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How to install CyanogenMod 9 Android on your TouchPad 234

by Ryan St. Andrie Tue, 03 Apr 2012 6:09 pm EDT

How to install CyanogenMod 9 Android on your TouchPad

We know a lot of you aren't interested in Android, let alone considering installing it on your precious TouchPad. That's fine, this guide isn't for you. There are plenty of TouchPad owners who are and they have plenty of legitimate reasons to do so. Be it to get apps like Netflix on their tablet, to see what all the fuss is about widgets, or merely for the novelty factor of installing a second operating system on a TouchPad, there are reasons to do it.

This guide will go over how to install the CyanogenMod 9 Android build on the HP TouchPad. CyanogenMod is a third-party open source distribution of the Android Open Source Project, with CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) based off of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). It offers all of the core features of Android, though it does not come with the Google services integration that has come to be associated with the majority of commercial smartphone and tablet distributions of Android.

The CM9 install is done alongside webOS. Once all is said and done you'll have the option when booting to launch into webOS or Android. It might seem daunting, but in reality it's not that complicated. Still interested? Alright, here's what you need...

Please read this all the way through before attempting. We want you to have a good understanding of what you have to do before you get halfway through and panic. Okay? Okay.


First and foremost, before doing any sort of hacking to your device, you should be mentally and physically prepared for any and everything to go wrong. Yes, this install process is relatively safe so long as you follow the instructions, but things can and have gone wrong. So make sure your TouchPad is successfully backing up to HP's servers and make a backup on your computer of all your files, photos, and everything else that you can't redownload. Do it now, before you do anything else. Seriously.

Backed up? Good. Now it's time to get your computer set up. Just as with our Homebrew App Installation Guide, you'll need to make sure Java is set up on your computer (chances are it already is).

Mac: Open Applications, Utilities, and then Java Preferences. Under the General tab, make sure Java SE 6 is checked on and at the top of the list. If it is not, you can drag-and-drop it to the top. It is okay to have multiple instances of Java checked, so long as Java SE 6 is one of them. If Java SE 6 is not present, open Software Update from the Apple menu (top left corner) and let it install all pending updates.

Java on Mac

PC: Open the Control Panel and open Java, this will open the Java Control Panel. In the first box under the General tab click on the About button. If it says Java 6 Standard Edition, click Close to exit the pop-up and Cancel to close the Java Control Panel. If it does not, or if Java is not present in your Control Panel, go to and download and run the 'Windows Online' Java installer.

Java on PC

Everybody: To enable the needed communications channels with your TouchPad, you'll need to install the Novacom drivers on your computer. If you've installed the webOS SDK or WebOS Quick Install, you've already installed Novacom. If you haven't or you're not sure, simply download the Novacom installer, open it, click the big "Install Novacom" button, and let the installer download and install the drivers.

Novacom installation

Last piece of prep work is to download all the necessary files to install CM9 onto your TouchPad. The latest versions of these files can be found at the official CyanogenMod Wiki, though if you're experiencing download failures most can be found elsewhere. Here's what you'll need (we recommend you go ahead and create a new folder for all of these downloads, just to keep things organized):

Note: Do not use Safari to download these files - they need to stay as ZIPs for the installation process and Safari has this bad habit of automatically unzipping packages when downloading.

Though not officially available for non-Google-approved devices, the official Google Apps for ICS (Gmail, Latitude, Maps, Play Store, et al) are available online. Because they aren't part of the open source Android or Cyanogen Mod builds, we're not going to go over how to install them here, but suffice to say the process is very much the same, and the files are relatively easy to find if you so desire. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.

Loading Files

Now that you have everything needed for the project downloaded or installed we can get started! The first thing you will need to do is take the ACME Installer file and unzip it (if zipped) and copy it to where Novacom is installed. Windows users can expect to find Novacom under C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc or C:\Program Files\HP webOS. Mac users can get to where they need to go by opening Finer's Go menu, selecting Go To Folder… and entering /opt/nova/bin. Once you're in the appropriate folder you should see files/folders named nocavom and novacomd (and possibly others). Copy the unzipped ACMEInstaller2 file into this folder.

Turn on your TouchPad and connect it to your computer with a USB cable. Once you connect it to your computer, the TouchPad will alert you asking if you want to charge or enter Mass Storage Mode. Select Mass Storage Mode to mount your TouchPad as a USB drive, allowing access to files on the device from your computer. It should appear as a device name HP TouchPad.

Open the TouchPad device in your computer's file browser, create a folder (PC: Right click > New > Folder; Mac: Right Click or control+click > New Folder), and name it "cminstall". Copy the ClockworkMod Recovery, MOBoot, CM9, and whatever other zip files (*cough*Google Apps*cough*) you're installing into that folder. Eject the TouchPad from your computer and unplug it.


With us so far? Good. Take a deep breath, because we're going to get technical here. Things will look scary, but so long as you do exactly as we say, you'll do just fine.

Boot your TouchPad into recovery mode by shutting it down (hold down the power button and select Shut Down) and restarting while holding down the power and volume up buttons until the USB symbol appears on the TouchPad's screen. Plug the USB cable back into the TouchPad and your computer. If your computer needs to install the proper drivers, it'll say so (it shouldn't take much longer than a minute or two to install the drivers).

Recovery Mode

Now it's time to jump into Command Prompt or Terminal on your computer to get the ball rolling.

Mac: Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Once the Terminal window is open, type (without quotes) "cd /opt/nova/bin" and hit enter.

A new line will appear with "bin" inserted between your computer name and username. Type (sans quotes) "./novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" and hit enter.

PC: Open Command Prompt by going to the Start Menu and typing "cmd" into the search box. Once the Command Prompt window is open, type (without quotes) "cd c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc" (substitute Palm, Inc for HP webOS if necessary) and hit enter.

A new line will appear with c:\Program Files\Palm, Inc and a blinking cursor. Type (sans quotes) "novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" and hit enter.

Everybody: If all has gone according to plan, your TouchPad will quickly restart and a bunch of lines of code you likely don't understand will start streaming across your TouchPad's screen. This is the installation happening, just let it go. This will go on for several minutes, so now would be the time to go have yourself a stiff drink, because the hard part is over.

CM9 installing


Once the installation is complete, your TouchPad will restart again, but this time it will now stop first at a new station called moboot. This screen lets you select which OS you want to boot into. Your options will include boot webOS, boot CyanogenMod, boot ClockwordMod, boot webOS recovery, reboot, and shutdown. Use the volume rocker (up is up and down is down) to cycle through the options and press the home button to boot into your selected OS. Typically all you'll need to pick from is boot webOS or boot CyanogenMod.


If at any time you want to switch between Android and webOS you'll have to shut down and reboot the device. Rebooting Android is accomplished by holding down the power button, selecting Reboot, and tapping OK. webOS can be rebooted by holding down the power button, selecting Shut Down, and then turning the device back on (hold down the power button) after it has turned off. The boot process will stop at moboot each time your reboot the tablet, though the initial selection defaults to CyanogenMod with a five second timeout period, so you'll want to pay attention if you're intending to boot into webOS.


Congratulations! You now have two wonderful operating systems on one awesome tablet. We have more coming down the pipeline on how to deal with having Android on your TouchPad and what to do with it, so keep your browser tuned right here to webOS Nation!

How to install CyanogenMod 9 Android on your TouchPad


Got it up and running last night and it seem to work very good.
I did not install the Gmail, Latitude, Maps, Play Store Google apps (because I couldn't find them) If I ever do find them how would I install them?

I do have the android app store set up and I downloaded a few games.

I know you don't want to tell us officially where to find Gmail, Latitude, Maps, Play Store, but could someone "un" officially give me or us a hint?

Download the zip file & place it in the 'cminstall' folder that you created on the touchpad already. Then, reboot & choose 'ClockworkMod' from the bootup screen (volume keys work as aarow keys & the notification button that flashes when you receive email works as the enter key). Choose 'install files from sdcard', then choose to install a zip file from the sdcard, then browse to the 'cminstall' folder and select the zip file that you just saved there. Once complete, back out of the menu & choose to reboot the device.

I installed everything yesterday... all i can say is


I have been a Palm user since the first Pre... I love webos... but man... ICS is so slick on the Touchpad... and FAST... much faster than WEbOS.

the wireless thing is a little bit of a pain but it seems to be random in appearance....i dont use teh camera or microphone so whatever.. i hope they fix it soon but the benefits FAR outweigh the issues.



Tried loads of time and in several USB ports on my desktop running Win 7 with lots of memory. Run the novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2 command and nothing happens - still the USB icon on my Touchpad. Left it for over an hour and all it did was run my battery down. I have 13.9gb free on my Touchpad so cannot see that is the problem. Uninstalled novacom, downloaded the files again but still no action for the Touchpad after running the novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2. Only the USB icon. If I unplug the usb cable novacom states it was terminated unexpectedly.

Might try on my laptop later which also runs Win 7 but has nowhere near as much power as my desktop.

My Touchpad is actually very fast and stable running at 1.8ghz with uberkernel and when trying an Ipad 2 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab they were slow in comparison. My wife's Touchpad came with ICS already installed and although fast is no faster than the overclocked Webos.


I reply to a previous post on this problem because I had it when I did my install. the problem for me was that the ACME files were inside the novacom folder which in turn was inside the Palm, Inc folder. When the computer was looking for the files inside the palm folder for whatever reason was not detecting it. my solution was to transfer the ACME files out from the novacom folder to the Palm folder. Now all the files in the Palm folder were all the necessary files, novacom, ACME, moboot, clockwork, and cyanogen mod were showing in that folder. Iran again the novacom boot mem....and the installation began. Now if only someone could tell me how do I get the gapp files installed . I didn't have them to begin with so I couldn't
install them when I did the cyanogenmod installation.

The download link for ClockworkMod Recovery at CyanogenMod is WRONG use the mirror as you need NOT if you use the wrong one as I did recovery will not be installed and you will probably spend hours or days as i did trying to figure why recovery is not in you boot menu . That said and done i LOVE the Android option and your easy install guide.

Thanks for that - saw your comment before installing, and everything installed perfectly.

I dint copy zip folders into cminstall file which is to be created in touchpad folders..instead i copied them into a new folder..then i connected my touch pad and had run the commands in the cmd window..the scrolls in the touchpad says no dir found in cminstall..nothing to install..then i removed the usb connection with the touchpad..and again connected it..the problem now is the commands on my touchpad screen are never going off and i'm unable to restar my touchpad..what do i got to do now?pls help me out..

Still having the same problem on my laptop. i give up.

followed the instructions. one suggestion, after installing the novacom drivers in a windows PC i would reboot the PC. the process gave me a warning about not being able to read the disk. my install took about 15 minutes. rebooted the TouchPad and boom everything works. gotta say Android is pretty slick. im still a hard core webOS fan but this dual install gives me another option and something to play with. so now that i have it and have downloaded some apps, what else can i do? themes? wallpaper? widgets? when i boot into Android for the first time i get a blank home screen. are home screens usually setup by the carrier? my gf's phone has a weather widget, a facebook widget, email widget, etc along with some of the most common apps. is there a standard setup for this? what are some of the must-have apps or downloads?

hoping someone can help . . . . i did everything i was supposed to do (at least i think i did). it goes into the moboot screen but there's no cyanogenmod option -- for some reason, it did not install on my touchpad. any insights? i can get into webos (which is set by default, rather than recovery mode) but i want to get cyanogen on there. thanks.... (and i used acme installer2).

I finally got it working -- I think the 9th time was a charm. I have no idea why it didn't work the first 8 tries but it is working now. Looks great. A few bugs (a few crashes and few things don't work -- Google Sky Map, Play Music, microphone, camera) but otherwise so far so good.

I got it running on Touchpad, but does ICS work on HP Touchpad GO?

Did anybody install mvideoplayer hd i don't have audio in videos. Any ideas ?

So far the only app *not* working for me is Google Sky Map. It launches and runs, but no sky image is displayed.

Everything else seems to be great. Feels faster than WebOS, but I cannot test side-by-side.

Browsing is definitely faster on iPad3, but iPad has no Flash video. Flash video runs beautifully.

I compared Adobe Photoshop Touch on Android and on iPad and I didn't notice any significant differences in performance when applying filters etc - if anything Android on the TouchPad might have a slight edge.

All-in-all I am ver happy with CM9 on the TouchPad. I wasn't missing apps, particularly, on WebOS, but now I can directly compare iPad and Android, the dearth of apps on TouchPad is very obvious. My Touchpad has a new lease of life. I might even be able to convince my wife to pick it up :-)

* Google Play Music app crackles when you turn the screen off.

* Google Sky Map doesn't display anything. I probably need to manually enter long-lat coordinates.

** This build works better than ICS on Asus Transformer. Boy, I hate having upgrade to ICS on the transformer (1st gen).

* Google Play Music app crackles when you turn the screen off.

* Google Sky Map doesn't display anything. I probably need to manually enter long-lat coordinates.

** This build works better than ICS on Asus Transformer. Boy, I hate having upgraded to ICS on the transformer (1st gen).

whose video player do you use to play mkv files ?

I followed your instructions, I am trying to install google apps and I've read I need to reboot into recover but when I do that it never loads the recovery screen for me to clockwork. What is the issue here?

Follow these directions to the tee...worked perfectly for me...

I followed your instructions, I am trying to install google apps and I've read I need to reboot into recover but when I do that it never loads the recovery screen for me to clockwork. What is the issue here?

Finally got it working!! Keyboard problem for creating < .

My UK keyboard usually does < from 'shift 9' and shows that in terminal mode but that actually is a bracket..

To get less than (<) in terminal mode I then used 'shift ,' and that worked. So be warned it could be as simple as that.

Have latest nightly version of ICS on my Touchpad together with my purchased Android apps (I have an Android phone so wanted PowerAmp and other apps on the Touchpad.

Wouldn't be just so cool if you could run Android in a card?

Thanks for this wonderful article ! Breathed new life into my app-less Touchpad ! Just a question - can I remove the "cminstall" folder in the Touchpad to free up space since the installaton was successful ? Is this folder still needed for any reason ?

my thing has been loading for 30 minutes and my screen went black with penguins so i disconnected it and now i dont know how to restart it. did it break?

for the ClockworkMod Recovery there are two links. the first one did not work for me. in the boot menu the "boot ClockworkMod" option was not there and if I browse to the TP folder cminstall the zip file is still there. so did a little reading and found that I dont have to do the whole thing all over again. just get the right zip in the cminstall folder and run the ACME installer again. it installed the ClockworkMod and now it shows up in the boot options. This option is needed if you want to do the nightly build update. <-- this did NOT work for me. <-- this one did work!

I encountered the same problem regarding CWM and ACMEInstaller - the problem isn't the file you downloaded, it's the name. Seems it won't flash CWM unless the filename begins with "update-" ... I tried flashing it twice before realizing the name was the problem. Once I renamed to the ACMEInstaller picked it up correctly.

Perfect Guys, thank you very much. Did dual boot for my both 32Gb and 64 Gb.
Working as a charm. I still like a better WEbOS, but it's true that android has a lots off apps. This is a marriage of 2 best things.
Thanks guys keep up excellent job, and HP-TP rocks my buddies a jelous.

I installed CM9 everything seemed to function properly; after turning on WIFI it noticed my network and I quickly entered my password and set up my email. Later in the day, it stated "No Internet Connection". I see 3 networks of which the 2 others are my neighbors. My neighbors networks say (protected network available) but mine does not. I have rebooted both the tablet as well as the modem and router and I still have no internet connection on the Android side of th tablet. Can anyone help?

Thanks for the nice and easy to read format for this Ryan. I have been holding off on doing this since I got my Touchpad last August, but after reading your article, I did it today with no problems using my laptop.

Can anyone share the link where we could find updated versions of cm9 to download in the future?

Great installation guide - that was much easier than rooting my Nook Tablet. I don't think I'm ready to give up on WebOS completely, but it's nice to be able to run both OSes side by side.

Also, I should add that my HP wireless keyboard works just fine under both OSes.

Just made the switch, one word.....TOTALLY BAD ASS! It's so nice to be able to have the apps I use on my HTC Evo now on my once obsolete Touchpad. Kudos to the whole Team CyanogenMod!

Hi all,

I need help with regards to installing cm9. I messed up bigtime! i followed all the instructions but for some reason i downloaded Acmeinstaller instead of Acmeinstaller2. after reading some posts here, i tried again using acmeinstaller2 but my touchpad just keeps rebooting after the cyanogenmod logo. I then used Acmeuninstaller. i managed to uninstall android.

now i tried to install it again using Acmeinstaller2. but i thought i still have the files in my install directory. now the installer was saying that i dont have the install files and it just hang... i tried to press the power button but nothing happened. it is just stuck there at the moment.. can anyone please help? i just cant get out of the 2 penguins and install commands... i unplugged the usb as well but nothing happened..

thanks in advance


CM9 was not working for a while (constant loop)

Here is the fix

These are all the CORRECT FILE NAMES, anything else = WON'T WORK
update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-Touchpad-alpha2-fullofbugs (1)

Once you install this, if you STILL run into loop issues (I did), go to Clockwork Mod and install from SD Card, go to this file update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-Touchpad-alpha2-fullofbugs (1)
and install....

Then reboot = voila!!!! WORKS!

If a 70 year old could do this in 20 minutes; then anyone can! Thanks, it worked great just following each step as instructed.

The only problem arose when I synced to Google; it pulled down all the junk from my T-Mobile phone. So, I'll just be deleting for a while.

I'm trying to install CM9 and I am up to the loading files section but when I connect the Touchpad to my PC and select the USB drive mode option I get a problem.

Windows recognizes the device but only displays a new "Removable Disk" rather than "Touchpad". When selected the drive displays an "Insert Disk" popup window asking for me to insert a disk into the drive.

I can not get the device to show up properly in windows so that I can proceed with the installation process.

I have installed Java 6 Standard Edition, Novacom and previously WebOS Quick Install.

I would be most grateful for a solution to my problem.

Thanks Ryan for an easy step by step guide, witty comments and all!

Very good instructions, just got the android on the touchpad. But I didn't download the gApps with it. Is there anyway i can get the google apps with the CM9 installed or do I need to wipe everything and start all over again?

I have done everything the in the article but I all i get is the MOBOOT to work and nothing shows up but webos and webos recovery. Please Help!

I got an ACMEInstaller without a '2' in the Palm, Inc folder. So I had to install without the number "2" (... mem://

Set this up over the weekend, works great!


Hi.. when I download the Acme Installer at the link above it comes over as a document file, not a zip. did something go wrong? should I just follow the directions and copy the doc file over?

I don't mean to be the typical no brainer here, but I'm hitting the boot loop. I can boot into webOS just fine, but when I select Cyanogen mod, I just get the Cyanogenmod logo and it brings me back to moboot. I put all the correct files into the "cminstall" folder and everything seemed to go fine, until the boot loop. The folder in the Touchpad is empty now, which I assume is correct, but I still can't get out of the boot loop.

Never mind. Used CWM recovery and installed it that way. Goodbye, webOS!

I have loaded this successfully and really like it, though I'm a bit partial to how webOS functions with the tiles. Anyway, I can't seem to find Adobe Flash Player. So I've tried to go to Google Play to get it, but it won't recognize my device, so it won't let me download. I went to download the apk file, and when I plugged in my TP with Android running into the PC to drag it over, the driver wouldn't install. I am so frustrated! I've been working on this, off and on, for a few weeks now. Any ideas? I am not a super user, but I know my way around, and I'm not afraid to try things (hence the Android success on the TP). Any ideas?

Have you figured this out? I'm having the same issue. :/

I am having problem at the novacom ACMEInstaller 2 stage.
After running "novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" TP went from the USB logo to a "hp" logo and stayed there without either rebooting or installing the CM9. (I have ran "novacom.exe boot...." but with no movement but has the above changes when run "novacom boot..").

I have ran into the same brickwall before and so had uninstalled and reinstalled novacom. However I am getting the same standstill.

Can anyone assist, please?

Awesome directions! I thought reading your detailed directions combined the directions from made everything extremely clear and easy to follow. Between the two sets of directions, any doubts about what to do were overcome. Thanks!!!

Looks like I spoke too soon. I'll check the other comments to see if anyone else had trouble at the end: CM9 isn't an option upon reboot.

Hello Ryan:
Please, I need some HELP!
After installing and uninstalling ICS on my Touchpad everything seemed to be fine until I tryed to plug it to my laptop to transfer some music. It didn't recognize it and asked me to format the unit. I rebooted it twice before finally formating. When the TP came in it, showed me that some apps were deleted and it was next to reload them. So, I decided to doctor it to get it back to brand new state.
webOS Doctor stalled at 12% What can do I do?
Thanks for your help

i installed android on my touchpad as guided but my voice device is not detecting, as well as camera is not working. Does anyone know how to resolve problem.

Thank you for this How To Guide. I really appreciated it and it worked perfectly!

thanku very much,its working!

Installed CM9 on touchpad last week, this week converted the other two touchpads my wife and kids use. This is incredible, it rocks, anyone thinking about jumping go ahead and jump the water is fine! No problems yet, wifi rocks silky smooth and fast love having netflix, and brighthouse app on pad, moveover ipad the android touchpad is here

July 12th - I think I hosed my TouchPad. I can't get it out of USB mode after Power off & on while holding Volume Up.

I need to get back to regular mode, as I uploaded the wrong "ACME Installer" file into 'cminstall'.

Anyone know how to get me back to normal mode?


Problem resolved.

Touchpad successfully updated. I do have a couple questions now that it is on ICS.
1. Is there an APP for the Google App store ?
2. Is there a way to make the Camera work ?
3. Is there a native e-mail application for Android ICS?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

are camera drivers included with this build?

I dint copy zip folders into cminstall file which is to be created in touchpad folders..instead i copied them into a new folder..then i connected my touch pad and had run the commands in the cmd window..the scrolls in the touchpad says no dir found in cminstall..nothing to install..then i removed the usb connection with the touchpad..and again connected it..the problem now is the commands on my touchpad screen are never going off and i'm unable to restar my touchpad..what do i got to do now?pls help me out..

I am having a very similar issue. Mine was caused by a bad connection with my TP's stock cable having connection issues. When the cable "disconnected" and reconnected, all script stopped and now is stuck on the screen. I can see updates in the script when i push any buttons or disconnect and reconnect the cord, but I cannot for the life of me get the script to finish running, or reboot the device to try the installation again...I'm hoping its not bricked! Someone please respond with some suggestions.

Finally, I have attempted to perform this installation of the Droid O/S. on my Touchpad, but when I first attempt to install the necessary Novacom software on my P.C. (running Windoze XP, 32 bit), it just hangs at the Initialising Driver Installation stage and proceeds no further. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

I have a problem, I followed each step and everything went great till the double penguins came up. The first time I tried this, the touchpad rebooted itself to WebOS, so I shut it down, hold the power button and volume up button, and I proceeded the whole "cmd" part for the second time. The double penguins appeared and I realised it stopped. I looked and it wrote that the cm9 filename was had to begin with update-cm . So I waited for the device to reboot again so that I could change the name of the zip file, however the screen is stuck. There is a black screen and a lot of text. Everytime I push a button, there is a writing on it.

For example, when I push the volume up buttong this comes up:

^[[4~[ 2432.551116] gpio-keys: volume up button pressed
[ 2432.701070] gpio-keys: volume up button released

I tried to reboot it but the device does not shut down. It is stuck, and everytime I push a button, it just writes that I pressed and released the button.

I tried to download WebOS Doctor, but I cannot find a valid download link

the novacom installer is stuck in "initializing"

i downloaded installer and clicked it, then "download" but it does not download anything. it says "installing driver...", "initializing..." but nothing is happening.

windows 7 64bit, java 7

Damn, you should have mentioned NOT to unzip the other files other than the ACMEInstall.

Now I'm stuck in the black command line screen on the touchpad as it could not find the files. And I don't know how to get out!!!

I read on other websites that I am not supposed to unzip the files. TOO LATE. Now I'm stuck and don't know what to do. I can't reset the Touchpad no matter what.

Hello everybody

Ok it seems I hit a little wall let me try to best explain my situation.

1) I think I got the wrong ACMEInstaller. The file I have is not sure if this is the correct one because
A) The installation guide above seems to say to use ACMEInstaller2
B) Every installation guide for CM9 I read says to use ACMEInstaller2 not ACMEInstaller

2) I used ACMEInstaller and it is not booting CM9 (du'h!). I downloaded all the files weeks ago and just got around to installing it.
3) I get to the moboot screen select Cyanogenmod and it shows the green loading CM splash screen then it just fades back to the moboot screen.
4) WebOS works just fine
5) I changed the file to and I still got the same result.
6) So my conclusion (unless you very intelligent and handsome looking people think differently) all I need to do to get CM9 working properly is the proper "ACMEInstaller2" zip file.

So there it is my sad story, at least my trusty WebOS is still working like a champ! Anyways I would appreciate any help and maybe someone can send me the correct ACMEInstaller2 file (since it appears to have fallen of the face of the internet) so I can get some Androids on Touchpad.



I found the correct Installer2 file online and I re-installed everything and got it to work!!


Worked like a charm! Thanks!
For those of you who have problems with Wifi, I recommend getting the FX Wifi fix app. It worked for me! Much more stable wifi.

So I followed the guide and managed to install CM9 and GApps, but I had the same issue as others such that ClockwordMod Recovery did not install because of the wrong file prefix. Can I install it using the same process as before using novacom and the ACMEInstaller2 via [novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2] if I just rename the file with "update-" at the beginning? Also, how can I update CM9 to include the latest fix that includes a working mic?

Just wanted to comment about my own successful installation. Everything is working and I have the latest nightly build installed. My touchpad had never been rooted, hacked, etc. before so it was "fresh":

1. Installing Alpha 2. This tutorial thread is based on the old Alpha 2 build which (I think) is the last time that CM9 for Touchpad has been built for mass consumption and a new nightly build system has been put in place which builds on top of Alpha 2 regularly:

I think the most sane way of approaching this project is to first get to a stable Alpha 2 installation set-up and then work on integrating the Nightly build to make sure you do not get any errors like "Preference Stub Temporary placeholder until functionality merged" which would indicate you have not installed the latest build and there is a stub to be filled. This preference stub error will be found within the menu system for some features of your installed Alpha 2 if you follow the tutorial as instructed - it was found on mine...

I used the following files (all of which have to be found around the internet - many dead links out there...) - put all of these in your cminstall folder:

a. (this is the Alpha 2)
b. (this is the ClockworkMod tool - hard to find on the internet)
c. (this is the GApps which has all the Google goodies you need for your Touchpad to integrate with google)
d. (This is for the dual boot - you want this because you want to keep your old WebOS configuration)
e. (you will need this in the second part of this posting - it is easy to find and this name will change as more nightly builds are made)

Then run the "novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" through command line in Windows as the tutorial states (be sure to Run as Administrator) - and then you get all the lines of code on your Touchpad...

A note about ACMEInstaller2: I used ACMEInstaller2 and placed that in the c:/Program Files/Palm, Inc/ folder (as the tutorial instructed) - I read here that some people are using the ACMEInstaller (the original) and that seems to be wrong. You want to use the unzipped version of ACMEInstaller2 for putting it in the Palm, Inc folder (as the tutorial instructed)

A note about ACMEuninstaller: I did not have to use this tool to remove files or start over again. I read some postings about having to redo the installation and start over again, but not sure how that would work for what I am writing about here. I did not use it.

A couple of pointers:

a. if you have previously installed the Novacom drivers - uninstall through the Control Panel and then reinstall the universal Drivers which should be named : "UniversalNovacomInstaller-1.3.jar" - Of course, be sure that your Java is updated to the most recent version. This hung me up and gave me the "failed to connect to server" error after typing "novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2"

b. When I did successfully type in the "novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" and then all the lines of code were flying by on the Touchpad and then it rebooted, I noticed that there was no entry on the MoBoot for "CyanogenMod" or for "ClockworkMod" - the reason for this was that I did not have the "" file in the cminstall folder, only the nightly build "" My thought on this was that I wanted the most recent build, so will just install that - I was wrong. Apparently, ACMEInstaller2 (I think) looks for the "update-" at the front of the filename and uses that to install on the Touchpad, so this is the reason why it (and the Clockwork Mod) did not appear in the MoBoot - to solve this, just use the files that I mention above and put all of them in the cminstall folder

c. At some point of my journey with this Touchpad installation, I had to go into Services (from the Start Menu) and then physically go to the Service called "Palm Novacom" which was disabled. I needed to set this service to "automatic" and then start the service. I was getting an error (can't remember now) about not connecting to unit just after I typed in "novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2" and right after I had the "failed to connect to server" error. Because this service is automatic, there will be times when you try to disconnect from your computer/laptop and the pop-up will appear that "A service is running which prevents you from disconnecting" - I just went ahead and physically disconnected the touchpad USB cord - and there were no problems

Everything should run smoothly and your Touchpad should be on Alpha 2

2. Installing the Nightly Build. This is important to get the full functionality. I just restarted through Moboot and then selected the ClockworkMod (be sure to the use the Volume buttons to switch the menu and the Center button to make a selection) and then selected "Install Zip from sdcard" and then "Choose zip from sdcard" and then navigated to "cminstall" folder and then selected "" There is a confirmation about this "cannot be undone" and then there is a pause and a Cyanogen screen pops-up and there is a delay (DO NOT freak out, all should be well and just follow the progress bar - it takes some time) and then it reboots

After installing the nightly build, there will be a pop-up which indicates that there are something like 78 modifications to your Alpha 2 installation.

Remember that its important that you have "" already inside the cminstall folder (as I mention above).

SO, that's it! That's all I did and this worked out well. Just remember to follow the tutorial - Note: the link for the Clockwork Recovery is wrong in the tutorial, just find the files I describe above on the internet somewhere. Good luck...

I can't get passed the CMD part PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

After the installation, I did not have options for boot CyanogenMod or boot ClockwordMod although all pertinent files were copied to the "cminstall" folder on the Touchpad.

Any suggestions as to how I might correct the omission of the boot options in the menu?

IGNORE this posting - found answer in above post and it worked. So I am OK and now running Sept 3 Nightly Build.

I just did an upgrade to a later nightly. However I am not sure if I did it right.

In the cminstall file I had

It is up and running well. When I look in the settings for Avout Tablet this is what I see
Android Version 4.0.3
CyanogenMod version 9.0.0-RC0-Touchpad-alpha2
Build date Mon Feb 20 13:59:21 CST 2012

I am thinking because I had the update-cm-9.0.0-RC)-Touchpad-slpha2 in the cmimstall folder it never loaded the Sept 03 Nightly.

Is my assumption correct?
If so do I need to go back through the process and just delete update-cm-9.0.0-RC0...... and then run again to get the Sept 03 Nightly installed?

Yes, this happened to me. Your nightly build did not install on the device. The device information should say you are running the latest nightly build - that is the only way you know you are running the latest nightly. Install the nightly using ClockworkMod as mentioned in my post above. The nightly is not AUTOMATICALLY installed, you have to MANUALLY install it yourself after getting the Alpha installed. BTW - do not delete anything from the cminstall folder

I just recently installed the Android OS on my HP Touchpad and it works great. I had to install gApps separately as it didn't install the first time. I have already downloaded many apps and they have all worked just fine.

The one issue that I am having is with my email accounts. I have set up both my personal (POP3) and work (exchange) email accounts on the tablet. All of the mail shows up in the inbox for both accounts, but when I try to read the email, it just gives me a blank page? There is no text or anthing, just the header info. Has anyone else experienced this or have a suggestion to rectify the problem?

I am just recently trying to convert my touchpad over. I was following the steps but the command to get it going is not working for me. I typed "novacom boot mem://

I did follow all steps. But when it rebooted to cyanogen, all I see is blue vertical lines. How do I get past it or at least get back to Web OS? Please help.

Ok so I have followed the directions word for word. I have changed the file names to include update-cw- and .zip and the end and every time the install gets to a poing where it says

Initial install files not found.
Please download it from
and put in sminstall folder on media partition
the name should start with update-cm and end with .zip

then it goes into msm_timer_set_next_event

over and over again. should I just let this run its course? Is this part of the install of did i miss a step somewhere? Please help.

So I just made my touchpad android. I followed all the steps in this article and got it to work. My next question is where and how can I find apps,google apps, for my touchpad. Cant seeme to find anything and when I do I dont understand a damn thing being said. Can someone please help me find apps and tell me how to install. I am new to all this stuff so please speak in lamen lol. Thanks!!!

Hi i have installed CM9
but get this error message
Checking uImage... Invalid Data CRC
I have seen some posts on how to fix but am getting confused.
Please could someone give step by step intructions for the fix

Thanks alot for these detailed instructions! It worked perfectly and flawlessly on my TouchPad! Only thing is that some download links are not available...but I got them from everywhere else! it's awesome, now I can play Android Games! THANKS ALOT! ;-)
PS: I created an account just to thank you.

but as warned and voice input dont can I make them to?

I am currently dual booting with WebOS and Android. However, I would like to upgrade the Android version I have. What is the best way? All the how-to I found talks about completely upgrading Android over WebOS. Thanks.