about 4 weeks ago) got a TouchPad "4G" and have no intention of putting Android onto it while I do have Android on my development-only 32GB Wi-Fi TouchPad.

Honestly I would do the 64. A webOS device is damn near impossible to brick.

i waited on installig cyanogenmod 7 waiting for ics and not having to go through the hassle of upgrading but when i finally pulled the trigger this past weekend within 2 hours i had both my tp's running ics. I couldnt believe how easy it was and its definetly worth it. I will do the 64gb in my opinion cuz the availability of all the apps

I agree with the others there's no reason not to do it on your 64.
No need for two tablets one for each OS when you can just do one with both.
I have cm7 on my 64 and checked out cm9 on the faux G I'm selling.
Dual bout is a great thing.
Heck, throw it on both.
I'm experiencing this problem of spontaneous reboots on screen blanking, will have to see if this is acm7 issue or..

what there's no duplicate filter or way to delete my own comments? Bah!


A couple of questions which it would be cool to have answered in comments, but much cooler if they could be answered in the article (nudge!)

When installing CM9, does it split up (repartition) your TouchPad into two? For example, will a 16GB TouchPad be split into 8GB for webOS and 8GB for Android?

Or, are files (like video and music) shared amongst the webOS and Android sides?

I believe most of the space is just shared between the it's not really 8 and's kinda like 1 webos, 1 android and 14 shared (not exact, but i think it illustrates how it works)

This has been my experience. On the android side, it seems to be treated as part of a large virtual SD card. Files like PDFs and mp3s seem seem to be accessible from both sides.

files are shared. the media/internal folder is read as an SD card in android

I'm thinking I need to remove the uberkernal from the Touchpad also. Am I correct in that assumption?

I have uberkernel installed, and CM9 works fine. Uberkernel doesn't speed anything up nor slow anything down (as far as I can tell) in CyanogenMod9.

I don't think it can overclock in android as well though...but I'm not sure if it's through a separate kernel or if it uses the webos kernel...I kind of want to say it uses a different kernel but I could be completely wrong

It's a different kernel. Uberkernel shouldn't interfere with the CM install, at least I can report success without having done anything about it.

Use "novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller" NOT "novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2

is there really a difference? At least from the PC side?

It is ACMEInstaller not ACMEInstaller2. 2 is just a typo.

"novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" is the correct command. ACMEInstaller is for older versions of CM.

No, you *MUST* use ACMEInstaller2 with CM9. ACMEInstaller is for CM7, version 2 has to be used for CM9 or it will fail.

Thanks to your post I gave it another try. It kept failing because WOSN posted two different MOBOOT files. One is the CM7 version and the other is the CM9 version. Thank you!

OK, so followed the instructions. I get the boot menu, and it say's "Cyanogen Loading" then reboots back to the initial menu. I can boot into WebOS. What did I do wrong?

Use "novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" ACMEInstaller is depreciated and won't work with CM9, only CM7.

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Please could you do a follow-up post on how to fully remove Android and return to just webOS? This is the only thing holding me back on installing this!

This is what I was just about to ask also. I love the idea of having Android ICS on my TP, but I'd also like to know how to remove it if the need arises.

All the install and uninstall info is here:

Did CM7 and now CM9. No regrets. Battery life is not as good as webOS and the Wifi is finnicky (does not reconnect after going to sleep - but fexed with a battery saver app). Audio input also not working.
However you get all the Android app goodness and it is usable for text input, multiple browsers (stock, Dolphin etc) , Smartoffice, Remote desktop (I use the free Teamviewer) and tons of productivity apps. Oh yeah and games. :)

How long does the installation take? Mine has been installing for at least 10 minutes now. It seems to be stuck at the following line:

271.751171 msm_timer_set_next_event(15) clock dg_timer, alarm already expired, now 6d55815a, alarm 6d558162, late -8 stop print

Any ideas?

Now its just a blank screen with two linux penguins on top.

Nevermind, all is good now. Just took a long time for some reason.

I had the same anxiety over how long it took at this step.

Mine is doing the same, except the penguins have been there for quite some time now. Guess I'll let it sit, unfortunately, I need to go to sleep :(

Edit: Nevermind. Got it to restart by holding the power and home button. It almost seemed like the penguins were a screensaver. I'll mess with it tomorrow, glad to know yours got through though!

I have installed CM9, however can not boot into android. At the boot menu when I select android it starts booting up, then resets and shows the boot menu again. Any ideas?

I got it to work on my third install!!!!!!!!!!

What I did different is used ACMEInstaller2 instead of ACMEInstaller (without the 2). I guess there is a difference between those files. When following installation guide that is posted on the front page of webosnations right now make sure you download ACMEInstaller2 and NOT ACMEInstaller.

Fine for those who buy the “hand holding OSes. Any caveats for those who run an **IX? Or are we considered so nerdy that we all should invent the wheel?

I didn't run into any issues on Linux Mint 10. But I downloaded the SDK-PDK from Palm instead of using the Novacom universal installer. Either way, you need the latest Oracle Java, not openjdk that comes with most distros.

Are there any install instructions for linux? After setting up a Ubuntu box a while back for my Verizon Pre+ webOS 2.1 update I'd prefer to manage all my webOS devices in linux.

I agree with you on this. Just need base instructions and installation media/files....

If you know how to copy files to the Touchpad and you've already used WebOS Quick Install (e.g. to get Preware on your Pre+), then you're already most of the way there. You just need to download all of the files (links in this guide), copy the appropriate ZIP files to your Touchpad (files and locations in this guide), unzip ACMEInstaller2 to a directory you can find, boot into recovery (instructions in this guide), open the terminal, change the directory to the place where you unzipped ACMEInstaller2, and issue this command: novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2

If you need more specific instructions I will be happy to help!

Got it. Thanks!

I understand how to install Android ICS.... I have no desire to install Android on my Touchpad... The question is simply whether or not anyone has done any distro of linux instead rather than android...

Yes, the insane(ly awesome) geeks over at webosinternals have made it possible to run Debian and Ubuntu. The install is definitely not as easy and can easily discourage less tech savvy users. And a full desktop OS certainly has its drawbacks in the tablet form factor. (Chief among them is the extremely underpowered ARM processor.)

its pretty sad when webosnatiin goes out of their way to recommend installing android on my touchpad.....maybe I .should switch platforms

Agree. It's converting the TouchPad into an ordinary tablet. Sure, Android it's useful, nothing wrong with that. But this site should be about webOS, showing the way out of it makes no sense.

It's not a way out. After installing Android, you always have the option of returning to webOS. According to rootzwiki, there is no install method that replaces webOS with Android 100%.

Besides, with how easy it is to run webOS Doctor on the Touchpad if things go south, why would you want to just have Android?

RECOMMEND? Where did we recommend anybody do this? It says "If you want to do it, here's how," not "you should do this."


How come app store is not working? How am I supposed to install Android apps? Main reason I installed android is for the apps. By the way typing this on my touchpad running android :-)

You need to install the google apps pack. We don't want to discuss this because they aren't open source and part of CM9. (Possibly a violation of Google's copyright!) Alternatively, you could enable third party apps and install Amazon's app store.

I thought the whole point of Android was that it was open source? Or is the google store whatever thing not a part of it...

Still, after just reading that, don't suppose anyone wants to PM a link to where to get it? Seems a tad pointless to install Android if the main reason you'd want it (apps) isn't available without having to install something further.

Google's apps are not open source. Whenever you see Android on those cheap Chinese tablets they always have a different app market installed (usually one with lots of malware) and no gmail, maps, etc. We may see something similar for Open webOS.

There is a file for the gapps that you place in your cminstall folder along with your other files. The latest version is 20120317.

In the article, there are 2 links for acmeinstaller: "ACME Installer (CyanogenMod | Mirror)"

The "CyanogenMod" link is for acmeinstaller1. The "Mirror" link is for acmeinstaller2. Use the "Mirror" link.

Any idea how much free space you need on the TP to do this?

A few GBs should be sufficient.

Yeah, I found out the hard way - deleted 1GB & thought it would make it... Got stuck on the boot screen...

Then had to google how to reset while stuck - just press & hold PWR and Home button for 10-15 sec...

Cleaned up another 2GB to leave 3GB space & installed fine after that...

very cool. If I want to uninstall cyanogenmod how would I do this? A full erase? After you install one mod, how do you upgrade?

You run ACMEUnistaller. It is another Palm program to remove the CM9. I don't believe there is a "2" version like the installer.

Under the General tab, make sure Java SE 6 is checked on and at the top of the list.printing shop

Does this mean there's a completely (or mostly) stable version out now?

I would like to ask the author of this article on WebOS nation, Where could I obtain a copy of that gray/silver WebOS nation wallpaper for my TouchPad. I really liked that to be part of my wallpaper on my TouchPad, it fits better for my tablet than the regular wood version.

Please, show me where to get that Wallpaper. Thanks

I am loling. Nice to have a guide :D

You're laughing out louding? Or do you mean LingOL. Hahahahaha!!

On YouTube there is a really knowledgeable man who goes by reverendkyle. He takes you through the CM9 install step by step in video. I used his videos and I have never had a problem. He is quick to respond if you have a question as well.

Curse you and your article, Ryan! Just had to get me to install CM9, didn't you!? Nice guide! =]

I've followed all the directions and the comments and cant seem to get it to work. When i enter 
novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2
into my command prompt, it reads the command but instead of flashing text on my touchpad, it just goes to the HP touchpad Logo and sits there forever. I have to do a force shut down and then a force turn on to get it to start back up into just WebOS. anybody know any suggestions? 

If your sure you have all the correct files placed in the cminstall folder and have typed the command line properly. I would say make sure your in bootloader mode. Restart your Touchpad when the screen goes blank hold your volume up button until a USB symbol appears. It will look different from the USB mode icon. Other than that I'm not sure.

First, take the ".exe" off of novacom. Also, check to see if you are in the right directory. The original instructions said to go to the "Palm, Inc" directory. I had to go down one more level to a "novacom" folder to find the actual novacom.exe file. You need to be in the same folder as the novacom.exe file in order to execute the command. If you are in the Palm, Inc folder, just type "cd novacom" to move down one more level.

who cares about piece of crap Android. Android is the biggest piece of junk OS and I am amazed there are people out there that use this garbage. Pls give us webOS news. How about ways we can load open webOS on a tablet, PC and phone of our choice?

I'm sure when open webOS shows up it will happen. We just need to be patient. This is a novelty to pass the time, at least for me.

How can we make webOS be the default OS? and also increase the five second timeout?

Step 5 on this link give instructions on changing default boot to webOS.

Opps good old Android got me double posting ;)

This is what brought my TouchPad back into relevance for me.

Pretty good YouTube app with fluid 720p HD video playback.
Video player like MX Player that features wide range of format support and options (Kalemsoft is good too but just not as pleasant to use in many cases. MX Player was recently updated to even support full styled SSA/ASS subs!)
More 3rd party video support like Netflix and Crunchyroll.

So yeah. it became my go-to choice for video player now. Web browser is also better than the dated, dare I say, crap browser on webOS right now and it's nice to have Chrome as choice too.

Other apps... pretty meh. I really miss webOS's card interface whenever I'm using Android and it's webOS knock-off task switcher looks and functions worse than cards in my humble opinion.

But anyways, I bought TouchPad expecting nothing more than an inexpensive colour PDF reader, but I got a cool but not really practical webOS on it with it, now that I got Android on it, I can play videos too! YAY!

Oh well, at least CM9 feels smooth enough to make up for all the sluggishness I had to deal with webOS. That alone made me happy, especially since CM7 was so bad and I almost lost hope in Android camp entirely.

Now if only I could get the stupid crack on my TouchPad repaired without being sent a totally crapped up replacement unit, I would not have any complaints with my TouchPad at all.

With all respect to the folks on this site, I don't care about Android. My Touchpad is doing great with webOS. I hope webosnation stays on the right track; that is news and updates on webOS.

Agreed. I think that the initial approach to ship all of this off to AndroidCentral or whatever it's called was the right one.  It is hardly promoting the use of webOS.  I haven't given up just yet.

I personally had new appreciation of webOS after trying Android on the Touchpad. CM9 is buggy as heck and being able to stream Netflix on yet another device in my home is a low priority. The interface feels outdated too. That's just me and my opinion though.

At least when Open webOS V1.0 comes out, it should ship with an Android emulator, so one can still have webOS and get any Android app if one wishes...

But after playing with an iPad3, my dream tablet would be it! But running Open webOS as a launcher, as multitasking on iOS sucks... And best of all - if said Android emulator also ships on OwO launcher, then you'll have the best of iOS, webOS and Android COMBINED!

Just a shame Apple would never allow it in the app store... Oh well, there's always Cydia...

What "news and updates" do you speak of? There simply is no news other than the slow trickle of news that comes out regarding open webOS. This is something a lot of webOS users are interested in. Therefore, it deserves a spot on the front page don't you think? In the mean time if you have some news or something front page worthy please tip us and we will write it ;-)

I tried it on a spare Touchpad. Now I can say with firsthand experience that Android sux! Andriod has a few apps I and features that I wish webOS had, but over all it feels clunky and unfinished.

Get thee hence, Satan!

I did this last weekend and it changed my perspective on how I now view webOS. Android is faster, or better put webOS is really slow. This alone would have made me pull the chain on the webOS tub if I was HP and unable to sort it out.
The second perspective is the depth of quality apps. I know this is what every review, iOS, and droid owner has been saying for years, but the hard truth is webOS has 1/1000th the amount of quality apps. Angry birds space, just draw.... Right now, not six months later!
I hate androids keyboard and hidden view of open apps but at least the key strokes are instant and everything flows smoothly.

I still love webOS but my illusions of grandeur are officially over for the os.

Ok so the instructions say don't use Safari if you have a Mac. What do I use?

Firefox, Google chrome, Opera...just to name a few.

When I down loaded the ACME Installer 2 from the link above today, it came with no file extension. I manually changed it to a .zip but it fails to open. Is there a problem with this download or am I missing something?

Redownload, don't add a file extension, and carry on with your day. The link is just to the raw file, not a ZIP.

OK, this is cool – but what I really would love to see is a way to run Android Apps under webOS so I can still enjoy the power of webOS and some Android Apps that we do not have in the Touchpad App-Store.

I haven't booted to webOS for months. CM( blows it away. It isn't your dull, clumsy Android build anymore. It runs so much smoother than webOS, has basically the same type of app management system, and the apps blow anything else away.

I seriously held out against anything not webOS since pre- launchday. I toted the benefits of it over iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc etc etc. Even after installing CM& i found myself coming back. Then CM( came around, and I really haven't looked back. The "power" of webOS really doesn't exist anymore, my friend. CM9, ICS, and Android have almost completely surpassed it.

Someone said it is better to use this method to install the latest daily build instead of the older Alpha 2 build. If you do this, are all the steps the same?

Also, what happens when a new build is released? Is there an update mechanism or do you need to go through all these manual steps again for each new build?

+1 for this. I installed CM9 about 2 months ago and apart from the already stated shortcomings of Android, I've been happy. I still use both OS's, but it's very easy to reboot from one into other and access specific apps need from one or the other. However, I too know that I'm not keeping my install up to date, and would love to hear what the easiest way is to do that.

I have a couple of these planned and one will be how to update a ROM. It's Android basics for their community but for ours it's a new beast so to speak. Therefore I feel we could use some proper instructions for the front page don't you?

Awesome Ryan. Glad to hear you are planning ahead. I for one appreciate this on webOS Nation and look forward to ways to breathe new life into my touchpad

Indeed I do. Thanks so much Ryan for thinking ahead. I'm looking forward to your write-up!

Google services integration that has come to be associated with the majority of commercial smartphone and tablet distributions of Android.printing shop

there sure is and its really simple. just download the latest nightly build. transfer it to your tp on the cminstall folder. eject tp and reboot and go to clokworkmod. then go to install zip file. select the file you just downloaded and install. once its complete reboot and load cyanogenmod and there you go.

Hi everyone, i'am from Belgium ( flemish part).
There is nothing to find about the touchpad in Belgium.
Many thanks for this article.
it is awesome.
Again thanks.

Hi, this is for anyone unfamiliar with this process. I have been using Cyanogen7 and 9 for about a year on my Touchpad 32gb model.

First, do install with the ACMEInstaller2. Dont type in ACMEInstaller because the 2 is needed for CM9.

Second, this process is safe to do. It is VERY hard to brick the Touchpad with what is needed. Also if you do a webosDoctor it will reset everything and erase everything even the Android Partition. I have done this a few times if I encountered any problems.

Third, if you are having any trouble with the App Play Store you need to install the gapps for 20120317. That is the most recent one for CM9.

Fourth, most apps play nicely with CM9 however there are some games that will not in my experience. Games will run smoothly but you can see some slowdown every once in a while.

The alpha is very stable however here are some of the problems that may affect people's decisions...1.) the camera does not work AT ALL. & 2.) Wifi is very hit or miss sometimes. There are more bugs but to me those are the biggest.

Just letting everyone know. :)

I used the awesome forums here about a week ago to finally install Android on my beloved TouchPad. I mainly did it for the apps, got tired of missing out on what all my friends enjoyed on their tablet and phones. I also like the hacking part of having more out of my device. I can now participate in Draw Something and have loads more games to enjoy. The install was easy with no issues on two tablets.
Android does enough that I have not booted back to webOS except once to show off dual boot. WebOS still took forever to load and of course did not have the apps. I like ICS and see many webOS traits or similarities in it. Yet the battery life is worse and apps like email and calendar, the keyboard, etc are not as good but the benefits out weigh the loss of webOS. Sad, as webOS continues to hold a special place in my techy world but for now it will be very little especially when ICS finally comes to Sprint.

Followed the instructions carefully...took my time...waited patiently.

Install worked as advertised. Period.

Thank you!

My question is does installing CM9 really void the warranty? I think my headphone jack is hosed - not that I use it much, only when my bluetooth headset is charging - but I have not been willing to give it up yet to have it fixed. I don't want to risk HP declining the warranty because I installed Android even though that has nothing to do with a hardware problem.( Of course I would remove it before sending it in, but i'm sure the logs would rat me out.)

Also will they return the same device back or do they switch it out? Not that it matters as long as it's in as good a condition as mine.

Not sure about the warranty, but I would just delete CM9 before sending in.
As for getting your same device, don't count on it. From my experience they just send you a refurb. It took till the 2nd refurb till I was good, the first ones touchscreen didn't work in a roll.

I'm having the same issue as a few other people. I got it to install, select cyanogen and the logo pops up and stays there and then it resets itself. I realized i used the acme installer not acme installer2. I removed acme installer and added installer2 and tried the prompts again but it still does the same thing. Do i need to remove everything (and do it using acme uninstaller?) and try it again?

I would suggest you do a complete uninstall using ACMEUninstaller. Follow the install instructions above but substitute ACMEUninstaller for ACMEInstaller2. It will take a little time to uninstall so be patient. Be sure to use ACMEInstaller2 for your reinstall. Make sure you download and install ACMEUninstaller in the same folder where you installed ACMEInstaller2.

I Performed the install without problems and then tried the daily updates. The file dated April 1 works fine. However, the update files after April 1 have been giving my wifi connection fits so I went back to the April 1 update and the wifi seems to be stable again.

5 April - So much for my thinking this would work. The wifi continued to have problems. So I used ACMEUninstaller and removed the whole thing. Then I reinstalled everything using the latest daily android update file. Everything installed without problems and seems to be working without any hickups. This is now one fast Android tablet.

Have the same Wifi issue
does your trick work?
Which build did you use?
Can you provide a link?

No youtube or other video sites with my CM9 install, otherwise I have no reason to boot webos. It's a "slicker" feel compared to Android, but it's lack of apps and support are nails in the coffin. Next to go will be my Pre....

Edit: Android keyboards do suck!!...I hate all Android browsers, nothing like Advanced Browser!...

Hello, can anybody who has successfully installed ICS on HP Touchpad confirm whether or not the usb-OTG supports external mass storage devices? Under the webOS and with a tweaked usb cable, my Touchpad is able to see an external usb keyboard but not a usb FLASH device :-( I am hoping this may be possible in Android??? Has anybody tried that yet? Thanks.

Ok, it looks like my original question has been answered on Youtube now:

The USB Flash mass storage seems to be supported on touchpad running CM9, it appears to be just simple plug@play with OTG cable.

Does anybody know if there is a way of mounting the USB Flash drive on touchpad running WebOS? Just plugging it in doesn't do it with OTG cable.

Everything worked great for me thanks! I forgot to install Gapps. Now that I've done the full install, is there a way to add them as a secondary step?

Installation seems to be going OK - however, now stuck at the "Recovery information" screen. "If you ever lose your password, you can answer..." and a space to enter a recovery email address. No matter what I enter, I do not get the "Next" button to go live. Have done a few searches on this. Any suggestions?

Belay that. Found that I had to scroll down under where the keyboard was blocking entry.

I have tried every method and downloaded files multiple times, but can not boot to the android successfully. I am not sure what is the problem.

I downloaded the latest builds directly from the cyanogenmod website also, but all in vain. I have to remove it from the touchpad using the uninstaller. Can anyone help me..

Also, my boot screen does not show boot clockwork mod...

Please suggest..

I have tried every method and downloaded files multiple times, but can not boot to the android successfully. I am not sure what is the problem.

I downloaded the latest builds directly from the cyanogenmod website also, but all in vain. I have to remove it from the touchpad using the uninstaller. Can anyone help me..

Also, my boot screen does not show boot clockwork mod...

Please suggest..

I followed the instructions exactly and I had a great success putting following files: CM9 A2
moboot, clockworkmod, gapps-ics-20120317-signed

Wonderful and i could install apps from om marketplace.

Very good! battery/wifi also confirmed working.

i have wifi problems.
al was ok, but when restarted the touchpad wifi recognised my network but don't connect.
please help

I had this problem occur after I loaded a few of the updated Android files. The only way I could find to fix the problem was to do a complete uninstall and then reinstall using the latest Android daily update file.

I just decided to take a leap of fate and started the installation of CM9 to my TouchPad. What I've noticed during the installation was a line saying found CM7 upgrading to CM9; but I never installed CM7 on my TouchPad.

Just installed it and everything went well. I've noticed though the camera program doesn't work, I get a message cannot connect to camera.

For those of you in a loop where it appears to install but wont boot into Android:

Two things. First download only the files from the links provided on this guide. Do not mix and match by also going to the official CyanogenMod Wiki.

Second use the ACME Installer 2 - again if you go to the wiki it will point you to the wrong file which I guess is for CM7.

Also I deleted a bunch of music files because it looked like i was running low on disk space, and I wanted to eliminate that as a potential cause. I can always add music back.

So just reboot in webOS and restart the process only clicking and downloading files from links on this page, and making sure you have a few GB free. That is how I got it to work.

powerpc mac anyone?

This post was well worth reading just for the /opt/nova/bin tip. I've installed both CM7 and CM9, and did far too much looking around for novacom both times. Thanks.

Help I have tried novacom .exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2 and novacom boot mem://

I ran into the same problem when i noticed , that the ACMEInstaller2 file was inside the novacom folder that was inside the c:\program files \Palm, Inc. So i took the ACME file out from novacom and place it in the Palm, inc files and that solved the problem.

That was exactly the problem. Thanks now how do I load google apps on this puppy

Thanks much to Ryan and WON for this tutorial! I had ICS up in 15 minutes with no issues. You guys rock!

been running ics for bout a month or so now I'm experiencing bugs after nothing for weeks and today I set my tp down and it was in droid mode than when I picked it back up the screen was non-responsive unlockable and unlike the webOS shut down just from the power button you have to select off than ok unable to do so I hooked it USB to laptop nothing until finally holding down home button and power button finally it rebooted somehow I rebooted back to webOS now too worried to go back to ics should I be..... Sux to cuz I luv my webOS bug it sure was a past amazing change of pace...

crap. Made the mistake of copying over the unzipped cm files, got error at end of install.

Now how do I get my touchpad to restart/reboot?

ok, power/up volume didn't work to reboot from emergency boot mode, but power home did

cool, rebooting... please come up, please come up...

Yes. WebOS is still alive! I was afraid I bricked my white 64 gb touchpad.

Ready to try again...

I hope someone can helpme here. I booted into android and everything went smoothly and here is my questions: There is no flash in ICS? A lot of the websites I tried with videos says "you need flash version 9 or higher". Do I need a plugin? A different browser? Or just go back to WebOs?

One more thing...I didn't install google apps because I'm new at this and I didn't know how to find the files. Now I found out so is there a way for me to upload those files after I already installed CM9?

Download the Google Apps zip file (from the Cyanamod wiki), put it in the same folder that you placed the original zip files on the TP, then execute the command prompt line again. Did it myself, worked perfectly.

I was waiting for the new version to be pretty solid before installing and I am very happy with the install. Fyi I installed this just so I can play Words with Friends =)

Been with Handspring and Palm for a little bit. It was difficult...but did the Cyano move tonight. Gotta say that it's cool having two operating systems to play with :-)